corporate modern

i thought of angels
choking on their halos

(get them drunk on rose water)

fallen angels who rip the feathers from their backs and devour them hungrily, scrambling for every last shred of their former lives and trying to cram it back into their bodies, panicking when grace starts to bleed from cuts in their skin, slurping it from their veins, desperately trying to force themselves back into what they once were. all the band-aids in the world won’t hold divinity into your bones.

Need To Know Pt. 1

alrighty then…

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Frostiron modern Corporate AU (security firm) featuring escort!Loki

There’s at least four further short chapters outlined but gods only know when they’ll be posted :D

[unbetaed. will be heading in to NSFW. will probably go up on AO3 with proper tags at some point]

Still, having listened to tales of Loki’s intelligence, his cleverness, and his gosh-darn charitable good-heartedness from his doting elder brother, Tony was surprised almost in to speechlessness when he was finally introduced to him at the firm’s regular yay-it’s-practically-the-weekend-after-work-drinks and realised they’d met before…

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DO YOU THINK THESE ARE CONNECTED?I don’t think I have to explain...( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

He always draws them as the sexy and hot couple.

Like Erza’s practically naked and Jellal’s just wearing a bath robe.It doesn’t get any hotter than that.


Do you hear the sound of that?

The roar of the jerza fandom?

*cue the modern/corporate avavtar AU fanfictions*



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Scapegrace - kollapsar - Fallout 4 [Archive of Our Own]
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Fandom: Fallout 4
Rating: Explicit
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Relationships: Paladin Danse/Male Sole Survivor, Paladin Danse/Sole Survivor
Characters: Paladin Danse (Fallout), Scribe Haylen (Fallout), Knight Rhys (Fallout), Sole Survivor (Fallout), Male Sole Survivor
Additional Tags: Corporate AU, Danse gets a Grindr, Bdsm etiquette, Dick Pic Misfires, Danse is awkward, Sole Survivor is a human disaster, Sub!Danse, SS is divorced and Nora is alive because there are enough fridged women in the world, Scribe Haylen is Number One Wingman, Other Additional Tags to Be Added, Dirty Talk, Light Bondage, Masturbation, Bonsai care as flirting, dorks being dorks

Modern Corporate AU. After years of distinguished military service and a spotless, established career of controlled perfection at Brotherhood Inc., Danse ends up saddled with a life of unrealized kinks, badgering of the ‘you need to get laid so get to using dating apps’ nature from his friend and coworker Haylen, and the truly distracting existence on astonishingly unqualified new employee.
Said astonishingly unqualified employee is corporate mercenary Alexander Fortune, whose apparently misfired dick pic and filthy solicitations now sit in Danse’s brand new Grindr inbox.
Inspired by this post:

Hey, I couldn’t sleep so I updated this dorky fucking Grindr AU fic.

The state of modern corporate feminism. When Playboy, a corporation run on exploiting women (do some research if you don’t believe me, its not just about women being naked for the male gaze), by someone who exploits women (please, research rapist Hugh Hefner), is now posting “feminist” content.

This is their attempt to connect with a younger urban audience, and it is going to fail. I’m no expert on Playboy’s audience demographics, but somehow I don’t think reading about feminism is really part of their desired consumer journey. Especially any feminist ideas that question men & masculinity on a personal level.

In an ideal world, Playboy would die with the painfully slow demise of patriarchy. I’m not sure what exactly would be in its place, but it definitely wouldn’t exploit vulnerable women or men.