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The New Gods squad eating from/supporting their local corporate franchises! Starbucks for Media, Burger King for Technical Boy, and of course chips and salsa for Mr. World (Chipotle or Taco Bell). You bet your ass these guys can be cheap af when they wanna.

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What we are observing now is the necessary narrative-crafting that will “justify” our new war with North Korea.

American media is just government propaganda that exists to stifle dissent and manufacture the causes of whatever war our elites choose to engage in.

Our media has been manufacturing global conflict since William Randolph Hearst spilled ink for blood in the Spanish-American War.

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I don’t like this integration of giant corporations on social media acting like they’re some sassy friend of yours. Ronald McDonald ain’t gonna tell me I’m a little bitch on twitter, fuck off.


Media Blackout on Lawsuit Against DNC for Primary Rigging
Peter Thiel, Caitlyn Jenner, Milo Yiannopoulos—What Happens When Villains Become the Most Visible Queers?
Queer villains remind us that gay does not always equal good.

You can read the column in full in the link. 

Say what you will about these guys but I thought it was hilarious that Thiel made the “Villain” list in part because he helped blow up Gawker and in part because he said trans bathroom hysteria was a distraction from bigger problems facing the country.  Sounds like something Lex Luther or Bane would say.  

Gawker was the media equivalent of Satan’s asshole and Thiel should be knighted for his efforts.  

So in one corner we have CNN convulsing in a nervous breakdown while serving as a moralizing judge and executioner over a shitposter because trump tweeted a wrestling meme.  In the other we have “reputable media” like Slate calling out openly gay activists that aren’t on the plantation as they label them “Villains” with zero irony.  Like they’re the public enemy.  

Also there’s this little gem at the end of the column;

“This is a good lesson for straights to learn, too. I have long believed that women will not have achieved full gender equality until we make up half the world’s mass murderers and sex offenders. (Not that I would advocate for more mass murderers and sex offenders, but I do wish, kind of, that women made up a greater share.) If people believed women to be capable of terrible violence, they might believe us to be capable of everything else—the presidency, for instance. Visible gay villains teach the world that queers aren’t all lovable Ellen DeGenereses, glamorous Laverne Coxes, sharp-witted Anderson Coopers, and goofy Neil Patrick Harrises. Equality means having the freedom and power to be just as fucked up and insufferable as anyone else.”

What the fuck.  Persons like the author are the people that wanted to die in Hillary’s thermonuclear war because equality.
The Perils And False Rewards Of Parenting In The Era Of 'Digi-Discipline'
In a society where black people have power, beating children and posting it on social media is just as much about performing respectability as it is punishing wrongdoing.

The videos are an infamous genre unto themselves: “Mother Punches Her Daughter Dead in the Face for Having Sex in the House!” “Dad Whups Daughter for Dressing Like Beyonce.” “Son Left In Bloody Mess as Father Forces Him to ‘Fight.’” Their images stream from Facebook timelines and across YouTube channels, alternately horrifying and arresting: burly fathers, angry mothers, lips curled, curses flying, hands wrapped around electrical chords, tree branches, belts, slashing down on legs, arms, buttocks and flesh as children cry and plead and scream out in agony.

Tens of millions have clicked “play,” becoming voyeurs of this new form of child punishment — what some observers call “digi-discipline.”

Rather than sticking to the time-honored tradition of physically disciplining their children behind closed doors, parents, many of them black, buoyed by the instant gratification and viral fame that social media provides, are increasingly uploading videos of the corporal punishment they mete out on their kids, sparking intense debate on the usefulness of this particular form of public shaming.