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TalesFromYourServer: To some customers, servers don't even exist until they perceive a problem.

I’m a server/bartender at a small, family-friendly, regional corporation. Weekday lunches we get pretty busy with white collar, blue collar, and military folks on their lunch break.

These people are looking to get in and out of the restaurant quickly, so at lunch I drop checks shortly after I drop off their food. I give them the same spiel every time, because I am an unoriginal roboserver:

I’m going to go ahead and drop this off with you so you have it, but if you want desert or anything else just let me know.

Yesterday, we were particularly busy, and my entire bar section filled up quickly. One table was two women who were leisurely sitting and chatting, but to keep uniform, I dropped their check off when I went back to “see how everything was tasting.” I gave them my usual spiel, and one of them physically picked up the check and set it on her other side.


I bring them a couple refills but they are super easy to take care of. When their finished, I clear their plates and ask about desert. They reply:

No, just the check please.

The women go back to talking to each other, but I do my best to interject:

Oh, I actually have that set up for you right there.

The women seem to nod in recognition so I leave to take care of the hoards of other guests.

They don’t set down payment, which is weird seeing how they’ve asked for their check. So I stop by to see if they need something. Before I can even speak, the HBIC starts in on me:

We asked for the check ages ago why do we not have it? This service is so terrible blah blah blah

I sit patiently and wait for her to finish before replying:

Mam, your check is right there.

Their faces suddenly brighten and they just start laughing. They don’t apologize, and they joke about how blind they are to each other.

They end up tipping me 8%.

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yotoob is currently chest-deep in her current literary triumph, Half Truths (and Similar Fractions), and I thought I’d offer some science-y insights.

The analysis done is simple, just looking for the occurrences of words, pretty much, but they shed a lot of light on what is going on.

Especially that last plot. The last few chapters have been rough: no one is happy, no one is smiling, and no one is laughing, but everyone is talking about trust.

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Finally, Felicity thought as she plopped her suitcase down on the bed, collapsing face first into the down comforter next to it. Her flight had consisted of eight exhausting hours behind a crying baby, and in front of a kid on a sugar rush. And that didn’t even include the three long hours spent at Logan International Airport because her plane had been delayed because of the weather.

Boston may be famous for its winters, but it had nothing on the constant Starling City downpour. Soon, she thought to herself. Soon, if she was able to land this job at Queen Consolidated, she would be able to get herself a first class ticket instead of having to fly coach.

Which reminded her, she now had three hours of sleep less than she had been planning on. Groaning, she got up off the bed, pulling her suitcase to the edge and zipping it open. She was too tired, her brain too mushy to realize that it was not her stuff that she was currently unpacking until the suitcase was half empty and she held someone else’s boxer briefs in her hands.

“Oh frack.” She whispered, quickly dropping the handful of underwear back into the suitcase.

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whiterose and blue eyes white ribbon

Already did Blue Eyes soooo

who cooks normally?: Weiss learns to cook for the sake of their health, no Ruby we cANNOT KEEP HAVING OREOS FOR DINNER NO I don’t care if– mint stuffed you say??— wait no Ruby NO WE’RE HAVING VEGETABLES DAMNIT.

The Broccoli campaign begins

how often do they fight?: They argue a lot because they obviously are both strongheaded in whatever they think but they’ve gotten better about listening to each other’s views and they make a system where ok. But we can’t be mad at each other pass dinner time. If it’s that big of a fight we can pause and return to it later.

what do they do when they’re away from each other?: Ruby hunts. Grimms and stuff. Weiss works. Does Weiss-y things. Weiss makes Ruby call every few hours or text or so just to make sure she’s ok because Ruby tends to be reckless (she gets better when she’s older of course) so Weiss naturally gets worried.

nicknames for each other?: Dunce, Dork, Insufferable Little Red -insert dunce/dork/curseword- , Miss Uppity, Fancy Pants, Weissy~ (Weiss has a love hate relationship with that one)

who is more likely to pay for dinner?: Ruby tries. Oh god does she try. But Miss “I HAVE A TRUST FUND!” won’t let her.

who steals the covers at night?: Weiss because Weiss likes to be nestled the only way around this is if Ruby nestles Weiss they can both be nestled and warm then. Ruby gets the blanket. Weiss gets Ruby.

what would they get each other for gifts?: Ruby gives her flowers she picked after going on a mission one day or maybe a cute lil hat because it was white and Winter’s coming up soon or I bought you some Sushi from that corner place you liked because I thought you’d need a little break from corporate steak during your lunch! Ruby gets her tiny gifts all the damn time but it’s these things that count Weiss loves it.

Weiss got Ruby a hugeass state-of-the-art tool kit. Weiss knows the way to Ruby’s heart.

who remembers things?: Ruby remembers too but Weiss NEVER FORGETS. Why forget when you have a color coded calendar for EVERYTHING.

who cusses more?: Who’s Yang Xiao Long’s little sister?

what would they do if the other one was hurt?: Weiss makes sure Ruby is WELL taken care of and makes sure she’s ok. Ruby would try to go get whatever hurt Weiss but then realize no. I must be with Weiss. And sticks with her, regardless of revenge syndrome or not.

who kissed who first?: Ruby and she ended up going too fast and clanked their teeth and everything was embarrassingly painful and painfully embarrassing

who made the first move?: Weiss Schnee, because as the best teammate she must take initiative…and also Yang dropped the bomb that her lil sis liked her so this is right, right? I’m not gonna make a total fool of myself????

Yang and Blake give Weiss a rousing peptalk and a cheer before sending her on her way.

who started the relationship?: They went to go talk to Yang and asked how to start a relationship and Blake took a picture to scrapbook this moment 20 years later they still laugh at Ruby and Weiss about it.