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“Kara putting rainbow flags everywhere in the DEO and says it’s like mistltoe, you have to kiss under if you’re queer. She got herself played when she happened to be under one with Lena.” from @mrtevloar

She doesn’t do it for herself.

She really doesn’t. 

She does it for Vasquez and she does it for Yve.

She does it for that med tech in ops and she does it for Pam from HR.

She does it, mostly, for her sister.

Not for herself.

She doesn’t conspire with Vasquez to litter the DEO with rainbow flags like Vasquez had littered it with mistletoe last winter for selfish reasons.

Really, she doesn’t. 

She splatters the halls and the labs and hell, even the command center, with rainbow flags because it’s Pride Month, and Maggie keeps going off about how corporate and geared toward rich white cis men the whole thing is, and she agrees, she does – but she also sees Maggie light up whenever she sees rainbow flags in random places this month, because god, for once it’s good to be seen. Good to be heard.

So she and Vasquez cover the place in the dead of the last night of May, Kara using her powers to fly and hang things from the higher ceilings, Vasquez using their DEO training to climb up to doorways and hallways to hang flags in the lower high spots.

Their Pridely mischief is worth J’onn’s groan and facepalm – he’s smiling, of course, under his hand – when Kara declares to everyone the next morning that “if you’re queer and comfortable and consenting, the rainbow flags will be your mistletoe this month!”, and Alex immediately drags Maggie under the nearest flag and kisses her until they’re both breathless, until the entire morning shift of agents is cheering and wolf whistling, until Maggie’s fingers tighten in Alex’s hair and J’onn has to beg them to please, please, please, finish this elsewhere.

Their Pridely mischief is worth is when Winn melts and stammers and nods his way through Superman walking under a flag with him, telling him that Lois won’t mind a small kiss if Winn consents, giving him a soft, tender, appreciative, brief kiss, making sure he doesn’t fall from weakened knees by bracing strong hands on Winn’s waist; afterwards, Winn can barely speak for days, and they’re all mildly concerned his face will stay permanently red, his gaze permanently dazed and blissful and so, so dreamy.

But one part of their Pridely mischief that Kara wasn’t prepared for?

Is Lena coming to the DEO.

Lena coming to the DEO and smiling brightly at all the flags, and asking a stammering Kara about them as they’re standing directly under one together, and Maggie jumping in and repeating Kara’s rules – “if you’re queer and comfortable and consenting, the rainbow flags are mistletoe for Pride Month! – with a shit-eating grin on her face, and Alex watching with wide eyes and a slack jaw as Lena turns to Kara, and Kara’s entire world outside of Lena melts away.

“Are you queer and comfortable and consenting, Kara? Because I’d very much like to kiss you,” she asks soft and tentative and beautiful.

Kara’s breath hitches as she licks her lips, as she takes Lena’s face into her hands and kisses her soft, kisses her slow, kisses her tender, kisses her passionate.

Lena swoons and Kara steadies her, both of their lips turning up into soft, shy smiles, and the applause that greets their ears is soft, respectful, full of knowledge of the significance of the moment, support and affirmation for the intensity of what is happening.

“You owe me that flash grenade,” Maggie mutters in her girlfriend’s ear.

Before Alex even has the chance to answer, to process, to catch up, J’onn sighs and shakes his head.

“Not a chance, Detective,” he tells her, but the smile on his face – both of his daughters, so, so, so happy – weaves a different picture.
How Standing Rock Protesters Are Surviving Winter
ABC News photographed Red Cloud’s visit in December to the Standing Rock Reservation where he installed solar air furnaces to help keep protesters warm.
By ABC News

So like, how cool is it that Red Cloud has not only installed solar energy to keep the camps warm and running, but has also TAUGHT them how to install this infrastructure?

All in the face of people who have explicitly shat on Green Energy saying that it was impossible to power, or even survive off such alternatives?

Standing Rock is showing the world that survival and production is still possible with alternate energy resources.

At its core, America and other countries issue is not that Green energy doesn’t work, its that our economy is so stepped is fossil fuels, oil and the like. They have built this complex system that would take money from the fat cats if broken, that would force the corporate gears to dismantle. 

Also, at the end of the day, it would take WORK. And these individuals who refute changes that work to protect our environment, are the laziest of us all.

Props to RedCloud and Standing Rock for setting the example.

okay guys, I don’t normally try to exploit the big crowd of people reading this blog for things I want, but if you really want to do a super nice thing and make my Christmas dreams come true you will spread this to the furthest reaches of the internet and tell as many people as possible to go tweet at Sony to make The Bouncer compatible with the PS4 using the hashtag #ps2ps4

Sony is currently running a campaign to collect suggestions for games fans want to see resurrected for the PS4. You can suggest as many games as you want, as long as you use the #ps2ps4 hashtag.

The Bouncer is a terrible Fighting Game RPG where you play three sexy night club bouncers trying to rescue their Blade Runner cyborg bff from leather fetish gimp gear corporate security ninjas and punch a satellite to death. I cannot explain why I love this game so much and why I’ve carried the torch for it for so long other than it being like the video game equivalent to a weird 80’s cyberpunk B cult movie. It’s like if showdown in Little Tokyo was the story of Brandon Lee and Dolph Lundgren dragging their best friend Gackt on a journey to loosely follow the anime Metropolis script through the set of Blade Runner. It’s an awful game and I love it and if you want to make a squishy little Canadian cartoonist really happy this year all you have to do is tell all your friends to throw some requests for the Bouncer into the #ps2ps4 pile on twitter and spread this as far as you can.

In Memoriam - Top Gear (2003 - 2015)

Wether you agree with Clarkson being fired or not, I believe this is a huge blow to television and the BBC as a whole. I always wanted to work on Top Gear as a production assistant because it meant a lot to my family:

Mum would laugh her head off at the presenters,
Dad would enjoy the cars,
My younger brother loved The Stig,
And I loved the production values as well as the specials
It honestly made me feel close to my family…

Top Gear made so much money for the BBC so we will defiantly see backlash in other shows such as Sherlock. Doctor Who and their other high earning shows.

They might continue with different people, but it wouldn’t be top gear, not as we know it…

Thanks Fellas and Ladies of the Top Gear Crew, from the presenters, the runners, the researchers and the camera crew. Thanks for a great 12 years!

The BBC have announced plans to launch a theme park and holiday resort in 2020.

Attractions at this new £2bn, Kent-based theme park are planned to include the BBC’s most popular shows, including Doctor Who, Sherlock and Top Gear.

Stephen Davies, director of live events at BBC Worldwide, said: “We’re always looking for opportunities to extend fans’ enjoyment of their favourite shows and the idea behind the resort is a really exciting way of celebrating the very special place the BBC has in British culture.”

David Testa, director of London Resort Company Holdings (LRCH), said: “We are delighted to bring the world’s leading public service broadcaster on board this project.

“The BBC has played an instrumental role in shaping the British entertainment industry for nearly a century, creating some of the most iconic and cherished characters on TV and radio.

“It seems only right therefore that its programmes will be present at the new London Paramount Entertainment Resort, which will combine the glamour of Hollywood with the best of British culture.”