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“Did you hear that Very Good Corporation and Excellent Corporation merged yesterday, Alexandria?” asked Patricia, one of the 12,500 receptionists at Very Good Corporation. “This is some amazing news!”

Alex, a fellow employee of Very Good, looked left across the mag-train aisle at a smiling Patricia, who eagerly nodded her head in enthusiasm.  The windows on their flanks flashed bright hues and 5-D swirls, their advertisements choking out any blank space in their peripheral vision. Alex sighed and took a puff of her Medicine.

“Yes, yes.  I was one of the first few million to hear it.  Got the Speedy Alert after I had just woken up.  So did you hear about it?” again questioned Patricia, desperate for an answer.

It didn’t interest Alex one bit, but she played along anyway, not wishing to upset her coworker and get into an even longer conversation.  “Yes, I got a Quick Alert about it yesterday too.”

“Oh!” cried out Patty, “You must upgrade to the Speedy Alert!  Here I will refer you right now. Ten percent off!”

Patty looked in Alex’s direction and scrunched her forehead, thinking the command into her communicator.  Alex winced her eye upon receiving it and immediately filed it off into her personal trash bin, disregarding the fee necessary to do so.

“Thanks, Patty, I will be sure to upgrade.”

“Oh, no, thank you!  I get a free muffin at the Food Shoppe for everyone I refer. A chocolate muffin, Very Big size!”

Patty’s excitement was overwhelming. Her head shook and shook in excitement and she kept smiling at Alex.  She also, quite nonchalantly, had pulled out a napkin from her knapsack and worked to wipe her chin for, to Alex’s disgust, she had begun uncontrollably salivating at the mere thought of her reward. Alex took another puff of her Medicine and cast her eyes to the window, letting the 5-D take hold of her senses for the remainder of her morning commute.

{PART 3} I Won’t Stop You // Jeon Jungkook, Vampire!AU

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Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Genre: Vampire!AU, Fantasy, Angst, Smut

Summary; Thinking that you’re about to be fired, you start panicking about how you’ll survive with no job. Jungkook still can’t answer the many questions he has about you - and he questions himself in turn.

{Part 1} {Part 2} {Part 3} {Part 4}

I update this series every Tuesday evening, 9pm-10pm (UK Time)

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hey i'm on anon because i do work at petco but the sorority thing is so messed up and not okay and can i suggest people call corporate with complaints and not individual store through customer service because individual store complaints only hurt the people working there but broad complaints to higher-than-store manager complaints might help. post if you want i just don't want the people who work there who are smart and devoted to betta care to get constant berating from this corporate mess ☹️

That is an excellent idea, thank you for sharing it! I’ll definitely be looking into that…

I understand coming on anon. I work at Petsmart, and it’s in my contract to not say anything specifically against them. Even though I doubt they could trace me back from here, I’m not comfortable saying anything more than “I dislike chain stores in general” and a very general “I hate that chain stores do this very general common thing” until I leave and I can give specifics. Although I can say I think they are trying to improve in some things (but they could do a lot better too). But yes, calling corporate directly is an EXCELLENT way to make your point and be heard. Thank you for sharing, I really appreciate it.

リヴァイ班日誌 ~兵長の恋を応援する34日間~ by カイロ
Levi Squad Journal ~34 Days of Cheering on Corporal’s Love~

Here’s another novel translation. It’s as the title implies, 34 days of the Levi Squad helping Corporal with his love life. One of the best on pixiv and one of my favorite authors!

◆Levi Squad Journal Day 1
:Leader: Erd
:Weather: Sunny
General training, meeting

:Report Contents:
Today our squad has been assigned a new recruit. It’s Eren Jeager, the one who holds the ability to transform into a titan. A record for Eren who has many expectations and worries has been deemed necessary so Erd Jin, Gunta Schultz, Oluo Bozado, and Petra Ral have been given the duty to record in a journal on a daily basis by rotation from here on out. Anything noticed about Eren or any particular actions taken by him should be recorded in this report contents section.
Once written, have it checked by Corporal Levi and the other squad members.
This is fine, right?

:Check Field:
【Levi】 No problem. Change “report contents” to “today’s Eren”.
【Erd】 Roger.
【Gunta】 Roger.
【Oluo】 Roger.
【Petra】 Roger.

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Hey Pablo, how cool do you think it'd be if you were a robot?

it would suck. phones are expensive, barely carry a charge and only last a year or two due to planned obsolescence. imagine your entire body being built by the companies that make such crappy tech. now say in the future a moral corporation produces excellent robot bodies that give u excellent mobility, require minimal maintenance and have a infinite power source if all that is resolved you still have to worry about hackers.

to summarize: imagine having all the problems your tech has

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Being Black—but Not Too Black—in the Workplace

Being a person of color at a predominantly white workplace creates its own special kinds of stress. 

To be a black professional is often to be alone. Most black doctors, lawyers, journalists, and so on—those in white-collar positions that require specialized training and credentialing—work in environments where they are in the racial minorityThis comes with challenges. Beyond outright discrimination, which many still face, there are psychological costs to being one of just a few black faces in a predominantly white environment. In a study of black professional workers in a number of different occupations, I found that these employees worked to carefully manage their emotions in ways that reflected the racial landscapes they inhabited.

In particular, black professionals had to be very careful to show feelings of conviviality and pleasantness, even—especially—in response to racial issues. They felt that emotions of anger, frustration, and annoyance were discouraged, even when they worked in settings where these emotions were generally welcomed in certain contexts—think litigators interacting with opposing counsel, or financial analysts responding to a stressful day on Wall Street. Interestingly, this often played out at trainings meant to encourage racial sensitivity. Many of the black professionals I interviewed found that diversity trainings—intended to improve the work environment for minorities—actually became a source of emotional stress, as they perceived that their white colleagues could use these trainings to express negative emotions about people of color, but that they were expected not to disclose their own honest emotional reactions to such statements.

One of the most interesting recent contributions to this area of research comes from legal scholars Mitu Gulati and Devon Carbado. In their book Working Identity, they argue that while everyone needs to create and put forth an “appropriate” workplace identity, for members of minority groups—women of all races, racial-minority men, LGBTQ people—this becomes particularly taxing because their working identities must counter common cultural stereotypes. For example, black men may feel compelled to work longer hours as a way to repudiate stereotypes of a poor work ethic among blacks. To make matters more complicated, such strategies can backfire, reinforcing other stereotypes: Working those long hours may lead colleagues to assume that the workers lack the intellectual preparation needed for high-status professional jobs.

Carbado and Gulati also note that minority professionals tread cautiously to avoid upsetting the majority group’s sensibilities. Put simply, they can be visibly black, but don’t want to be perceived as stereotypically black. As Carbado and Gulati write, a black female candidate for a law firm who chemically straightens her hair, is in a nuclear family structure, and resides in a predominantly white neighborhood signals a fealty to (often unspoken) racial norms. She does so in a way that an equally qualified black woman candidate who wears dreadlocks, has a history of pushing for racial change in the legal field, is a single mother, and lives in the inner city does not.

The same is true for professional workers who are members of other racial minority groups. For instance, Latina attorneys may be able to advance further at work if they take pains not to speak with any trace of an accent. These are challenges in addition to the more well-known ones—the difficulties finding mentors of the same race, coping with racial stereotypes, being treated as a representative for one’s entire racial group.

So what does this mean for black workers in professional environments? First, it’s indicative of the degree to which race shapes occupational outcomes. In many circles, people feel more comfortable reducing racial issues to class-based ones, assuming that poverty explains much, if not all, of the differences between minorities and whites.

But for blacks in professional positions, issues of poverty are not the problem. Poverty does not explain biases in hiring, the need for particular types of emotional management, and the careful self-presentation that minority professionals engage in at work.

Second, all of this ought to encourage a rethinking of some of the existing efforts to create more diverse work environments. Do diversity and inclusion initiatives take into consideration how minorities placed in those environments feel? How can policies create not just more equitable hiring processes, but address the emotional toll of being a racial minority in a professional work setting?

In the current political climate, there is generally support for solving race-related employment challenges by focusing on job training and education—in other words, increasing human capital to improve access. Given the research, it’s also important to consider how to create better workplaces for the minority professionals who are already in these jobs.  


When you step into yourself you do not find a single person, a single self. You see your multitudes, your planes, your peaks, your inconsistencies, your intensities. You will become cruel and benevolent. You will never fit in. How to fit a universe into another universe? People fear loneliness too much. It is being locked into one aspect of yourself, a crime that corporations actively excel in, that is the worst, that is the sin against existence. Better to be alone and live in your ranges than everyday say and be the same thing.
You Belong With Me @ tasteless-combination

Alfred sat in the back of class laughing it up with others. He did not notice the new person enter with their English Teacher. Suddenly his teacher cleared his throat trying to quiet Alfred and the group in the back. The Alpha paid him no attention until he heard from behind him.

“Class, I would like to introduce to you a new student, Arthur.” That was when the scent hit him. He could smell the sweet scent of flowers and tea, and a touch of fear. Even though the fear was well masked, Alfred could still smell it. He slowly turned in his desk to see who it was. He expected anything but what he saw before him. The Alpha’s heart stopped. He could not hear the guys behind him anymore as he was now fully focused on Arthur.

Arthur was the most beautiful Omega he had ever seen. Though he was a little on the skinny side he had nice curvy hips, long slim legs, that seemed out of place. His eyes, almost seemed to be filled with the light of a green flame, and he knew they would burn him if he stared into them too long. His lips were rosy and looked so moist and soft that, Alfred could not help but lick his own. He had light blond hair that had that ‘just got out of bed’ look. Alfred was already in love and he had not even heard the Omega’s voice yet.

Alfred without even thinking about it. Looked over to his Alpha friend and fellow football player sitting beside him. Alfred then looked him in the eyes. A cue a dominance filled the air and the weaker boy back down, grabbed his books and moved to the only other available desk in the room, leaving the desk next to Alfred opened. 

Not only was Alfred captain of the football team, but any Alpha who had dared challenged him usually backed down when in his presence. Those brave enough to fight him often more than not ended up in hospitals. Alfred was not a bully, but he rained supreme in the school and most of the other boys fathers worked for his. Not that he would threaten their livelihood, Alfred was not apart of that world. He wanted to be a surgeon instead of taking over his father’s corporation. Alfred excelled in all his classes but one, and not by intimidation. He had brains as well as motivation to make something truly wonderful of himself. He wanted to save lives. He would never admit it, but he had a hero complex. And this was his school  and all those who stood in his way of accomplishing his goals were cut down brutally. He worked hard…His only failure if you could call it that was he was not doing as well as he needed to in English, get into Harvard medical. Granted his father and his father before him were Harvard alumni. Alfred wanted to be independent of them. He wanted to prove he could do it on his own, but all of that was pushed to the back of his mind as he stared at the scared young Omega.

 The teacher glanced up and noticed the seat next to Alfred available. 

“Please take the seat by Alfred, maybe you can help him pass this class with more than a low B.” The teacher smiled gently and ushered the Omega over to the desk next to Alfred.

The Alpha watched every move the Omega made as he carefully sat down, pulled off his sweater and set it on the back oh his chair. Alfred could smell the fear grow, but he did not allow it to show on his face. Alfred could tell Arthur was used to hiding it.

“My name’s Alfred” He struck out a hand with a smile. “It is nice to meet you Arthur.” He took Arthur’s hand in his own and gave it a warm squeeze. Alfred  had not even noticed the teacher had stared class. The Alpha noted that Arthur carried no other sent on him. He did not seem to be in a relationship, but there was the hint of Alpha in the air about him. He must have brothers.

“You smell great Arthur.” He would not bring up the fact that he knew Arthur was really scared. “If there is anything I can do for you please…please let me know.” He smiled warmly before turning his attention back to the teacher who had already started his lesson.