corporate downsizing

you know what kind of aus we need more of? 

fashion aus

I’m not talking like, “famous model falls for normal person au”

I’m talking like, 

  • “God I’m such a fan of this one designer I will jump at any offer to model for them I keep all the samples I can”


  • “You’re head sewer and you’re telling me that my pattern doesn’t make sense well excuse you bitch I worked as a sewer before, let me show you exactly how to execute this part of the design so you can do it.”
  • “I’m a designer and I know you’re a photographer but I made this line with your tastes in mind so I could hire you to come to the studio and possibly get your thoughts on it also someday could you please wear them”
  • “I’m the manager for this one model that likes your clothes except they’re very particular I’m so sorry about them they can be embarrassing at times.”
  • “We’re two rival designers working for the same fashion house but because of corporate downsizing we have to work together what the FUCK WHAT’S WITH YOUR OBSESSION WITH EMBROIDERY ON EVERYTHING.”
  • “We’re two models working together on a photoshoot and wow sorry how was I supposed to know that was your coffee I thought it was the lighting guy’s”
  •  "I’m a photographer and will you stop dramatically looking into the distance this is not a movie advert. If you don’t stop I will break your neck"
  • “I’m a model and you’re a designer’s assistant and wow why aren’t you doing your own stuff, these sketches look neat.”
  • “We share a work station because the company building is under renovation and gOD HELP ME IF YOU TOUCH MY RHINESTONES AGAIN”
  • “I’m a sewer and I am here to tell you that you have no idea how fabric physics work the drape that you want is not going to work with this goddamn fabric.”
  •  "I’m a patternmaker and what the fuck is with this design.“
  • "I’m a designer and the patternmaker fucked up, can you do something so I can shove it in their face and possibly file a report after I get these samples produced.”
  • “I thought we were trying to make a dress, not a fucking teacup wtf is this design”
  • “I’m a sewer and I will sew the patternmaker and the designer together holding hands if they don’t shut up dear god. Hey design assistant do you want to help me shut them up”
  • “I’m the production manager and my employees seriously need to lay each other”
  • “I’m a sewer and my favorite pasttime is to sow the seed of discord among the warring design factions in our company because they keep me here against my will with a shitty contract and shittier designers, you’re new and you caught on quick”
  • “I’m a designer, and I don’t care how much you want to save on fabric costs, I will give these women’s jeans proper pockets or you’ll have to fire me.”
  • “The designer is so bad that I’ve been able to quote devil wears prada at them for everything they’ve made”
  • “I’m a model and I love the clothes you design. I love wearing them. I wouldn’t mind taking them off for you, though.”
  •  "Sleeping with you was supposed to be a one off thing, no strings attached, but the way you take off my clothes makes me feel that you’re sleeping with my clothes instead and i dont know how to feel about that"
  • “I’m a photographer and the way you look in red lighting makes me feel things. ‘I want to see you in the back lighting of my bedroom’ kind of things”
  • "I know you’re a world famous photographer, but if you ask me to get into the lake in the middle of winter again i am going to sue you. AND NO, I DONT CARE THAT IT CREATES THE PERFECT COLOR PALETTE”
  • “I’m a designer and if I have to deal with another lineup of mayonnaise palette models I will KILL and sure you for racism.”

Just. Please. Fashion aus, people.

So, yes.

I did go to today’s national strike.

I am a woman and I am working-class (recently laid off due to “corporate downsizing”, too), therefore what is happening in PR affects me personally.

I did not consume/buy absolutely anything during the strike. It’s only appropriate. I picked up plastic bottles from the floor and others did as well.

I was standing right between the UBS building and Popular Center and nothing happened to me. Things escalated after the official manifestation was over. The gathering and event, as it happened, was a peaceful one.   

I find it suspect that Banco Popular left its premises unprotected and then intends to sue a host of different groups involved in today’s strike and even Facebook pages. 

This is being set up to be portrayed as UPR college students damaging property and it may not be the case. That’s my truth from what I witnessed. Finally, most people were willing to march and protest in a non-violent way. 

And now I’m drained as hell.