corporate douchebaggery

Please Help

I just got suspended from my job without pay until further notice for no real reason beyond corrupt corporate douchebaggery and my manager trying to get rid of me. I still have insurance and school payments to make and until I land a new job I could really use some help in any way possible.

My paypal is

Below are my current commission openings. I know I haven’t been the best at doing them which is why I’m changing things around a lot. These are the things I am best and quickest at. If you want something else we can discuss it.

Basic Sketch - $10

Basic Sketch Single Color - $15

Basic Sketch Flat Color - $20

Prop Paintings - $50 to $100 depending on complexity

Please contact me through either an ask on tumblr or an email. If I don’t respond right away, my apologies, I don’t have good internet access.

Thank you in advance for your help.