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In response to the proposed elimination of the Institute of Museum and Library Services, American Library Association President Julie Todaro said the Trump Administration is using the wrong math when it comes to libraries. The nation’s more than 120,000 public, school, academic and special libraries are visited more than 1.4 billion times a year by hundreds of millions of Americans across the country, Todaro said. More than 80 major corporations and trade associations called libraries “critical national infrastructure” in a letter to U.S. senators.

“To those who say that the nation cannot afford federal library funding, the American Library Association, American businesses and millions of Americans say emphatically we cannot afford to be without it,” she said.


Trump Budget Draws Reaction from Inside, Outside Congress, George Nelson

Use ALA’s Legislative Action Center today to ask your Senators to sign both the LSTA and IAL letters and show their support for federal library funding. Many Members of Congress will only sign such a letter if their constituents ask them to, so it’s up to you to help save LSTA and IAL from elimination or significant cuts.

Five minutes of your time could help preserve over $210 million in library funding at risk.

We have a little time left to call! As of this morning, 34 senators have signed the LSTA letter and 31 have signed IAL.

The Kendall Jenner x Pepsi Ad Made Me Want To Vomit

Before you do anything else watch this if you haven’t seen it already: 

Did you watch it? I hard a hard time making it through the entire spot myself without a few grimaces, “wtf were they thinking” faces and a “i can’t believe this shit” to a coworker. 

Let’s look at a few scenes to examine why this isn’t just the worst ad of all time but an ad that is insensitive, offensive and completely thoughtless. 

1.) Co-opting a movement 


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These are all very nice sentiments and shit we should strive for every single day but they aren’t the typical signs you see at real protests. The protests where people are putting their safety in danger because they’re afraid they might walk outside with a hoody on and get shot, or that their family won’t be able to return to America if they board a plane to see their family in their native country are the images of protest people actually experience. The protestors certainly not as happy as the perfectly casted multi-racial group of actors walking down this very well lit street with no menacing or threatening police officers present any step of the way. Hell, they even found time to place pretty people to eat next to the protests while it was happening. The police aren’t in riot gear, apparently seeing no threat from this massive group of protesters singing and dancing their way towards them. 

Now look, I work in advertising for big brands™.  I know major corporations are risk averse and don’t want to alienate potential consumers who don’t share in what should be non-controversial views like equality and freedom of expression. But they are. But that’s why no one has ever asked a corporation to make a fucking resistance commercial. If you aren’t going to be on the ground with organizers and protesters, or helping to pay legal funds for those wrongly incarcerated or even at the very fucking least, providing food and beverages to people who are taking hours at a time out to speak out on something they believe in, then don’t use a movement for your own commercial gain. 

2- Tropes, (Un)intentional Racism, More Tropes 

All black people are good for in commercials are for hip hoppity dancing, tattoos, giving dap and staring lustfully at white women. 

All the people of color in this ad are mostly used to check boxes provide accent color to what is an otherwise whitewashed scene. 

This is an especially embarrassing lack of effort in representation when one considers the context in which the subjects are being portrayed. 

3- Our White Savior 

Ohhhh boy what in the actual fuck?!!?!

Another white woman swoops in to save the day. I wish Pepsi had Melania Trump’s number so that I can get past a few of the issues currently concerning me. 

I would’ve had a problem with this closing scene if it was from just about anyone but we’ll get to the actual ending in a bit. The fact that it’s a fucking Kardashian Jenner – the physical embodiment of wealth, entitlement and privilege in America – shifts this ad from just terrible advertising toward the realm of parody, absurdity and offensiveness. 

Do you remember the protests in Baton Rouge after Alton Sterling was gunned down by police officers? 

This is the lasting image of those protests. Ieshia Evans is walking up to a group of white police officers dressed like they’re ready to confront ground troops in Northern Iraq, and able at a moment’s notice to gun her down. 

The ending of this thing is even more absurd. Once Jenner hands the very peaceful policeman the can of Pepsi, the crowd goes crazy, like they were all Tyrone Biggums and it was time for the free crack giveaway. 

If I knew all I had to do to avoid being shot by the police while black was carry a Pepsi around with me, I would’ve been doing it this entire time. 

remember when mcdonalds debuted a horrifying minion-derivative mascot that looked like if focus testing and out-of-touch old white men in suits barfed in to a bucket and the bucket somehow gained horrifying sentience? and then when everyone said that it was godawful and terrifying mcdonalds official response was this:

like imagine working in marketing for a major corporation and being told by your superior to produce a clapback image for people calling your terrifying mascot a horrific demon. instead of like, just getting rid of it. 

of course, they couldn’t get rid of it. millions of dollars were spent in market research designing that godawful thing so they couldn’t just get rid of it over night. 

anyway that’s what’s wrong with capitalism or something. i lost interest in writing this post.

remember when we used to argue about stuff like toplock vs bottomlock instead of theorizing about whether we should be hacking a website or not to advance in the fucked up russian roulette game we’re playing with a major british corporation 

Nazis weren’t socialists.  Just Stop.

Look, I get why you think that.  “National Socialism!  It’s right in the name!”  It’s easy to think that, but I’m here to tell you exactly why you’re wrong.

And it’s a matter of stipulative definitions.  If you don’t know what they are:

If you want a clear example of how they’re used, one such example is the social justice definition of racism, dissected in the link.

They’re definitions that only apply to one very specific context, and Hitler’s usage of the term Socialism was clearly shown to be a stipulative one in a speech on November 16th, 1928.

“We have to strip the terms ‘Nationalism’ and ‘Socialism’ of their previous meaning. Only that man is a nationalist who stands by his people, and only that man is a socialist who stands up for the rights of his people both internally and externally.”

Standing up for the rights of Aryan Germans was, in Nazi Germany, the definition of a socialist in the phrase “National Socialist”.  This was in connection to what he pushed as the “National Community” which was the Aryan version of American Exceptionalism (”we’re better than everyone, we have a right to expand and take what we need, etc.”).  It wasn’t “Nationalism + Socialist”, a mixing of two ideologies.  It was an entirely new ideology.

He would go on to explicitly say that National Socialism “did not lie in socialism as a universal panacea nor was it a nationalist variant of that idea.”

“But what about the economics of Germany?”

He explained the over-arching philosophy of Nazi Germany’s economy as well in a meeting in 1930 with Strauss in Munich.  He was asked in reference to major German corporations like Krupp, ver-batim  

“Would everything remain unchanged in terms of ownership, profits and management?” 

Hitler’s reply?

“But of course.  Do you think I’m mad enough to destroy the economy?”

He would only step in and seize control of corporations when they worked against what he determined to be “the national interest”.

Which is why, when you rub two brain cells together, Schindler had enough money to save all those Jewish people.  He had political clout and wealth not from being a Party Member (like in soviet russia) but from being a rich businessman who didn’t work against the “national interest”.

Another thing to keep in mind was that Hitler didn’t call socialists “Socialists”.  He labeled them and their movement as “simply marxist(m)”.

He even used socialists and communists as scapegoats and persecuted them.  The Reichstag fire was famously blamed on communists.  He had Goebbels actively prevent socialists from running articles and speeches promoting their ideas.  Socialists were regularly arrested and sent to labor camps. The Night of Long Knives explicitly targeted Socialists and Communists for execution.

Why I'm voting Labour this June.

These are just a few of the policies from the Labour manifesto, they are also my favourites.

  • £10 minimum wage for every person over the age of 18. 
  • Banning zero hour contracts. This means first time workers wont get exploited with unfair hours and unstable salaries.
  • Rented accommodation to be suitably fit for habitation.
  • Renationalise the NHS. The conservative government has widdled away portions of our NHS to be privatised meaning that less funds go into the national parts of it leaving poor people unfairly vulnerable and those who can afford private healthcare prioritised. Labour will reverse this.
  • Free school meals for every child!!
  • National education service. Takes a viewpoint of education being a right, not a commodity.
  • Scrap tuition fees. Students in the UK typically leave university with £50,000 of debt, this needs to stop.
  • Restore NHS bursaries. Last year the Conservative party cut bursaries for student nurses resulting in a 10,000 applicant drop, Corbyn will give that back.
  • Disabling major corporations for ripping off their supplier.
  • Reverse the Conservative corporation tax cuts. 
  • Defending human rights better than ever. 
  • Rekindle the free market.
  • Housebuilding. With a total immigration count over 500,000 annually and only 2% of land prioritised for housing we certainly need more. 
  • Tackling inequalities within the workplace, within the household, everywhere.( Focuses on class inequalities, wage gaps, the reform/eradication of racial and homophobic stigmatic ideals, name blind applications to be introduced within the work place, more help for romani travellers to find work etc etc )

This isn’t as light hearted as the majority of my three posts, but I desperately feel like this needs to be addressed. I am seventeen years old, and my dream career is to work as a historical consultant for television and film, similar to Outlander. A large part of that relies on costume, and as such, I’ve become extremely devoted to Terry Dresbach’s designs and her informative blog and twitter account. In many ways, it is what inspired me to attempt to see historical costume and pursue a career in the industry. Recently, a sewing pattern producer by the name of Simplicity released a pattern inspired by Claire’s Red Dress. In truth, it is less of an inspiration and more of a clear copy of Terry’s design. There is no official connection to Outlander, and no credit given to Terry for her work. Perhaps most astonishing is that other major corporations, such as Marvel, are granted royalty and licensing deals with Simplicity for their costumes. The result of this clear manipulation and corporate greed is that Terry has decided to remove her extremely informative costume blog, and refrain from posting costume images on her twitter account. While this is unfortunate for many fans, I feel particularly heartbroken as I learned essential techniques and design strategies from Terry’s work. I’m posting his because I feel like this is an issue that needs to be addressed and as fans of Outlander, we have the power to demand justice and allow Terry to receive the credit she deserves. Thank you for reading this, and if you have any other questions, do not hesitate to contact me.

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The Moon Represents My Heart (月亮代表我的心) by Teresa Teng (邓丽君). 1970s.

Perhaps the most beloved, recognizable Mandarin song in cultural history, The Moon Represents My Heart is a poetic, lyrical love ballad popularized by multilingual Taiwanese pop singer Teresa Teng in the late 1970s. Its lyrics were composed by Sun Yi (孫儀) and its tune by Weng Ching-hsi (翁清溪), and disputes over the song’s lyrical ownership have led to lawsuits against major entertainment corporations. 

The Moon Represents My Heart portrays the height of Teng’s career. Sometimes credited with introducing romantic, waltz-like songs to the Chinese music scene, Teng is still best-known for her interpretation of this melody. Film director Jia Zhangke once remarked that The Moon Represents My Heart was something “completely new” that brought a “personal, individual world” to the characteristically collectivist Chinese vocal arts. 

The song utilizes the romantic symbol of the moon to convey a pure, impassioned love that transcends words. It has been covered countless times by various artists since its original release in the early 1970s by Chen Fenlan (陳芬蘭), but it is still Teng’s soft, mellifluous version that remains the most popular.

Teresa Teng has previously been featured by sinθ here.
By Bernie Sanders | Stand With Nissan Workers
Today, all of us, need to send a very loud and a very clear message to Nissan and other large, profitable corporations.
By Bernie Sanders

At a time when the middle class of this country is shrinking and too many working people are struggling to make ends meet, when they are worried about the cost of health care, education for their kids and a dignified retirement, I am proud to stand with everyone who is fighting for dignity on the job and the right to join a union at Nissan.

What Nissan workers in Mississippi are doing takes real courage. They are standing up to a powerful multi-billion dollar global corporation and they are doing that in a state government hostile to the needs of working people and unions. They are standing up to a state government for their kids and their families. They are standing up for economic and racial justice. They are standing up for exploited workers all across the country, many of who have lost hope, and who will be looking at Canton to see if working people can take on a powerful global corporation and secure justice. If Mississippi Nissan workers succeed, it will send a powerful message in the south and across this country that working people are prepared to fight for justice and for a fair share of the economic pie.

Let us be very clear: Despite all of the lies and misinformation that have been spread, Nissan has union representation in 42 out of 45 of its plants around the world. It has a union in Japan. It has a union in France. It has a union in England, Australia, and Spain. If it can negotiate with unions all around he world, surely it can negotiate with a union in Canton, Mississippi.

But today, Nissan is doing everything that it can to deny workers in the south the right to join a union and bargain collectively for higher wages, safer working conditions, decent health care and a secure retirement.

They are hiring low-wage temp workers who earn as little as $12 bucks an hour. Well, workers in a modern plant owned by a major corporation should not be earning $12 an hour because people can’t make it on $12 an hour.

- They have threatened to fire workers who are pro-union.

- They are forcing workers to watch anti-union videos.

- They have been fined $21,000 for safety violations after a worker at this plant lost three fingers.

- They have even implied that if workers vote to join a union they will shut down this plant.

That is unacceptable, it is against the law and it has got to change!

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Look. Look at this dork.

Look at how the CEO of a major corporation is flustered at the thought of holding a girl’s hand. 

Look at how he only wants to hug you—hold you and cherish you in this moment where he is certain that everything is all right.

Look at how utterly in love he is with you

It’s the first day of the Armored Core Character Design Challenge! Here’s the ground work, artists!:

The Rules:

-Each designated month I will have chosen a Raven (nickname given to Pilots of Armored Cores) from the in-game Arena Rankings to focus on. Every pilot in the Arena has a character description that functions as their backstory, describing their personality, fighting style, reasons for becoming a Raven, as well as relations to other Pilots in-game. Using the character’s description, dialogue (if available) and the appearance/load-out of their AC, you will design these various, mercenaries. Based on your interpretation of these clues, create a character you think fits the profile! 

[Here are some links to Art References for Pilot Wear, Pilot Helmets, Cockpit setups, ect}

The world of Armored Core 3 is not a pretty one;

“Set in a post-apocalyptic future, Armored Core 3 depicts a world where mankind has sought refuge underground after a catastrophic global nuclear war broke out on the surface. Those who survived formed a subterranean society called Layered. Layered is ruled by an AI simply known as The Controller, which dictates nearly everything that goes on in this world. The two major corporations, Mirage and Crest Industries along with a smaller group known as Kisaragi, all vie for dominance and control over Layered’s land and assets. All is not well with The Controller however, and odd events begin to occur. With the number and scope of these errors, some might even go so far as to suggest that the system may be failing…”

Within Layered, the Arena was created, an organized colosseum where Ravens are allowed to fight each other using their mechs as a form of Public Spectacle, winning sums of money, AC parts, and fame amongst the masses. Being a Raven is not an easy job however, though lucrative, it is also highly dangerous. These mechs push the limits of human ability, and one must be highly skilled in order to operate them. Pilots must be ready to face death head on, knowing full-well that their value as a Raven holds only enough water as their own abilities can provide. Ravens are usually contracted as Mercenaries, and with the political climate rising in the cramped and grim world of Layered, one may find themselves under the gun of another Credit desperate Pilot…

[Click here for your first Pilot to concept!]

In the world of corrupt politics as usual: Lobbyists write the laws that benefits corporate America with corrupt politicians and the president are only in office as a rubber stamp approval to help pass these laws. But we won’t hear any of it since corporations also the major tv networks.