Missing Youth Corps Member Found Dead By Local Hunters

Missing Youth Corps Member Found Dead By Local Hunters

A youth corps member reportedly missing some days ago has been found dead by local hunters. Marvelous Njoku graduate from Imo state serving his fatherland at Sagamu was discovered dead in Ode Lemo.

He has been complaining about hearing some strange voices since he was deployed to Sagamu,Ogun-state for his youth service.This prompted his brother to come from Imo state to check up on him and they…

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Corpers in Kebbi state being taught to use guns? (Pics)

As indicated by a Corper in Kebbi state, he said Corpers are being taught how to utilize the m60 weapons for insurance as a result of the frailty identified with the prospective race.

“The corp individuals were given security tips on the best way to avert and handle setbacks sometime during the races. They won’t be given firearms and ammo however in the event that the Boko young men choose to demonstrate their confronts, Corpers will have the capacity to help the security specialists. All things considered, we are all serving our dad’s property.” He said

Dignitaries at the occasion today where Corpers were shown how to shoot by troopers include the Emir of Gwandu, Commanding officer of the 1Battalion Dukku Barracks Lieutenant colonel M.M Abu, the Commissioner of police, Director of Ndlea, military and paramilitary work force and some corp individuals.

Photos: Soldiers Strip Corpers Unclad At Rivers NYSC Camp?

Photos: Soldiers Strip Corpers Unclad At Rivers NYSC Camp?

That is terrible! Instead of Nigeria soldiers to face boko haram, they are showing their talents on innocent people.

According to linda ikeji

Just got these pics from a LIB reader at Rivers NYSC camp. Claims this is happening right now. That soldiers stripped some corps members naked which led to a protest. See photos below

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NYSC Moves Corps Members Out Of Nasarawa Over Communal Clashes

NYSC Moves Corps Members Out Of Nasarawa Over Communal Clashes

The National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) in Nasarawa state has announced the relocation of no fewer than 258 corps members from crisis areas in the state back to Lafia, the state capital.
The NYSC Coordinator in the state, Mrs Agatha Olabanji, said that the corps members were being accommodated at a safe location in Lafia, and stressed that the security situation in some parts of the state was…

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In fact let me change the caps of this title


It poured heavily this morning, my braids and my dress are still semi damp, and the atmosphere in our office is gloomy. It’s been dark the good portion of this morning, the light wrestles with darkness to illuminate our little office. I have earphones in my head as my fingers type hungrily, I just have to get this off my chest, so here we…

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Mimiko advocates increase allowance for corpers

Ondo State  Governor Olusegun Mimiko Thursday implored the Federal  Government through the  National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) Governing Council  to increase Corps members monthly allowance.

This he said was a way to motivate and show concern to their welfare and act of patriotism.

The governor made this known when the NYSC Governing Council led by Alhaji Tijani Adekanbi paid a courtesy visit in Akure.

Mimiko assured the Council that the state would remain committed to the social welfare and security of the corps members.

He maintained that the state has been at the forefront of enhancing the National Youth Service Scheme, particularly in its efforts at promoting national integration and youth development.

According to him, “Ondo State is an NYSC friendly state, the governor believes it is an agent of sustainable development, and we will continue to show our support and enhance the
efforts of the Governing Council at  mobilizing corps members every year”.

Mimiko who was represented by the  Secretary  to the State Government, (SSG) Dr Aderotimi  Adelola, pledged the readiness of the government to liaise with relevant government parastatals in  order to priorities the  welfare, security of the  corps  members in the state.

Speaking earlier, Chairman, NYSC, National Governing Council, Chief  Gordon Bozimo who
was  represented by the leader of the delegation Alhaji Tijani Adekanmbi lauded the state Government  for promptly releasing  state  subvention to support  the Scheme, provision of infrastructure, utility vehicles   among others, which has greatly  assisted  and motivated the  body in the  discharge of its  duties and enhancing good welfare packaged for  corps  members

Bozimo  described Ondo State  as NYSC friendly ,which despite enormous challenges, provided consistent  policy  and environment that favour corps   members, stressing that about  6,000 corps members are in Ondo State every year.

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Criminal Corporations That Put Profit Over People

Bayer is the maker of Aspirin and one of the top pharmaceutical companies in the world. In 1984 they sold HIV and Hepatitis C contaminated blood products, which caused up to 10,000 people in the U.S. alone to contract HIV. After they found out the drug was contaminated, they pulled it off the U.S. market and sold it to countries in Asia and Latin America so they could still make money. Its CEO just last year said they make life saving cancer drugs for “the rich people who could afford it.”

The company is the largest bottled water distributor in the world and is using a variety of methods to obtain water, including brokering loopholes in water protection acts and costly public campaigns. As water supplies dwindle drastically and communities feel the strain, Nestlé continues to siphon the public’s water and sell it back to them at a hefty profit. The Chairman of the Board of Directors at Nestle said, “water is a foodstuff like any other and like any other foodstuff it should have a market value.” Nestle also aggressively promoted its baby formula in poor areas, even telling women it was better for their babies. They gave samples to poor mothers, who used it, and then had to continue using it because their milk supplies had since dried up. Nestlé did this in areas where it was known that most people lack access to clean water, which is necessary to safely administer formula. Also, when the free samples ran out, the families often could not afford the high costs of formula (having lost access to their free breast milk) and they would buy as much as they could afford and then make it stretch, resulting in malnourished babies.”

They lobby to keep people in jail for their profits. The whole reason they exist is to make sure private prisons thrive. For profit prisons that lobby against true reform and keep people in jail for things like selling a dime bag of weed. Its no wonder America has the highest incarceration rate per capita in the world. It’s also no coincidence that the rate spikes when Reagan introduced legislation to privatize prisons. And then prisoners are treated in such a way as to virtually guarantee that they will come out worse, and get re incarcerated.  The scariest part – “The number of federal laws has risen from 3,000 in the early 1980s to over 4,450 by 2008. Many of these have poor intent requirements, meaning people are being locked up not to keep the rest of society safe, but for technical violations of laws they may not have known existed.”

They’ve been known to accept bribes. They have billions of dollars in reserve even though they’re supposed to be a non-profit organization. They’ve managed to lobby governments to change laws to benefit their cause (the lifting of the alcohol ban in stadiums in Brazil for example.) They awarded the 2022 World Cup to Qatar. Qatar is a desert with temperatures over 110 in the heat of summer when the Cup is played. They rely on abusive labor practices that border on slavery. Qatar was chosen despite bids by other cities that would have been much better places to hold such an event.“

It uses its profits to spread lying political propaganda undermining science and attacking basic principles of civilization and reason. They have unfair influence in politics and on politicians, control energy markets, pipelines, defense, agriculture, and cattle. Responsible for 300 reported oil spills that had taken place across six states. Global warming deniers that pour millions of dollars into fighting clean energy. Fined for environmental crimes relating to excess emissions of 85 metric tons of benzene, a known carcinogen.”

Anybody who’s been on the inside understands that every facet of their business relies on actively ruining as many people’s lives as possible. Every end, every facet, and not even the consumer benefits, Wal-mart makes the lion’s share of the savings from their unethical business practices. Not only have they put smaller local competition out of business, but also they put a countless amount of their American and overseas suppliers out of business. Whether large or small. They are absolute bullies, and it’s their way, or no way. The companies foolish enough to try and work with Wal-mart will either have to inherit the unethical practices and use them against their employees and suppliers, or run the incredibly high risk of going out of business themselves. No matter what you try to do, it will be done Wal-marts way, and there will ALWAYS be somebody somewhere along the chain that loses. Every time. Whether it’s the resource extraction, manufacturing/labor, distributor, or shipping, at least one of those is losing. It’s not just circumstance, it’s part of their business model. Somebody MUST lose. There’s been no force or organization in all of American history that has had a greater hand in consolidating and monopolizing so many parts of the economy and massively increasing the income disparity. That is their ultimate objective.“

First of all, the term banana republic literally refers to countries in South America or the Caribbean who were ruled by corrupt officials who were bought off by the banana companies. This meant that they enjoyed a monopoly on all land that was suitable for growing bananas in the region; One of the company’s primary tactics for maintaining market dominance was to control the distribution of banana lands. [United Fruit Company] claimed that hurricanes, blight and other natural threats required them to hold extra land or reserve land. In practice, what this meant was that UFCO was able to prevent the government from distributing banana lands to peasants who wanted a share of the banana trade-In the case of Guatemala, the democratically elected government was overthrown by the C.I.A. due to a combination of lobbying from the UFCO and anti-communist fears (of course the UFCO claimed the government was going to join the Soviets, when in reality they were implementing policies inspired by America’s New Deal). It is also convenient to note that the Guatemalan government was trying to buy back all the unused reserve land and thus strip UFCO of its monopoly.”

For-Profit Universities give people mediocre education with the promise of jobs, put them in debt, they can’t get a job, and then the government (aka you, the taxpayer) bails out their student loans, while the college makes its profits.“

Monsanto needs no introduction, but we’ll do it quickly anyway: They’re a pesticide manufacturer known for being the first company to genetically modify a seed to be resistant to pesticides and herbicides. Their seeds are billed as “Roundup-Ready,” meaning that it’s the only thing that will stay alive in a field that’s been sprayed with Roundup, Monsanto’s main herbicide product. In 2002, Monsanto was convicted of dumping tens of thousands of pounds of PCBs into the waterways of Anniston, Alabama, before lying about it for years. This led to the highest concentrations of the toxic pollutant ever recorded in history. Monsanto’s view on the situation was, “We can’t afford to lose a dollar of profit” (that’s a real quote).”

ppl talk abt undocumented immigrants “stealing our resources” but are perfectly fine with corperations taking food and water from the us and shipping them off to other countries sooo

Gamers over 35 annoy me. They act like the arbiter of all gaming knowledge, yet they don’t have a pulse on the current state of the industry and chalk everything they don’t like to some big corperate conspiracy.

This old fuck was trying to school me in why the new SW:Battlefront was going to suck based on little information, then said that Resident Evil was an RPG. Don’t catch me with that bullshit.

Doing what they could...

Selfishness is the key to their success.

While they’re living in excess, they’re blessed.

But as for the rest, the depressed and the hurting.

Well they are given little money for the time they’ve been working.

Blood, sweat and tears go into what they do.

To minimize the the change that could come from people like me and you.

Am I talking about revolution, or is it really restitution.

We need to act now, before we are sucked up into their delusion.

So, they say times are changing.

So they say it’s all going to be good

So they imply it’ll be amazing.

But are they really doing what they could.

These leaders are given to their own wants, not the needs of others.

Walking past the homeless, smiling shaking hands with corporate “brothers”

See they are like family, do their best to help each other forever

But while the poor pay with their lives, the rich continue to stick together.

Politicians are owned by bankers and massive corporations

Continuing to tax the poor and give money to unethical organisations.

We have no idea of the impact, we need to act against their dishonesty.

We need to do something to stop this inequality

So, they say times are changing.

So they say it’s all going to be good

So they imply it’ll be amazing.

But are they really doing what they could.

I say that times are changing

I say that we can make this good

I say we are amazing

So shall we start doing what we should?

Is a potential POT a thing?

I had a phone conversation today on my way to work with a potential POT (I suppose). Most people have cute names for their POTs, and I feel like I should give him one. I’ll have to think of one. lol

I was busy last night and so I couldn’t call him till this morning and he was SUPER eager to talk to me. I don’t know what I take away from that, but I suppose it’s a good thing. His profession is in my field of study, so he’s super excited about that.

I’m going shopping becuase I don’t feel like any of the things I have are up to par with having a corperate lunch in the city. Also I need to make an appointment with my stylist, someone remind me.

This would be my first actual POT date.. so I’m kinda nervous. I’m probably gonna drag my best friend to the city with me. She has family there and will be my get out of jail free card if i get uneasy. He’s like 53, and he seems harmless, but you never know.

Any tips or things I should know/do to prepare for this?

This is an adult comic with graphic language, graphic violence, murder and suggestive themes.What’s the story?

Everyone, except for the mega rich, are fighting trying times. Politicians are bought out by corperations. Corperations own all the land and use it for processing. And the general public? Well, they’ve become nothing more than numbers in a CEO’s book.

Sound familiar?

In the year 2071, many trials that seem daunting and almost mythical today have become the norm. There’s no secrecy behind the corruption, because there’s no more will or hope to fight it. But as with any looming despair there are always those willing to stand in the face of adversity. Even if the odds are physically, mentally, economically, and supernaturally stacked against them.

This is the first issue of American Oni. It’ll be a 32 page comic, featuring 25 pages of story telling, a couple pages of concept art, fan art and a page with gracious thanks to our backers!

Thanking The Lord For Almost Relationships that Never Saw The Light Of Day

Thanking The Lord For Almost Relationships that Never Saw The Light Of Day

Dear single ladies and gentlemen,
I’m so sorry that today’s letter’s coming to you a bit late, I have had a whirlwind of a day today.
I wanted to spend my day on the hill alone but ended up having 3fellow corpers coming along for the ride.
Talk about a total burst of the “alone bubble” but it’s been fun.

I had lots of lessons on relationships that God has been teaching me to write to you about…

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