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When I was younger I use to have a huge fear of the dark.  Every nightmare my mind could think up was hiding just behind the vail of darkness in my room. If I squinted my eyes just right I could see those little glowing eyes of goblins and ghoulies.  I would jump from my doorway into my bed just to avoid the beast that lived under my bed. Always waiting to grab at my ankles and pull me under.  I would hiding under my thin blanket when I heard a sound in the dark. I use to believe that it was coated with a special monster stopping magic. The beast’s claws could easily tear through flesh, but would shatter and break against my mighty blanky. Calling out for my mom and dad to save me. They would come in and tell me that there is no such things as monsters. Stop being silly, here is a cup of water. Now go to bed. But as I grew older I found out that there are monsters in this world and are far more scarier then the ones in my dreams. There are monsters that hid behind boardroom doors. There they sit and dine on the hopes, dreams, hard work and entrails of others. The hold the fate of people in there hands, and at every chance poke at it with the long twisted and bloody fingers. There are monsters that roam the streets behind metal badges. They say they are there to protect us, but they lie. Instead of serve and protect it is more like control and harass. They feed on the fear of there victims by abusing the power given to them. There are monsters the that stand behind podiums and promise lies. These my be the worst of all. They talk about what is moral and right, but behind closed doors they do unthinkable acts. Everything they preach about, they do when they think no one is looking. They carefully hide the puppeteers pulling there strings with simple distractions and slight of had parlor tricks. So when people tell me today that there is no such things as monsters. I fiend them hard to believe. Maybe that is the reason that I still when I go to bed I still sleep with the light on.