If your gonna be tripping on acid, here's some helpful tips.
  • 1. Don't be barefoot. Acid is corosive and you don't want that stuff touching your skin. Also, don't wear your favorite pair of shoes.
  • 2. If your gonna trip, try to be cool. Like if you were to put it in slow motion and add some cool music, you would look like a boss.
  • 3. Try not to land in the acid puddle or whatever. As in tip 1, you don't want that stuff on you. Land in some grass, or ideally, a pile of pillows and fluffy animals.
  • In the event that you trip on acid, I'm not sure how much control you'd have over the situation though...
Here it Comes.......

Here it Comes

April 12, 2015 at 12:08am

Here it Comes~

Like A Tremendous Wave…..


Gasping for Air~

As the Corosive Salts….

Begin to Burn~

The Open Wounds…..

Desparately Grasping on~

To Anything That Will

Keep Me a Float…

Before The Next Wave Crashes………

I told my parents that I’m very convinced I have a problem with anxiety and I’ve never been more relieved or terrified. I doubt they’ll take me seriously. Or they’ll say it’s because I watch horror movies. But I think something’s really wrong. I shouldn’t be hiding behind bushes because I feel like someone is about to kill me. I shouldn’t close my eyes and see my dog dying. I shouldn’t get flashes of my grandmother’s decaying corose when I’m sitting in class. This isn’t normal and I’m not okay.