Elsa’s cape master post!

The cape was without a doubt the most troublesome part of this costume! I was thinking how I could make it in a way I wouldn’t choke because of it ‘cos the cape is really heavy and the shoulder part is really small. So, I made them in separate pieces and added that black strap to hold the cape itself. The strap material is similar to the shirt so it’s not that visible. It goes behind the neck, then under the armpits and it’s tied behind my back.

I was quite surprised that it worked so well, the cape doesn’t even feel heavy :D

Total length is 2,70 meters and the widest part is 2,10 meters.

I’ll add pics of the full costume in few days when I’ve gone through them (:


Based on a really cute headcanon submitted by an anon (who would hopefully reveal himself/herself) to the wonderful blog adorable-elsanna, from whom I asked permission to make this comic. nerd!Elsa is such a cute thing to imagine that I couldn’t resist making this!



I ran up to a random Elsa and did that. It’s the best random thing I’ve ever done.I love doing random things like that to strangers XD

It was the the 2nd to last day of Sakura-con. I had the idea in my head, it was after the Disney photoshoot that I had someone to take photos of this, so I ran up to Elsa.

Me:”I know this is gunna sound really weird but can i roll up in your cape?”


Me” It’ll be really funny I promise.”

Elsa:” I guess so yeah.”

Me:” Okay awesome~!”

*Rolls up in cape and shouts* “Elsa I’m a burrito~!”

Elsa:” Oh my god Anna…” *face palms*

Me:” But I love you Elsa~”

Her face was priceless. I love her XD She laughed after. This played out prefectly and you know Anna would do that too~! I told her if I found her again at a con I’d do it again, She laughed. The Elsa was @unicorn–glitter .  

I tried so very hard to emulate the style of the Frozen Concept Artists. Having ‘The Art of Frozen’ surely helped a whole lot!

 I intended to marry both Elsa’s coronation dress with her Ice dress, with the Ice dress being more armor-like and utilitarian. This is to show Elsa as both Snow Queen and Queen of Arendelle who has fully mastered her powers to utilize it for the greater good of her kingdom. 


Cosplay shoot - Coronation Elsa (Frozen)

I decided to be brave and take some photos out in the snow, in a gorgeous public park near where I live! The cold actually didn’t bother me…much. XD It was actually super fun; my brother darthvad302 took the photos and came up with lots of good ideas for shots. 

And now to prepare for yet another snowstorm…why can’t they hit when I’m NOT supposed to be working? :p I want pretty pictures in a snowstorm dangit! …No I am not nuts. I swear. >.>

Cosplayer, wig styling: me

Cosplay made by bloodykaiba