“I don’t like Frozen at all, but I love Elsa’s coronation outfit. The colors, that lovely purple magenta and the blue teal are just gorgeous. And I love the design of the dress and the details far more than her ice gown. I know her coronation gown is supposed to be symbolic of her metaphorical imprisonment, the fact that it covers up her whole body whereas the other gown doesn’t, I think it’s much prettier”



I ran up to a random Elsa and did that. It’s the best random thing I’ve ever done.I love doing random things like that to strangers XD

It was the the 2nd to last day of Sakura-con. I had the idea in my head, it was after the Disney photoshoot that I had someone to take photos of this, so I ran up to Elsa.

Me:”I know this is gunna sound really weird but can i roll up in your cape?”


Me” It’ll be really funny I promise.”

Elsa:” I guess so yeah.”

Me:” Okay awesome~!”

*Rolls up in cape and shouts* “Elsa I’m a burrito~!”

Elsa:” Oh my god Anna…” *face palms*

Me:” But I love you Elsa~”

Her face was priceless. I love her XD She laughed after. This played out prefectly and you know Anna would do that too~! I told her if I found her again at a con I’d do it again, She laughed. The Elsa was @unicorn–glitter .  


Absolutely love the Coronation Elsa 16″ LE Disney Store doll my sister gave me for my birthday gift this year!!!! I never thought I’d own her! (She’s so expensive now!) Thank you so much, 私の妹ーちゃん!

I enhanced and retouched her faceup to be more how I like it—added blushing, shading, light freckles, iridescent purple eyeshadow; fuschia frosty lips, and altered the eyes. She’s so gorgeous!!! The embroidery on this girl is just perfect!!!