coronation street's

Remember that time The tenth Doctor and Prisoner Zero investigated the murder of The thirteenth Doctors son while her daughter started going out with Greyworm from Game of Thrones, Rory Williams was the town’s vicar and Gwen from Torchwood and Jarvis from Agent Carter where married and then Hayley from Coronation Street was attacked three years later

I want a

Reagan to my Amy

Lexa to my Clarke

Carmilla to my Laura

Tamsin to my Bo

Lucy to my Amy

Delphine to my Cosima

Alex to my Piper

Alison to my Emily

Emma to my Adelé

Naomi to my Emily 

Karma to my Amy

Shane to my Carmen

Tara to my Willow

Lauren to my Bo

Santana to my Brittany

Sophie to my Sian

Luce to my Rachel

Korra to my Asami

Callie to my Arizona

Rose to my Rosie

Lauren to my Camila

Emma to my Regina

Kaelyn to my Lucy