coronation robe


French Crown Jewels, the Coronation Crown of King Louis XV bejeweled with hundreds of diamonds and other precious gems from the royal collection. This is the only surviving French Royal Crown from the Ancien-Regime (before the French Revolution). Now in the Apollo Gallery in Louvre Museum, Paris.

Vive-la-france 🇫🇷


Coronations of English Queens vs. Their Onscreen Depictions:

Portrait of Queen Elizabeth I in her coronations robes (c. 1600-1610, copy of a lost original c. 1559) vs. Cate Blanchett in Elizabeth (1998).

Coronation portrait of Queen Victoria by George Hayter (1838) vs. Emily Blunt in The Young Victoria (2009).

Photograph of Queen Elizabeth II at her coronation (1953) vs. Claire Foy in The Crown (2016).


Coronation robes for a Viscount and Viscountess, first half 20th century

Worn by Edward Knollys (who was Governor General of Bermuda during the second World War) and his wife Margaret née Coats. Both sets were worn to the 1952 coronation, but the Viscount’s robe could be earlier and worn at the 1911 and 1937 coronations.

Peter Jones cotton velvet kirtle with silver brocade waist-strap with detachable train, white fur trim; the Peer’s robe by Northam of silk velvet and ermine, lined in taffeta; with two matching plated coronets.


💎Napoleon’s Coronation Sword used at his Coronation as Emperor of the French in 1804 can be seen in this François Gérard portrait of the Emperor in full Coronation Robes. Bejeweled with dozens of large diamonds from the former Royal Collections the greatest originally amongst them was the famous or infamous 140 carat “Régent Diamond ” ~diamonds can also be a man’s best friend, lol. 💎


Sybil Sassoon, Marchioness of Cholmondeley, wearing the Duchess of Angoulême’s Sapphire Parure (Bapst, 1819). Photographed prior to the Coronation of Elizabeth II, 1953.


King Charles X of France in Coronation Robes with his brilliant Coronation Crown and regalia. He followed his brothers Kings Louis XVI & Louis XVIII and was the last King of the direct House of Bourbon. He was succeeded by his Bourbon cousin Louis-Phillipe of the House of Orleans, a cadet branch of the Royal Family. The royal blue version of this painting was actually the copy, the ruby red toned or Burgundy colored coronation robes is the original.

Vive-la-france 🇫🇷

Bluer than the Tide [NSFW]

Fandom: Akatsuki no Yona
Ship: HakYona
Rating: Explicit
Notes: A drabble because I haven’t finished anything since August. Rip. So more Hak and Yona fucking in closets

“Ah, Hak!” Yona cries out as Hak thrusts up inside her, pressing her flush against the wall of the small store room.

Gods, has she been waiting for this all day.

Her hands scramble to find purchase against the smooth wood, trying to balance herself even if he’s nearly pulling her up off the floor with every movement. He’s being especially rough with her, knowing they don’t have much time, and Yona can’t help but be ecstatic about it- reveling in the way one of his hands grips hard at her waist as the other fondles her breast through her too thick robes. Her General is usually so soft and gentle with her and while she loves it- loves the way Hak practically worships her- Yona relishes the times he lets loose and really fucks her. 

She wonders how long he, too, has been waiting for this.

Rough lips move against her neck, sucking where he knows her hair will hide the marks. Still, Yona can’t help but worry that someone will notice the bruises and bites Hak’s sure to leave. “H-Hak remember-” she shudders, trying her best to be coherent, even as he has his way with her, “remember- the party… We have to- have to go back…”

He grunts in acknowledgment, detaching his mouth from her skin ever so slightly. “They can wait,” he murmurs, pressing kisses up to her ear, “you’re their Queen now, after all,” he knocks her earring away to nip at her lobe, pulling a high keen from her throat, “you can disappear for a while if you want to.”

Yona doesn’t miss the way the fingers at her hip grip harder when he says Queen, and tucks that little bit of knowledge away for a later date.

Without warning Hak slips out of her, and Yona can’t help the whine she makes at the sudden emptiness. But suddenly he’s turning her, both hands on her waist, and pulling her up off the ground to press her back against the wall. Her legs wrap around his hips out of pure instinct and Hak groans, rough and deep, as he slides back into her tight heat. Her coronation robes bunch between them as her fingers fist harshly into his hair, pulling his head up to seal their lips together.

Their kiss is all tongue and teeth and rough around the edges, just like them, and they both melt completely into each other. Yona rolls her hips in time to Hak’s thrusts as one of his hands slips between them to play with her clit, determined to make her finish well before him.

“Yona,” me murmurs, mouth pressed to the base of her throat, and she moans at the sound of her name on his tongue, “come. Come for me, Yona.”

His middle finger rubs against her once, twice, three times and she’s crying out. She drags her nails down the back of his neck, gripping at him for dear life as her release shakes her to the core. Hak holds her tighter as his thrusts become erratic, only able to pull out to push back in as much as the legs wrapped around his waist will let him.

Stars dance behind Yona’s eyelids as Hak’s mouth joins her’s once more, swallowing up the desperate cries of his name that drip from her lips. Her walls clamp around him like a vice and suddenly he goes still, pressing as deep into her as he can, and follows her into bliss. He moans into her mouth and Yona shivers under the weight of his passion.

They separate slowly as they both come down from their highs, a tender warmth settling deep within their bones. Hak slips out of Yona as he gingerly sets her on her feet, just a little too worn to continue holding her against the wall. Still, he leaves one arm wrapped around her to help keep her upright on her shaky legs, as he leans the other against the wall for his own support.

Minutes pass in breathless silence before Yona lets her gaze wander up to Hak’s again, a subtle blush dusted over her nose. His blue eyes are warm and full of love as he watches her and she can’t help the sheepish smile that tugs at her swollen lips. “Thank you,” she says softly, reaching up to cup his face in her hands.

“Anytime,” he replies, and lets her bring him down to reclaim his lips with her own.