coronation portrait


Coronations of English Queens vs. Their Onscreen Depictions:

Portrait of Queen Elizabeth I in her coronations robes (c. 1600-1610, copy of a lost original c. 1559) vs. Cate Blanchett in Elizabeth (1998).

Coronation portrait of Queen Victoria by George Hayter (1838) vs. Emily Blunt in The Young Victoria (2009).

Photograph of Queen Elizabeth II at her coronation (1953) vs. Claire Foy in The Crown (2016).

tuftananke  asked:

Coronations are marked by portraits, right? What did his look like? What did his mom's look like?

only made his mother’s portrait! majestät was only 12 when he got the crown. i looove doing these, please send me more requests! <3 feel free to involve riddaren as well!

Make no mistake, he’s smiling, but he’s dying under all those layers lmao

Each year I come up with better versions of Gilbert’s coronation portrait and I honestly think this one is the best one I’ve ever done! Happy 827++ years of being a nation, my dearest Prussian bab~!! <3

anonymous asked:

Hi! Do you think that Holbein painted Anne Boleyn's portrait, but it was destroyed after Anne Boleyn's execution?

Most probably. Anne patronized Holbein and worked closely with him before Henry took him on as King’s Painter so I see no reason she wouldn’t have sat for him at some point. Perhaps there was even a coronation portrait a la Elizabeth’s, but if there was, we aren’t privy to that information.

Furthermore, it’s also possible that there is an extant drawing of her by him (1, 2). Personally, I doubt the second due to the blue eyes (Anne’s infamous black eyes were very attractive to contemporaries so I see no reason Holbein, of all people, would have depicted them as blue instead), but there is a rather convincing argument for the first. I remain not entirely swayed because the back features the Wyatt crest and someone has argued it was actually Thomas Wyatt’s estranged wife (I haven’t been able to get my hands on said argument yet, sadly).

Relevant tidbit: we actually have no record of Anne’s portraiture being destroyed, that’s an inference due to her disgrace. It’s possible that her portraits could have been overpainted, and we know that a full-length contemporary portrait survived to the 1700s before disappearing from the record. Maybe it was a Holbein, and maybe one day, I hope, it’s discovered on someone’s estate.