Myocardial revascularization is an alternative procedure for patients with ischemic heart disease who are unable to get percutaneous coronary intervention or coronary artery bypass graft procedures because of procedure failure, diffuse coronary artery disease, small coronary arteries, or stenosis.


Bellarke Fic Week

Day One: Valentine’s Day AU

Clarke leaned against the desk in front of the nurse’s station, head propped up on her hand as she stared at the clock. The last few hours of her shift had ticked by so slowly, and now that she was in the home stretch, she couldn’t help but start dreading the rest of her night. She’d never been much for Valentine’s Day–Groundhog Day was more worthy of celebration in her opinion–but the thought of spending the evening in her cramped apartment with her roommate and her boyfriend was enough to make her want to spend the night in the on-call room.

What she wouldn’t give for coronary artery bypass graft right now.

As if triggered by her thoughts, her attending–Dr. Bellamy Blake–pushed open the doors and snapped his fingers in her direction. “Intern, follow me.”

Clarke huffed, but followed after him. “I have a name, you know.”

“I’m sure you do, Intern.”

Clarke gritted her teeth and resisted the urge to stomp her feet like a child throwing a tantrum. “I may be an intern, but I still deserve the same basic respect that everyone gets around here. I graduated top of my undergraduate and med school classes, I came with excellent recommendations from my professors, and I have worked my ass off to get to where I am. I’ve more than earned my title, and I would really appreciate it if you called me ‘Dr. Griffin.’”

Bellamy rolled his eyes. “Are you finished, Princess?”

Clarke scowled at the back of his head and pursed her lips. “Yes, Dr. Blake.”

He spun around to face her, Clarke almost running into him after the abrupt stop. “Good, because as your superior, I will refer to you as I see fit. If you’re not satisfied with that, suck it up. You’re a doctor, for crying out loud, not a child. Act like it.” Clarke bit the inside of her cheek and nodded a few times, refusing to look away first. Bellamy nodded once in return. “Now, are you going to get off your high horse and assist me with this aortic valve replacement, or am I going to have to hunt down another intern?”

Clarke blinked a few times, and Bellamy raised his eyebrows at her, waiting for a response. She cleared her throat and looked down at her hands. “I…yes, I would–but… my shift ends in an hour.”

“Got something better to do tonight, Princess?”

Clarke furrowed her eyebrows. This was exactly what she’d been wishing for, an escape from the two lovebirds who’d already broken two coffee tables and a dining room chair in the month they’d been dating, but she didn’t want her asshat of a boss to know that. But she wasn’t about to let Lexa or Monty or God forbid Finn get her surgery, so she swallowed her pride and rolled back her shoulders. “Lead the way, Dr. Blake.”

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so i went to the vortex some months ago and i came across this delicious picture. p: mm mm mm. it was soo good. not only did i stop with that delicious burger, i also had fried plantains and a half order each of fried cheese and kari kari which is like an asian dumpling filled with cream cheese and crab oh and we went back and made homemade donuts. needless to say, my digestive system was thrown off for weeks, if you know what i mean *wink wink* ;) ew that was tmi hahaha


½ lb of burger topped with a fried egg, two slices of American cheese, three slices of bacon, lettuce, tomato onion and a big fat side of mayonnaise.

all for just $7.95

Another in the same series of illustrations showing several treatment options for coronary artery blockage. I think I did six total, but I’ll have to look for the others. This one shows a graft option, in which a vein segment is harvested from another area of the body and used to create bypass around the blockage of plaque. The red of the artery in this illustration, as well as the blue of the vein, are exaggerated. This is standard medical illustration coding, so the type of vessel is clear to the viewer.

Gender Inequality in Health Care

Medical researchers were perplexed. Reports were coming in from all over the country: Women were twice as likely to die after coronary bypass surgery. Researchers at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in L.A. checked their own records. They found that of 2,300 coronary bypass patients, 4.6% of women died as a result of the surgery, compared with 2.6% of the men.