So I woke up to patch my client… So I am going to China…

Well so I made a quick Wallpaper, Out of the 5 Fragment’s that Tiancity used on there Website Promo just because yeah, She is awesome, and yeah I need to facebook about her.

If any intresting news from China today, Do check around my blog!

And I am sure this evil lady will post stuff too today:

As for Sakura, She is on Holiday’s so I thought I would mention Corona as she is the Queen of America like it or not, She is the best, Who doesn’t like Sanitee!?!?!?! <3

Have a nice day all, And if you want to try out Vindictus China

and too lazy to click my Extra’s Page:

Client Download: (No IP Block)

  • File size: 7.36 GB    version update: 2014-01-28 (May take a while!)

Registration Link:

If you do not have Google Chrome to Auto Translate here is a Picture Guide:

Email: Can not be HOTMAIL, Only GMAIL/YAHOO/ETC

Name: (Copy Paste any random 2 Chinese words)

Example: 切换

Or any 2 characters you find on any web-page in CH

Name ID: Try any of these length or Google search for it:

Example: 310109198002147295

Engilish Patch:

Simply Insert the Resource Folder into the Game Folder in Programs -> Tiancity -> CH

Note: Use at your own risk, All content provided is from China, The English Patch is user taken from NA Client and is not updated obviously for Lynn Patch yet, As soon as there is a Lynn Patch translation by myself or anyone I trust I will/can post it and will update my Extra Page section with newest Info as it’s pretty outdated.

Have a nice day with Lynn, and Happy Birthday to Sanitee!


Despite being an amateur web designer running multiple sites/blogs, coronaplease was the only site I had that didn’t use an original design. This was mainly because for a while, I was lazy. After planning the updates for my Staff Evie Guide, I realized that the design I had in mind was something I wanted to carry over throughout the rest of the site. Starting from a blank document and a day or two later, a new look was born.

New Features

  • SEARCH BOX. Now you can search up the latest Vindictus updates however way you want to.
  • CUSTOM ‘NO SEARCH RESULTS’ FOUND PAGE that makes me giggle. I hate Ferghus. And this isn’t just any regular no results found page.
  • FEATURED TAGS. Not really new but, it automatically updates with new tags to help you find new content faster. 
  • REMOVAL OF FEATURED POSTS. Lets be honest. It was kind of annoying seeing 4 .gifs side by side sometimes. And it’d be kind of redundant when I already have the tags section.
  • RESPONSIVE MENU BAR. Hurray! Now when the bar gets too small it’ll collapse and make it much more user friendly for lower resolutions. Much thanks to
  • LARGER TEXT. I’ve noticed that the blog can get text heavy. Especially on the ask site and guide pages. But now I don’t have to squint when I read the text on the blog.
  • HD PHOTOSETS, BECAUSE TUMBLR SUCKS. Because Tumblr sucks and scales down photosets by default, destroying quality.
  • LIKE AND REBLOG BUTTONS. To make it easier to like and reblog!

Follow as this theme may be released in the upcoming future.