coronado runner


Today’s run was pretty awesome. Took the first mile to warm up. Mile 2, I tried to keep the pace up, but manageable. I’ve been keeping the screen on my Garmin at the cadence sensor, because I feel like when I look at my pace, I think that I can’t keep it up. Turning off the screen seems like it’s keeping me out of my head a little bit. Because I ran all of that faster than I have been.

Overall, I tried to move my feet quickly, land soft, lean forward. That 9 minute mile, I ran on the beach, after I got off of the beach, I got into a pace war with some guy who I passed. It was pretty awesome. I stopped for water, and he stopped at the same time to tell me my pace was awesome.

I am getting there. Still a work in progress but I’m getting there.


Nice little 15 mile run today. It actually felt really good. Took my time. I thought I’d be running 9 minute miles the whole time, but apparently I was wrong. Steadily 10:10-10:20’s the whole time. That’s probably the most successful I’ve been with keeping a consistent pace. I was watched the cadence sensor and was staying about 165ish. Towards the end it was around 175 when I was trying to pick up the pace. I was working by feeling and keeping it easy.

No noticeable aches or pains. And usually my knee bothers me towards the end… none of that today. Actually it didn’t start twanging with pain until about an hour and a half afterwards, I’ll take it! It doesn’t hurt bad. Nothing hurts bad. I’m just exhausted. The good kind.

The last 5 miles I wanted to pick up the pace. I definitely wanted to wait until I was on the last leg where If I was going to chicken out then I’d have no one to call and be so close to finishing that it just made sense to keep going. I did that. I planned on running 15, and I ran 15, it’s been a bit since I’ve kept a goal that I’d set. So that feels good. The last time the goal was 15, I gave up early. So I’m pretty proud of myself. When I picked up the pace, rather than looking at the pace I was going at, I watched my cadence. I pretty much spent the whole thing around 165, so I wanted to move my feet faster without picking up my legs and putting more impact on my knees. I brought it up to 175 and for a short period of time 180, and tried to keep that up till I got to 15. I’m gonna keep up with that in preparation for my next half. I’m fading at the end, to stop that… I need to practice it. 

I had all kinds of things I wanted to say about my run, but can’t think of any of it right now. So I’ll leave it with this. Garmin says I need 48 hours of rest. I think it knows me so well. 48 hours it’ll be for me. :)


After my 15 mile long run on Friday my knee started bothering me an hour or 2 later. I rested until Monday (like I usually do) and then did my planned speed workout monday. Towards the end my knee started to hurt. So I rested Tuesday and Wednesday (which is usually a run day) and Did an easy 6 miles yesterday (which was Thursday) My knee was bothering me from mile 2 till probably mile 4, and I’m taking tylenol. It’s not so bad, just really annoying. I took it at an easy pace, and for the last half mile picked up the pace to bring it home. Kept my cadence around 170 and tried to pay attention to my form. I’m hoping that it’s all in my head. I don’t want to take more than 2 rest days off if I actually have the time to run.

After my easy run, I went straight to my counseling appointment. I looked down at my arm and was mildly alarmed by how gross my veins looked popping out of my wrist and hand like that. lol. wish my stomach would start looking like that. :P

I picked up little man, headed to buy a book from the college bookstore and I was starving by then so I got lunch. Mmmmm rolled tacos. Silas helped me eat them, and they were delicious.

This week has been busy all kinds of appointments and school starting for me. It’s just overall pretty stressful. I signed up for a yoga class this semester. I’m pretty excited about it. I think my goal for this year (I’ve finally come up with one) is to do more yoga. I’ve been thinking that all the time, but never get around to doing it. So I made a commitment. A commitment that gives me a grade. So for sure I’ll stick to it.