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Pool Floats and Tablecloths - Jump Start ch.2

Hey nerds! Sorry it’s been literally forever since I’ve updated- work has been crazy, there was a bout with pneumonia, summer getting started … I could make excuses forever. Anyways, I hope to start updating more regularly - no promises, but I’ll try! Let me know what you guys think! Might help spur my creativity!!


 Steal My Girl - One Direction

Beca felt the warm sun on her back as her hands and feet dangled over the edge of the raft and into the water. It was a relaxing juxtaposition, the cool water on one side, heat on the other. Of course she was covered head to toe in a triple layer of 70 SPF sunscreen, because unfortunately, her pale skin wasn’t quite reflective enough to bounce back the sun’s rays.

It was Sunday, the one day she absolutely refused to do any work on - it was her one constant - the one day of the week where she had no plans other than relax with her fiancée.


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