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Yokai Watch 3: Sukiyaki (Corocoro scans)

Here’s Yokai Watch 3: Sukiyaki’s game cover!

In the very center we can see Kakusei Enma (覚醒エンマ), which will also have his own dream medal.

First of all, a new gaming mode called “Busters T” will be included. This new mode will also be downloadable with an update for Sushi / Tempura versions. It’ll be a bit different from the regular Busters game, since it’ll be mainly dungeon-style, you’ll have to discover several hidden treasures and some big bosses will also appear! T-Komasan and T-Jibanyan will be befriendable but you’ll need a code in order to get them.

New Gods! You can get them linking the 3 different versions, an update will also be released on December’s 15th for Sushi / Tempura so you can get them.

The new movie’s plot will also be included as requests, not sure if for non-Sukiyaki versions an update with this new story will be added or not.

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Scans from CoroCoro magazine suggest some interesting things for the future of Pokémon. Shown are new forms of the legendary Zygarde, including the blob-like Core, Cell, the canine 10% form, the familiar snake-like 50% form, and the new humanoid Perfect form, which appears that it may be a Mega Evolution.

There’s also a new color variant of Greninja, inspired by Ash from the Pokémon anime! Speaking of anime, the magazine also mentions the upcoming season, Pokémon XY & Z.

All of this leads us to believe that we could be hearing the announcement of Pokémon Z! Between this, Pokémon GO!, and the console release of Pokkén Tournament, 2016 is shaping up to be a great year for the franchise.

With those scans from CoroCoro coming out today announcing the new Pokemon Sun & Moon anime series, I thought I’d do a bit of editing of the game protagonist with Ash’s new look, and chucked Pikachu in, because Ash needs his bestest buddy by his side! This took WAY longer than I thought it would, but I’m pretty happy with the result.

I’ve enjoyed the XY series so much, and I’ll be sad to see it end, but I’m hoping that Sun & Moon is full of just as much excitement. I think the new art style for the anime may take some getting used to, and the thought of Ash going to school is equally strange and hilarious, but I’m willing to see how it all turns out.

It’s gonna be a wild ride!

The Secret of Rowlet, Litten, Popplio, and Iwanko

This is long overdue since it’s almost been a couple weeks since the last corocoro scans were shown, but the idea just struck me. As a lot of people know, there was some text hinting that the Alola starters and Iwanko all share a secret. They never specified if they shared the same secret or if they each had their own, but its had me thinking for quite a while, because it’s a very strange set of Pokemon. The starters are understandable, but throwing in Iwanko? Not anyone else like the legendaries or others that were introduced? Now, some people like to think we’re able to talk to these four Pokemon through the Rotom Dex, and that’s very plausible, but I had another thought.

What if all of these Pokemon had split evolutions? Hear me out on this one. We’ve certainly had Pokemon in the past that’s received alternative/split evolutions, Eevee is the most notable example, a Pokemon that continues to receive new evolutions to this day. Iwanko seems likely, but the starters? I wouldn’t call it impossible.

They could each have their normal middle stages, and then have ANOTHER means of evolution, I would say they’d each have two alternative final forms. For example, Rowlet’s first final form would keep its same typing, and be a fast sweeper sort of bird Pokemon. Then, the alternative route could be a more defensive type. They could make it more of a bulky, defensive type with a big and heavy design, putting more weight on it. Being so heavy it could lose its ability to fly, becoming a NEW type to support its tankiness, like a Grass/Rock type, and it could evolve by knowing Rollout at level 32 or something. I know this theory could easily be debunked by looking at the Pokedex entries for the starters, showing each two more spots for their evolved forms, but Gamefreak could always be hiding this from us to leave it a secret.

I just thought it would be a unique twist on the starter Pokemon, it’s never been done before and I think it would be better than giving them Mega Evolutions. Heck, maybe Mega Evolution is their big secret, but I like to be imaginative and think outside the box. Either way, we can all admit it’s an intriguing thing to think about, the secret could be a number of things.