corny pickup lines

SFW MC using a cheesy pickup line

((here is the sfw version of the Pick up lines))


  •  Yoosung and MC were in the veterinarian clinic, and MC saw Yoosung staring out into space
  • “Hey Yoosung, is your left eye hurting, because you are looking so right”
  • Yoosung just looks MC in the eye and asks MC to say that again
  • MC looks back at Yoosung, who is gazing (glaring?) at her over his glasses
  • She sweat drops, realizing that he was blind in his left eye
  • Oops.
  • “Sorry…that was bad, wasn’t it?”
  • “Somewhat, but hey, you’re adorable when you blush like that MC, so I’ll forgive you”


  •  Zen had just come back from a jog and greeted MC
  • “Damn, if being sexy was a crime, you’d be guilty as charged!” MC said with a wink
  • Zen laughed, and flipped his hair dramatically
  • “Officer, I’ve broken the law. I’m so beautiful, it has to be a crime!”
  • Both of them just started laughing and had a cheesy pickup line contest.
  • Zen ended up winning with a dorky one 


  •  Jaehee had just gotten out of bed, and grabbed a cup of coffee
  • MC was already awake, and the sight of her girlfriend still sleepy was too cute
  • “Hey Jaehee!”
  • “What is it MC?
  • “When I’m around you, I just can’t think straight”
  • It took her a while to process it, since she just had her coffee
  • When she got it, she started laughing. It was cheesy, but it was still pretty cute


  • MC was feeling a bit lonely, since Elizabeth decided that she needed more attention than you
  • She had to get Jumin’s attention somehow
  • “Jumin!”
  • “What is it MC?”
  • “Why are you so purr-fect?”
  • Jumin just kind of gave MC a confused look
  • “You know, if you want my attention, just say so MC”
  • He doesn’t get that MC is trying to flirt


  • Seven was working way too hard, and MC wanted cuddles
  • “Hey, Seven!”
  • “Yeah?”
  • “Let’s marry in the space station”
  • Cue the dork becoming very red and flustered
  • Ok, MC, you need to stop breaking Seven.


  •  “Hey V!”
  • “What is it MC?”
  • “Are you a camera? Because everytime I see you I smile”
  • Biggest, Dorkiest, cutest smile appears on his face
  • He thinks that it’s the sweetest thing anyone has said to him
  • Little does he know, it was in a magazine that MC just read


  • “Hey Saeran!
  • “hn”
  • “Can I take a picture of you?”
  • “MC why the hell would you want a picture of me?”
  • “Because, I want to prove to my friends that angels exist!”
  • “MC, I am far from an angel.”
  • MC puffs out her cheeks in annoyance
  • Saeran refuses to cooperate with MC
Cheesy Pick-up Lines

Are you a plant because I’m gasping for air…
And you know plants make oxygen through photosynthesis…
So you basically keep me alive


Dating Chanyeol Would Include

• Dating Chanyeol would be crazy.

• he would be so nervous to ask you out. But he’ll keep on pretending that he isn’t.

• when you say yes he will be the happiest man alive

• expect phone calls at 1 am

• non stop teasing

• being the loudest couple

• getting cockblocked from the other members

• him surprising you randomly with gifts just to see your smile

• you always teasing him on how cute his ears make him look

• him randomly taking you out claiming it as a date

• traveling to random places

• couple clothes and shoes

• cute couple selcas (selfies)

• playing pranks on the other members

• being in his v live videos

• doing couple challenges

• him posting pictures of you on his instagram

• good night and morning texts

• lots of cuddles

• rough sex

• trying new food

• you reading him to sleep with your favorite books

• him singing you to sleep

• going to arcades a lot

• laughing over random things

• causing the members to get annoyed

• lots of inside jokes

• both of you taking weird pictures of each other

• him coming back to apologize when you two get into an argument

• him making you feel better about yourself

• cute little kisses in public mostly hand holding though

• but really passionate ones at home when no one’s around

• listening to music together

• him making songs about you

• there would not be any second when he isn’t saying a corny joke or pickup line

• “hey babe are you from Tennessee?”

• “not again Chanyeol”

• he loves making you smile especially when you listen to his songs

• he’ll be a major fanboy of yours

• you two will go on random shopping sprees

• probably even start playing hide and seek inside the store

• he would adopt a puppy for both of you

• video game nights with him

• he would make breakfast for you

• you stealing his t shirt

• him saying “i love you” to you every time he gets a chance

• he would show you off to everyone

• he’ll get whiny when you don’t pay attention to him

• sometimes even become a bit possessive but he knows how to keep his cool

• midnight walks

• stupid nickname

• he’ll ask you random questions

• “will you still love me if I’m bald?”

• you two roasting everyone

• he’s high key whipped

• he would do anything for you

• daddy kink

• he would show you off to everyone

• small karaoke dates

• sending cute snapchat filters

• him just listening to you about your day

• overall Chanyeol would be the most cutest and kindest boyfriend he’ll love you more than anything. He’ll cherish you and give you the love you deserve.


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I decided to ...

Decided to go on a hunt on tumblr for corny pick up lines.

I was writing them all down for a friend as a little joke.

Here is all the ones i wrote -

  • Are your parents bakers? because you’re a cutie pie.
  • Baby if you were words on a page you’d be fine print.
  • you’ve gotta be tired, cause you’ve been running through my mind all day.
  • Baby you must be a broom cause you just swept me off my feet.
  • Is your name wifi? because i’m feelin a connection.
  • Are you a magician?because abraca-DAYUM
  • Are you the electric charge on a test particle? because you are a qt
  • Are you made of copper & tellurium? because you are CU (copper) TE (tellurium)

Well thats all i have, i hope my friend gets them

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Headcanon of being in a relationship with Jason and Roy please?

I hope this is what you meant! (I wrote the headcanons for a poly relationship)

• Movie nights are a three person cuddle fest

• You probably end up sandwiched between Jay and Roy

• Boring missions are flirting time

• So many corny pickup lines.

• “Roy, we’re already dating!”

• “Jason Todd, do NOT even start.”

• You eventually give in and crack a couple jokes yourself.

• Sleeping is a weird tangled mess of limbs

• The three of you alternate between who the mother of the relationship is.

• Sometimes Jason is being all protective

• But you and Roy are being irresponsible and stupid

• Or you and Jason will go off and do some dumb ish and Roy will be all “I can not believe you two.”

• Or you desperately trying to keep Jay and Roy from getting themselves killed.

• Sooooo much PDA

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How would the TF2 mercs react to having an s/o who is shy?


  • Oh god… They are too cute. Too cute for their own good.
  • Heavy makes sure that he talks nice and slow, giving reassuring looks and smiling occasionally.
  • Whenever the S/O fumbles with something in their hand or stumbles on their words Heavy just melts and smiles, patting their back or picks up whatever they dropped.
  • If the S/O is ever expected to do something on the spot, Heavy quietly whispers encouragements and maybe a thumbs up.
  • Heavy is 110% gentle and understanding. He is his S/O’s #1 fan.
  • If the S/O meets someone new, Heavy will do most of the talking but will also push his S/O to speak up more.
  • Heavy helps his S/O to open up more, sometimes pushing them a little too much. He only wants them to show their true potential that he knows they have.
  • But will never push them into a panic attack or have them in an overstimulating setting.
  • If he senses that his S/O is uncomfortable in a situation he will shut that down immediately.
  • Pretty much always has his strong arms around his S/O’s shoulders and waist.
  • 10/10 good boyf


  • Cute. But too introverted he thinks.
  • He was afraid that he scared his S/O before they got together, but once he found out that it was only shyness, he was relieved.
  • He loves his S/O dearly and will brag about them. (Idk guys, I just think Medic is a goofy and a tad crazy. I mean, have you read the comics? He’s a mad scientist, emphasize on mad.)
  • Will absolutely put his S/O on the spot he knew they could handle. It’ll start in front of a small crowd and once his S/O becomes more and more confident he’ll have them in front of bigger crowds.
  • Medic especially loves how his S/O blushes over everything. His heart just about bursts from his chest.
  • Hearing them giggle ever so softly makes him want to hug them and kiss them all over their face.
  • He is so proud whenever his S/O speaks up without him pushing them to.
  • He wraps an arm tightly around their waist in crowds or parties, making sure they know he’s there.
  • When he sees physical signs of discomfort he is by their side in a blink of an eye.
  • If it’s just a single person bothering them, Medic becomes a bit possessive and is all over his S/O to make the sorry loser back off.


  • At first, he just thinks they don’t like him, or that they’re playing hard to get.
  • He and his S/O are just about polar opposites and everyone sees it. But, not him. (He probably doesn’t even know what that means)
  • He just adores his S/O, often translating what they’re saying if they whisper too quietly.
  • He’ll use some really corny pickup lines just to hear then giggle and possibly snort.
  • Scout will do just about anything for his S/O so they don’t have to overwork themselves, but will gladly encourage them to speak out a bit more.
  • If anyone gives the S/O any trouble or makes them nervous, Scout in there in a flash to defend them.
  • The S/O has no worries when they’re around Scout, he talks enough for the both of them.
  • And hell, Scout could practically read their mind and take words right out of their mouth.
  • Sometimes his S/O will never have to talk, Scout just doesn’t shut up.
  • And if people start saying things like “I’m sure S/O could have said that themselves.” or “Why don’t you give your S/O a chance to talk?” Scout will roll his eyes and take a step back for his S/O to speak.
  • But they don’t.
  • They stumbler over their words and their face grows red with embarrassment, apologizing over and over again and explaining that they’re just very shy.
  • Scout’s face contorts into a smug smile as he steps by his S/O’s side again, giving them a small peck on the cheek.
  • It’s never a dull moment with Scout, that’s for sure.


  • Sniper is a bit awkward himself, so it took awhile for him to figure out that someone had a crush on him.
  • Sniper and his S/O would spend quiet evenings in his camper, lounging around.
  • Neither of them likes talking to people that much, which is great.
  • They’ll take drives around Australia just to explore and have a change of scenery every once in awhile.
  • They are very comfortable with each other, Sniper would prefer to be with his S/O than to be alone. Which is a huge deal to him.
  • If they’re ever in huge crowds or at the base, they’ll be right next to each other at all times. Just chatting away or getting stuff done.
  • Sniper is a bit more talkative than his S/O, but he doesn’t mind. He’ll answer questions for them, but will happily sit back and have his S/O talk as well if they’d like.
  • The two of them don’t stay with a lot of people for long, Sniper gets overstimulated or annoyed and his S/O gets rather uncomfortable and antsy.
  • However, after awhile they both realize that sometimes you have to step into the spotlight on your own. Together they help each other little by little to embrace people.


  • He’s had shy lovers for sure, but not THIS shy.
  • But god damn, they’re cute. He’s just gotta crack their shell.
  • At first, he slyly got around their shy barrier just to figure out who they really are, and he liked what he saw.
  • Spy would subtly have his S/O speak for themselves, it’d be so casual that nobody would even think that his S/O was awfully shy.
  • If his S/O gets anxious around his teammates, Spy is more than willing to lead them to his study.
  • He’d offer a glass of wine, or possibly water. Then they’d sit around and read a book or even chit chat about small things until his S/O feels like going back out there.
  • If Spy senses that his S/O is uncomfortable or if some poser is invading their personal space, he’s there in a second to protect them.
  • This happens especially during big events and parties. If his S/O wants to leave without a lot of attention, Spy skillfully whisks them away into the shadows.
  • Spy is very caring and gentle for sure.


  • Gives the sweetest words of encouragement. He is very genuine with his words and gives meaningful hugs.
  • He thinks his S/O is the most adorable thing in the world and will always push them to do their best.
  • Knows their limits and rarely ever goes past them and feels guilty when he does. It’s all in the best interest of his S/O of course.
  • Will become sickeningly affectionate towards his S/O, just because he adores the hell out of them and they deserve to know how much they mean to him.
  • Engie will start a conversation and invite his S/O into the mix, asking them a lot of questions and opinions, just to get them out there.
  • If they become a bit overwhelmed Engie will let them take a breather.
  • He will not by any means smother his S/O with too many public interactions but he likes seeing them coming out of their shell.


  • At first, he’d be really intrigued by someone who was shy, because he knows deep down that they’ve got an interesting personality.
  • He’d be really friendly, showing you around and introducing his future S/O to people.
  • He’d show them the ropes and tells them the do’s and don’t’s, creating a comfortable environment for them.
  • If they need any help or if they accidentally cause trouble, Demo is right by their side and will always take the blame if no one knew who caused the trouble.
  • Once they start dating, however, he is so so happy.
  • Just absolutely ecstatic.
  • He’ll probably avoid going to crowded places for their first few dates, just staying home or going to the movies or even a walk in the park.
  • Demo is severely conscious of his surroundings and gives his S/O a heads up if someone new wanted to talk to his S/O.
  • When his S/O starts to come out of their shell, Demo will start taking them out to more extravagant places and constantly praises them if they successfully order their food without stuttering or asks someone for directions.


  • Pyro has enough troubles with communication, but with the S/O in the mix, it becomes a lot more difficult to even begin to understand what they’re saying.
  • For a long time the team is convinced that the S/O is mute, but after they stuttered some words they are SHOOK.
  • However, the S/O can understand Pyro just fine and vice versa.
  • It’s almost as if they have some sort of secret language.
  • There’s not a whole lot of talking in the relationship anyway, they just like being together.
  • It’s very rare if they decide to go out for a night in the town since Pyro never actually takes off their suit.
  • However, this did some good because while they’re out, the S/O musters up all the courage they have and starts speaking to people. (Like, ordering food, asking how much something costs, asking people to move out of the way etc.)
  • Pyro claps everytime the S/O does something out of their comfort zone.
  • Perhaps they learn sign language too just to make things easier.


  • When Soldier addresses his crew, he’s loud, vulgar and rude, but to his S/O, he suddenly becomes the biggest and cuddliest teddy bear.
  • If his S/O tries to speak (which is usually in a whisper) Soldier will lean over and have them talk into his ear and he translates it back to his crew.
  • S/O: Since Sniper is feeling a little sick, why don’t we have Medic give him some medication?
  • Everyone knows that’s not how the S/O really talks and easily forgives them because they know Soldier takes everything a bit too far.
  • His S/O still freaks out though, frantically apologizing and mumbling but Soldier wraps an arm around them and gives em a big ol’ kiss.
  • “Because of you, Sniper will be good as new! HUZZAH!” Soldier will always praise his S/O and legit thinks that they are some sort of genius. (It’s just common sense)
  • Because Soldier doesn’t like to go out into the world anyway, most dates will be in solitude.
  • Soldier is completely comfortable with his S/O and is so gentle and supportive, his S/O always gains confidence from him.

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can you slide me some Jake Peralta hcs? *slides you a twenty*


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  • Jake was actually the biggest flirt when you first met
    • it wasn’t even good flirting, it was terrible corny pickup lines and lame, playful teasing
  • He is S O in love with you laugh
    • This boy just turns to jelly whenever you giggle, I swear
    • He’d do anything to make you laugh
      • which has led him to doing some pretty dumb shit that Terry immediately berated him for
    • Every time you laugh, he just stares at you with this dreamy ass look on his face
  • He’d definitely be the one to flaunt you everywhere
    • every time you come into the precinct, he’d immediately announce that you’d arrive so everyone knows to “bask in your presence” as he’d put it
  • He always has to be touching you. A l w a y s.
    • This has something to do with the fact that he’s just super extremely proud to call you his
      • But it also has to do with the fact that he just doesn’t want to let you go
    • He just loves when you touch him
    • He also definitely adores it when you run your hands through your hair

~ Clara

Bae Jinyoung | Oblivious

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prompt: you take too long to notice that jinyoung likes you so he takes matters into his own hands.

note: this was requested by a lovely anon and it’s dedicated to my baby love, @whatabrightplace/@tinaneggo! she’s indecisive a baejin stan so everything i write for him from here on out will be dedicated to her LMAO. 

  • you met bae jinyoung when you were in first grade and tbh, you didn’t think much of him then
  • he was just the quiet boy who had weird and wacky bursts of energy when prompted by his friends
  • you were as friendly as first graders could get with each other, but you weren’t so attached
  • you guys were pretty okay friends and when you moved away two years later, you were fine
  • the years went on and you entered high school, only to see a familiar face that first day
  • you weren’t sure if it was him at first because he grew up to be a lot more attractive than you had imagined - he had you squinting and everything
  • but then you heard his name during attendance and you knew you had to go up to him
  • he was talking to a friend that you assumed he went to middle school with when you approached his desk after classes
  • “bae jinyoung! the boy whose face has always been the size of my thumb! i’m glad it’s grown to be the size of my fist now”
  • at first he was shook™ because who was this random stranger attacking him - but then he recognized you and gasped
  • he exclaimed your name in question and when you gave him a nod of affirmation, he smiled, lifting his hand for a high five
  • baejin was definitely still the shy boy you met in first grade, but there was still the crazy weirdo part of him that you were friends with that came out when he was around you and other people that he was comfortable with
  • lunchtime was a blast because you’d make funny faces with your food and he’d clap and cheer for you
  • “oh, yes good!!!”

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