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Banda Valetines Pt.2

There’s a lack of corny, comic sans, valentine e-cards in Spanish and more so specifically… Banda and Regional Mexican Music themed cards. I’m just trying to solve this problem. These are all made by me, enjoy.

mimeticeternity  asked:

Valentine's Day-inspired prompt? Any ship you want! (Ideas: Obi figuring out how to ask Qui to be his valentine, clones trying to ask Obi or each other, angst where Obi doesn't have a valentine, Bane to Obi (my eyes are red, my skin is blue, ive got the lube, so let me fuck you)) SO MANY POSSIBILITIES (You're awesome btw! Happy Valentine's Day, Moddy! My life would be much sadder without your existence.)

“Roses are red.”

Qui-Gon bit down on his lip fiercely so not to start laughing.

“Violets are blue.”

He clenched his eyes shut, shaking a bit in amusement.

“I’m here for you.” A body slid into his lap and Qui-Gon’s eyes opened in shock to stare at his flushing padawan as the copper haired man stared at him in return. “Are you here for me?”

“…I don’t remember that particular poem ending that way Obi-Wan.” He offered quietly, slowly reaching out to stroke the others cheek with his fingertips.

“N-No…I…put a personal twist to it.” He leaned into the fingers, desperately biting at his lips until Qui-Gon cupped his cheek and put his thumb to the lips to stop him.

“…That’s a bad habit Obi-Wan.”

“Uhu…you should do something about it…”

“Should I hmm?” Qui-Gon started to smile slowly before leaning in, lightly brushing his lips against the others, chuckling quietly when Obi-Wan instantly melted into him.

So Niall and James made a Halloween music video. Will Louis, James and Steve make a Valentine’s Day music video? They should. It should involve candy hearts and those corny valentines from grade school that had a train on them and said “I choo-choo-choose you”. Or maybe Louis can find some nice boat themed ones.

OTP Prompt

A and B are taking the same class. They arrive on the first day, the teacher assigns them seats, and they end up sitting right next to each other. During the welcoming “get to know each other” activity, they start talking, and quickly start crushing on each other.

Throughout the school year, they awkwardly flirt and second guess themselves, much to the dismay of everyone in the class who ships them. The week before Valentine’s Day arrives, and everyone holds their breath in anticipation. A and B’s school has a fundraiser where you can buy flowers or soda or snacks or cards, and have them delivered anonymously to another person.

On the Friday, Valentine’s Day, a student enters their class and announces they have an anonymous delivery for two students. A receives a Crush soda and a card, and B receives a few flowers and a card. A and B read their cards, which turn out to be confession cards, admitting they love each other.

A and B hug each other happily in class, and people cheer and whistle.

“He presented her a part of the universe – yet, to him she was the whole of it. He looked at her like she was the most beautiful star that cannot be found among the cluster, and his eyes shone – brighter than any of the twinkling dust in the sky.”


I got a little bit poetic. LOL Anyway, the background image was from “” . Byron’s image was the probably one of the most special in my mind. I know, it was unfair for Leo and Sid, but heck! XD ENJOY!!

Edited a little to soften up the image. :D