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the only thing i love more than this filter is my angel 😢💕🌷

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katennara  asked:

LOL that sounds like him! I love the detail of the theme and the tag system. How do you think Jackie's would be?

[We are talking about this]

I’m glad you think so, dear! As for Jackie, well… I believe she would do her own blog because she wants to. She probably had one since tumblr started and her older publications embarrass her, so she abandoned her first blog and has made like four ever since.

  • Was a directioner, so her first blog was basically that. Nowadays she still reblogs about them, but not as much, and it’s mosty about idk, Zyan?
  • Fashion blogger, and she also makes posts of her own from Fashion Weeks and whatnot.
  • Has a lot of followers but rarely interacts with them. But her selfies get reblogged A LOT.
  • Her theme is something minimalistic, but her entire blog is in pastel colors that may kill your eyes if you try to read something. She doesn’t give a flying fuck about it, it looks nice.
  • pink and purple #aesthetic everywhere.
  • Reblogs moodboards and Kardashians.
  • Clean tag system, but not so deep. Just things like #fashion, #photograpy, #me, #easthetic, etc.
  • Likes but never reblogs shitposts. Spends hours at night reading blogs of jokes and text posts.
  • Went crazy when Lemonade. Hasn’t recovered yet.
  • Katy Perry vs Taylor Swift drama was her favorite drama.
  • Never gets involved in drama but loves reading drama.
  • Lowkey reblogs pictures of cars and references for it. Used to tag it under her tag for Michael, then for Steven, until Hyde convinced her to not be embarrassed about it. Now it’s just #cars and #references.
  • Her tag for Hyde is probably something like #puddin’ pop or #my steven, or some shit like that and she puts corny shit under said tag. Hyde stalks  that shit every night, but she doesn’t know that.

so i hope you don’t mind that i combined your prompts into one fic! you can consider this pre-accident, or even in an au where the accident never happens hehe. i just want the sad dads to be happy!!!!!!!!

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I spent many hours today writing a Zeke/Gene fic in which Gene is a junior or senior in high school and Zeke is freshman or sophomore at the local college and he works part time at the restaurant.

I’ve spent so much time writing it and didn’t really edit anything so it’s rough but for fun so here you go under the cut

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You And I
sam and sam

this is so corny but i got weird & sentimental last night and took a cover of you and i by ingrid michaelson that i made like a year and a half ago when i was pre-t, then re-recorded the “guy” parts with my voice now, after 8 months of HRT. and listening to this trips me out because they’re both me. idk. 

(i can’t sing or play the ukulele very well, like im pretty horrible so listen to this the way you’d look at a piece of ugly modern art that’s still kind of cool if you squint your eyes and turn your head) 

anonymous asked:


🦋- Tag three people you want to get to know better and state why!

I hope i don’t embarrass myself here lol


@deadwithwifi : because idk i relate to a lot of things you reblog and you seem really cool lmao

@markycm : we already know each other but idk you’re so cool and your sense of humor is 5/5 and i maybe wanna hangout with you someday if it’s okay !?? Hah lmao

And last but not least,

@dogscapades : we’ve been friends for like ??? But you’re super awesome and i wanna become better friends with you !!

🌼- What are you attracted to in people personality-wise?

Oh shit dude okay.

They would be nice to everyone. Like super nice. Like i-will-buy-you-food -kinda nice. And if i need help or something they will the first person to offer me some. I could always call or text them and they would always answer,  regardless if they’re busy. They would be interested in me and my health and my life in general, and if they see me upset they would ask if i’m ok or if i need a hug. So basically they would be a very caring person. 

They would be super funny. They could always make me laugh no matter what. They wouldn’t be shy but not too outgoing either, but they would have to be comfortable with silences because i don’t talk much and it’s ok to be quiet sometimes lmaoo. They wouldn’t be afraid of showing affection or feelings even if we are in public. 

Idk those are the first things that came into my mind lmao


for pancakesprince (this time for real)

Dorian isn’t delicate.

But he’s hardly without emotion.

Which is why he is frustrated – yes, extremely, lingeringly frustrated – that Solas seems to dance around that which Dorian has been pushing for, and maybe testing, since, oh, they met? Since they met, yes.

To be fair, at first he’d only been playing. Flirt a little here, drop a line there, and if he saw some action? All the better. But he hadn’t gone in for anything serious – not for feeling. Tevinter didn’t allow for that, their politics hadn’t allowed for that, his own family absolutely refused to allow for that, so he’d been approaching it from the proper angle. The safe one.

But Solas was… something else. For starters, he was brilliant. And Dorian was a little alarmed and a little resigned to exactly how much that appealed to him. But his opinions about magic were so unique, and his investment in culture and history and lore was admirable. Dorian had a deep respect for such things, especially given Tevinter’s roots (and what it could be, had so many things gone just a little differently). Still, what it came down to was maybe just having a good conversational partner.

He could deal with that – he could even rejoice in it.

He hoped he could deal with that.

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