corny glitter


This is my own Speedpaint! All the details are on the source and this vid really sucks because I kept chatting with people because it was a livestream. Next time I livestream art, you’ll have to put up with my kawaii voice HAHA

Song: Biggering

“O̵͞͝͠ù̸͞t̴̕͟͟͡ with it!! Out with all of it!”

Finally finished!! I came up with this concept while HQ was reining supreme on LQ’s blog and I was totally in love with it and swore I would finish it. I got the lineart down, and only recently I decided the best thing to do is stop being a dumb making my own textures and use some static texture and it went well!! I think!!! My methods would probably be something for someone to shake their head at, but still!

Also, LQcest reins supreme :’D *fist pumps* I was listening to “Shout” by Tears for Fears and I suited it in some ways. Its a pretty intense song though so it was actually really cool to draw to it.

Stay with me….

Another peice of art done in the Swonag livestream. If you missed it, I’m sorry, but it was going on for 3 hours. I got a request from Yoyo to draw some sweet protective robonag but instead…but when I drew Swone in, the subject matter got heavy. Because Yoyo thought he was dead…and maybe he is. So she came up with the idea of Swone doing something horribly wrong and dying of an overdose of sorts. And Onag, who witnesses his death is unable to cope and shuts down; going into robonag mode. And Robonag just stays by Swone’s side….nono I can’t do it. I’m sorry.

This ended up turning out really lovely and I even shocked myself a bit.

“You can make you better….”

I really like Oncest a lot and and I was inspired by something so I ended up with a sketch of The Once-ler putting glasses on the face of…well….the Once-ler. I like these kind of plots where a person confronts their innermost self. Its even better when that “self” tries to help them out but it ends up being completely immoral.

Most important question now is, should I do something more to this sketch?

Did the man take a form of a monster or did the monster take the form of a man?

Which was more despicable?

I streamed and finished up what I told myself was going to be a simple little sketch but it ended up being a fully fledged artpiece! I want to thank everyone for showing up to me stream~ It was awesome talking to you guys! I actually don’t really like to draw ‘the greedler’ monsterous very often, but sometimes you have just got to. Especially if you are one who likes sharp teeth and glowing green eyes. Cool stuff~

Done in MS paint: Time taken: aprox. 4 hours.


I don’t even ship this ironicly…

Ladies and gentlemen….Bill Cipher and Truffu-ler. I thought about it, and naturally, drew it.

Also I am very well aware that Bill Cipher has been hinted at on Truffu-ler’s blog. I SAW THE SIGNS. HE’S ALWAYS WATCHING. But no, seriously, Bill and Truffu-ler would be LEGEND….wait for it…DARY. No just look at those comics though. This is how I imagine they’d interact. Isn’t that great????

What do we call this pairing though? Truffubill?? Ship of the Apocalypse?? Come on guys, what do you think?

(also if an askblog of Bill Cipher starts talking to Truff….I SWEAR….)

edit: thanks to Truffu-ler, this ship actually has a name! Bless trees with a high IQ! Its isoscel-trees. COME ON GUYS IT EVEN HAS AN AWESOME SHIP NAME HAHAHA

And it all just comes full circle.

So, as I promised and to celebrate Marka’s Ghoul-ler blog hitting 200 followers, I finally drew a picture of him I am satisfied with.

Truth be told, I’ve always wanted to draw him because, what a cool concept! Also, glowy stuff, how can you resist the glowy stuff??

Drawn on MS paint this morning. I used some cross hatching and I was listening to brony dubstep the whole time.

I personally really like this~ I hope I didn’t get anything wrong :’D

Its become a bit of a trend for me to contemplate drawing Robonag in programming class and then actually draw him just once because I can’t program and I’m better at art so…voila. I drew Robonag yet again and I’ll probably be sued.

Sort of lighting practice! And my need to just draw stuff lighted dramatically with a bit of surrealism. Indulgence, mostly.

“That’s a very good point Mr. Once-ler, sir.”

More creepy doodles on MS paint about the theme of anonymity? Yes please. I dunno, this came to me and creeped me out so I had to draw a picture to go with it.

Sorry that not all I draw is super cute with poppies and butterflies and chrysanthemums….(ehehee…~) I didn’t make this a gorey bloody mess even though that would be fun its better to make it trippy.


Allright, so, as seen here, is energy exerted; not towards french like it should be, but doodles of Once-lers. This is my life. And I know you guys relate haha

So first up I have Robonag because I just wanted to draw him and hopefully I got his outfit right because the last time I tried drawing him….robogleby.

Underneath are some loose sketches of the book and movie Once-lers~ I like the drawing of book Once-ler the most~ Even though he has a cat butt over his his face. I also like the angle I drew it at and the way I drew the arms.

Super special pencil sketches!! yay!