corny cole

I love animation, but when someone says to me, “this is the right way to animate, and that is the wrong way,” the hair on the back of my neck stands on end. It’s like saying the only way to paint correctly is the academic way. If every artist had stayed true to the Royal Academy of France, we would never have seen the birth of impressionism.
—  Cornelius Cole III

Another post in his memory, here is a scene from the Raggedy Ann and Andy film that Corny animated. The man was passionate with a nice dose of insanity ;)

I recently dug up a packet that Corny made for CSSSA 2002. Once I find it again (I’m moving, so it’s boxed up), I’ll be scanning it and posting it.

theunholymessiah  asked:

Who are your biggest artistic influences?

Hmmm…. there’s a lot.  And there are always new people I’m discovering.  This is never an easy answer for me.  
I also try to watch a lot of nature videos and look at photos.  I try to go for walks on the weekend when I can, your own experiences can influence you just as much as art.  Try to pull from life when you can.

Here’s an old list from some meme five years ago.  There’s no particular order, and some are ones I don’t look at much anymore, but they did influence me at one time in my life. A few of these people I’ve worked with, and they’ve in turn taught me what they knew, surely influenced by other artists they’ve seen and met in their lives.  I know I’m already forgetting more than a few…

Osamu Tezuka
Ub Iwerks
Yoshitaka Amano
 Freddie Moore
 Glen Keane
 Ikuku Itoh
Chuck Jones
Preston Blair          
Tessa David      
Mary Blair           

You Yoshinari

Akira Toriyama
Arthur Rackham
Gustaf Tenggren
Hiroyuki Imaishi
Ward Kimball
Maurice Noble        
Glen Murakami          
 Jon Suzuki  
 Derrick Wyatt      
Mike Nguyen  
Thomas Perkins                                                                                              
 Corny Cole III

Jenny Gase-Baker      
  Chu-hui Song                                                                    
Ben Jones (canadian)                                                                          
 Mike Mitchell   
 Jeff Ranjo

Michael Chang
Matt Youngberg
Mark Andrews
Bruce Timm
Shane Glines
Christine Panushka
Dave Kupczyk
Mr. Michael Lewis (highschool art teacher!)  :3