Mini Plum & Pistachio Crostata with Lemon Verbena Whipped Cream.

I think of flavor as a 360-degree experience—obvious to those of you familiar with the K&C tagline (food for all five senses), but perhaps less obvious in tangible practice than in theory. What does it mean to feed all of our senses, to drench the palate and the nose and the eyes and the tactile and aural perceptors, too? (I JUST SAID PERCEPTORS. WHAT IS HAPPENING.)

Let’s start with the utterly tangible: This lush plum and pistachio crostata, laced with vanilla bean in the pastry and served with lemon verbena-infused whipped cream.

I’m not exactly a synesthete, but I feel synesthetically about preparing food: Let it be a wild celebration of the senses commingling, or let it be nothing.

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