Cornish game hens and endive salad for dinner–of course.

(I love catching this one TV. The wife is great!)

A pretty expensive point meal, but I felt like I had to share nonetheless my AWESOME cooking skills. Behold my rubbed-sage Cornish Game Hen. 

This was definitely my treat of a meal because the chickens themselves are really expensive in points. For those of you though that are looking for a splurging meal or have not had a fancy meal in a long time, I paired this with stuffing and broccoli. It was definitely a special night!  

Sansa's Lemon Cakes

For last night’s episode, the season premiere of Game of Thrones I decided to make lemon cakes. I used the recipe for modern lemon cakes in A Feast of Ice and Fire. The recipe says to make it a small sheet cake and cut it into squares like petit fours, but I used my mini cupcake pan instead, as that’s how I always pictured they would be like as I read the books, and it always says Sansa eats a lot of them so they’d have to be pretty small. They were prominently featured in the show last night when Shae was trying to get Sansa to eat.

Mine turned out really good!

I think my favorite part of these is the icing. I made it a little different than what the book says–I didn’t cook it, I just used 1 lb powdered sugar, the rest of the juice from 1-½ lemons, a tiny bit of vanilla and enough milk to get it to the consistency I wanted. I have some icing left over that I need to figure out something to do with, but it was too good to just throw away; the fresh-squeezed lemon juice just makes it taste so much better.

And, since one cannot live on lemon cakes alone (sorry Sansa!), I also made Cornish game hens and roasted vegetables, which are not in the book but I thought would be fitting as well.

I can’t wait for next week’s episode (and recipe).


In this episode, Sophie instructs you on how to brine and roast your very own cornish game hen. 


Thanksgiving 2014. I was lazy this year. I made my dad and sister come to me at my apartment. It was great. My dad bought ingredients and drinks, and we all just hung out and ate wonderful cheese tray snacks and watched tv until I had finished cooking. 

I really cannot cook for three people. It’s a good thing my dad comes from a firm tradition of “more food is always better” because this meal would have served 20, easy. 

I can’t really take credit for much of this food being awesome. These were just super basic recipes that I googled. 

Amuse yourself by looking at the Cornish Game Hen. It is pink. And so was the gravy. I need to be more careful about when and where I add wine in my recipes.