Welcome everyone to the refresh of Time Is Art Records. We have been incubating for a couple of years. As an independent record label, we have had to navigate the waters of the music industry while leading a double life with our day jobs. As of 2014, we began to see the light, and realized there was an easier path ahead. As we have begun mapping out the future for Time is Art Records, we saw that in order to go where our hearts are calling us, we have to start strong and simple. So, here goes something simple.


Cornflower performs “Spectral Dragon - Improv” @ Joshua Tree Music Festival 2011

On Sunday August 5th @ 2:30pm-3:30pm (Pacific Time), Cornflower will be performing a live set on 89.5FM KSKQ’s Locals Only Show with host Martin Ball in Ashland OR. Martin will be interviewing Cornflower between songs. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to dive deeper into the world of Cornflower! To listen in online click here! For more information on KSKQ goto their website at


!!! AH HA !!! Here’s the full video playlist of my set at Peace Village Festival 2011 including “Improvisation”, “In The Moment” and “Sipapu”… InJoy! 


Fan Video - Cornflower performs “Heartshine II > Something in the Air > Drum Space” @ Joshua Tree Music Festival

This is the audio version of “We Are The Earth”, the sonic prayer inspired by the call to #PrayForNepal. However, this prayer is now wanting to be shared for all in need at this time.

What is happening in Nepal is inextricably linked to all of the tumultuous activity on the Planet at this time.

This prayer can be a foundation to all in need, as it is a call to humanity to remember who we truly are and for us all to return to balance and harmony within ourselves and with all of Life.

I invite you to download this #SonicPrayer for free and share it with all you feel could benefit from it at this time.

In Service to the Awakening,

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New song idea… #cornflowermusic #music #LiveLooping #mouthmusic

Thank you all for your support of this music and message. I am deeply gratitude for your presence in my Life.

Today, like every day, is a gift! To all who have been gifted this day, take a moment to feel deeper, breathe deeper and see deeper into the world around you. May we each carry this awareness into this moment and celebrate the power of being alive, together, on this beautiful planet.

As a thank you to all who have been there for me, my gift to you in this moment is my 2-song EP “Winter Reflections” which you can download and share with your friends and family.

Download now →

“May your days be merry and bright…” and may ALL of your days be filled with Light!

With Love & Gratitude,

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1 week from tonight on July 15th at 6pm I will be embarking on my first ever #NewMoon #Sound #Meditation #LiveStream! That’s right #LIVE and #ONLINE! Everyone with an internet connection via web or mobile device can watch!

Learn how to join the live stream and more:

Hope to have you all together for this #global live #broadcast!

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