The In Your Face Gay Marriage Rioters

We are told that in America we must all participate in our government and vote. Recently we have seen in Iraq that they had a higher turnout than we did in America. And they risked their lives to do so. In a conversation think tank discussion of the future of American politics as a member at the consideration of right and duty of all Americans to vote and be involved in their government said “Why people should get involved to participate in a lie? It’s all bull. The government does not listen, they do not need the people. Voting is a waste of time because your vote is canceled by an intelligent cranial capacity of television default disabled person who has given up their mind for the evening news “|. | This statement is very heavy and many cynics do not think like that, even smarter if something must be done to realign the people to have confidence in their government and the voting process Some believe that mass hysteria media creates a mentality of crowds and the masses are a host | .. | Furthermore, they believe that this so-called “mob” should not lead the government, they can not be trusted. Maybe that’s why we have a republic. Some theorists believe that political science pure democracy does not work, (they turn socialist, which leads to disaster) because people continue to vote for the free services of the government rather than being empowered to create opportunities and get these things for themselves and their families |. | Indeed, we must note that we are bigger than there is a growing distrust in our government. the voting process, lobbyists, ethics of politicians and the whole system as a whole would be good for America and its government to examine this issue in 2006.

What if you compared everyone in your life to puzzle pieces? Not in the abstract “you guys are the building blocks of my life” blah blah blah. But what if you compared them to actual types of pieces. I just hope that one day I can tell someone they are such a corner piece and they really take it as an insult. Think about it, you get real excited when you find a corner piece because you feel accomplished. But once that initial excitement fades away you realize that the corner piece is kind of a worthless shit. It’s of no use to you after your initial fling and it doesn’t associate with you or any of your center piece friends ever again.  The corner piece is the one night stand of puzzle pieces.