This happened!

Gothic and I were playing Left 4 Dead 2 (luckily a map where they didn’t seem to put timers on the safe room doors) and waiting for Dalek because she had played the map up to this point so we were going to do it together.

It’s my only successful summoning… but it was glorious.

That skeleton with the green shirt is @gothic-skeleton‘s skelesona.

The other one is Underfell Gaster, who I use as me because I don’t want a Sona (yet, I have a design I’m messing with)

We won’t always be happy.
Sometimes the darkness will feel too thick for your incandescent smile to brighten, and sometimes words like the ones I’m writing now will hardly bounce off your surface, let alone make it into your heart and mind for moments when only silence makes sense. 
Even so, we’ll always have each other, and honestly, I think that’ll be more than enough.
—  And someday, I hope you agree. // Maxwell Diawuoh, Once A Day (343/366)
I saw it in your eyes,
The forest I’d never come back from.

The moment you pierced me,
I was already lost in you.

I made you a home
Out of this fertile land.
I tamed my wilderness.

You never planted a seed.

And my tears they fell
To salt everything I stood for.

I didn’t even notice,
Because all I saw was green
Right before our Fall.
—  Green
I’m feeling simple
In all of this simpleness
& Oh how I wonder
When will it be chaos
Once again
—  Bring me a night
A night without tears

These parts often bring me to tears.

Giovanni may be the leader of an evil organization, but he’s a good father underneath. He went through all that trouble just to find his son. He almost risked his life to protect Silver and that is enough to grip my heart with these things called emotions.

Why do emotions have to exist?! I wish my father is a bit like Norman or Giovanni when it comes to treating his children.

she said goodbye
for the first time
tonight so i’m
gonna say mine -
alright, “bye”.
i never wanted an angry line
with you because the pen
quickly becomes a dagger when
i get upset
but i’ll forget
the promises i’ve made
to myself that i’ve obeyed
on your behalf
cause you’ve earned your paragraph -
i guess that promise
that you’d listen better cause i need to talk about this
wasn’t real the second, third, or fourth
time I’ve tried and you made me feel worth-
less when you’re short and blunt,
putting up a quick supportive front
before getting mad
i bring it up so i feel bad
and let it go,
telling me I know
better than to listen,
I should'a learned my lesson,
well i guess i am
now, fucking “goodbye”? Damn,
really? “K.”?
You got it, I’ll stay
Away since I’m not worth the time
Cause love like that
Doesn’t deserve a rhyme,
I’d rather relapse
Than ask
For another empty promise -

Creative moments embrace you without warning…as a writer.

Out of the blue you’re suddenly having these stimulating thoughts, feelings, and ideas…

Keep a small note book by you. Write things down.

Words, phrases, anything that comes to mind. They are fodder for the next piece.

I’m so tired, I just want to sleep,
but there’s no space for sleeping,
no time for dreaming,
just go and go and do and don’t and
never let a good thing last too long.
Here is the truth: nothing of humans lasts,
the good or the bad,
and every bit of it hurts when it ends.
Every bit of it hurts when it ends.


in deep by erik witsoe