Axis25′s Theory Corner

Hello friends and followers, and welcome back to another exciting instalment of Axis25’s theory corner! And I think this should go without saying but there will be spoilers for ‘Just Friends’ in today’s theory so I will just put this continue reading thing here and we will be on our way.

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400 Follower forever

Another 100 followers. WHY. I just did one on My Munakata. My heart can’t take it anymore! Well it can, please follow me more, but still! Today’s one is basically me listing all the best people using a good ol mention list under the cut. Just so you know. I love every and each of my followers, but i will not mention everyone. I won’t remember in the first place. but those who i do remember and mention. Well, you can already know, you are forever in my heart, people that make me come back to this side every day. People who i have threads with, and people who i don’t know very well, but REALLY want to! Okay. ILY ALL. Let’s start! In no order what so ever!

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It’s time again for MK’s Corner, and this month I’m talking about @shipwreckedcomedy‘s upcoming trip to Seattle Web Fest! I’m also announcing my next Craftversations guest and giving you an update on my auditions. Enjoy!

Win some, lose some.

I am a chemically
induced mirage,
the (poisoned) water
you think you see
in the distance,
a shell of a person-
I have too much
pride. The last time

I wrote about you,
my heart beat
so hard I felt it
vibrate in my ears,
echoing and
off my skull until
I swore I heard it
whisper your name.
As usual, I am last
to know the what and
why. And

I am afraid
all the time now,
fearing both
sickness and health,
love and lust,
wrong and right.
But my heart swells
past bursting
every time I hear
mention of you.

Because of you,
I know what love is.
Because of you,
I care. And
because of you,
I won.


Alright, due to rl being a bitch and not letting me write, sudden mini-hiatus. Will last till Feb 28th, presumably, though it might last longer depending on, well, stuff. See ya hopefully soon. I really wanna write with y’all.

Eyes wide closed
She’s walked into the same hole in the path too many a time
From the bottom she keens her gaze upward

She’s been here before and she knows
There is only one way out,
Claw your way back to the top

She’s walked the same road while time stands still
Teetering on the border, dancing around the traps
And she knows
There is only one way forward,