You said you cared but you’re not here to hold me while i cry. You swore you’d never hurt me yet you are the one that hurt me the most.
—  T.D

One of the most important things I’ve ever learned is that life goes on. People leave, relationships change, and things you loved become less fun. Parties end, seasons end, lives end. But good things happen too. It’s give and take, we lose and gain, things change for better and worse. We just have to accept and trust in that.

I know you’re doing your best and you rock for it and fuck everyone who doesn’t think it’s enough.

Out there
lives a version of me
I’ve never met.
She’s got shorter, kaleidoscope hair
and lips fuller than the moon.
She lives in the city
and says ‘No’ like a complete sentence.
And I don’t know which one of us
is right,
which version of me
is closer to the truth,
but we are two halves of a dreamer.
She has to be happier;
I hope she’s so much happier.
—  Schuyler Peck, Another Earth

„I’m more than drunk kisses and flirty messages.

I’m sunday morning cuddles in bed, after staying up way too long the night before.

The first cup of coffee, when you have to wake up way too early.

I’m the sun that lights up your mind after a day full of rain,

The warm breeze that smells like the ocean and the sun that kisses your skin.

I‘m way more than broken promisses and words that break hearts.

I‘m not someone you only spend one night with,

I am a lifetime full job lover.

A person you can grow old with, that still loves you after 50 years of marriage.

I‘m complicated,

Sometimes I can make you crazy by acting like a fool but trust me,

I‘m worth everything

And if you let me be yours

I will love you forever.“


How can you forget someone you’ve loved for so long if thinking about them became a habit?
—  T.D

Think about all the energy you’ve spent on people who are no longer in your life and imagine all the things you could have done for yourself instead.

I’ve never felt a pain more physical than heartbreak.

I’ve had the air kicked out of me playing backyard football with the neighborhood kids, but it wasn’t at all comparable to laying in my bed at night rewinding all of our memories in my head like an old VHS tape.

At least in my backyard the oxygen came back into my lungs.


I find myself staring at your eyes, and thinking of how much i love you but the words never come out.
—  T.D

i know i need to let you go.

in fact i’m beginning to hate myself for not doing so.

i say nothing because your name is the only thing that slips off of my tongue and no one wants to hear me vocalize you running circles around my mind anymore.

i wonder how you interpret the songs that you showed me so long ago. do you think of me or does another girl belong to them?

i’m constantly checking your social media accounts because i still want to know what you’re thinking of even if i know it’s not me.

despite needing to let go of you

i don’t want to.