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One day, one rhyme- Day 999 'The Patchwork Man'

I saw a man walk down the lane,
It was the strangest thing-
He seemed made up of diff'rent bits
Bound together by string.
The right hand was musical, for
Playing percussive noise
But the left was the fix-it kind,
For mending bikes and toys.
A patch by the shoulder is strong
From years of chopping wood,
While the neighboring piece is sweet
From innocent childhood.
There’s a patch of sadness and grief
That’s mostly out of sight
But sometimes it bursts in full view,
Usually at night.
There’s squares for hobbies, faith and friends
In bright and patterened hues
Stitched side by side with hopes and fears,
Memories and old news.
They all combine to form a whole,
A checkered ‘life’ afghan.
I hope that he’ll return this way
My friend, the Patchwork Man.

I take it back. The worst feeling is writing your heart away, because you have to, because it’s better this way.

You empty yourself of all the wonderful feelings love brings into you, leaving you hollow, with this wicked outline around the edges of your heart, echoes of where you once beat with excitement, an intoxicating whisper that lulls you back to sleep, to that all consuming nightmare you once lived as a dream.

Because it’s better this way.

—  J.S.

“good night love”
I never thought that I would end up in this position, but here I am. Our relationship is going downhill fast, and you’re still in love with me. You’re still in love with me. You’re still in love with me. And I’m falling out of love with you. My heart doesn’t flutter because of you like it used to, but I can see it in your eyes, I can see just how much brighter a look from me makes you. What am I supposed to do? I always thought I’d be there to pick up your pieces whenever you needed it. I never thought I’d be the one that might break you.
—  Maxwell Diawuoh, Request: Being in a relationship that’s starting to crash and burn while knowing the other person loves you, but just not loving them back.
Burial Aftermath

A never ending routine.
Rise when the Sun awakens,
rest when the Moon puts it to sleep.
It is week four without you and
the pain has yet to cease, but I’ve
learned to conceal it with grinning teeth.
Again, I awaken and repeat,
Sun, Moon and grinning teeth.
Sun, Moon and grinning teeth.

On Tuesday I awakened, to a dark cloudy sky,
I waited and prayed for the Sun to rise.
I cursed the sky, “Damn you!”
It is not the same, where is the Sun to aid with the pain?
You were once my Sun.
Now I have lost the both of you.
I remember you and cry.
I cry, I cry, I cry.
(k.c.) - @signedkc

Why do I keep doing that? I am so over you but I still look up to see if you’ll walk through the door with your friends. And I still check my phone every now and then to see if you’ve called. You never do and you probably never will, but I’m still waiting.
—  💜
  • LGBT Danganronpa fans:we want a confirmed and not just hinted LGBT character
  • Kodaka:gives everyone a confirmed gay character
  • All The Other danganronpa fans:
  • All The Other danganronpa fans:
  • All The Other danganronpa fans:lets ship him with characters of the opposite gender and then piss all over people who joke about killing the ship
Headcanon Corner #4 + Comic Prologue Promo Song

I really like the opening song of Sausage Party but this suddenly came to my mind. The song allowed a limited pick of aisles/cultures to have their own lyrics about their own Great Beyond while others sang in chorus. It would’ve been neat to hear from other aisles but I understand you can only fit so much in a 3 minute song. Shopwell’s is huge and knowing that each aisle has their own beliefs and has messed with Twink’s original lyrics, this sparked a thought within me. What if some aisles already have their own verses to the song and just sing it while another aisle is singing? Like if the Liquor Aisle sang their verse in one corner of the store while the Chinese Aisle sang their own in another corner. Just a thought.

For my Juche AU prologue, I plan to start the comic with a slightly rewritten version of The Great Beyond song. Not a lot is changed, just some verses are swapped out for others in order to introduce the main aisles that will be taking part in my story, especially the Juice Aisle. The changes are in bold font. The lyrics may be subject to change. Have a peek darlings~


Dear gods, you’re so divine in each and everyway, to you we pray

Dear gods, we pledge our love to you forever more

We always felt we had a special bond

Take us to the Great Beyond

Where we’re sure nothing bad happens to food

Once we’re out the sliding doors things will all be grand

We will live our dreams together in the promised land

The gods control our fates so we all know we’re in good hands

We’re super sure there’s nothing shitty waiting for us in the Great Beyond

And every aisle thinks of something different

But to this we all agree

Candy Aisle: *Cecil smugly sings with his candy army in background, they know what’s up* Everyone else is fucking stupid, except for those who think like me (and me, and me, and me!) 

Liquor Aisle: *DJ Bottle plays in the background while wine bottle sings* Out there, we’ll get to party everyday and night, how fucking tight! *Beer bottle waggles eyebrows*

French Bakery Corner: Out there, you’ll be impressed that we’re the very best (Viva la France!) *French pastries smoking with Lucille in the background*

Mexican Aisle: Una gran fiesta! Es verdad Jesus? *Teresa Del Taco sings this and looks at can of beans named Jesus who nods, while El Guaco and his guachos are goofing around in the background*

Ve’ll exterminate ze juice! (und subjugate ze whole damn Great Beyond!)

Juice Aisle: *Juicebox litter sings* In here we stay all snuggled in our packages, just how it is

*Large juice cartons sing* That’s right, we shelter them to keep them safe and pure (For their own good)

*Juicebox litter continue singing* But once we’re out the doors we’ll finally be

At home with our new families

Our dreams to fully have someone to hold (and love), to kiss (and hug), to cheer (and feel), to care (and share)

The gods will always care for us

They won’t squeeze us out their butts

We cannot overstate how confident we are that our beliefs are accurate and nothing awful happens to us in the Great Beyond! (Beyond! Great Beyond!)

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