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Le Soleil y la Luna

Le soleil est brillant dans le ciel,                      The sun is bright in the sky,
Tout jaune, juvénile, et joli,                             Quite yellow, youthful and pretty,
Parce qu’il joue avec joie et esprit,                For he plays with joy and spirit,
Comme s’il toujours se vautre dans miel– As though he always wallows in honey
Oui, la vie est toute douce, toute belle       Yes, life is quite soft, quite lovely
Quand il jette par le monde sa magie.      When he spreads his magic through
                                                                                                             the world.
La luna ilumina la escena                   The moon illuminates the scene
Con un silencio meditabundo,                   With a meditative silence,
Conjurando un sueño profundo                Conjuring a profound dream
Por la noche bien noble y negra–        Through the quite noble and black night–
Sí, la vida es solemne y serena                  Yes, life is solemn and serene
Cuando esparce su magia por el mundo.      When he scatters his magic……

Ils régissent leur royaume aérien                    They rule their ethereal realm
Durante la noche, durante el día,                    During the night, during the day,
Pasando las horas con ira,                              Passing the time with ire,
Parce qu’ils ne s’entendent pas bien.             For they don’t like each other.
Mais tout pourrait changer à rien                  But all could change to nothing
Si no se unieran deprisa.                              If they don’t unite fast.


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My Name

Mi nombre es bien hispano
Por el piel de mi linaje.
Se extiende a diestra y siniestra
Una pasmosa obra maestra
En la cual con honra demuestra
El sol, la mar y la sangre.

Mon nom est bien français
Pour l’esprit de mon pays.
Les jours suivent leur cours, et se lève
La mystique trop brillante et brève
Qui ouvre chaque cache des rêves
Pour ensorceler toutes les nuits.

My name is very English
By the tongue that tints my speech.
Amidst the leaves of Autumn,
And covered top to bottom
With snow as soft as cotton
Lies knowledge that only names teach.


anonymous asked:

hello, pauline! how are you doing? can you help me? im going to rome but dont even know where to start my visit. what are some places you'd recommend? or art you'd say is essential for me to see there?

I can, absolutely! Oh, Rome has some of my favourite places and sculptures, and if you’re in the center of the city, just walking around among white and orange walls is a travel to the past.

I would recommend you to visit the Castel Sant’Angelo if you like all things medieval —full of small, dark rooms, tapestries, heavy stones and slit windows, and scattered with art works. 

Of course plan a day to spend in the Vatican, to visit the Vatican museums (traveling through rooms full of sculptures, paintings, old books, strange inventions, ornate globes), the Sistine Chapel (a bit of a let-down, actually—it’s quite small, dark, claustrophobic—but so full of soul), and of course St Peter’s Basilica, where you will be able to see one of the most beautiful Renaissance sculpture, la Pietà

The Colosseum and the Roman Forum are absolute wonders, and walking in the Roman Forum, particularly, struck me as exceptional. There are a lot of explanations about the ruins, monuments, and sculptures found there, which makes everything all the more interesting. You’ll be able to walk in the House of the Vestals (Atrium Vestae) there. 

I recommend walking around the city center as well—a labyrinth of cobble-stoned streets and scattered wonders—obelisks, statues. The Pantheon (so beautiful, so solemn, with a well of light in the center) is not far from there. Every morning, there’s a delightful market in Campo dei Fiori, with italian food and crafts. Not far from there, you can also find the wonderful Trevi Fountain, and the delightful Piazza delle Coppele. While you’re there, by the way, make yourself a favour and buy ice cream at Grom.

If you’re not tired of basilicas and churches yet (I never am), I’d recommend Santa Maria in Trastevere (one of the oldest church in the city, and so magnificently ornate) and Santa Maria Sopra Minerva (the ceiling is to die for). 

Now for my absolute favourites—I would go there every time I went to Rome—, you absolutely have to go to the Villa Borghese and its gardens. The museum is filled with the most beautiful sculptures I have ever seen, among which you will find three Berninis : The Rapt of Proserpina, Apollo and Daphné, and Aeneas, Anchises, Ascanius. If you go up to the paintings, you’ll find a few Caravaggio, notably (one of my favourite) the Boy With a Basket Fruit; and Raphael’s Young Woman with a Unicorn. The building itself is beautiful: marbles floors, ornate walls, high windows, pillars. The gardens around are full of corners, fountains, alternating regular French hedges and English-inspired parks, ponds, pavilions.

My other favourite is less known, but it blew my mind and it is one of the most original artwork I’ve seen: the Capuchin Crypt. Situated under the Capuchin Order’s Museum (which is interesting because it adds context and builds up suspense before you get to the crypt itself), it comprises several tiny chapels decorated with… the bones of the deceased Capuchin Friars themselves. As explained there, it is a tribute and reminder of our own mortality, of the fleetingness of life, as well as an aesthetic statement. It’s very gripping: chilling, and beautiful, solemn, poetic. 

There! I hope you find the time to see some of those, have fun!

  • Harry: Hot and dangerous. I like dangerous.
  • Louis: That's funny.
  • Interviewer: Not hot, why? (Obviously asking HARRY why he likes dangerous but not hot)
  • Louis: No of course he's hot. *unnecessary assertion of Harry's hotness* followed by *unnecessary arm touch*
  • Louis internal: Nobody puts baby in a corner. Or poses his hotness as a question. Nobody so much as flicks him actually. Precious curly cargo.

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Hi! One of my friends found out she's lactose intolerant and she's kinda bummed about it so I was wondering if you could come up with any headcanons on Enjolras being lactose intolerant I could show her to cheer her up? Thanks :)

Okay so welcome to the French culture corner and let me introduce:

La Raclette.

You’ve heard of the fondue, now get ready for another cheese fest that basically raises melted cheese to the rank of deity. It’s the ultimate winter French (and Swiss) dish, no matter what the fondue purists may say. It’s basically: cheese, cheese, cheese, ham if you want to include it, cheese, various pork products, potatoes, pickles, cheese, and green salad, but you’ll need +50 in confidence to bring a salad to a raclette event, because people will most likely glare at you.

So les Amis won’t deter from the raclette tradition, especially when the temperature drops. Vegetarians Jehan and Joly basically load on cheese for the occasion  because 1) cheese and 2) it’s hard to find a traditional French dish that hasn’t been compromised by meat somehow. So cheese orgy it is.

So that’s all well and good except for Enjolras who can’t indulge, because he’s lactose intolerant. He’s the only one who cant bring a salad and won’t be glared at.

Grantaire once brought vegan raclette cheese, because he wants his boyfriend to enjoy himself and “Eating salad during raclette night is just sad, mon ange.”

Grantaire: “Is your lactose intolerance going to act up if I do something cheesy?”


It’s Thursday, the 13th of July, and today is Delaware Day!

Shoutout to all trans and nonbinary people from the state of Delaware, I hope you’re having a lovely week so far!!

For everyone else in the world, today is also French Fry Day! While not nearly as tasty as curly fries, french fries are a well-loved food all around the world! Celebrate this holiday by having some french fries (or curly fries, if you’d prefer) and trying to be a bit less salty yourselves—the weekend is just around the corner!