I want to talk to you all the time, but you never find the time to answer my texts.


Yes, you were probably busy, but at my busiest I still would find the time for you.


One of the most important things I’ve ever learned is that life goes on. People leave, relationships change, and things you loved become less fun. Parties end, seasons end, lives end. But good things happen too. It’s give and take, we lose and gain, things change for better and worse. We just have to accept and trust in that.

I find myself staring at your eyes, and thinking of how much i love you but the words never come out.
—  T.D

„I’m more than drunk kisses and flirty messages.

I’m sunday morning cuddles in bed, after staying up way too long the night before.

The first cup of coffee, when you have to wake up way too early.

I’m the sun that lights up your mind after a day full of rain,

The warm breeze that smells like the ocean and the sun that kisses your skin.

I‘m way more than broken promisses and words that break hearts.

I‘m not someone you only spend one night with,

I am a lifetime full job lover.

A person you can grow old with, that still loves you after 50 years of marriage.

I‘m complicated,

Sometimes I can make you crazy by acting like a fool but trust me,

I‘m worth everything

And if you let me be yours

I will love you forever.“



Noirvember is back! Take a look at all the great film noir we’ll be showing throughout the month:

  • 11/4 - 8:00pm - THE BIG SLEEP (’46)
  • 11/5 - 12:30am - THE WOMAN ON PIER 13 (’50)
  • 11/5 - 10am - SPLIT SECOND (’53) [Noir Alley hosted by Eddie Muller]
  • 11/6 - 2am - CROSSFIRE (’47)
  • 11/9 - 2am - CALL NORTHSIDE 777 (’48)
  • 11/12 - 10am - THE WINDOW (’49) [Noir Alley hosted by Eddie Muller]
  • 11/13 - 8pm - FORCE OF EVIL (’49)
  • 11/13 - 11:15pm - THE RACKET (’51)
  • 11/14 - 3am - THE NAKED CITY (’48)
  • 11/14 - 11:30am - CORNERED (’45)
  • 11/14 - 6:15pm - MURDER, MY SWEET (’44)
  • 11/14 - 8pm - HE RAN ALL THE WAY (’51)
  • 11/15 - 8:15am - GUN CRAZY (’50)
  • 11/16 -  6:00pm - ROPE (’48)
  • 11/19 - 10am - NIGHT AND THE CITY (’50) [Noir Alley hosted by Eddie Muller]
  • 11/21 - 2am - RIFIFI (’54)
  • 11/21 - 4:15am - THE BIG NIGHT (’51)
  • 11/21 - 12:45pm - JEOPARDY (’53)
  • 11/22 - 1:15pm - THE FBI STORY (’59)
  • 11/22 - 1:30am - ODDS AGAINST TOMORROW (’59)
  • 11/26 - 10am - STRANGERS ON A TRAIN (’51) [Noir Alley hosted by Eddie Muller]
  • 11/27 - 1:45pm - DARK PASSAGE (’47)
  • 11/28 - 3:45am - EDGE OF THE CITY (’57)

i know i need to let you go.

in fact i’m beginning to hate myself for not doing so.

i say nothing because your name is the only thing that slips off of my tongue and no one wants to hear me vocalize you running circles around my mind anymore.

i wonder how you interpret the songs that you showed me so long ago. do you think of me or does another girl belong to them?

i’m constantly checking your social media accounts because i still want to know what you’re thinking of even if i know it’s not me.

despite needing to let go of you

i don’t want to.



A bit late, but a happy 3rd year anniversary to Mystery Skulls Ghost. :)

I’ve been key posing out a good amount of Vivi for the Hellbent music video so she’s been on the brain lately. These are mostly an excuse to practice her shapes and draw some cute outfits and different hair styles for the hell of it. Sorry it’s taken so long to have actual new art to even show, busy busy busy.

Bonus Deadbeat Vivi cause I thought it would look adorable and I was right.

anonymous asked:

Merlin is joking around 1 day & puts on Arthurs crown when teasing him. Everything else seems to stop as Arthur gaps for a few seconds, too short for Merlin to notice, at how beautiful the man looks in his crown. Slowly, the world flows back around him & Arthur catches the last part of Merlins sentence. He teases him back, but later, when Arthur is alone in his chambers, his mind cant help but wander back to his crowned servant & he begins to wonder what he would look & sound like giving orderes

My servant’s crown
Oh Anon, your words are wonderful and you made me cry a little *sobs* I added something to it, I hope you don’t mind ♥


You’re pretending like everything is okay. You know, like we didn’t… like we didn’t kill Barb. Like, it’s great. Like, we’re in love and we’re partying. Yeah, let’s party, huh? Party. We’re partying. This is bullshit.


Cat’s Corner

Built where Catarina Lynx’s house was in Brindleton Bay, Cat’s Corner is the place for coffee, croissants, book-shopping, surfing the internet, grabbing an ice cream cone, and conversing with the locals.

I used the Cafe venue designation because I like the variety of activities patrons usually engage in - ordering coffee and pastries, reading books, using the computers, chatting, etc. However in my playtesting, it seems they mostly just wanted to congregate around the espresso machine. XD I did see Sims use the computers, but it was rare. However, if you want Sims to venture elsewhere onto the lot for RP or story purposes, you could try deleting the espresso machine for awhile. (Although you might want to place it again before you leave, otherwise the game will consider the venue “incomplete” and you may not get any visitors at all next time.)

There are more pics in the Cat’s Corner tag.

  • CC-free
  • Lot size: 20x15
  • Cost: §145,633
  • Lot Location: “Catscratch Cottage” in Brindleton Bay
  • Required Packs:
    • EPs - Get to Work, Get Together, City Living, Cats and Dogs
    • GPs - Outdoor Retreat, Dine Out, Parenthood, Vampires (not sure what I used from this GP - I don’t think you’ll miss it if you don’t have it!)
    • SPs - Perfect Patio, Cool Kitchen, Spooky Stuff, Movie Hangout, Kids Room, Backyard Stuff, Vintage Glamour, Bowling Night, Toddler Stuff (one or two deco items)
  • To install, download the ZIP file from the link below. Extract the folder and copy its contents (there should be 6 files total) into your My Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 4/Tray folder. 

DOWNLOAD ZIP file (SimFileShare)

**If you don’t want to install it using the Tray files, you can also find it in the Gallery under #jenba and Origin ID silrosse.