ok re:dentist i called back, & it went to voicemail again, so i figure you’re right, maybe they’re just having a super busy day or something. so, i found another one with really good reviews (keywords: ‘didn’t make me feel ashamed for not seeing a dentist in a long time’, ‘made me feel very comfortable’) 

& the lady who answered was incredibly kind even with my voice being all wavery & when i went to start spelling my last name (very not common, eleven letters long) you know i usually pronounce it & then immediately start spelling it out by default, she stopped me after the first two & said ‘i know how to spell that name! are you from guilford?… i went to school with your brother jeff…& actually your nephew was in a couple months ago at a different location…

small fucking world. 

i’m going in tomorrow. 

in other news, oh FUCK i’m going tomorrow

Our Yuri!!! on ICE merchandise sale at Katsucon was a huge success, and we’re bringing all new, up-to-the-minute merchandise straight from Japan to Anime Boston this weekend. Again, all proceeds will be benefiting the ACLU!

These keychains are straight from the SAGA!!! on ICE event currently running in Yuuri’s hometown of Karatsu, Kyushu. Limited sale, hard to find in Japan, and only available at locations like Kagamiyama (Yu-topia) Onsen and Karatsu (Hasetsu) Castle, we will have a VERY limited quantity at Anime Boston. Yuuri, Viktor, and Makka will only be sold as a set of three. Yurio is antisocial and available separately.

A lesson or a blessing

For every lie that escaped your lips; violence in the shape of question
I thank you.

For every laugh that left your mouth, a mockery of everything I am; everything
I stand for,
I thank you.

For every twisted paradise you made with your paintbrush that could only
ever paint pain,
I thank you.

You are the reason I live with my
pockets full of sunshine,

You are my hardest lesson and my strongest goodbye,

You built me up to watch me fall
and now I’m flying-

I owe you nothing but silence and ash,
for you killed parts of me that will
never come back.

But I thank you.

Because it is the madness in my head that drives me to love with all my heart, no matter how perforated it may become.
If I did not love, the beast that is inside of me would devour me whole.
—  The Prosen One
Final like a period.
Primal like a sunrise.
Spinal fluid is black,
Mile long
While bending backward.
Vial in my hand, I
Pile the booze on.
Smile ‘cause it’s prettier.
Title it with your name.
Tidal like the sea, and
Mild like your love
Filed under drafts.
Mild like a forest fire, I’m
Tidal in someone’s arms.
Title; The Wave.
Smile in the rain on this
Pile of unspoken words.
Vial in my hand,
While I walk a
Mile without any shoes.
Spinal fluid is blue and
Final like a period.
—  Final