Cornered. (Privite RP with mrsb3ll3fr3nchg0ld)

No footsteps. No curses. No clanking of metal.

“I-I think we lost ‘em.” Link breathed out with a hint of relief.

His sister said nothing being too busy huffing for air. Both were quite good runners, but the amount of town they covered in the past fifteen minutes was rather impressive even by their standarts. 

Someone recognised them. Probably someone at the market, which twins visited earlier today. Damn his reckless desision that the peoples attention will be dispersed due to ongoing celebration. Link would probably skin the bastard who snitched about them to local gaurds alive, because less then half an hour ago they survived a very angry midnight raid to their inn room. Thank goodness none of them knew how serious siblings take their safety. What mess we left. But the guards screams woke up all the inn, so the next best thing was to flee in the window and not look back.

After escaping the brightly lit districs were the celebration was not stopping even in the hours of night they had to take a break in shadow of big, dark building. Here streets were empty and silent, however the echo of the festival still managed to reach their ears. The guards couldnt be very far behind. Perhaps the only thing that played to the favor was amount of people out of their homes, which partied and created the “saving chaos” which made the search for them all the more harder.

Link looked at his sister.

“We must get out.” despite her not-so-light-injuries Margarita begun to recover. “I left the map…Do you know which way-…oouff” She spat out a mouthful of blood, leaving the thread of crimson fluid dripping from her chin. “…-to head?”

Two pairs of grey eyes met, exchanging conserned, tired glance.

Things were looking to become pretty bad.


I am selfish because I want our memories all to myself. I want to keep on drowning in your laughter and tuck your whispered I love you’s in the pockets of my ripped jeans. The warmth you shared to me will be stories I have to tell my grandchildren when all I would want in my life is to be the eighteen year old girl who loved you too hard. My life would be an anthology of poems and melodies that failed to reach you and I do hope that when the sun sets, you will peruse my pages, remember how a girl was willing to be a constant in your life and gave you the happiness left in her life, and feel your heart ache with words you will never hear me whisper against your lips.
Exclusive Premiere: IAMX, 'Happiness'
Chris Corner – a founding member of Sneaker Pimps – is about to release his sixth album as IAMX and Diffuser is proud to present the video for the lead single.

“The visual side of IAMX is very important to me. I love experimenting with live visuals for our tours. That’s how I learned to edit, so I decided that might be a nice way to go with the video for ‘Happiness.’ My first lazy idea was to just rehash old visuals and piece them together, but the quality was mixed and I felt the song demanded something cleaner and more modern. I wanted the abstract images to create their own story, to flow without forcing some kind of concept. Videos that try to tell some kind of story or make a clever moral point always often disappoint me. My motivation was to complement the music with something that the viewer can immerse themselves in without a predictable structure. To slow the world down and give a feeling of weight, disorientation and beauty.” - Chris Corner

Small Update

//So I feel like I should give a small update. Still on Hiatus(I’m bad at this though), and I figured I should give some context. Just a smidge.

So if y’all didn’t notice already due to her deleting both her blogs; the person that left that effected me in this way was the mun for Rocket-Girl-Tristana/Playful-Trickster. It’s no worry we still chat and nerd it up SUPER hard, just she deleted her blogs due to some internal stress and wanting to get some needed time back on her hands, but yeah I’m kind of just, screwed in the head right now as to where I want to go with Ken now, especially since I no longer have a ship partner. 

I still love Kennen, A LOT. He’s my precious ninja baby, and I don’t think I’ll ever leave, just I dunno when I’ll come back. So shout outs to all my friends who’ve stuck with me. I love you all and I will probably come back. Seeing how I’m literally the only person in existence to even care about this little fuck.

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please no its gotta be true its gotta be

Like the level of detail on the set (the eye plates! the receptionist disguise from working at the mill!) is insane. If it’s fan made, I need the fan to step forward and I need to take their face into my hands and beg them to make more because apparently it takes nine thousand years for big companies to make ASoUE media. And if Netflix doesn’t see this as a kick in the butt to DO FREAKING SOMETHING with the franchise, I will just surround myself with ASoUE books, dress up in my most Violet clothes, tie my hair back with a black ribbon, and live out my life in seclusion like a modern day Miss Havisham. Open my room in 60 years and I will have written my screed against Nickelodeon and Netflix in the dust, please put it on my tombstone.

Pick up the torn report
and wash the old coffee mug,
pick up the cigarette
and pick up that dismal face
sunken on your work desk

Things that used
to bask on sunny days
and things that used
to rage on rain,
now all clandestine
like an embarrassing memory

Leave the white walls
that nags on your head
the amnesiac shadows
that prances in your
disappointment and regrets

There’s a minutiae perchance,
a coin, a pill, a drop of blood
from a hero’s decapitation
and other sibilant reminders
of what life used to be

Pick up the memories
on your escritoire, and
the eyes riveted in the sieves
of a dusty persiennes
somewhere the lion meanders
and somewhere, someone cares


you are my favorite color,
at 3 a.m. in the darkness
of your room, on nights
that you can’t sleep.

don’t ever hesitate
to wake me.

you are my favorite alarm,
when you whisper about
how you can’t sleep and
i feel your warming touch,
caressing my cold flesh.

maybe this is what it’s like–
to fall in love?

you are my favorite playlist,
not just the same song on
repeat. you’re every song
i want to hear, at exactly
the right time.

i wouldn’t skip a single second.

you are my heightened senses,
the basis of religion, for the
colony of monarchs in my
stomach who have crowned
me their king.

i too, shall worship you,
my love.