do you ever just remember how important and special dan and phil are to so many people

One day, one rhyme- Day 1002

She swings through the air with the exact opposite of ease
And an athleticism that screams: come down from there please!
Yes, daring she is but completely lacks aerial skill
Thus my thoughts are preoccupied by the medical bill.
There’s a very good chance of a hospital admission
And there’s even a small one of needing a mortician,
But as she swings so precarious, she laughs loud with joy
And a smile so bright that none on earth could seek to destroy.
Impressive endeavors? This act has none whatsoever,
If I could have a wish come true, I’d stay here forever.

Free From Infinity

My feet dangle from the clouds
My teeth chatter
Drool skydives down to the ground
I hear an ominous voice call out
It’s saying something
Definitely saying something
But whatever it is I can’t tell

Everything floating
Everything slowly crawling out of sight
Slowly fading away
Spacemen drifting
Sunsets setting
Rainstorms weeping onto some city bench
Down the umbrella of a wide eyed girl thinking deep thoughts all alone

Dead men whispering
Cavemen whispering
Ancestors whispering
All these faces you’ve never seen
All these things you never believed in
They come together
Silently celebrating
Everything you’ll never become

A million poems
A million stories
A million abstract metaphors
A million concrete details
They melt together
Fall from the sky
Like heat seeking torpedoes
Deciding our fate in some drawn out spectacle

My hands cold
My feet broken
I step aside
For something much greater than I could ever become

i found myself awake at 3am waiting for you to reply to me. it was in the silence that i understood myself. i was scared of losing you and instead of holding you close, i pushed you further away; and for that i’m truly sorry
After the first time you kissed me, I stood there in shock, watching your triumphant gait as you marched off in the other direction.
Do you remember the first time we kissed? Because this story’s not the same. This time we were not in public, yet still managed to draw a larger crowd. This time, you didn’t take me by surprise, but I rather guided every motion in affectionate assurance. This time, you did not stop to make a quick getaway, but only briefly to help me regain my balance.
Who knew that feeling so weak in someone else’s arms could feel empowering?
—  Excerpt from a book I’ll never write #196 // Grazia Curcuru
There is nothing wrong with you,” he gently assured her. “No, you don’t care too much. You’re just caring about the wrong people, and so you end up hurt.
—  💜