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Would you ever consider doing any it's always sunny in Philadelphia lines for the rogues?

Totally. There’s so many lines from so many shows that work amazingly well. Philadelphia, The Office, Parks and Rec, Corner Gas, the list is amazingly long, and I really should get that Patreon up because I really just want my life to be doing recordings like that and bringing some serious funny.


Trevilieu line prompt

I never thought the show Corner Gas could make me think of Trevilieu, but a line really stuck out to me.

“Because I’ve angered the karma gods and you’re my punishment.”

I could see either of them saying it. It may have to be a modern AU but those are fun.

FYI: Corner Gas is a Canadian comedy. I really enjoyed it. It has silly moments, but also intelligent humor with a bit of bite to it. Most of it’s up on Youtube.

Corner Gas quotes sentence starters
  • There’s lots to see. There’s nothin’ to block your view. 
  • I got two words for ya. Boycott! I’m gonna put this place outta business.
  • I have never overstated a single thing in the history of the planet!
  • Why’d you come in person? You ever hear of a telephone? It’s a handy invention; I’ll show you how it works sometime.
  • I didn’t know whether to tell you this or not, but someone in town has a crush on me.
  • Carl Jung says that we all have a shadow figure, a kind of nemesis. In fact I actually found mine.
  • I love books. I’m a voluptuous reader.
  • This is not about revenge. This is about getting even.
  • Who leaves a pair of pants by the side of the road?
  • You’re bribing me with a piece of wood?
  • Revenge is a brunch best served with nice biscuits.
  • Here, hold my monkey.
  • Decaf? The “caf” is what I need! The caf is the whole point of this. I’m not just jonesing for some hot brown liquid, with or without caf. I need the caf!
  • Not now, I’m downloading a Google.
  • I’ve had it with your stupid plans. Now it’s time for my stupid plans.
  • I don’t appreciate being called a thief.
  • When you fall off the roof, try not to land on anything important.
  • Oh right. Like you’ve never made a rash decision at a bulk food store.
  • Why did you blow up the tractor?
  • Why do people who like to do things make people who don’t like to do things do things?
  • The world’s a dirty place. Things happen. Things you don’t want to know about. Money changes hands; people look the other way; cats go missing.
  • I like working outside! The sun is shining, the birds are singing, the sky is bleeding and the grass is screaming!
  • Do me a favor put your neck between my hands.
  • All my life I’ve wanted to be zapped by a Taser gun.
  • I don’t know why I even involve you in my schemes.
  • Wow. Marmalade. They take the part of the orange that’s normally thrown in the garbage and make it spreadable.
  • I brought maple syrup, but I didn’t bring blueberry syrup, because I thought: camping - we’re roughing it.
  • I’ve angered the Karma Gods, and you’re my punishment.
  • One day it dawns on you that you’re starting to get old. Then it dawns on you that you are old. Then it dawns on you that every second that ticks by is just another inch that you’ve dragged your carcass towards your own cold grave. Then one day stuff stops dawning on you… ‘cause you died.
  • Oh, my favourite part was when the shark went back to his home planet. It made me cry.
  • You’re not going to learn anything from a stupid book.
  • All right, I’ll take care of it. I’ll need a rope, a burlap sack and some rocks.
  • This title is misleading. Are they going to kill a mockingbird or not?
  • Do you even care about making sense any more?
  • This is government mind control, that’s what it is. Telling you what to do. Stop here, walk, don’t walk, do this, don’t do that, eat your peas.
  • I hurt a friend once with a careless lie. I learned a valuable lesson about lying more convincingly.
  • You don’t actually have to be sorry, just say you’re sorry. It’s the Canadian way.
  • Danger is part of the allure of llama farming.