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Hannibal Series!

I’m sorry but I need to vent!!! I’m sorry I’ve been so late to the Hannibalverse but I watched all 3 seasons of it in less than a week! And I’m emotionally wrecked!!! What a beautiful masterpiece this series is! It’s like reading an old gothic romance novel!! The relationship between Hannibal and Will is otherworldly! I don’t have enough words to describe this show! And the final scenes were breathtaking, the embrace, and the fall! And I watched the alternate ending of Will and Hannibal in the chapel with Bloodfest playing in the background*sobs* I adore the alternate ending, they both looked so happy and tranquil together in their Mind Palace. Although the Bedelia-leg last scene was awesome too. Either endings, I believe they survived and living together. I need me more Hannibal and Will moments! *goes to cry in corner for a long time* 


ROBINS + LABELS (Happy birthday, @henwick aka my sweet smol child!)


All of the Katie interviews I could find, zoomed in on her face with bleeping when necessary.

Hope y’all enjoy ✌️


Todoroki Shouto vs. Hero Killer Stain

So we all looked at this image and were like “Oh wow okay that there is Gay Crisis. Observe–Will Poindexter is completely losing his shit because he has a huge secret crush on Derek Nurse, and he’s pretty damn sure his secret won’t survive actually rooming with Nursey.”

And yes, absolutely, that is what I see when I look at this picture. It’s likely also what Lardo sees, and probably Bitty, too. Maybe Chowder as well, although that’s a more difficult call–he might be too close to both Dex and Nursey to see it.

But it is definitely not what Derek Nurse sees.

Derek Nurse just sees one of his best friends having a breakdown (a semi-public breakdown, at that–and not even semi-public in front of strangers, but semi-public in front of a bunch of their friends and teammates) because the two of them are going to be rooming together next year.

I mean. Not to put too fine a point on it, but if one of my best friends had had a breakdown about rooming with me when I was in college, I’d have been devastated. Absolutely devastated. And maybe I’m sensitive, but who’s to say Nursey isn’t? We all know the chill is fake, after all. Maybe (maybe) he doesn’t head off to his dorm room to cry once he realizes exactly how Dex is reacting, but you gotta believe he’s at least having a conversation with Chowder that includes something along the lines of “I really thought we’d been doing better this year, you know? Like, I thought we were actually friends now.”

Anyway. I had a point in here somewhere. Oh, right, it’s this: I can’t look at this panel and not feel horribly bad for Nursey. I just can’t. And…I still think we might actually get canon NurseyDex out of this (and I fully believe we’re getting canon not-straight Dex at the very least), but…at this point I kinda don’t want to see it until and unless we see Dex making a metric fuckton of apologies. Please excuse my language.


make me choose: cute or sexy zelo for anon!

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