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Author’s Note: A super long first installment to a multi-chaptered but possibly non-linear story. My first Riverdale work.

The House of the Rising Sun : The First Night

Click Click Click Click
The sound echoed in rapid succession.

“What do I say to her, though?”

Mid-rhythm the clicking stopped. Sea green eyes shifted from the blue light of the laptop screen before them. The redhead’s face was dotted with light patterns burned into his retinae from staring at the screen for too long. Maybe these things wouldn’t make him blind, but maybe there was something to this “It’ll ruin your eyes” narrative parents all over the nation had adopted so many years ago.


“You’re still here?” his voice was slightly hoarse.

“I don’t know what to say.”

He arched a brow and his fingers continued to dance over the keyboard. The snark dripped from his words: “The truth’s probably a good place to start.”

“I don’t mean what, I mean how.”

“You literally said ‘what.’” He enunciated, “And anyways the only ‘how’ is with your words.”

The jock sighed, pursing his lips. Despite his best efforts, Jughead met his eyes and shrugged. “Just tell her, Arch. It doesn’t have to be a poem for the ages… I’m sure Betty’ll appreciate any explanation you can offer her.”  

“I just… don’t wanna hurt her.”

“It’s a little late for that, don’t you think?”

The look on his friend’s face instantly inspired regret. “Sorry.”

“No, you’re right.” Archie sighed, “I can’t expect this to be… clean.”

“Interesting choice of words.” Jughead furrowed his brow, “Arch, if there’s anyone in this entire town who’ll try to keep things… clean, it’s Betty. She’s your best friend. She’ll listen to whatever you have to say.”

Archie nodded, more to himself than anything else, the confidence building in his chest. Jughead leaned back in his booth.

“I’ll see you in school, Jug.” The jock pressed his lips together in what would have been a smile if he could muster the strength. His friend nodded, saluting the boy farewell. As the door shut behind him, the diner felt silent, save for the soft distant chords of some 50’s nostalgia track playing from the vintage jukebox at the other end of the diner.

Jughead folded his arms, staring blankly at the screen. His lip curled in and he bit down, eyes shifting from left to right over the words until they seemed to coalesce into one illiterate jumble of black text. With a sigh, the boy leaned his head back against the booth, closing his eyes.

The Moon belongs to everyone
The best things in life are free…

The distant ambiance came into focus, the words of the record echoing against the diner walls. Whether he consciously willed it or not, his sneaker clad foot began to tap to the simple beat.

The flowers in spring
And the robins that sing…

A half-sarcastic laugh escaped his lips. He opened his eyes. Staring down at the table.

The sunbeams that shine
They’re yours they’re mine…

“It’s gettin’ late don’cha think?”

Jughead straightened in his seat, looking up to see the smiling labor-worn owner of the shop.

“Yeah, Pop. I should get going.”

“Don’t want you to be missin’ school on my account, now. Come on by tomorrow, I’ll give you a milkshake on the house.”

And love can come to everyone…

“You sure it’s not more of a frequent customer deal?” his lip curved in a gentle smirk.

And so it shall always be…

The man laughed, placing a warm hand on the boy’s shoulder. “I’ll be seein’ you tomorrow, Night Hawk.”

The best things in life are free…


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Shrek is a fucking iconic movie I mean think about it - all the beautifully disguised inappropriate jokes, the ‘ogres have layers’ discourse, 'that’ll do donkey, that’ll do’, the ENTIRE GODDAMN SOUNDTRACK, 'you need a tic tac because your breath stinks’, yes they live in a fairytale land and they sell tic tacs at the corner shoppe, 'I like that boulder. That is a nice boulder’, Fiona exploding the bird with her singing, the mirror’s bachelorette princess reality show, farquaad’s entrance… it is the movie of the goddamn century

plus the donkey fucked a dragon

In the words of great, great, great grandma Hallahan, ‘You can get beer anywhere, but what’s rarer is a helping hand.’

Everyone knows the best place to go is the good ol’ corner store Sundown witches shoppe. From charms and crystals to pendants and potions, the Hallahans have it all! Granda Aed runs the store but Granma Moira keeps everything in check and the neighborhood cared for. The shoppe not only has an extensive supply of everything and anything a witch, human and non-human needs but offer services of different niches.

Aedan Connelly - human - charming chap who didn’t exactly know what he was getting into at first when he married a witch named Caoilinn Hallahan, except that they were madly in love. And still are. Aedan helps out with balancing the shoppe’s books when he’s not working 9-5 at his accountancy firm. He doesn’t have a single witchy bone in his body so isn’t able to see their more ethereal clientele. Caoilinn offers tarot and palm readings only when she isn’t too busy with anything else.

Caoilinn thought she couldn’t be happier when she married Aedan, but that day changed when their son Sam was born. Caoilinn named him after her elder brother, Samuel Hallahan. While Caoilinn stayed back to become a full-time mom and help her parents with the shoppe, Samuel traveled to France to study the culinary arts. His specialty had always been brewing, both magickal and non-magickal recipes alike. He visits sometimes and always brings a little something for his favorite (and only) nephew.

Sam Connelly - half-human (halfa) - is known in his family to have the strongest spirit energy and sense of Sight. Not only can he see spirits of all kinds, if he concentrates hard enough, he can even see past certain levels of glamour. The biggest spell-bookworm with a penchant for relics, he’s often consulted for charms, identifying artifacts and just day-to-day advice on how to handle magickal or spooky problems.  Though a family business, Sundown’s a HUGE store and have other hands helping out; Sam’s two oldest friends.

Vali - crow mythos - was found by Granda one day, wounded and ill. The Hallahans took him in and nursed him back to health. Since he needed a place to stay, he offered his services and became the shoppe’s delivery boy. He’s lived with the Hallahans ever since, and has known Sam since he was a kid. Having mastered the more darker arts, Vali’s the go-to guy for the heavier stuff like demonic exorcisms and the more dangerous ghostbusting. Sometimes he takes leave to travel or visit his siblings back home.

Natalie Shadestone - witch - adopted by a pair of bake-neko (goblin cats), Harvey and Kelly Shadestone, and childhood friends with Sam. They grew up together, went to the same school and everything. While she’s studying to be the best witch she can be, she learns whatever she can while helping out the Hallahans. Her best talent is potions and is always eager to help out in that department.

So what are you waiting for? Ready to place your order? Step right in, don’t be shy!