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ALRIGHT CONSIDER OK so my friend had a midnight OH SHIT moment and thought of gai/zabuza because holy shit. Gai seeing zabuza as a "what if" version of Kakashi Bc the whole //I'm a tool I exist only to be used by the village// thing and the fact he's shunned for his demonic chakra and bloodthirsty nature and Kakashi is shunned for his father !!! Imagine gai being like yes ok ur my second eternal rival and determined to help zabuza out of the darkness like he did with Kakashi AND IMAGINE (1/2)

THEIR KIDS??? tenten being ecstatic because swordsman!! And pestering him for lessons and neji and haku!!! Them sparring and neji determined to find a way I beat his ice mirror jutsu and just imagine zabuza taking one look at Lee and being like oh god not a mini ok kid get over here and I’m gonna teach u how to use a sword it’s for the greater good and haku just is so amused and happy Bc gai is a ray I sunshine and it’s good ok

Um. Oops?

Zabuza is honestly still waiting for the other sandal to drop.

“And this one!” the admirably bloodthirsty little girl breathes with clear reverence, lifting a sword off the wall and turning to offer it to him.

Feeling mostly bemused, Zabuza takes it, judging the balance, and feels his eyebrows climb involuntarily. “Well now,” he says, checks the forger’s stamp on the hilt, and whistles. “Where’d a brat like you get a Toye blade?”

Rather than taking offense, Tenten beams. “I took it off a samurai in northern Ame,” she says cheerfully. “He had no idea how to use a sword. I was doing the world a favor.”

Zabuza chuckles, because this brat he can connect with. He flips the sword up, catches it, and tries a couple of thrusts, and it’s not Kubikiribōchō, but it still moves like a dream, folded steel glimmering blue like ripples of water.

Tenten watches him like a proud parent showing off her children, hands clasped in front of her as she bounces on her toes. Almost reminds him of Mei, really, though she likes sharp things more than lava. Likes sharp thing a lot, seeing as the walls of her apartment are pretty much floor-to-ceiling weapon racks, and that’s not even counting the scrolls full of more standard weapons piled high on a shelf.

If only the rest of her team were like her, honestly.

From the kitchen, there’s a loud cry of victory in two voices, and Zabuza swears he can feel his eye twitch. Tenten doesn’t even seem to notice as she takes the Toye blade from him and carefully sets it back in its stand, but Zabuza supposes it would take a lot more than a bit of noise to shake her if she’s really been on the lunatic’s team for a whole year already.

“Second rival!” said lunatic cries, skidding around the corner to present him with a beaming smile and two thumbs up. “We have successfully created a meal that will nourish your flames of Youth! Come, my friend! It is ready!”

Zabuza has encountered more exclamation points in the last two days than he had in his entire life before this, and he isn’t quite sure what to think of it. He eyes Gai for a moment, then glances past him at Haku, who is splattered liberally with what is probably batter and is frazzled but trying not to look it. The Hyuuga kid seems entirely resigned to his fate as he carefully wrings out his long hair over the sink, and Zabuza can’t see the clone thing but he can hear crashing off to the side.

How the hell were they beaten by these ridiculous people, Zabuza thinks, and resists the urge to drag his hands over his face.

“We’re not friends,” he tells Gai. “You tied me up and dragged me to this shitty village and I am going to kick your ass for it.”

Gai’s grin, if anything, grows wider. “Yosh, you are clearly full of Youthful Vigor! It warms my heart to see such spirit in my second eternal rival! Shall we have a rematch? Our intense man to man battle starts now!” He drops into one of the fighting poses Zabuza had originally mocked, but by now Zabuza knows better. This guy is terrifying. And not just because of the spandex.

“Not in my apartment, Gai-sensei,” Tenten says almost absently, like this is so common it’s become rote. “And careful where you say that. If Hatake hears he has a rival for your affections, he’ll get jealous.”

Zabuza blinks, then turns to look at Gai again. Just how popular is this bastard?

“You got dipping sauce on your jumpsuit,” Neji says blandly, on his way past with a tray of bowls.

“Ah!” Gai wails, and his hand immediately goes to the zipper of his outfit. “If I don’t get it out immediately, the stain will set!”

There’s a clatter from the kitchen, and the mini-clone skids around the corner exactly like Gai did. “Gai-sensei! I have filled the sink! I will defeat this stain and it will no longer mar the green of our Youthful and manly outfits!”

“Lee! You are going to grow into a great man! One of the Flames of Youth lighting Konoha!” Gai cries, and—Zabuza is pretty sure he’s crying. Those are tears. Backlit by a sunset.

He has no idea what’s going on here.

“You’ll get used to it,” Neji tells him, over the cries of Lee! and Gai-sensei! filling the air.

“Or go mad,” Tenten adds, more cheerfully than is really warranted, on her way past.

Haku edges out of the kitchen, takes one look at the scene, and then clearly decides that Neji is the only safe territory and beats a hasty retreat to practically hide behind him.

Zabuza snorts, though he definitely doesn’t disagree, and turns from staring judgmentally at his apprentice to glace disbelievingly at Gai. He’s just in time to see green spandex go flying, and—



Zabuza’s hardly a slouch in the muscles department—Kubikiribōchō is an iron sword as tall as he is, and it takes a hell of a lot of strength and a good bit of chakra to use it well. But Gai makes him look like a reedy little genin, and Zabuza already got his ass kicked thoroughly, knows that Gai very well could crush his head like a melon. He hadn’t seen the muscles, though, and that horrible bodysuit hides a hell of a lot.

Zabuza carefully checks that he’s not drooling, tears his eyes away from the way those boxers hug Gai’s truly awe-inspiring ass, and grabs Tenten by the arm as she passes.

The girl’s cunning enough to trip up Haku; she’s definitely his best bet here.

“Who’s this Hatake asshole?” he demands. “A boyfriend?”

Tenten blinks at him for a moment, then tilts her head thoughtfully. “His first eternal rival,” she says, studying him. “They’ve been friends since they were kids.”

Zabuza has a lot of work to do, then. He grits his teeth, then meets Tenten’s eyes. “How much would I have to pay you to run interference?”

Tenten beams, bouncing on her toes. “Swordsmanship lessons,” she says blissfully. “And three new weapons.”

He strangles a groan, but casts a look over her collection anyway. He’s going to have to try really fucking hard to find some she doesn’t already have—her hoard is impressive, especially for a genin. But—

He takes another look at Gai, who’s currently flexing for no apparent reason except fuck that is a pretty picture, Zabuza has not wanted someone to fuck him this badly ever—and then back at Tenten, who’s managing to toe the line between innocent and devilish with all the best qualities of both.

Worth it, he decides without even hesitating.

“Deal,” he says.

Tenten wiggles gleefully. “Weapons!” she says, and practically floats away to keep Lee from destroying her kitchen in his enthusiasm. Zabuza watches her go, then turns at the feel of eyes on him and looks straight into Haku’s slightly horrified and wholly judging stare.

It’s probably a bad sign that Zabuza doesn’t even feel an ounce of shame. He just shrugs helplessly, waving a hand at Gai—still flexing, still glorious—in illustration, and Haku groans and buries his face in his hands.

Zabuza chuckles. Maybe getting dragged all the way from Wave to Konoha won’t turn out to be such torture after all.


Fandom: Sanders Sides

Summary: Roman and Patton give Virgil a gift; Virgil likes it way more than Roman thinks he would. 

Word Count: 1,096

Fic Type: One-Shot

Warnings: So much disgusting fluff you might puke.

Pairings: Gen

Tag List: @wilsonprs @abstractedthinking @future-watcher @milk-withtwosugars @vladimeme @the-sanders-sides

Notes: Alternatively titled; the really stupid hoodie fic

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Morning, now that destiel has basically been confirmed and I have been reading A LOT of fic, I am actually going to be disappointed when there isn't a sex scene. I am a spoiled person aren't I!?

Evening! Mmmmmmhhhh yes. Agreed. I mean, I have to say, however Disney-orientated my brain is, and however little my awe for how they’ve built this love story for nine years has anything at ALL to do with us securing a visual of these two fucking on screen (if I may be crass) (you may) (I thank you) the fact still remains that Dean has had some pretty steamy sex scenes with women on SPN and for him to not have an equally loving, tender, amazing, intimate show-a-bitta-flesh scene in bed or wherever (beggars can’t be choosers) with Cas once they’ve shared their first soft, tentative or smoking hot throw-up-against-a-wall kiss, well, yeah… it would be disappointing. 

I don’t know what rules the CW have for these types of things. @bluestar86 was talking about the set rules for how a straight couple sex scene may be shot in the States and they have - if you’ll forgive me - the most bullshit sexist rules I’ve ever heard. So I can only imagine the alarm that would blare if someone brings in a script with a scene where these two have a nice roll around in the hay. 

What I would love, though, is for them to push it as far as they can possibly go, and honestly, I think it’s pretty far. Anyone about to come at me with “But it’ll be so awkward for the actors” need to turn around and go buy themselves the biggest ice cream they can find and just enjoy it until that thought has left their brain. These men may be the closest of friends, but honestly, put yourself in their place –>

–> you share the same profession, you know this kiss is going to be technical, you’re completely invested in each other’s character, you’ve been building a love story together through subtext for a decade, it’s time to share a series (let it be a series, Dabb and Singer, please let there be more than one moment) of intimate scenes - what do you do? Would you panic? Oh my GOD I have to KISS THIS FRIEND NOW FUCK! 

No, why would you, when your friend is in the same situation and it’s a professional one? Wouldn’t it be nicer to come to work and get to kiss someone you’re completely comfortable with, who is just as aware that this is work and who wants to get it right, rather than having to coordinate with a complete stranger? Maybe I’m weird (there is no weird) (omgggggg heart eyes forever) but I sincerely do not see these men having a problem with this scenario. (I am purposefully not going to even touch on Cockles here) (I mean I sincerely do not see either of these men having a problem professionally)

Misha kisses men off screen all the time so he’s fine with it and Jensen has built Dean as bisexual from frame one so this can’t exactly come as a fucking shocker to him. I DON’T CARE WHAT JENSEN SAYS! I’m sorry, I’ve been writing 13x01 meta all day and I’m emotional. Forgive me. 

Then again… I don’t know what’s true when it comes to what they can and can’t do. Times are changing rapidly at the moment, and it’s needed, especially when there are idiots in this world, powerful ones, working to slow progress down and bring us back to the fucking 50s. Supernatural is all about deconstructing those old-fashioned values and so there’s always hope that what they’re doing this season will truly push the envelope. (look at their fucking PR) (it’s INSANE) But no expectations from this corner, really. Just ever present hope for the good. ;P


Something that Wasn’t There Before. SugarDaddy!Steve x Reader

Summary: You’ve been in this arrangement with Lawyer!Steve for over a year now, but is there something new to be discovered?

Author Notes: This is for @marvelous-fvcks writing challenge! And I hope it’s not shitty, I had to write it all today, so I hope you still like it!// Sugar daddy - baby relationship/ hints at sexy times/ some jealousy/ obviously daddy kink

Word Count: 2,750

This was different. Steve couldn’t quite put his finger on it though.
Sitting at his desk, the wall of windows behind him were slowly dimming as the evening came. His work as lead partner in his law firm usually kept him at the office past sundown, which his previous arm candies never could fully get over. His eyes scanned the documents in front of him, but his mind was elsewhere. Giving a moment to regain focus, he sat back in his lush chair and sighed at his own frustration. This case was huge, global, and would set precedent for government hands and control over non military defense groups. He hated this case. On one hand, it would set Romanoff and Rogers firm into a permanent spot for contracts for decades to come. On the other hand, was this allowing too much restriction for civilians and their right to defend themselves? His own strong morality was in a tug of war with the prestige he and Natasha had worked so hard for. Should he lose it over one single, history changing case?

Steve wasn’t one to let people stay in the office late while he worked, but again… This was different. You were different. Other women, and men, that Steve had been with would never had done well with these late nights. They tended to get bored, whine, pout, and soon end up in his lap. Not that he minded that part, but you weren’t intrusive with your need. You had your own way of showing Steve when you needed him. But you were content where you were.

He rest his chin in his hand and eyed you across the room. You had kicked off your heels after your long day as an assistant for his partnering attorney in the office, and now had your legs stretched out across the couch along the wall of the office. You were entranced in a book that you had stashed in the side table, a habit soon developed since you had started spending later nights with Steve. His past lovers would never had let themselves work as hard as you still did. No matter how much he tried, Steve couldn’t convince you to leave your job completely. You were originally Natasha’s assistant, which is how he met you in the first place. It wasn’t for a few more years and a lot more money, that he approached you about making an arrangement. He had heard you discussing your own student debt piling up because your rent and groceries took an obvious priority. At the end of a meeting, he had asked Natasha if he could borrow you for a moment, which led to this… almost a full year later. Steve had even more wealth to spoil you with, after paying your loans which had gone into complete collections and wrecked your credit completely, you had a key to his place and the same went for him, but he couldn’t seem to get you to leave your job. Natasha was pretty upset to lose her assistant simply because Steve didn’t want his new plaything to be worn down at the end of the day. So, she hired a second assistant to divide the work. He smiled at the memory of finally getting you to say yes to his proposition: a woman exclusively for him to have and in return, whatever you wanted. You had yet to find something to ask for that he would actually deny you. Hence, you still working. Steve learned very quickly that you were not meant to be totally dependent on anyone. You needed something of your own still. It was all working out better than Steve ever though it could. He figured you working would bother him, make him feel like he didn’t have you fully. But he never felt more in control, honestly. His thoughts continued on as he stared at you, the lamp beside you almost making a crown of light atop your head. You had noticed his eyes on you a while into this and gave a smirk as you kept your eyes on the pages in front of you.

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can’t you see it’s me?

the sanvers soulmate au where you feel what your soulmate does (pain, pleasure)

words: 2968

tw for past child abuse

Alex Danvers is five years old when she realizes pain – to this extent, at least – isn’t normal. She’s five years old when she realizes that the stinging pain in her face or the gutted feeling in her stomach is because her soulmate is out there, somewhere, getting hurt.

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I Love You Most

Fandom: Harry Potter

Pairing: Fred Weasley x Reader

Requested: No

Prompt/Summary: You are staying at the Burrow over Christmas because Fred discovered the truth about your abusive parents. You aren’t expecting much for the holiday, but Fred goes out of his way to make this the best Christmas you’ve ever had.

Word Count: 2,482

Pronouns Used: She/Her

Warnings: Slight/Referenced Bullying, Referenced Abuse from Parents

Author’s Note: This imagine includes references to parental abuse and incidents that could be seen as bullying. While neither are described in detail, and no specific events of either abuse or bullying are pictured, I want all readers to be as safe as possible, so if these topics are in any way triggering to you, I implore that you read with extreme caution or you do not read this imagine at all.

Your name: submit What is this?

Originally posted by fantasyimagine

Fred grabbed the cloth coat that was once hung over the oak chair beside him. Slipping it around his body, he made his way to the door to exit the Burrow when Molly suddenly appeared behind him.

“Where do you think you’re going, Fred Weasley?” she demanded.

“Oh, you know, out,” he responded.

“Tell me where you are going right this instant, young man!” Molly raised her voice, making the conversation conceivably audible to the rest of the Burrow’s residents.

“Will you please keep your voice down?” he implored. “If you must know, I’m off to get (Y/N) a Christmas present.”

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Amanda’s Dreams: Tentacles

Contains: Inflation, Bursting, Bondage, Gore, Consensual.
Tone: Morbid.
Method: Slime.
Characters: Human, Tentacles.

Taking a break from her latest exhaustive dream, Amanda tries for another dream the next weekend.

The morning after her overwhelming predalien lucid dream, Amanda felt sore and tired from both the dream, and all the rubbing she had done to her body just before she had fallen asleep. She spent the day eating well and relaxing in bed with TV, trying her best to not jump back into the internet. As another work week began, she couldn’t wait until the weekend to try again.

Right as she got home on a Friday night, she dashed into her bedroom, grabbing her laptop and jumped into bed with it. With how random dreams could be, she knew she couldn’t force specific settings to happen. Treating it like the lottery, she watched and read about every kink she could find, praying that one of them had their way with her. After another evening of exhaustive “research”, she set the laptop aside and curled up under the covers, quickly falling asleep.


Amanda was in her room getting ready for bed, figuring out what to wear. Checking her naked body out in the mirror for a moment, she decided on a loose shirt and fluffy sweat pants to wear, wanting to keep warm from her cool room. She slipped both pieces of clothing onto her sexy tanned body, feeling much warmer already.

Not feeling tired just yet, she grabbed a book and climbed into bed; she rested on the soft blankets of the bed, propping her head and back up on the pillows. Romance novels were her favorite thing to read, always anticipating the steamy love scenes that they contained. Noticing that a scene was about to start, she slipped one of her hands down into her pajamas, positioning her fingers right between her legs. As the scene heated up, her fingers went to work, slowly speeding up as she became wetter.

“That’s right Susan, take his thick cock deep inside of you!” Amanda thought, egging on the characters in the book.

Warmth built between her legs, her breath and heart beat intensifying as well. The woman Susan in the book was getting pounded fast and rough, Amanda wishing she was in her position; for the time being, her fingers would have to do. Much like Susan, Amanda began moaning, her fingers having slipped deep inside of herself. The man pounding Susan was about to explode deep inside, forcing Amanda to focus on her clit now. Right when it seemed like she was going to time her own orgasm with the man’s own, Amanda was shocked as she turned the page.

“What the hell? The page is blank!” She said, unable to comprehend the book; her distraction quickly killing her once growing climax.

Before Amanda could ponder what was going on for too long, she heard some sick gurgling sounds outside of her bedroom windows. Her bed was positioned in a corner, a window present on both walls that touched her bed. Putting her book down on a nightstand, she sat up on her knees to look out of the side window. Not seeing anything at first, she suddenly jumped backwards and landing back on the pillows, when something crashed into the window.

As her shock died down, she knew what was outside the window, triggering her lucid dream talent, “Oh shit, that’s a tentacle!” she screamed, her fear instantly turning to lust, “I’m glad my book went blank when it did, as this is so much hotter!” she scooted towards the window. “You look lonely out there, why don’t I let you in?”

The thick tentacle slid up and down the window, leaving a thick trail of slime wherever it touched the glass. Not wanting shards of glass all over the bed, she quickly lifted up the window to let in the slimy intruder. She promptly laid back down on the pillows, her mind going wild thinking of all the things that the tentacle might do to her.

In no time, the green tentacle slid further and further into her bedroom, piling up between her feet. It went right for one of her legs, slithering up inside of her sweatpants, coating her leg with a layer of slime. Amanda shivered from anticipation and the cold sensation of the slime, goosebumps forming all over; despite being far from the tentacle, her nipples quickly stiffened, visibly poking out through her shirt.

“Man, I wish there were more of you!” She said.

As if on queue, her head snapped towards the open window right as three more tentacles entered the room. Her focus on the tentacles was disrupted as she felt the one up her leg prodded her between the legs, only inches away from her unguarded entrance. Thinking that it was just going to dive right in, she instead saw the end of it poke out from the band of her sweatpants, viciously pulling back on them. With a loud rip, the tentacle tore through her pants and pulled away the remaining tatters, leaving the bottom half of her body exposed to the cold room, and soon the tentacles.

“You’re lucky I’ll have a new pair when I wake up!” She yelled at it.

With her pants out of the way, the rest of the tentacles split up and descended upon her body. Two of them tightly gripped her ankles, spreading her legs wide, making her feel they were going to rip her in half. The last one that just came into her room slithered along her bed, stopping momentarily when it reached her ass. Cold slime covered her ass as it slid underneath between her cheeks a few inches, stopping again as it found her clenched entrance.

“Feel free to do whatever you want! My body is yours!” She said.

Before her ass or pussy got penetrated, the tentacle that had ripped her pants off aimed for her shirt next, slithering up her belly and underneath it. Sliding up between her soft mounds, it once more poked out from the collar and pulled back, completely shredding her last piece of clothing. While her nipples were stiff before, they nearly became hard as diamonds as they were met with the cold room.

“You had all better do what you’re going to do before I freeze to death here!” She said, her body shivering.

Amanda heard another knock on a window, this time on the one just above her head. Straining her neck to look up at it, she saw what must have looked like more tentacles. With her legs held tight by tentacles, she sighed in relief as the clothing shredding tentacle went up to open the window for her. As it opened the window all the way, sure enough two more tentacles came slithering in.

“Welcome to the party, there’s more than enough of me to go around!” She said to them.

Much like her legs, they wrapped tightly around her wrists, pulling her arms to the side; almost enough to pop them out of their sockets. With her body completely exposed and spreadeagled, the last tentacle slid back down her body, resting only inches from her dripping wet pussy. In perfect sync, she let out her first moan of the night as both her ass and pussy were split wide.

“Oh god, go as deep as you want, split me in half for all I care!” She screamed in ecstasy.

Her limbs were held tight, the tentacles never loosening their grips. Both invading tentacles slithered in without difficulty, their slimy coating providing a nearly frictionless penetration. Every inch split her body wider and wider, her body struggling to keep itself in one piece. With her mind overwhelmed with sensations, she held her head up for but a moment, catching a glimpse of her lower belly, watching as a bulge moved underneath towards her belly button.

As the tentacle stuffed deep inside reached her cervix, it stopped; the one sliding up her ass stopping as well. Not having to wait long, Amanda felt them both slide back out, moving faster than they did when going in. Stopping once more, each leaving only an inch of their slimy lengths inside, they pushed right back in, harder and faster.

“Just like that, fuck me good!” She screamed.

Slowly speeding up with each thrust, they pounded her curvy, sexy body, sending her into a moaning mess. Sick sloshing and slurping sounds echoed through the room, each paired with slime squirting out of her body each time a tentacle pulled out. Even with her limbs gripped tightly, the ramming of her body still caused her heavy breasts to bounce all over, their nipples finally softening from her body heating up. Sweat and slime mixed all over on her body, the air filling with a sweet aroma, kicking her arousal into overdrive.

“Fuck, I think I’m coming!” She screamed.

The tentacle thrusting in and out of her pussy quickly built warmth and pressure in her depths, bringing her towards climax. Part of the tentacle had been angling itself upwards, rubbing greatly over her G spot. With one last powerful thrust, Amanda arched her back as far as the tentacles allowed and let out an ecstatic scream, sending her pussy into powerful convulsions. The tentacles deep inside of her were repeatedly constricted as her orgasm swept through her, causing them to feel even tighter within her seizing body.

“That… Was amazing. What else can you guys d-!” She said, unable to finish as a new tentacle caught her off guard.

While Amanda was savoring the energetic climax pulsing through her body, she failed to notice another tentacle had entered the window above her. As her chest heaved, breathing through her wide mouth, it quickly slipped in between her wet lips, interrupting her question. She didn’t question it, her mouth quickly sucking on it, savoring the sweet taste of its slime.

While she sucked on the thick, delicious, tentacle in her mouth, the others that were stuffed in her body below returned to work. She was too focused on her sucking of the juicy tentacle to notice as the one in her ass slid even deeper than it had before, making her belly writhe slightly. A sudden jolt of pain broke her out of her trance, the tentacle in her pussy having rammed her cervix as hard as it could, breaking through and resting within her womb.

“Things are about to get interesting!” She thought to herself.

Her eyes went wide when yet more tentacles came through the window above her head, both quickly descending upon her ignored breasts. They roughly wrapped around the soft bases, constricting them tight until it looked like they would burst. The ends of the tentacles opened up, revealing slimy maws that promptly took a hold of her nipples, sucking in half of her breasts inside of them. She moaned as they applied pulsating suction on her luscious mounds, trying their best to get any milk from them, if she had any.

Not wanting to be left out, the one stuffed in her mouth suddenly shot down the back of the throat and into her neck, not stopping until reaching her stomach; she was lucky to have taken a deep breath right beforehand. With her unable to move, every hole completely stuffed with thick tentacles, she knew something big was coming.

Sure enough, every tentacle that was deep inside of her began to undulate and pulsate, sending waves of pleasure through every inch of her body. Gurgling noises grew louder outside of the windows, and with her limited vision, she saw what looked like bulges traveling within the tentacles, heading right towards her body.

“Fuck yes! Fill my body with your vile slime! Pump me full until I burst!” She yelled in her head.

As the first bulges met with the entrances of her pussy and ass, she screamed in bliss through the tentacle in her mouth as she was split wider than ever. Moments later the tentacle in her mouth brought a bulge as well, nearly causing her jaw to break as it forced its way into her hungry mouth. More and more bulges went along the tentacles, splitting her wide, all the while depositing slime within her. If one of her hands had been loose, she would have easily been able to feel her neck bulge with each deposit.

Smart enough to have propped herself up on pillows, Amanda watched as her belly slowly grew right before her eyes, each bulge growing it further. With her stomach, womb, and intestines getting filled at the same time, it wouldn’t take long for her body to reach its limits. Another climax had been growing as bulges of slime passed through her pussy, putting extreme pressure on her G spot until she could handle no more.

“Oh god, coming again!” She screamed through the tentacle.

Powerful pulsations traveled through her pussy, helping the tentacle deposit its slimy loads. Her growing belly made it hard to arch her back, not to mention the tentacles still keeping a tight grip on her. As her latest orgasm died down, she estimated that her belly was at least a few months along pregnancy, showing no signs of stopping. The hungry maws on her breasts showed no signs of slowing down, their suctions now coupled with nibbling sensations of her nipples.

For what felt like eternity, she laid there in eternal ecstasy, watching and feeling the tentacles as they pumped their vile slime deep into her sexy body. A new orgasm swept through her body each time her belly grew a month in size, becoming more intense each time. Her body sweated like crazy, beads of it dripping down the sides of her belly as it grew. Pressure and tightness grew as well, only registering in her mind when she reached the sixth month mark. For the first time since her cervix was penetrated, pain grew in her belly as she reached the 8th month. The sweaty, towering form of her belly began turning red, darkening more towards her belly button. Stretch marks quickly formed when she reached the ninth month, pain and pressure almost unbearable.

“I don’t know how much longer I can last, I’m going to burst soon!” She thought to herself.

Closing her eyes and bracing herself for the inevitable explosion, she got a surprise as nothing happened. Opening her eyes, she noticed that the tentacles had stopped pulsating, no more bulges traveling through them. The tentacle in her mouth slowly slipped out of her stomach and her mouth, letting her freely breathe and talk again.

“What are you doing!? You can’t leave me like this, burst me already!” She screamed at them in anger.

Her outcry was hasty, as she heard the loudest and sickest gurgling sound of the night. Her heart beat heavy in her chest as she looked over at the side window, the source of the sickening sound. Louder and louder it grew, until her eyes went wide with what she saw. Easily three times as big as they were before, a gigantic bulge was slowly but surely traveling along a tentacle, more accurately the one that was shoved deep into her ass.

“Holy fuck, now that is what I’m talking about! Bring that bad boy to mama!” She screamed with joy.

The anticipation was killing her, knowing that the room would be painted in her guts when it reached her. So much adrenaline flowed through her veins that she couldn’t moan any longer, only able to breath heavy and deep. Her heavily heaving chest felt powerful beats as her heart was nearly overdosing on adrenaline, feeling like it too would burst alongside her gravid belly. She wished that she could rub her clit, which was promptly answered by the tentacle that had been in her mouth, moving down right to it and stroked it with its slimy length.

“Just like that, you know how to treat a lady. Don’t go too fast, I want to cum right when my belly bursts!” She yelled at it.

   Slow, gentle strokes passed over her clit, only to be joined by the tentacle that had remained in her pussy; it started to thrust in and out of her once more, being careful to not unleash the slime it had pumped into her. Inch by slow inch, she continued to watch the giant bulge move along the tentacle, which was now right at the foot of her bed, starting its journey right for her ass. The heavy load of slime pushed down on the bed as it moved closer, leaving behind a thick trail of slime. As it finally neared her ass, she began hyperventilating.

“This is it, don’t hold back! Cram that thing right in!” She struggled to scream, her breathing too heavy.

As her ass felt the initial push of pressure, her last orgasm was nearly complete. Somehow having brains, the tentacles tending to her pussy and clit quickened their pace, thrusting and rubbing her like they were trying to start a fire. The giant bulge pushed harder and harder on her ass, splitting her wider than was humanly possible. With her ass opened as wide as it could go, the giant bulge slowly emptied itself into her. Pain and pressure grew immensely, her belly somehow still growing. When the large bulge shrunk down half of its size, she felt a bolt of pain in her belly.

“My intestines! They’re popping!” She screamed.

One after another, sickening pops radiated out from her belly as different sections of her intestines gave out, spilling the vile slime all over inside of her. Each miniature burst made her tight belly jiggle slightly, sending the sweat on it all over the room. She did nothing but scream as the rest of the slime load flowed into her, and as the last section of intestines burst, the final push of slime shot into her. Right on time, a final stroke over her clit made her pussy explode into ecstasy, sending waves of pleasure through her body. The last drop of slime sent into her ass set off a chain reaction, starting with making her stomach and womb burst.

“HOLY FUCKING SHIT, my belly is bursting!” She screamed at the top of her lungs.

With a final arching of her back, almost powerful enough to snap her spine in half, her taut, gravid, dark red veined belly exploded. Blood guts, and an unholy amount of slime covered the entire room, only leaving the area under the bed spotless. With their job accomplished, every tentacle left her body and disappeared into the night through the open windows. Amanda laid there covered in gore and slime, still weakly breathing even after such an explosive event, savoring the final moments of her last orgasm.

“That…  was… amazing…” She weakly said, then expired soon after.


With the sound of birds chirping, the morning sun gleaming through the windows, Amanda peacefully woke up. Having experienced lucid dreams before, she no longer woke up abruptly in a panic. Just to make sure, she rubbed her belly, smiling when she felt no harm had been done to her. Knowing that she shouldn’t abuse her dreams, she got out of bed and enjoyed her weekend off of work.

The Best Gift

Anon Request: Hi there good luck with your blog! Can i have a Sherlock x femreader? They’re just friends but have strong feelings for each other (dont have to be in a romantic way if you dont want to) She lives next door, and is an american in her 20s, as the holidays approach she starts feeling homesick and he just comforts her in the cutest and more supportive way ever just fluff and cuteness pls haha thanks 

Sherlock x Reader

Warnings: Homesick, Saddness, Fluff

A/n: Here it is! I hope you like it, this was my first request, so I pray I did it justice. Let me know if it’s what you wanted, and if it isn’t I’ll write you another!

Christmas is right around the corner, you got a present for Sherlock, John, Mrs. Hudson, and Molly. At first you were excited, but each day it got closer the pain in your chest grew deeper, especially after your mom called. They were doing the typical family Christmas party, decorating the tree (they even put your special ornament up), putting Christmas knick knacks around the house, and making your favorite… eggnog. The more you thought about it the less you wanted to celebrate, somehow Sherlock noticed. You thought you hid it well, but then again he notices everything about you, even though you don’t realize it. He loved (as he put it) how ‘bloody American’ you are, so he thought up an idea, he would make it like your Christmas at home. You told him about them and he remembered every detail of it.

It was two days away from the Eve of Christmas Eve, you were in your room in the flat reading a book trying to ignore the pain as much as you could, then there was a know on your door.

“Y/n, can you come out here, I have something I want to show you.” Sherlock asked you.

“I don’t feel like getting up, Sherlock, is it important?” You asked him.

“It is of the utmost importance, y/n, please come out here!” He got a little impatient, but caught himself, his excitement was getting the best of him, you reluctantly got up and headed for the door, as soon as you opened it,”Merry Christmas!!! I need your help finishing the tree, everyone is here!”

“What do you mean everyone is here? Sherlock, I’m not dressed properly!” You say, your face turning red.

“You look perfectly fine, dear.” He whispered in your ear, he placed his hand in the center of your back and pulled you into the living space. You almost couldn’t believe what you saw. All of those silly knick knacks you secretly loved were around the room, the tree had the lights on it, but the ornaments were sitting next to it waiting to be hung, the smell of food filled your nostrils, and it smelt a lot like the food your mother cooked, then you saw it. The ornament you loved so dearly was there on the table waiting for you to place it on the tree. Sherlock walked up behind you a stuck a glass full of something right in front of your face.

“Even had this nasty stuff made. Try it, see if it taste good.” He said, hiding the smile on his face. You grabbed the cup and took a swig, it tasted just like home, if not better. “Are you ready to decorate the tree? Everyone is waiting and they’re excited to be celebrating the way you do.” You sopped him and pulled him into you for a hug.

“Sherlock, this is the best thing anybody has ever done for me, how did you even know?” You asked and he smirked.

“I know everything about you.” He said, as he took your hand and pulled you to where the company was sitting. The night was great and you all decorated the tree and you put your ornament up, and then gave everyone their presents. Eventually everyone began to leave and then it was just you, Sherlock, and John. Sherlock wondered off to the back room and when he did that John and you talked.

“Y/n, you know how he feels about you, right?” John asks, with a soft smile on his face.

“Of course I do, he’s my best friend, and he would do the same for you.” You replied to him, but John just shook his head and laughed.

“What are you all talking about?” Sherlock walks in and ask, but John got up and left the room. “What was that about?”

“He was talking about how you feel about me, and asked if I knew. Of course I know, we’re best friends, right?” Sherlock’s face twisted in funny way, you thought you even saw a blush on his cheeks.

“Y/n, of course we are.” He walked up to you and gently grabbed your face and leaned down to kiss you, you accepted the kiss and finally realized what John was getting at. The rest of the night you and Sherlock just sat on the couch and once it was Christmas Eve he gave you a present.

“Oh, Sherlock! You didn’t have to, this was present enough!” You say as you tore into the gift wrap, what you found is not what you expected, he got you plane tickets to your hometown, three of them to be exact. “Sherlock, this really has become the best Christmas ever!” 

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What are the key features of dinosaurs though, exactly?

Kind of a long story and it’s a fluctuating list. Here is a list from Nesbitt: 

  • in the skull, a supratemporal fossa (excavation) is present in front of the supratemporal fenestra, the main opening in the rear skull roof
  • epipophyses, obliquely backward pointing processes on the rear top corners, present in the anterior (front) neck vertebrae behind the atlas and axis, the first two neck vertebrae
  • apex of deltopectoral crest (a projection on which the deltopectoral muscles attach) located at or more than 30% down the length of the humerus (upper arm bone)
  • radius, a lower arm bone, shorter than 80% of humerus length
  • fourth trochanter (projection where the caudofemoralis muscle attaches on the inner rear shaft) on the femur (thighbone) is a sharp flange
  • fourth trochanter asymmetrical, with distal, lower, margin forming a steeper angle to the shaft
  • on the astragalus and calcaneum, upper ankle bones, the proximal articular facet, the top connecting surface, for the fibula occupies less than 30% of the transverse width of the element
  • exoccipitals (bones at the back of the skull) do not meet along the midline on the floor of the endocranial cavity, the inner space of the braincase
  • in the pelvis, the proximal articular surfaces of the ischium with the ilium and the pubis are separated by a large concave surface (on the upper side of the ischium a part of the open hip joint is located between the contacts with the pubic bone and the ilium)
  • cnemial crest on the tibia (protruding part of the top surface of the shinbone) arcs anterolaterally (curves to the front and the outer side)
  • distinct proximodistally oriented (vertical) ridge present on the posterior face of the distal end of the tibia (the rear surface of the lower end of the shinbone)
  • concave articular surface for the fibula of the calcaneum (the top surface of the calcaneum, where it touches the fibula, has a hollow profile)
Reckless [Spencer Reid]

Summary // You decide to do something a little reckless and Spencer really doesn’t want you to get hurt

“Is this the only solution we can come up with?” Spencer asked, you knew the plan wasn’t the best idea as there was a lot of risk to it but you had no other leads on the unsub and with the whole police force you were quite comfortable that it would work, it had to, he couldn’t escape a club where police officers were planted both inside, outside and on the roof watching through the windows, he was such a high priority target but with no leads they didn’t have any other choice.

“I’ll do it.” You volunteered, the idea you all had come up with was to sent someone in and to make them interact with the unsub and see what happens next, he abducted all of his victims from one bar and the best plan was to let someone almost get abducted, there were fingerprints on the various places he had stayed, their bodies had obvious signs of torture and beside the unsub you had everything you needed to convict the unsub, you just needed to arrest him during any crime, yet every time before any agent decided to go to the bar he wasn’t there and with no other lead, this time though he announced it.

“Are you sure?” Hotch asked and you gave a confident nod, you were sure you would be able to handle him, he was an annoying idiot and you understood the danger of it all, the hardest part would likely be not punching him in the face for his stupid remarks, he had taped one of his abductions and torture and left it at the place where he did so for the police to find, he was clever to cover his face but many people had seen the man leave the bar every Friday, every time with a new girl who they never saw again.

“Positive, I can handle it Hotch, I’ve dealt with idiots before and I trust this team and the police force, you’ll be posted outside the building, inside the building and on the roof, it’ll be impossible for him to get away with someone, I’ve done something like this before.” You said confidently and he stared at you for a while before giving you a nod of confirmation.

“Go get ready.” You nodded and immediately decided to head for the hotel room and change into something more appropriate for going to a bar instead of work, you didn’t have anything that was too extreme but you imagined a shirt tucked in and a pair of black jeans would suffice, it was quite cold for the year so you didn’t think everyone would be walking around half naked.

As you had finished changing you noticed the door opening of the room you and Spencer shared.

“Are you sure you want to do this?” He asked and you furrowed your brow, confused as to why he was bringing it up.

“Yeah, I’ve been in worse situations and so I don’t have anything to really loose if it really goes wrong and I got myself out of those worse situations so I’ll be fine, really.” You said as you put your phone into your backpocket and argued whether or not to bring your gun.

“What about me? What about the team?” You became even more confused.

“I won’t die, it’s not that bad but the team will keep working if something bad happens, it’s always goes like that, something goes wrong and eventually people just keep working and for you, you can’t lose something you’ve never had.” You commented and flashed him a quick smile before leaving.


The bar was filled to the brim and you spotted both Morgan and Prentiss on opposite ends of the bar and so you waited with a drink in your hand. What Reid had said got you thinking whilst you waited for the unsub to come. You knew the dangers of doing it and you had to admit you hadn’t really thought about all of the bad things that could happen because you were confident with half of the police in the state around the corner or disguised and present but he was right, everything could really go wrong but you tried to not to think about it.

You liked him, it was more of a thing that was present but you decided not to think of too much, it shouldn’t meddle with your work but you had never heard him as worried as he had then and you wondered if it was more than just caring for a friend and co-worker.

Once you spotted the unsub you decided it was better to just focus on that, deal with the situation at hand.

“You look surprisingly sad and distracted for someone of that beauty.” You stared at him for a while, he looked nothing like he did in the video and it made you wonder if they were a duo, it could be a real possiblity with one of them picking the people up and the other torturing them.

“Smooth, and you wouldn’t mind discussing my distraction with a drink.” You needed to have some form of conversation wit him to try and see if his behaviour would add up to the profile, for him to pick up all of those people he had to be both extremely charasmatic and charming but he would also be a little agressive, no one ever saw him twice, it was always on the night they met that they would be gone and found dead a few days later.

“Of course, you tell a story and I’ll listen and I’ll do the exact same, I’m sure it’ll be interesting, you are obliged to stick around when I do the same though.” He said.

“Maybe I’m not so interesting in a drink any more.” You replied calmly and there was a hint of anger.

“I don’t think you have a choice any more.”

“I can walk out, I have every single choice in the world.” You replied with a grin and the anger only seemed to grow, which was what you exactly needed, a threat to a federal agent was really enough to get him but if your theory was right, it would take a lot more than just getting him.

“You don’t, I’m in control now.” He said as he took a hold of your arm and you easily shook it loose.

“What do you plan to do? Kill me?” You said with a huff.

“If I said yes, what would you be able to do about it. You’re just a young boy/girl” He said, clearly unimpressed and you gave a smirk as you made direct eyecontact with Morgan, something the two of you decided was a sign he could go in.

“I would say you’ve officially threatened a federal agent and harassed one which is a felony.” It seemed to register surprisingly slow but when it did Morgan had him in cuffs and he seemed surprisingly shocked and kept a lingering glare on you as he was carried away.

“That went smooth.” Prentiss commented and you nodded.

“I think they might be a duo.”


“Well, think about it we’ve got someone who’s charasmetic, charming, well if you think it’s charming, and agressive. Logically though, he’s torturing them for at least three days each, he’s a regular but this guy doesn’t fit the sillhouete yet is a perfect version of the profile, I mean we saw the video, he’s supposed to be a bit stocky, shorter than average, round head, this guy’s lean, skinny and his face sharp and a bit too long, it doesn’t add up.” You said, it was clear that he fitted the profile but someone doesn’t go from shorter than average to longer just didn’t happen overnight.

“It’s.. It’s probable.”


“I’m in here!” You shouted as you did your best to keep pressure on your shoulder, you were right with your intuition, there were two unsubs, two brothers. The younger one was more charismatic and whilst he didn’t know exactly what his older brother did to them, he liked the idea of charming and flirting with people and he could act aggressive towards them which was all he needed to be in. Hotch and Prentiss had gone to cover the left side of the house, Rossi and Morgan the right side and you and Reid were tasked with checking out the backyard, there were two sheds in the backyard and you suggested splitting up to cover more ground effectively, you had picked the one with the weird basement and the second unsub. You managed to knock him out but he still had a gun in his hand and fired a shot which landed in your shoulder.

“Y/N!” Spencer said as he stormed down the stairs and immediately went to your side.

“I’m fine! It’s just a shot wound in my left shoulder, I don’t use my left arm either way so I’ll live.” You commented, it did definitely hurt but you’ve had fights that resulted in worse injuries.

“You could’ve died!” He proclaimed.

“Yeah, but I didn’t, let’s focus on that. I don’t think I can get up on that ladder honestly.” You said with a quick smile, you didn’t like to dwell on your irrational decisions nor did you like to dwell on the fact that the bullet could’ve easily hit your heart if it had strayed a bit downward an to the right.

“I can support your back, it might make it a little easier on your right shoulder.” Spencer offered and you nodded and got up, you were very attracted to leaving the damp basement underneath a wooden shed, you tried your best not to move your left arm or shoulder as you started to climb and Spencer kept a steady hand on your back, it made it easier and very slowly you managed to get up just in time for everyone to arrive.

“What happened?” Prentiss asked, clearly worried whilst you did your best to keep some form of pressure on the wound, it wasn’t bleeding that heavily any more but you did it just to be safe.

“I got shot by our unsub, he’s down there, I knocked him out. I told Reid we should split up, two sheds, we’d cover ground faster this way, either way I’m going to be fine, any medics here?” Hotch gave a stiff nod with dissaproving eyes.

“Good, I know I did something stupid but give me a break, I got him and I got punished for my reckless actions.” You said as you walked outside and Reid followed you.

“You can lean on me.” He offered and you smiled.

“I appreciate it though I didn’t get shot in the leg,” You said with a chuckle. “You were right, you know.”


“Well, about the whole thing in the bar, I didn’t really think about it and I guess I did kind of got lucky there were two unsubs instead of just one, I don’t know what he could’ve done in the bar,” You admitted, you had been a little afraid to admit it to yourself but it was true. “So thanks, you know for caring and pointing out my obvious recklessness.” You said.

“It’s nothing, I just.. If we’d gone together, what do you think would’ve happened?” He asked and you did your best at a shrug with one shoulder.

“We could’ve overpowered him, we could’ve both got wounded, one of us could’ve died, I.. I don’t know Spencer, so much could’ve happened but I’m happy you didn’t get hurt.” You admitted, after having got shot already you hoped he didn’t have to go through it again.

“But you did.” He said and you smiled.

“I’d take a bullet for you any day Spencer, don’t worry about me getting hurt. Medics can get this fixed and I’ll be fine any day, I think I should just try to stay back a little, lay a little low the next few cases. Either way it doesn’t matter now, it happened.” You pointed out.

“Do you still want me?” you furrowed your brow.

“How do you mean?” You had an idea what he meant and were inclined to say yes but hoped to have him clarify it a little.

“You said you can’t lose what you don’t have, do you want to have me, I ehm.. I suppose I’m asking.. If uh,  If you like me.” He said, somewhat awkward.

“I uh.. I do, yeah I’ve just tried to erm… I don’t really know, I kind of tried to surpress it, I guess, to not interfere with the work but I’ve always liked that idea.” You admitted honestly, he smiled.

“I uh.. I like you too.” He said.

“That’s good, would be awkward if you didn’t. I guess we can sort this out a bit more later but I think we should get my shoulder fixed.” You suggested with a chuckle.

“I think we should too.”

[ARTICLE] BLACKPINK releases debut mini-album in Japan today (Aug. 30)

[스포츠조선닷컴=정유나 기자] BLACKPINK is releasing their debut album in Japan.

Today (Aug. 30), BLACKPINK released mini-album “BLACKPINK” that includes their hit songs released so far, to make an official debut in Japan.

The album includes the Japanese versions of BLACKPINK’s debut song “BOOMBAYAH”, “WHISTLE”, “PLAYING WITH FIRE”, “STAY”, and “As If It’s Your Last” that was released most recently, as well as the Korean versions of the songs.

BLACKPINK held a debut showcase at Budokan before their official debut, which was the first-ever case for a foreign girl group. Budokan is a performance hall dreamt by every artist in Japan. BLACKPINK also drew keen attention from even before their debut, holding “BLACKPINK PREMIUM DEBUT SHOWCASE”, their first solo concert in both Korea and Japan, and entertaining 14,000 fans of audience.

In addition, BLACKPINK presented fantastic live performances of their hit songs “WHISTLE”, “PLAYING WITH FIRE”, and “As If It’s Your Last”, for the opening stage of Japan’s biggest summer music festival “A-nation 2017” held at Tokyo Ajinomoto Stadium on August 27.

BLACKPINK appears in live broadcasting of Nippon Television’s “Sutkiri” show’s HARUNA corner, to present live-performances of “BOOMBAYAH”.

2017. 8. 30.

Birthdays, Balloons and Break-ups

25. “How could you forget your own son’s birthday?”

Dan X Reader

Word Count: 1,067

Genre: Fluff/ angst

Find my prompts here and submit them here   [REQUESTS OPEN]


There is a considerable absence of words that can describe the silence of the early morning. Blissful hums of bird’s songs and the occasional car driving along the street. Yet despite the sounds of nature, his noise is the one that you want to listen to. His soft snores and delicate breathing make you feel safe, at home. Amongst tangled sheets, you turn your head to observe his peacefulness and the way that his lips purse open slightly, thinking about the dreams that have stolen his consciousness. You carefully stroke his freckled skin with your fingertips, approaching with caution in an attempt not to wake him. These are the moments that you want to cherish forever, the thoughts of his little quirks and the way that his head rests on the pillow as if life’s problems had disappeared and the outside world was non-existent.

“Dan” you whispered tenderly. light filled the room as he stirred, adjusting to the morning’s greeting. It brought you slight satisfaction knowing that you were the first thing that he saw as he slowly awakened from his deep sleep.

Broken was the smile that naturally rested on his face when the clock showed 6:00am. A somewhat restless anger invaded his expression and he returned to the warmth of his duvet. You didn’t think anything of it, and if this was any other day, you may have even chuckled at his heavy reluctance to face the day. But not today. You didn’t think for one moment that he had forgotten your own son’s 4th birthday, instead you remembered the one-drink-too-many that you and Dan had consumed the night before, perhaps clouding any discussion that you had about early morning pancakes and the quiet assembly of decorations and balloons.

In a burst of excitement, your son ran into your bedroom, exhausting childhood’s energy. “Mummy, Daddy wake up!” he screamed as he enthusiastically pounced onto your bed, dressed in his green dinosaur pyjamas. His smile never failed to lighten your mood, he was sweet and gentle, encapturing Dan’s good spirit and his soft brown curls. “wake up Daddy!” he giggled as he began to poke Dan’s face with his small chubby fingers.

“Now why is my little champ awake so early huh?” Dan interrogated, scooping him up in his arms as he rose from his position in the bed. “because it’s my birthday!” At first you admired the liveliness of your son, listening to the way that his voice slightly resembled Dan’s articulated speech. Yet then you observed the look of fear in Dan’s eyes; you were right, he had forgotten. Quickly, you ushered Y/S/N out of the room in attempt to hide your painful tears.

“how could you forget your own son’s birthday?” you whimpered, barely letting out any sound.

“Y/N- I” He spoke apologetically.

“Save your excuses Dan, this time you’ve really done it, I had this vision in my head of my perfect little family, our perfect little family and sometimes I look at us and I think that nothing could beat it, but then in times like this, I feel so disappointed, all I wanted was for us to be happy” You couldn’t say anymore before you burst into tears. You hated Dan seeing you like this, seeing your weaknesses and vulnerability but right now, that didn’t matter, you wanted to show him how hurt you were. You sat on the edge of your bed and sobbed silently into your hands. A small part of you felt bad for Dan, he often made mistakes but never anything like this. “I’m so sorry baby I’ll make it up to you” he kept chanting endless apologies and promises and you could tell that they were sincere due to the shakiness of his voice and you oh so badly wanted to forgive him but you couldn’t.

The day went by and you were determined to remain in high spirit and make your sweet little boy feel like the most special person in the world, after all, you cared and loved him endlessly and would do anything for him, including forgetting about this pathetic argument. Despite watching your son gleefully rip open his presents and play with them in awe, you stayed strong, knowing that not one gift was from Dan.

“Now is there anything you would like to do today?” You asked your son before he screamed “I want to go to the park! and I want you to push me on the swings!” You loved the excitement in his voice. Dan declined the request to go to the park which even further angered you but you weren’t going to get mad in front of your son.

An hour or so passed and you approached your driveway with your son holding onto you with one hand and holding an ice cream with the other. You had almost forgotten about the events of this morning before you noticed the unusual amount of cars that were surrounding your house and the bright pink, yellow and blue balloons taped to the front door. Confused, you entered your home to see a few friends and parents standing in the kitchen.

“SURPRISE!” Yelled the adults and their children. All of a sudden, Dan emerged from around a corner and presented a large, oddly shaped present which was wrapped in green and blue stripy wrapping paper. “Here you go birthday boy” he exclaimed before crouching and passing it over to your son. Teary eyed, those familiar brown eyes gazed up at you. Without the need to say anything, you ran towards Dan and hugged him tighter than ever. “Thank you” you whispered into his ear as yet again, you began to tear up.

“It’s a bike!!” Screamed Y/S/N. An overwhelming sense of joy passed through your body; you hadn’t been able to afford a bike for your son and it killed you knowing that he wasn’t going to get the one present that he wanted the most. Yet it was fair to say that Dan had officially made up for his forgetful memory.

The day transitioned into a beautiful orange-sky evening and you stood, leaning against a kitchen counter with Dan’s arm grasping onto you tightly as you both watched your son eat cake and play with his friends. Maybe you weren’t perfect by definition but you definitely were a family.


今週金曜のInterFM897 Refill Korea!はゲストにVIXXの皆を迎えてお送りします。今日発売のアルバム「ラララ〜愛をありがとう〜」のお話は勿論、事前に募集した彼らへの質問にも答えてもらいますし、さらにプレゼンコーナーも!OAは23:30からです!お聴き逃しなく!

This Friday we are welcoming the guest VIXX to InterFM897 Refill Korea! Of course we’ll be talking about the album that was released today「Lalala〜ThankYouForYourLove〜」, we’ll have them answer the questions you sent in beforehand, and there is also a presentation corner! It’s on air from 11:30pm! Don’t miss it!

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how about something like in third person so like the gang reflecting on malec and how happy they make each other when they see them be all in love at the insitute

Okay so this went in a very different direction than I had originally planned and I realized halfway through writing that they were supposed to be at the Institute, but I was in too deep by then. I hope you like it anyway! (read on ao3)

send me malec prompts and i’ll write them asap! (sorry if it takes a while)

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Girl Meets World One-Shot - Sweet Goodbyes, Sweeter Hellos

A/N: The Prompt is at the end, this is fluffy Rucas, and to the Anon who requested it I hope you like it!!

Sweet Goodbyes, Sweeter Hellos

The first time they said it, they had done it just to annoy her father who had kicked Lucas out just for climbing through the bay window and not coming through the front door.

“Out,” her father screamed. “You know the rules, you’re banned from my house for the rest of the weekend.”

“Daddy you’re being unfair,” Riley said trying to stop him from kicking her boyfriend out of the house. “Maya and Zay both came from the bay window and they’re staying.”

“No Riley,” Lucas said taking her hand. “I’ll go I did break the rules.”

All she could do was sigh, but they made up a code for when things like this happened, well it wasn’t so much of a code as it was something she knew would get under her father’s skin. So she walked Lucas to the door while her father smirked, because he was getting his way. At the door she gave Lucas a quick kiss and smiled at him.

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Wandering Souls

Day 1 KLAROLINEAUWEEK : Fusions & Crossovers


K&c don’t interact with Claire and Jamie. They’re also not really Claire and Jamie, but there are some similitudes with a strong Klaroline twist. Also, Randalls became Lockwoods. Not really Outlander canon either, just Outlander Universe.

Angst. Violence. Language. 

Although it was originally intended as a one-shot, and I ended it in a way so that it can still be read as that, I’m feeling inspired, and like it needs a continuation, so, if you like it, stay tuned for a second part! After Klarolineauweek ends most probably.

Enjoy !

 « Eerie, isn’t it ? » a distinctly male voice abruptly brought her out of her contemplation.

Caroline threw a quick glance towards the man walking up to her, then looked back down, from her perch on the balcony, at the dancing, joyous pairs moving through the castle’s Great Room, the fires in the various hearths scattered in all the corners of the space to combat the wet cold winter seemingly never ending here in the Highlands, the unfamiliar smells of food and beverages that wouldn’t even be remembered centuries from now, the swirls of the tent-like skirts women were forced to wear below the excruciating tightness of their corsets, and the swirls of the kilts around the men’s knees proudly displaying the loyalty to their clan, their allegiance to their Laird.

And, she supposed, it really was eerie. Although, she guessed the man now standing next to her didn’t find it so for the same reasons she did. At least not from her perspective as a 26 years old woman from the 21st century that suddenly traveled through time and landed in the 18th century, right in the middle of Scotland.

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