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What are the key features of dinosaurs though, exactly?

Kind of a long story and it’s a fluctuating list. Here is a list from Nesbitt: 

  • in the skull, a supratemporal fossa (excavation) is present in front of the supratemporal fenestra, the main opening in the rear skull roof
  • epipophyses, obliquely backward pointing processes on the rear top corners, present in the anterior (front) neck vertebrae behind the atlas and axis, the first two neck vertebrae
  • apex of deltopectoral crest (a projection on which the deltopectoral muscles attach) located at or more than 30% down the length of the humerus (upper arm bone)
  • radius, a lower arm bone, shorter than 80% of humerus length
  • fourth trochanter (projection where the caudofemoralis muscle attaches on the inner rear shaft) on the femur (thighbone) is a sharp flange
  • fourth trochanter asymmetrical, with distal, lower, margin forming a steeper angle to the shaft
  • on the astragalus and calcaneum, upper ankle bones, the proximal articular facet, the top connecting surface, for the fibula occupies less than 30% of the transverse width of the element
  • exoccipitals (bones at the back of the skull) do not meet along the midline on the floor of the endocranial cavity, the inner space of the braincase
  • in the pelvis, the proximal articular surfaces of the ischium with the ilium and the pubis are separated by a large concave surface (on the upper side of the ischium a part of the open hip joint is located between the contacts with the pubic bone and the ilium)
  • cnemial crest on the tibia (protruding part of the top surface of the shinbone) arcs anterolaterally (curves to the front and the outer side)
  • distinct proximodistally oriented (vertical) ridge present on the posterior face of the distal end of the tibia (the rear surface of the lower end of the shinbone)
  • concave articular surface for the fibula of the calcaneum (the top surface of the calcaneum, where it touches the fibula, has a hollow profile)
Amanda’s Dreams: Tentacles

Contains: Inflation, Bursting, Bondage, Gore, Consensual.
Tone: Morbid.
Method: Slime.
Characters: Human, Tentacles.

Taking a break from her latest exhaustive dream, Amanda tries for another dream the next weekend.

The morning after her overwhelming predalien lucid dream, Amanda felt sore and tired from both the dream, and all the rubbing she had done to her body just before she had fallen asleep. She spent the day eating well and relaxing in bed with TV, trying her best to not jump back into the internet. As another work week began, she couldn’t wait until the weekend to try again.

Right as she got home on a Friday night, she dashed into her bedroom, grabbing her laptop and jumped into bed with it. With how random dreams could be, she knew she couldn’t force specific settings to happen. Treating it like the lottery, she watched and read about every kink she could find, praying that one of them had their way with her. After another evening of exhaustive “research”, she set the laptop aside and curled up under the covers, quickly falling asleep.


Amanda was in her room getting ready for bed, figuring out what to wear. Checking her naked body out in the mirror for a moment, she decided on a loose shirt and fluffy sweat pants to wear, wanting to keep warm from her cool room. She slipped both pieces of clothing onto her sexy tanned body, feeling much warmer already.

Not feeling tired just yet, she grabbed a book and climbed into bed; she rested on the soft blankets of the bed, propping her head and back up on the pillows. Romance novels were her favorite thing to read, always anticipating the steamy love scenes that they contained. Noticing that a scene was about to start, she slipped one of her hands down into her pajamas, positioning her fingers right between her legs. As the scene heated up, her fingers went to work, slowly speeding up as she became wetter.

“That’s right Susan, take his thick cock deep inside of you!” Amanda thought, egging on the characters in the book.

Warmth built between her legs, her breath and heart beat intensifying as well. The woman Susan in the book was getting pounded fast and rough, Amanda wishing she was in her position; for the time being, her fingers would have to do. Much like Susan, Amanda began moaning, her fingers having slipped deep inside of herself. The man pounding Susan was about to explode deep inside, forcing Amanda to focus on her clit now. Right when it seemed like she was going to time her own orgasm with the man’s own, Amanda was shocked as she turned the page.

“What the hell? The page is blank!” She said, unable to comprehend the book; her distraction quickly killing her once growing climax.

Before Amanda could ponder what was going on for too long, she heard some sick gurgling sounds outside of her bedroom windows. Her bed was positioned in a corner, a window present on both walls that touched her bed. Putting her book down on a nightstand, she sat up on her knees to look out of the side window. Not seeing anything at first, she suddenly jumped backwards and landing back on the pillows, when something crashed into the window.

As her shock died down, she knew what was outside the window, triggering her lucid dream talent, “Oh shit, that’s a tentacle!” she screamed, her fear instantly turning to lust, “I’m glad my book went blank when it did, as this is so much hotter!” she scooted towards the window. “You look lonely out there, why don’t I let you in?”

The thick tentacle slid up and down the window, leaving a thick trail of slime wherever it touched the glass. Not wanting shards of glass all over the bed, she quickly lifted up the window to let in the slimy intruder. She promptly laid back down on the pillows, her mind going wild thinking of all the things that the tentacle might do to her.

In no time, the green tentacle slid further and further into her bedroom, piling up between her feet. It went right for one of her legs, slithering up inside of her sweatpants, coating her leg with a layer of slime. Amanda shivered from anticipation and the cold sensation of the slime, goosebumps forming all over; despite being far from the tentacle, her nipples quickly stiffened, visibly poking out through her shirt.

“Man, I wish there were more of you!” She said.

As if on queue, her head snapped towards the open window right as three more tentacles entered the room. Her focus on the tentacles was disrupted as she felt the one up her leg prodded her between the legs, only inches away from her unguarded entrance. Thinking that it was just going to dive right in, she instead saw the end of it poke out from the band of her sweatpants, viciously pulling back on them. With a loud rip, the tentacle tore through her pants and pulled away the remaining tatters, leaving the bottom half of her body exposed to the cold room, and soon the tentacles.

“You’re lucky I’ll have a new pair when I wake up!” She yelled at it.

With her pants out of the way, the rest of the tentacles split up and descended upon her body. Two of them tightly gripped her ankles, spreading her legs wide, making her feel they were going to rip her in half. The last one that just came into her room slithered along her bed, stopping momentarily when it reached her ass. Cold slime covered her ass as it slid underneath between her cheeks a few inches, stopping again as it found her clenched entrance.

“Feel free to do whatever you want! My body is yours!” She said.

Before her ass or pussy got penetrated, the tentacle that had ripped her pants off aimed for her shirt next, slithering up her belly and underneath it. Sliding up between her soft mounds, it once more poked out from the collar and pulled back, completely shredding her last piece of clothing. While her nipples were stiff before, they nearly became hard as diamonds as they were met with the cold room.

“You had all better do what you’re going to do before I freeze to death here!” She said, her body shivering.

Amanda heard another knock on a window, this time on the one just above her head. Straining her neck to look up at it, she saw what must have looked like more tentacles. With her legs held tight by tentacles, she sighed in relief as the clothing shredding tentacle went up to open the window for her. As it opened the window all the way, sure enough two more tentacles came slithering in.

“Welcome to the party, there’s more than enough of me to go around!” She said to them.

Much like her legs, they wrapped tightly around her wrists, pulling her arms to the side; almost enough to pop them out of their sockets. With her body completely exposed and spreadeagled, the last tentacle slid back down her body, resting only inches from her dripping wet pussy. In perfect sync, she let out her first moan of the night as both her ass and pussy were split wide.

“Oh god, go as deep as you want, split me in half for all I care!” She screamed in ecstasy.

Her limbs were held tight, the tentacles never loosening their grips. Both invading tentacles slithered in without difficulty, their slimy coating providing a nearly frictionless penetration. Every inch split her body wider and wider, her body struggling to keep itself in one piece. With her mind overwhelmed with sensations, she held her head up for but a moment, catching a glimpse of her lower belly, watching as a bulge moved underneath towards her belly button.

As the tentacle stuffed deep inside reached her cervix, it stopped; the one sliding up her ass stopping as well. Not having to wait long, Amanda felt them both slide back out, moving faster than they did when going in. Stopping once more, each leaving only an inch of their slimy lengths inside, they pushed right back in, harder and faster.

“Just like that, fuck me good!” She screamed.

Slowly speeding up with each thrust, they pounded her curvy, sexy body, sending her into a moaning mess. Sick sloshing and slurping sounds echoed through the room, each paired with slime squirting out of her body each time a tentacle pulled out. Even with her limbs gripped tightly, the ramming of her body still caused her heavy breasts to bounce all over, their nipples finally softening from her body heating up. Sweat and slime mixed all over on her body, the air filling with a sweet aroma, kicking her arousal into overdrive.

“Fuck, I think I’m coming!” She screamed.

The tentacle thrusting in and out of her pussy quickly built warmth and pressure in her depths, bringing her towards climax. Part of the tentacle had been angling itself upwards, rubbing greatly over her G spot. With one last powerful thrust, Amanda arched her back as far as the tentacles allowed and let out an ecstatic scream, sending her pussy into powerful convulsions. The tentacles deep inside of her were repeatedly constricted as her orgasm swept through her, causing them to feel even tighter within her seizing body.

“That… Was amazing. What else can you guys d-!” She said, unable to finish as a new tentacle caught her off guard.

While Amanda was savoring the energetic climax pulsing through her body, she failed to notice another tentacle had entered the window above her. As her chest heaved, breathing through her wide mouth, it quickly slipped in between her wet lips, interrupting her question. She didn’t question it, her mouth quickly sucking on it, savoring the sweet taste of its slime.

While she sucked on the thick, delicious, tentacle in her mouth, the others that were stuffed in her body below returned to work. She was too focused on her sucking of the juicy tentacle to notice as the one in her ass slid even deeper than it had before, making her belly writhe slightly. A sudden jolt of pain broke her out of her trance, the tentacle in her pussy having rammed her cervix as hard as it could, breaking through and resting within her womb.

“Things are about to get interesting!” She thought to herself.

Her eyes went wide when yet more tentacles came through the window above her head, both quickly descending upon her ignored breasts. They roughly wrapped around the soft bases, constricting them tight until it looked like they would burst. The ends of the tentacles opened up, revealing slimy maws that promptly took a hold of her nipples, sucking in half of her breasts inside of them. She moaned as they applied pulsating suction on her luscious mounds, trying their best to get any milk from them, if she had any.

Not wanting to be left out, the one stuffed in her mouth suddenly shot down the back of the throat and into her neck, not stopping until reaching her stomach; she was lucky to have taken a deep breath right beforehand. With her unable to move, every hole completely stuffed with thick tentacles, she knew something big was coming.

Sure enough, every tentacle that was deep inside of her began to undulate and pulsate, sending waves of pleasure through every inch of her body. Gurgling noises grew louder outside of the windows, and with her limited vision, she saw what looked like bulges traveling within the tentacles, heading right towards her body.

“Fuck yes! Fill my body with your vile slime! Pump me full until I burst!” She yelled in her head.

As the first bulges met with the entrances of her pussy and ass, she screamed in bliss through the tentacle in her mouth as she was split wider than ever. Moments later the tentacle in her mouth brought a bulge as well, nearly causing her jaw to break as it forced its way into her hungry mouth. More and more bulges went along the tentacles, splitting her wide, all the while depositing slime within her. If one of her hands had been loose, she would have easily been able to feel her neck bulge with each deposit.

Smart enough to have propped herself up on pillows, Amanda watched as her belly slowly grew right before her eyes, each bulge growing it further. With her stomach, womb, and intestines getting filled at the same time, it wouldn’t take long for her body to reach its limits. Another climax had been growing as bulges of slime passed through her pussy, putting extreme pressure on her G spot until she could handle no more.

“Oh god, coming again!” She screamed through the tentacle.

Powerful pulsations traveled through her pussy, helping the tentacle deposit its slimy loads. Her growing belly made it hard to arch her back, not to mention the tentacles still keeping a tight grip on her. As her latest orgasm died down, she estimated that her belly was at least a few months along pregnancy, showing no signs of stopping. The hungry maws on her breasts showed no signs of slowing down, their suctions now coupled with nibbling sensations of her nipples.

For what felt like eternity, she laid there in eternal ecstasy, watching and feeling the tentacles as they pumped their vile slime deep into her sexy body. A new orgasm swept through her body each time her belly grew a month in size, becoming more intense each time. Her body sweated like crazy, beads of it dripping down the sides of her belly as it grew. Pressure and tightness grew as well, only registering in her mind when she reached the sixth month mark. For the first time since her cervix was penetrated, pain grew in her belly as she reached the 8th month. The sweaty, towering form of her belly began turning red, darkening more towards her belly button. Stretch marks quickly formed when she reached the ninth month, pain and pressure almost unbearable.

“I don’t know how much longer I can last, I’m going to burst soon!” She thought to herself.

Closing her eyes and bracing herself for the inevitable explosion, she got a surprise as nothing happened. Opening her eyes, she noticed that the tentacles had stopped pulsating, no more bulges traveling through them. The tentacle in her mouth slowly slipped out of her stomach and her mouth, letting her freely breathe and talk again.

“What are you doing!? You can’t leave me like this, burst me already!” She screamed at them in anger.

Her outcry was hasty, as she heard the loudest and sickest gurgling sound of the night. Her heart beat heavy in her chest as she looked over at the side window, the source of the sickening sound. Louder and louder it grew, until her eyes went wide with what she saw. Easily three times as big as they were before, a gigantic bulge was slowly but surely traveling along a tentacle, more accurately the one that was shoved deep into her ass.

“Holy fuck, now that is what I’m talking about! Bring that bad boy to mama!” She screamed with joy.

The anticipation was killing her, knowing that the room would be painted in her guts when it reached her. So much adrenaline flowed through her veins that she couldn’t moan any longer, only able to breath heavy and deep. Her heavily heaving chest felt powerful beats as her heart was nearly overdosing on adrenaline, feeling like it too would burst alongside her gravid belly. She wished that she could rub her clit, which was promptly answered by the tentacle that had been in her mouth, moving down right to it and stroked it with its slimy length.

“Just like that, you know how to treat a lady. Don’t go too fast, I want to cum right when my belly bursts!” She yelled at it.

   Slow, gentle strokes passed over her clit, only to be joined by the tentacle that had remained in her pussy; it started to thrust in and out of her once more, being careful to not unleash the slime it had pumped into her. Inch by slow inch, she continued to watch the giant bulge move along the tentacle, which was now right at the foot of her bed, starting its journey right for her ass. The heavy load of slime pushed down on the bed as it moved closer, leaving behind a thick trail of slime. As it finally neared her ass, she began hyperventilating.

“This is it, don’t hold back! Cram that thing right in!” She struggled to scream, her breathing too heavy.

As her ass felt the initial push of pressure, her last orgasm was nearly complete. Somehow having brains, the tentacles tending to her pussy and clit quickened their pace, thrusting and rubbing her like they were trying to start a fire. The giant bulge pushed harder and harder on her ass, splitting her wider than was humanly possible. With her ass opened as wide as it could go, the giant bulge slowly emptied itself into her. Pain and pressure grew immensely, her belly somehow still growing. When the large bulge shrunk down half of its size, she felt a bolt of pain in her belly.

“My intestines! They’re popping!” She screamed.

One after another, sickening pops radiated out from her belly as different sections of her intestines gave out, spilling the vile slime all over inside of her. Each miniature burst made her tight belly jiggle slightly, sending the sweat on it all over the room. She did nothing but scream as the rest of the slime load flowed into her, and as the last section of intestines burst, the final push of slime shot into her. Right on time, a final stroke over her clit made her pussy explode into ecstasy, sending waves of pleasure through her body. The last drop of slime sent into her ass set off a chain reaction, starting with making her stomach and womb burst.

“HOLY FUCKING SHIT, my belly is bursting!” She screamed at the top of her lungs.

With a final arching of her back, almost powerful enough to snap her spine in half, her taut, gravid, dark red veined belly exploded. Blood guts, and an unholy amount of slime covered the entire room, only leaving the area under the bed spotless. With their job accomplished, every tentacle left her body and disappeared into the night through the open windows. Amanda laid there covered in gore and slime, still weakly breathing even after such an explosive event, savoring the final moments of her last orgasm.

“That…  was… amazing…” She weakly said, then expired soon after.


With the sound of birds chirping, the morning sun gleaming through the windows, Amanda peacefully woke up. Having experienced lucid dreams before, she no longer woke up abruptly in a panic. Just to make sure, she rubbed her belly, smiling when she felt no harm had been done to her. Knowing that she shouldn’t abuse her dreams, she got out of bed and enjoyed her weekend off of work.

Girl Meets World One-Shot - Sweet Goodbyes, Sweeter Hellos

A/N: The Prompt is at the end, this is fluffy Rucas, and to the Anon who requested it I hope you like it!!

Sweet Goodbyes, Sweeter Hellos

The first time they said it, they had done it just to annoy her father who had kicked Lucas out just for climbing through the bay window and not coming through the front door.

“Out,” her father screamed. “You know the rules, you’re banned from my house for the rest of the weekend.”

“Daddy you’re being unfair,” Riley said trying to stop him from kicking her boyfriend out of the house. “Maya and Zay both came from the bay window and they’re staying.”

“No Riley,” Lucas said taking her hand. “I’ll go I did break the rules.”

All she could do was sigh, but they made up a code for when things like this happened, well it wasn’t so much of a code as it was something she knew would get under her father’s skin. So she walked Lucas to the door while her father smirked, because he was getting his way. At the door she gave Lucas a quick kiss and smiled at him.

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Here’s some pics of my tattoos! The first one is meant to represent my transition. The triangle symbolizes masculinity and the flowers symbolize the femininity I still cherish within myself. The cherry blossoms represent how short life is but also how beautiful and the lotus flower represents growth even in difficult settings. The three corners represent past, present, and future.

The “Adventure” one is the one on my leg. My bestfriend has a similar one on her arm. I feel like life should be nothing but adventures!

Christmas Special! *requested* (Part ½)

Daryl Dixon x Reader

Warnings: So much fluff.

Words: 1,400

It was going to be your first Christmas with Daryl and you were so excited you felt like you could explode at any moment. You knew that he was never really into that sort of stuff, mostly because of his childhood, but you were committed to making this holiday special for him. Daryl was out recruiting with Aaron for the day, which gave you the perfect amount of time to start decorating the house you shared with him. “Bye, be safe.” You told him as he got inside the truck with Aaron. He opened the car window and kissed you, “You too, see ya in a few hours.” It always surprised you when he showed affection in public, it took him forever to even look you in the eyes.

You watched as the truck drove off with a frown on your face, you hated when he had to leave, but you knew it was necessary. Daryl wasn’t the kind of man you could keep on a leash and you never wanted him to feel that way with you.

As soon as the truck was out of view you took off towards your house. While you were on a run you found a few Christmasy things and somehow got it into the house without Daryls knowledge, storing the items away in the basement. You started to set up the small Christmas tree and draped colorful lights and garland around it, with a few ornaments to complete the look. You found two stockings and put your name on one and Daryls name on the other. You couldn’t help but laugh when you hung them above the fireplace. This was so cheesy and the thought of Daryl’s face when he saw this made you laugh even more.

You wrapped the gifts you had gotten him in snowman wrapping-paper. The first thing you got him was a new crossbow because his was getting rather worn out and a couple new pairs of pants.


(Flashback to last week)

“Girl what the fuck are ya doin’?!” Daryl asked, you startled him half to death when you pulled at the back of his pants to check the size. “Just checking what size you are, you need new jeans. These have definitely seen better days.” You commented. “There ain’t nothin’ wrong with what I’ve got.” He mumbled. “Don’t ya roll yer eyes at me.” He stated making you smile. “Yeah yeah, whatever.” You replied and he smirked at you.

You walked over to the clothes section of the store and searched around. “Hmm, maybe I should get him a size smaller, it will make his ass look great.” You thought to yourself, smiling like an idiot. You picked out a couple things for yourself too, just the essentials.



You also stuffed his stocking with new motorcycle parts that he has been talking about since forever. You took a step back and admired your work for a little while, then got started on dinner. You made roasted chicken with a few different spices and some rice on the side. You wished you could make his favorite meal for him, but the apocalypse didn’t allow that to happen. You were happy that you were able to bake chocolate chip cookies, with the chocolate that Olivia rationed, you wanted to sneak another bar but decided not to, feeling too guilty.

You went upstairs to get changed into a tight fitting red dress with an open back that fit like a glove. You applied some red lipstick and put on eyeshadow along with mascara. “Agh shit.” You muttered realizing you forgot to get a pair of heels. You went to your closet and noticed that all you had was two pairs of combat boots and a pair of bunny slippers that Maggie had given you as a joke. “I guess this will have to do.” You said grabbing the pair of shoes.

“Hey, I’m back.” You heard Daryl say as he closed the front door. He was too busy taking off his jacket that he didn’t even realize what you had done to the house. When he looked up he saw you standing there smiling at him. His eyes wandered over your body making you blush and bite your lip. His eyes widened when he noticed the bunny slippers you were wearing and you chuckled at his reaction. He then noticed the small Christmas tree in the corner, with a few presents underneath. You watched as him carefully when he looked at the stockings on the fireplace with your names on them. His eyebrows furrowed, which made you giggle. “Ya did all this?” He asked, and you nodded your head. “Yeah, I thought it would be nice. Our first Christmas Eve/Christmas together.” You said smiling. He took you in his arms and you placed a chaste kiss on his lips, but when you started to pull back he squeezed you tighter and tried to deepen the kiss. “You need to take a shower.” You told him grinning against his lips. “Mhmm.” He replied, not giving a shit. “Seriously though, dinner is ready.” You said pointing to the kitchen table. “As long as ya join me.” He said smirking at you, when your breath hitched in your throat. “No! Stop trying to distract me.” You told him, shaking your head and lightly pushing him on his shoulder.

“Alrigh’, fine. I’ll be down in a few minutes.” He told you, kissing you once more. “I laid some clothes on the bed for you.” You said, as he walked up the stairs.


Oh. my. God.” You thought too yourself, when you saw Daryl come down the stairs. He was wearing black jeans and a dark grey button dress shirt, with the sleeves rolled up to his elbows. The top few buttons to his shirt were left open and it clung to him accentuating the muscles in his arms. “You look handsome.” You told him, admiring the view. He just grunted in reply, but you noticed the slight blush on his cheeks. “Ya look beautiful.” He complimented. “Thank you.” You replied grinning at him. “I liker yer slippers too.” He mentioned.


“I’m surprised this came out good.” You said, taking a bight out of a piece of chicken. You knew you weren’t the best cook, but you wanted to try anyway, just to do something special for Daryl. “Me too.” He replied. “Daryl!” You said, faking a pouty face.

The both of you talked until you finished eating. He told you about his day and explained that it’s getting harder to find people, especially decent ones. “I’m thinkin’ about going farther out, there’s gotta be others.” He said. “You guys will figure it out. You always do.” You said noticing the distant look on his face. Daryl nodded as you took his plate from him and brought it to the sink. He got up and followed you to the sink and began to wash the dishes. “You sit down, I’ll take care of this, you had a long day.” You told him. “Nah, I wanna help.” He replied.

When you were finished cleaning up you both relaxed on the couch and ate the cookies you had made earlier. There was at least a dozen cookies, but you both had eaten them all in five minutes. “You got a little something right there.” You told Daryl pointing to the corner of his mouth. He tried to wipe it away with his hand, but ended up missing it. “I’ll take care of it.” You said smiling and placed a kiss on the corner of his mouth, licking off the little smudge of chocolate. He turned his head a little to kiss you straight on your lips and ran his tongue over your bottom lip asking for entrance. You kissed each other for a few moments. “Those cookies were good too.” Daryl mentioned, making you giggle.

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The nine defining moments of Parks and Rec

Parks and Recreation has had its share of big moments, scenes, comedy, characters and even tear-jerking moments that will live on even after next month’s far too soon finale. But there are a particular share of moments and memories that really define what Parks and Rec is all about, why it survived this long and why it is so special. Here is what I believe those moments are.


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Another Life


Mercy wiped a drop of sweat off her forehead with the back of her gloved hand even as her eyes remained fixed on the man in front of her. Every surgery was hard of course, but she felt such great pressure on her just for this one man. Sure he came from a wealthy family and sure she wanted him to continue on with his life, as with every other. He was a handsome young man she supposed, one with much potential and charm that could carry him far in life. However, these were only memories now, memories that she forced from her mind. In a surgeon’s work, there was no room for hesitation, emotions, or distractions. Every second matter, especially when the case was so dire. At that moment, the man in front of her was less of a man than half a corpse at best. But regardless, she knew that she could not give up, not while he was still breathing and she was still standing.

At last, she was done. She could only take a few steps back and glance nervously between the many machines that assisted her in her work and the patient in front of her. She watched as the body moved gently, in soft breaths as the machines told her that his vitals were stabilized. With a long sigh of relief, she approached him and ran her hand over his body. It was no longer the body of a man, but of a machine. Only his face remained visibly human, though even then it was covered by a layer of bandaging to prevent further damage and infection. She gritted her teeth as she held his hand, begging that he would make it through even as all her emotions and stress finally caught up to her. They were cold steel hands that showed neither warmth nor life in them, yet she knew that he was still there, fighting to stay in this world.

As she stood there, she felt a tingle on her skin that climbed up her arm and ended at her right shoulder. As she looked, she saw the faint green glow that resembled the shape of a dragon. A mighty dragon that most likely was one to be feared from the stories of the old, brought down to such a small form and on its last breath. Yet as she watched silently in awe, it stood up by its tale and looked at her with eyes that she could not see in the glow yet can feel intently on her own face. Then, it spoke a single word before returning to the man on her table in a small trail of green vapor. It was a word that she had learned long ago, one that tied her so closely to this man. It was a word that he had personally taught to her.


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So Basically, I fucking suck. I haven’t really been writing my whole school break because I really just needed to mellow out and focus on other stuff, but this is my (Late) christmas piece, inspired by and idea that came from @hellyeahtitans67

“Superboy,” Jon heard Damian’s voice in his ear, but the sounds of the wind almost made it impossible to hear. “We have a situation.”

“I have a family emergency right now, Damian, I’ll have to sit this one out.” He said as he flew as fast as he could to Smallville.

“Is everything alright?”

“I sure hope so.” The super teen mumbled into his com. He saw the hospital coming into view, and he landed as discretely as he could behind a few trees. He quickly stripped off his hoodie and let it fall without a care, sprinting into the hospital.

“Excuse me, young man, there is no running-“

Jon ignored the woman at the desk and continued running down the hall in the emergency wing. He could hear people shouting behind him, but he could also hear his dad somewhere ahead and followed the sounds of his breathing, his heartbeat.

Please, oh please, oh please

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Of Biscuits and Bosely

Happy Jilytober! Everyone was being rather bleak with their entries, so I brought back my favorite feline Bosley the cat to help out with a slice of a happy moment, where the biggest problem on our darling OTP’s hands is a slightly naughty child. Enjoy. =D - bcdaily

As far as crime scenes went—and Lily had seen her fair share of them—this could not claim to be a particularly gruesome one.

            Unless one was counting crumbs as gore, that is.

            The afternoon sun streamed in through the kitchen windows, shedding a telling light upon the tableau in question. Lily stood with pursed lips, crossed arms, and reluctant amusement brimming far too close to the surface, carefully taking in the dubious site. Stepping gingerly over the shattered pieces of glass and piles of broken biscuits that littered her kitchen floor, she was determined not to break face. One wooden chair from the nearby table lay sprawled sideways over the mess, notably close to the counter where the now deceased biscuit jar had previously rested. The other three chairs remained tucked in at their appropriate spots in the corner nook, two presently occupied. Lily slipped silently into the empty third chair, narrowing her eyes across the table at the crime’s only current suspect.

            Ninety centimeters tall, dark hair, green eyes, approximately five years of age. Answered to the name of Harry James Potter, when prompted.

            Lily steepled her fingers together, staring the suspect down.

            “So,” she started, keeping her voice light. “You say it was the cat who broke the biscuit jar?”

            There came a sudden gruff clearing of the throat from beside her, and Lily shot her husband a dirty look, praying James did not crack and begin to laugh. He couldn’t. She couldn’t. Not this time. They had talked about this, stood firm in hush whispers from the moment they had heard the initial crash and darted into the kitchen to find their son in the midst of the carnage, the lie already on his lips. Harry was five now. This wasn’t acceptable. Sometimes, one had to parent.

            Even when one’s child looked so adorably bewildered sitting lonesome on one side of the kitchen table, blinking owlishly and spinning innocent enough tales in order to save his adorable little bum…even at the expense of the poor family pet.

            There was silence and shuffling.

            “Ummm.” Harry eyes darted everywhere but to them. “Yes,” he mumbled eventually, to the ceiling. “Bosley.”

            From his perch upon the nearest bay window, the accused, Bosley the cat, continued to nap leisurely in the sunlight, not even feeling the need to open his eyes to combat the accusation.

           (“Thank Merlin he’s got six more years until Hogwarts,” James had muttered when all this had all started. “He’s not going to get so much as a dungbomb past McGonagall with lies like ‘It was the cat.’”)

            “Bosley, you say?” James questioned now, and, true to form, Harry slumped guiltily—tellingly—in his seat. “You know, I reckon I didn’t even know Bosley liked biscuits.”

            “He does!”


            Their son finally looked at them, his expression incredulous. “Ev’rybody loves biscuits.”

            Oh, bugger. James was definitely going to laugh now.

            Lily jumped in quickly. “So then I suppose it was Bosley who also moved the kitchen chair over to the counter?” she inquired. “By himself? To reach the biscuit jar?”

            These questions seemed to give Harry more pause. His little brow furrowed, eyeing the mess of chair and crumbs and glass beyond their shoulders, then moving up toward the napping cat still sleeping in the window.

            The holes were hard to fill in, even at five.

            “Y-eeees?” More question than answer. Then, a bit desperately, “He’s real strong.”

            “Strong, perhaps, but also in trouble,” Lily replied.


            Lily nodded sadly.

            “He knows the rules.” She ticked them off on her fingers. “No biscuits until after dinner. No playing in the kitchen. And definitely no climbing up on the counter to take something without asking.”

            Harry’s bottom lip began to quiver. “Mummy, he’s real sorry!”

            “Is that so?” James rose from his chair, striding toward the window and ignoring the offended meow as he plucked the slumbering cat from his nap. “Bosley, did you knock over the biscuit jar? Are you very sorry?” James lifted the squirming cat up toward his ear, dodging a few stray claw swipes. “What’s that you say? Not you? Hm. Hm, hm, hm.” Her husband cuddled the cat against his chest, shaking his head regretfully. “Bosley says it wasn’t him.”

            Lily gasped dramatically. “Oh, no. You know what that means.”

            Harry looked terrified. “W-whats'it mean?”

            “It means he’s lying.” Lily put all the horror into the final word she could possibly manage. “And there is nothing—nothing—worse than lying, especially to your family. Even if Bosely didn’t mean to break the biscuit jar. Even if he doesn’t want to get it trouble. You should always tell the truth. You know that, don’t you, Harry?”

            Seemingly without words, Harry could only nod.

            Lily sighed. “Of course. So there’s only one thing to do now, isn’t there?”

            “W-what?” Harry asked.

            Lily stood, turning to grab the still protesting Bosley from James’s arms. “It means Bosley has been a very naughty cat. And I’m not sure I want a cat that lies. Maybe we’ll have to get a new cat.”

            Harry scrambled out of his seat, too. “A n-new cat?”

            “That’s right.”

            “B-but…Bosley is our cat!”

            “He was our cat,” James corrected, leading the way out of the kitchen and down the narrow corridor toward the front door. “If he only told the truth, he could still be our cat. But since he’s lying…”

            “New cat,” Lily said.

            They marched together toward the front door, which James opened with dramatic flourish.

            Lily plopped Bosley down on the front stoop, ignoring the feline look that seemed to say, How dare you drag me into these theatrics?

            “Goodbye, Bosley,” James called, waving. “You were a good cat. Until you weren’t.”

            “Goodbye, Bosley,” Lily said. “I wish you hadn’t lied!”

            James had only managed to get the portal halfway closed before the anguished wail unleashed with halting fury behind them.

            “Wait! Wait! Don’t go, Bosley! It was me! I broke the biscuit jar! It was me!”

            Harry launched himself at Lily’s legs, messy tears and even louder sobs wracking his little body. James stopped closing the door, and Lily bent down, scooping up her weeping son.

            “You?” she asked, swiping at his wet cheeks, pushing at his dark hair.

            Harry nodded jerkily. “I-I just w-wanted a b-bis-scuit!”

            “But you said it was Bosley,” Lily reminded him.

            Harry wailed even louder. “I l-lied!”

            He buried his sobs in Lily’s neck, and Lily extended an open palm to James behind their son’s back, grinning as her husband gave her a high-five.

            “Parenting,” he mouthed victoriously.

            Lily gave a silent returning cheer as she shushed and swayed Harry.

            “Sorry about that, Ol’ Bos,” James said aloud, swinging the front door open again to find Bosely much where they had left him, mutinous upon the front porch. “Looks like you’re off the hook.”

            The cat sniffed disdainfully, prancing slowly back into the house with an obvious air of, You peasants.

            “Come on,” Lily said, following the cat back through the corridor. “Let’s sit down and have a nice, long chat about lying, shall we?”

Samurai Jack Season 5 Ep 6 “XCVII” review

[My other Samurai Jack reviews here]

On her journey to find Jack, Ashi has several encounters with the people he’s helped. It’s a journey through the past that’s a nice reflection on the legacy of Samurai Jack and its titular character.

[Full review under the cut]

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The Christmas Spirit

Omg this is so cheesy i’m sorry

Jackson x Reader

400 words

This wasn’t how Christmas was supposed to be. You weren’t supposed to be called in to work, weren’t supposed to get stuck in traffic for two hours on your way home, and you weren’t supposed to spend the day alone. 

Not that you blamed your boyfriend for being busy overseas. He was doing what he loved, and you were more than happy for him. But your job didn’t give you enough time off to fly home to see your parents, and you weren’t in the mood for the Christmas party one of your co-workers had invited you to. 

You sighed as you made your way up the stares to your apartment. Maybe watching “Home Alone” would put you in more of the Christmas spirit?

You dug your key out of your bag, and frowned when you realized that the door hadn’t been locked. Had you really left it unlocked all day? When you pushed the door open, you noticed that all the lights in the apartment were on as well and you started to panic. You gripped your phone tightly in your hand, tiptoeing around the corner to see who was humming in your living room.

You gasped at the sight that awaited you, lights were strung around the windows, a small Christmas tree had been put up in the corner (with several presents underneath it), and in the middle of a mess of tinsel and ornaments stood Jackson, a headband with reindeer antlers on his head. He had been standing with his back to you, but upon hearing your gasp of disbelief turned around and screamed. 

“I’m the one who should be screaming!” You protested with a laugh.

“I didn’t hear you come in! You could have given me a heart attack!” Jackson pouted as he rushed over pull you into his arms and give you a gentle kiss.

“What is all of this?” You asked when he pulled away.

“I thought it might cheer you up. The place looked so boring when I got here, so I did a little shopping.” He had a bit of tinsel stuck in his hair that you brushed away.

“What are you even doing here?” You still couldn’t believe that he was standing here, with you. “You weren’t supposed to get back for a week!”

Jackson laughed, and your heart melted. “I called in some favors. I didn’t want you spending Christmas alone.” He still hadn’t let go of you, and his hands shifted to hold both of yours.

“Thank you.” You whispered, thinking that maybe this was exactly how Christmas should be.

for those who saw broken glass
at the end of october
and thought of the holiday season.

store windows,
cranberry sauce,
kitchen knives.

for those who cannot stomach the holly:
all that green and red,
moss and blood.

for those who thrive on the lights,
swallow them whole
to find warmth in themselves.

for those who need december.
for those who pretend there are eleven months.

for those who celebrate all
or one
or none.

for those waiting on the corner
of heartbreak,
present still wrapped.

for those who seek the pine
only because
it’s how they remember the mountains. 

whether it was as simple as 
a snowfall
or as difficult as a blizzard:
thank you for surviving.

and to all a good night.

—  season’s greetings // naiche lizzette
i’ve got you on my nice list


Excerpt: Dan followed the man into the kitchen, nearly failing to resist the temptation to make a snarky remark about how he should be the host here. Once they were both closeted into the tiny, half-arsed attempt at a room that barely passed as a place for meal-making the man introduced himself as Phil.

“Phil Lester, actually,” he added, “and I’m a huge fan of people who hospitably provide tasty holiday drinks to harangued Christmas maintenance men.”

Beta: unbeta’d

Word count: 2,244

Warnings: bruises/slight injury

read on ao3

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anonymous asked:

I have a little prompt for you if you are still taking them: Stiles breaks something at Derek's flat or scratches the Camaro, I dunno. Stiles repays him in hugs. Derek wants him to break other things because Stiles' hugs are the best hugs. Yes, please drown me in good feels, I need them.

It’s not his fault. Seriously.

He’d been taking selfies with Derek’s phone, and replacing all of his contact photos with them. Derek didn’t even have pictures for half his contacts, Stiles was doing him a favor, really. But, as he’d been cackling to himself, rolling around on the kitchen counter making dumb kissy faces for his own contact picture, he’d lost his balance. His hand had flung out wildly, and he’d knocked Derek’s favorite Garfield mug off the side. It had swept out across the floor, handle snapping off and flying under the table and the mug splintering into three pieces.

There’s a long silence, Stiles staring at the broken mug in horror, cold coffee dripping down the cabinets and pooling on the floor.

Then, footsteps from Derek’s bedroom, through the living room, Stiles panics, thinks about making a break for it through the window, could he do it? Derek’s only eight floors up. Could be a challenge… But, then Derek appears in the kitchen door, sleepy and confused looking. Stiles’ heart clenches half in fear and half in the shock of seeing Derek so… adorable in the holey sweater he sleeps in, hair rumpled and face with pillow creases engrained on one side. 


“It was an accident,” Stiles blurts out. 

Derek arches an eyebrow, leans against the door frame, “That should be the title of your autobiography.”

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When Peter First Saw You (Peter Parker x Reader)

(Gif Is Not Mine!) 

Requested: Nope! Just an idea. 

Warnings: Fluff, Violence, Panic Attack, Cursing

Word Count: 2,228

When Peter first saw you….He knew.

Peter sat at a lunch table outside on Midtown High’s campus. That was when he first saw you, you were sitting on a bench, your nose in a book your eyes furrowed. Peter would never forget how perfectly your glasses fit your face or how when he saw you it took his breath away, you were like a rose, so easy to find and so beautiful. You must have been new because he had never seen you around before, he would remember a face like yours.

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