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the sanvers soulmate au where you feel what your soulmate does (pain, pleasure)

words: 2968

tw for past child abuse

Alex Danvers is five years old when she realizes pain – to this extent, at least – isn’t normal. She’s five years old when she realizes that the stinging pain in her face or the gutted feeling in her stomach is because her soulmate is out there, somewhere, getting hurt.

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Because paradise is not evenly lined and all planned out;

Beauty lies in the chaos of the unexpected,

treated with love, respect, and curiosity!

- Alias

No Idea Why

I looked up,

back down.

I’m fascinated

by the fear

that frequents

our moments together.

No idea why.

I took a step,


ran back.


I’m cornered

by my curiosity,

for the way

that you could love me.

I’ve no idea why.

You shy away,

just like me,

though our hearts

have done marathons.

One wrong move

from a nervous mouth

can ruin a good thing

I suppose.

No idea why.

Dark Princess

I deeply apologize for posting so late but I had tumblr trouble and I am so frustrated because I lost some of the work I did AND the request I’ve gotten 😭 

Trying to fix it and if I fail to do your request, feel free to shun me. 

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Could you an imagine were the reader is from Beaxton and Voldemort’s daughter. And she meets Draco when Voldemort assigns him to protect her when she enters Hogwarts (setting is during Harry Potter: Goblet of Fire -Anonymous

“I entrust my daughter’s life onto your hands, Draco…don’t fail me”

The Dark Lord’s voice echoed in Draco’s mind as he nervously sat in the great hall, not even paying attention to anything else. He ignored Pansy’s failed attempts to start a conversation or Dumbledore’s announcement. He already knew what he was going to say anyway. The Triwizard tournament was going to be held in Hogwarts and students and head masters from Beauxbatons and Durmstrang will be living with them. One of those students is the daughter of the Dark Lord himself. Even if Draco wasn’t marked yet, he was still considered a follower. 

Though he did not exactly see him, he knew it was him.

Besides, all he needed to do was to make sure his daughter was safe and he’ll be fine. 

That should be easy, right?

“Now please join me in welcoming the lovely ladies of the Beauxbatons Academy of Magic and their head mistress, Madam Maxime” Dumbledore smiled, staring at the entrance doors. 

Draco looked up from the table to see girls in blue uniforms enter the Great Hall. The started dancing and making weird noises every once in a while but he would be lying if he said they weren’t attractive. But one stood out the most. He was certain that it was his daughter. He was certain it was you.

You strolled behind the group of your school mates, not daring to do what they were doing. Fleur and her sister were dancing behind them whilst you stayed at the end in front of your head mistress. Madam Maxime knew what you were like. She knew the kinds of havoc you can create. So she tolerated with the behavior you were now showing. Your head held high, shoulders back and face cold. Some of the Hogwarts males turned their gazes on you as you walked.The temperature of the room had suddenly gotten colder. 

Being the daughter of the dark lord wasn’t all that bad. Of course there are some things you had to do to live up to your father’s legacy but you knew you would never reach his level of darkness. But just like him, you were fascinated by dark magic. It was like a curse that could never be broken, A book with no end. As you walked, your eyes scanned everyone in the hall. All those innocents lives. Lives that will one day be taken by your father. You had a small feeling of pity for them. Your father did everything he could to obliterate all kindness in you. But there was always something that he could never get rid of something that only the right person could reveal. 

Your eyes stopped and stared at a pair of the most beautiful grey eyes you had ever seen. You were a sucker for grey eyes. They were like the colour of clouds on  a windy afternoon. Those eyes had belonged to a blonde boy wearing emerald green robes. You would be a Slytherin if you attended Hogwarts, You were certain. 

After dinner, Draco made sure to talk to you privately. He was very eager to speak with you. He knew you were beautiful because of the information from his parents. He didn’t know you were that beautiful. 

Once he saw the familiar pale skin and (H/C) hair, he lightly grabbed your arm catching you by surprise. You yelped, turning angrily at your attacker. You immediately recognized the boy from earlier causing your features to soften a bit. 

“(Y/N) Riddle?” You gave a curt nod, not understanding how he knew your name. 

“I’m Malfoy. Draco Malfoy” He introduced himself, finally releasing his grip from your arm. Now you could comprehend why he looked familiar. He was the Lucius Malfoy’s descendant. They sort of had the same features. 

“Your father said that I’ll be accompanying you” The blonde informed you, eyes never leaving yours. You scowled turning your head in disbelief. 

“I don’t need protection” You snapped then looked at him up and down “And certainly not from someone like you.” 

Draco’s brows furrowed in confusion as he stared at you “What’s that supposed to mean?” 

“I can handle myself” You clarified. You gave a short laugh, turning around to where the Beauxbatons students were supposed to stay. Then you felt his hand grip your arm again before you groaned in exasperation. 

“Trust me, Princess” He whispered in your ear. His hot breath trickling down your neck made you shiver “You’ll be needing my protection.” Once he pulled back, you let out a breath you didn’t even know you were holding in. 

“They say you’re the Slytherin Prince” You quipped, raising a brow “My father’s the heir of Slytherin” 

Draco lips etched into a smirk.

“Would you like to be my Slytherin Princess?” His smirk grew wider as he took another step towards you, your bodies touching lightly “My Dark Slytherin Princess.” 


Months have passed and you and Draco were now the best of friends. You were still mean to everyone— that’s why you two got along so well. You were strolling the magnificent halls of Hogwarts, beaming at the beautiful castle. The Academy was lovely as well but not like this. The castle was glorious, the black lake was glistening in the sun like diamonds and everything else felt more magical here. Maybe you could ask your father if you could transfer next year. 

You had reached the courtyard and spotted a crowd filling the corner. Curiosity filled you as you made your way towards them. You shoulder accidentally bumped Harry Potter, who was grinning widely. Like your father, you despised Potter. How could a baby defeat someone as powerful as your father? You glared at him before your attention was snapped back to the scene. 

You had discern ‘Professor Moody’ who you knew was Barty Grouch Jr. You knew this information because you were always by the dark lord’s side even if he wasn’t in his full form. You also see a white ferret floating in the air.

The ‘Professor’ was motioning his wand up and down, the ferret bouncing similarly as it floated. You giggled catching the professor’s attention. He gave you a small smile that was almost invisible. 

“Professor Moody!” yelped Professor McGonagall, coming into view “What are you doing?”

“Teaching.” He answered. You snickered, causing Professor McGonagall to give you a look. 

“I-is that a— is that a student?” She questioned Barty Moody.

“Technically it’s a ferret” He quipped. You were smiling so much it felt like your cheeks were burning. 

Moody pulled Crabbe’s pants and placed the ferret in it. Laughter was heard as Draco’s friends were trying to get the ferret out. Which reminds you; where was Draco?

“Here you go deary” ‘Moody’ winked at you, levitating the ferret in your arms. You squealed and encircled your arms around the small creature. It was adorable, really. The ferret cuddled into your arms in fear, earning a smile from you. But your delight was soon ruined by Professor McGonagall who casted a spell on the ferret. You unwillingly dropped it because of the sudden weight gain and suddenly it transformed into….Draco?

So that’s where he went. 

His hair and clothes were all messy as he panted in fright. It was still amusing to watch. 

“My father will hear about this!” He threatened, angering the ‘proffesor’, who chased him around the tree. You rolled your eyes, grabbing Draco’s arm and left the scene, his gang running ahead. You heard McGonagall scolding ‘Moody’ as you both sat down on one of the short walls in between two pillars. 

“Stupid big eyed freak” Draco muttered, fixing his dress shirt and tie. You couldn’t help but giggle recalling what had happened. The slytherin prince glared at you causing you to finally stop and let out a breath. 

“That wasn’t funny”

“Oh yes it was, Mr. You need my Protection” You laughed, eyes squinting. Draco would never admit it to you, but he loved the way you show your genuine smile. It was unlikely that you showed a real smile to anyone else. 

“What’s that supposed to mean?” He asked, finally having decent looking attire. 

“The way you nestled in my arms” You teased, pushing him a bit “Looked like you were using me as a cushion of protection”

“I was cold” He lied, looking at anywhere but you “besides, he wouldn’t hurt you. You’re his favourite beside Potter”

“oh look it’s the Slytherin Prince with his Slytherin Princess!” One of the Weasley twins called out. You rolled your eyes. You weren’t even attending this school! but most of the students had predicted that you were Voldemort’s daughter— given your last name and your knowledge on the dark arts. 

“Bow down before the dark ones!” The other twin bellowed jokingly. Soon they left, making you sigh in relief. You could see that Draco didn’t fix his hair. You smiled and soothed it down. Despite the constant teasing and the pleasant and not dangerous at all events, you and Draco had made a connection you knew you’d never get rid of. 

“Just so you know, Professor Moody isn’t Professor Moody” You stated “He’s one of my father’s death eaters” Draco turned to you wide eyed causing you to smile again. You leaned forward, kissing his cheek before you stood up. 

“Come on then” You pulled out your hand “The Dark Ones must cause havoc” 

The Travelling Booth

“One minute a day
could be reserved for you
To tell your secrets to
Miss You-Don’t-Know-Who!”
From a yellow phone booth
projected the voice,
“Women and grandmothers.
Husbands and boys.”

“A tip in the hat
for a tick of your time.
Pay us in pennies.
Pay us in dimes.
We accept gum wrappers,
tokens, and tickets.
Give us your coins
in exchange for one minute!”

The line up consisted
of fidgety folk
From the corner of
Sheep Street and Rumour Road,
To the White Liebrary
it wrapped around.
The Travelling Booth
Was the talk of the town.

“Have you a moment
Between lunchtime and dinner?
Might you be a secret keeper,
Liar, or sinner?
Let us relieve you
of any hard burdens.
You don’t have to carry them
All by your lonesome.”

One by one, people
Turned over their pockets,
Giving up loose change,
Old lighters, and lockets,
To participate in this
Addictive game
Of unknown confessions
From anonymous names.

After a week, the town
Ran out of claims.
Their minute of whispers
began to shift blame
Into crueler tongues
About other townsfolk.
The people turned over.
They were bitter and broke.

When the people gathered
In the centre of town,
In the early morning,
Do you know what they found?
There were two phone booths
At opposite corners.
In curiosity, slowly
the crowd shuffled forward.

“One minute a day
Could be reserved for you
To tell your secrets to
Miss You-Don’t-Know-Who!
Or instead, if your curious
mind is of interest,
You could make your offer
In exchange for one secret.”

“That’s right! One secret
That we will tell you!
Instead of one minute,
We’ll give you one truth!
We won’t be here long,
What have you to lose
But a moment or two
In the Travelling Booth? ”

Echoed the speakers,
A rooster in the street,
Feeding a daily routine
To the sheep.
Back and forth, the
townsfolk cut lines,
Pick pocketing neighbours
To pay for more time.

Some started wearing
Shades as a disguise.
The truth booth in fact
Was creating more lies,
And every so often
Some poor guy would pay
To hear his own sad secret
Being relayed.

Three long weeks after
The phone booth arrived,
The booming speaker
Announced a surprise,
“In the midnight hours
Instead of midday,
Before we pack up and
Start leaving this place”

“I will tell you my secret
If you tell me yours.
A coin will buy you-
Not one minute, but four!
Miss You-Don’t-Know-Who,
At the end of line,
Will not be available
Tonight until Nine.”

The phone booth locked up,
And the speakers shut down.
The people were buzzing
Around in the town.
But for the first time in weeks,
The town had one day
Without any rumours
Or secrets to make.

One woman piped up,
“This man buried our town.
Together we need to
Rise up from the ground!”
This town excelled in one thing,
That was talking.
By the end of the night,
The whole town was marching.

The town hated each other,
But they were like family,
And they realised they had
A cruel common enemy.
They met at the centre
Of town after dusk.
After the phone booth
Had opened up.

They waited with pitchforks.
They waited with knives.
All night long, but the
booming voice never arrived.
Some people tell tales
Of the whispering town
Because the Travelling Booth
Has never left grounds.

Helping Miss Fernandes - Part 2

Summary: When Jellal got himself into yet another trouble, which was also partly her fault, Meredy decided that Erza was the best person to give him a hand until she found the way to got him out from his predicament.

Words: 2400+

A/N: I promised in my answer to an anon ask that I would not give up this fic. I had wanted to finish the fic in the 2nd chapter. But I figured that if I put everything in this chapter, it would probably take me another month or even more to update this fic. So I decided to post what I have written to show that I’m keeping my promise and I will finish this in chapter 3 instead.  

Part 1


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Annoying love

Request: anonymous: So, reader is an avenger and they all live together at the tower (including Clint’s dog, damn you MCU for not having Lucky) and Clint and the reader are always annoying each other, Clint is more laid back during missions while reader is kind of paranoid and when they get teamed up together, this go south. Reader gets injured and Clint feels really guilty, then they fight because he apologizes too much and in the middle of it he confesses he loves her.

Pairing: Clint Barton x Reader

Word count: 1.286

Warnings: swearing, injured reader (getting shot)

A/N: I feel like I stretched this one out to far. What do you guys think?

Originally posted by mayawolf

“BARTON!” your angered voice sounded through the Avengers tower, causing Sam to stick his head around the corner in curiosity. He quickly retreated his head when you stormed past him, face flushed with anger and hands balled into fists.

“Oh dear, she looked exceptionally angry this time.” He muttered and looked over to Steve, who hurried to finish his coffee. “What ever he did, we better not be in the line of fire. Wanna take Lucky for a walk?” said man asked in between sips of his drink.

“You bet!” Sam answered and together they hurried out of the kitchen.

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“You’ve really got a whole mood going on here…” Brielle laughed out in her joking tone as her deep brown eyes scanned the room, darting from corner to corner out of curiosity. “The darkness with low lit candles, meditating or some sort of witch craft?”


genre: slight fluff with slight smut

a/n: i’m here with this best friend jungkook story, should i do a part 2?? let me know what you think, sorry for any mistakes i haven’t revised lmao also i will start working on requests, thanks for anyone who submitted, they are still open by the way! so yeah, enjoy :) 

word count: 1.6k

part 2

Originally posted by jjks

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look, no excuse for this, but: Severus Snape Corgi Crackfic

diarycrux said:

snape with a litter of corgi puppies following him everywhere while he’s his usual grumpy self CAN WE?

diarycrux said:


Severus Snape had made a crucial mistake two weeks ago. He’d been standing in Albus Dumbledore’s office, staring at a hooped golden object that whirred on a shelf behind Dumbledore’s head, and wondering what exactly its purpose was. As a result, he’d been distracted when the headmaster said, “Severus, may I suggest an addition to your classroom in the new year?”

It had been the end of summer, and Snape—mostly because of guilt, having secretly shredded one of Albus’s favorite scarves for an experimental scarf-related potion—wanted to show some gesture of goodwill, so he’d said, instinctively, “Yes.” Like an idiot. This was why gestures of goodwill were ill-advised in absolutely every situation.

The second the affirmative issued from his lips, Snape regretted it. There was no way to anticipate what he’d just agreed to. Expectations were always a thorny issue with Albus. “An addition to the classroom”—would the old man suggest one of those cauldrons made entirely out of dragonglass, cured in vats of Veela spit for sixty years? Albus had been talking about those for months.

Or would he suggest a new lighting system? Six students had tottered to the infirmary this past spring, moaning that the flickering torches in the dungeons had given them eye strain. Honestly. Eye strain. Sometimes Severus thought that the staff should close down Hogwarts now, shut the doors, drop the wards, abandon the Founders’ project while they were still ahead, instead of encouraging these whinging little crybabies to spout their opinions as if they mattered.

But that was not the problem at hand anymore. That was all two weeks ago, and now he had to deal with the consequences.

The answer to any open-ended question from Albus Dumbledore is no, Snape thought, teeth gritted tight, sweeping loose corgi fur into the flame beneath his cauldron, which flared an indignant sort of purple.

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Exposure Therapy

Sorry for the radio silence that lasted ages you guys. I am alive and I return with fic! Bluepulse fic! I’ve been itching to write them since I started reading the first Blue Beetle run with Jaime and the Impulse comics. This is my take on what would’ve happened if Bart got shot in the knee in the show like he was in the comics.



Rating: T


“Last week, you freaked out because of me. You were sitting close by watching us train, and when the armor formed the canon, you flipped.”

Though flipped might not have been the right word. Flipped would’ve meant flailing and screaming. Bart sort of did the opposite. At first at least. And it’s amazing how it got the same reaction or possibly worse out of Jaime. He felt the same immediate stab of fear when Cassie had flown over from when she was dodging projectiles from Tigress and asked “Bart, what’s wrong?” that he would’ve felt if Bart had fallen off the bench he was sitting on and screamed at the top of his lungs. He felt the same, bone deep rush of cold dread when he looked over to see Bart staring straight ahead, pale as a sheet and trembling slightly.

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|louder than words|

For @scribefindegil for @gravityfallssecretsanta! Here’s Mabel hanging with/being taken care of by her family, and Stan and sweaters and love.

Wishing you the happiest of holidays, and a joyous new year! :)

In retrospect, maybe karaoke wasn’t such a stellar idea.

It’s a thought that barrels her head the morning after – only slightly harder than the winter chill when the bus doors opened, and more on par with the way she’d tackled Grunkle Stan as he stood waiting for them.

So it hurts. And so does her throat.

As more pieces of the morning come to her, it’s the nighttime recollections that flood back first. Hugs and hellos, hair ruffles and playful nudges. There were seafaring stories and the horrors of school, the greasiest pizza the town had to offer and…

And a cover that maybe she’d put a little bit too much heart into.

At six twenty three on the dot, she wakes up. Not her usual, and by no means her intention, but the lingering ache beckoning her to consciousness is too stomach-turning to ignore.

‘Uh oh…’

Leave it to Mabel Pines, self-proclaimed karaoke master, to scream her voice out on their second day of winter break.

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Get On Your Knees

A/N: Here’s your flood warning. ⚠️ Also, it’s really important that you listen to this masterpiece. I command it.
Rating: M

“Spencer,” came a voice through the dim light of their apartment. Looking up slowly from his old, leather-bound book, Spencer took in the sight standing before him. Standing in the doorway to their bedroom, dressed in nothing but a black lace bra and panties was Y/N, smiling seductively. “Come here, Spencer, I have something to show you.”

Sticking to his role, the young doctor rose to his feet without hesitation, moving around the sofa to get a closer look. Smaller details of her attire caught his eye, like the small, silk bow at the front of her underwear and between the cups of her breasts. Upon reaching her, his immediate temptation was to reach out and touch the soft, smooth skin of the top of her breast but as his hand raised, she stepped back.

“Ah, ah, ah,” she said, waving an index finger at him “Not till I say you can.”

“Oh,” he blurted in disappointment but the hand that took hold of his shirt filled him with excitement again.

Y/N tugged him through the doorway, biting her bottom lip and staring into his eyes as they moved. The stare gave nothing away and Spencer could only imagine the things she had planned for him.

“Take off your shirt,” she demanded, finally letting go of him. Within almost the blink of an eye, the shirt was covering his face as he ripped it off over his head. “And the pants.” There was more haste than speed in the way he frantically fumbled at the button of his pants but a moment later, they’d dropped to the floor and he’d stepped out of them. “Now, get on the bed.”

Spencer looked over to the bed, finally seeing the four sets of rope leading from each of the corners. Curiosity was the first instinct but it was immediately followed by a trepid exhilaration as he did as asked and moved toward the bed.

“What do you want me to…?” he began to ask but Y/N cut him off.

“I’ll tell you when you can speak,” she barked, pressing a hand to his bare back and ushering him onto the bed. Spencer’s mouth snapped shut while moving forward, positioning himself between all of the ropes.

Y/N didn’t ask for his limbs, she took them, grabbing one ankle and dragging it toward the rope so that she could tighten the loop around it; then the next and finally his wrists. Spencer had a little freedom of movement, but only enough to shift around and pull on the ropes, not enough to reach to undo them or to resist any of her actions.

Once she was happy that he was secure, Y/N moved herself to his middle, straddling the tops of his legs as she undid the button of his boxer shorts. The visible bulge of his erection twitched in anticipation while her fingers slid across the material covering it. Spencer swallowed hard and pursed his lips as he lifted his head to try and watch what she was doing.

After teasing him with her fingers for a few moments, she pulled his entire length out through the fly of his boxers, letting it sit flat on his groin while she shifted further up. With a devious grin, she lowered herself against him, grinding her hot, wet slit up and down him through her panties. Spencer watched in frustration as she leaned back, sliding her hands across her own body while continuing to grind back and forth. His girth pressed deep into her slit, allowing her to pleasure her clit on it and only giving him enough to make him want more. A deep groan passed through his lips as her breathing began to labour, causing her to smirk at him.

“Do you want it?” she asked, sliding a hand onto her own shoulder as the other passed over her breast.

“Mhmm,” he groaned, nodding as he did so.

“Don’t you wanna be inside me?” she continued.

“God, yes,” he gasped, pulling on the ropes which bound his wrists. “…please, miss.”

Moaning more and more, Spencer felt himself building in a way he hadn’t expected, the feel of her warmth sliding up and down his shaft and her body writhing atop him. If she continued, he wouldn’t last much longer but Spencer wasn’t about to argue. Throwing his head back, Spencer was about to let himself succumb to his pleasures.

Y/N laughed a little, rising up enough to make him think she was about to let him in but then she moved forward, tucking her legs over his shoulders so that his chin sat between her thighs.  The whimper of frustration that left his lips as she moved was almost pitiful, his wrists pulling even tighter in the ropes as he struggled against them.

“I’ll decide when you deserve it,” she replied, grinning as he controlled his breathing to calm himself “When you’ve earned it, you’ll have your turn.” 

I’ll be back at 11, you just act like a peasant
Got a bow on my panties because my ass is a present
Yeah, it’s gooder than Meagan, you look good when you’re beggin’
I be laughing when you begging me to just put the head in
Let me sit on your face, it’s OK you could play with it
When I’m bouncing, it chill out, and don’t you make a mistake with it
Let me see what you’re workin’ with, if I’m ridin’, I’m murkin’ it
Slow grindin’, I’m twerkin’ it, yeah, I bagged him, I Birkin’d it

Arching her back, the warm, moist area of her underwear moved closer to his face, willing him to do as she wanted. Spencer took no time to respond, pressing his lips against the thin material until her hand slid down to pull it out of the way. Once exposed to him, he was able to slip his tongue into her gap to toy with her clit; circling, flicking, and pressing the way he knew she liked.

As soon as the pleasure started to build, her hips began to move again, riding his tongue as she started to moan lightly. The feeling grew in intensity with great speed, making her moan loudly till her body shuddered and she cried out.

Gimme brain, assume the position
Make me way smarter like you was a magician
Paid my dues and tuition, it’s good for your nutrition
Good head like a beautician,
Got me twitchin’, finish your mission
You make me cum down, make it run down
I'ma need you to give these other dudes the run down
You got that legendary, this shit is freak, scary
Got me seein’ them fireworks, I’m on my Kate Perry

Shifting back down his body, still panting and spinning from her orgasm, Y/N sat astride his waist once more; teasing his length slowly. The smirk crept back to her lips as she looked down into his pleading eyes.

“You know what I want, Spencer,” said Y/N.

“Yes, miss,” he replied.

“Well?” she asked.

“Miss, please,” begged Spencer as she continued to roll against him, her hand sliding down to press his tip into her slit even more before raising up to press him against her dripping hole. Y/N could feel him pushing hard against her underwear, threatening to tear through the lace.

“Spencer…” she warned.

“Miss, please, I beg,” he said finally.

I don’t need a dozen roses
You ain’t gotta wine and dine me, no
I don’t need a pretty poet
Ooh, gettin’ all emotional
You gotta beg for it, beg for it
I wanna see you lookin’ up
Baby, I'ma need you to beg for it

With the flick of a finger, she was able to tug her underwear away again, letting herself press down onto his cock till it slipped deep inside her. The gasp that slipped from him was sharp, as though he’d been released from his frustration with the grip of her wet, inner walls. Rising and falling, she leaned down over him, letting her hair track down into his face.

A hand slid up his arm to the restraint the bound him, taking hold of the loose end and tugging to pop the hitch free. Moments later, the other hand slid to unbind his remaining wrist before she leaned back to free his ankles. Once he was free, and without him slipping out, Y/N guided him to sit up before dragging him on top of her.

“Please me, Spencer… and there might be a treat for you… at the end,” she gasped between breaths, guiding him to roll his hips hard into her as she lay on her back. The couple writhed together, feeding off each other’s sexual excitement and pulling each other in as close as possible. Y/N’s nails dragged on the skin of his back, leaving marks like claws would in the flesh.

The feeling began to build within her again, his generous girth sliding deeper and deeper inside her and the sound of his breathing bringing her along quickly. It was obvious that he would cum quickly, having being so harshly teased and she needed to beat him to it. Sliding a hand between them, she dipped her fingers into the gap, toying with the swollen bud beneath.

Cause we are just animals
Baby, it’s primal
I want you on all fours
And before I let you walk, you gotta show me how you crawl
If you want it all
It’s non negotiable
So do as I say
If you wanna get the job, you better know who’s the boss

“Fuck, Spencer…” she cried out as she reached her apex yet again, arching her back high against him. She could feel him respond by pushing deeper and harder into her in an attempt to reach his own climax.

“No,” she commanded him, pulling herself from beneath him and denying his orgasm. “I did not give you permission.” Spencer almost cried out in a moment of frustration and lack of concentration, which he would instantly regret. “In the position, now,” she barked.

Spencer sat up, shifting onto his knees with his head hanging low and his cock pointing high, holding his hands together behind his back. Letting herself recover a little more, she lay there while they both panted, glaring at him.

“I’m sorry, miss,” he said. “I got carried away.”

“Yes, you did,” she replied, finally bringing herself up to level with him. “You’ll have to make do with your hand now and ask permission when you need to come.” The smirk made its way back to her lips once more as he began to work himself, his cock gripped in his hand.

Get on your knees, get on your knees, get on your knees
Baby, just get on your knees
Say pretty please, say pretty please, say pretty please
Baby, just say pretty please

The heat threatened very quickly, considering he’d only just been forcibly withdrawn. Spencer concentrated hard, trying to force back the thoughts of her warm, wet, inner grip. A sensual buzz pulsed through his skin and he tried to slow his wrist just a little, hoping to prolong his resistance even more but the disabling shudder threatened to disobey. Closing his eyes, he tried even harder and clenched his jaw as if he could keep himself at bay by sheer force of will.

“Please, miss… may I cum?” he asked after a few long moments but she just watched on with a look of stern resolve. “Please…” he asked again, almost pleading.

Y/N gave nothing away, sitting forward and knowing her proximity would be making it even harder. Sliding her fingers up his inner thighs to make it even worse for him.

“Beg, Spencer,” she demanded, dragging her nails back down his inner thighs.

“Please, miss, I beg,” his whimpered, shuddering under the strain of holding back. “I beg you.”

“You may come.”

I Didn’t Mean it Part.2 - Fred Weasley Imagine (requested)

Request: Part 2, I didn’t mean it??

(( this is more so a filler for part 3 but i hope you guys like it! thank you for being so patient!(: ))


You know that feeling when you realize half way through an argument that you were wrong but you have no idea how to get out of it or you don’t want to make yourself look like a foolish git so you continue on fighting even though you no longer believe in the words flowing out of your mouth? That was the exact description on how Taylor felt the moment she comprehended the words flying out like wild broomstick’s from her mouth during her encounter with Fred Weasley a few long nights before.

Now with Christmas or as Hogwarts more excited labeled it as, the Yule Ball, only three depressing days away, Taylor found herself sitting in the middle of her decorative room with two Gryffindor printed suitcases laying fully packed in front of her. She had just folded the last t-shirt she fancied to bring on her well-deserved break and lightly stuffed it into her luggage. The room sat as silent as a mouse allowing room for Taylor’s sadness and regret to ooze over, spilling all along the wooded floors.

Sighing softly to herself, Taylor pushed her body up from the icy cold floor boards she had been sprawled across for the last hour and a half, delaying her packing as much as possible. Her roommates remained dead asleep, soft snores sounding from their parted lips as Taylor tipped toed around the dorm room gathering together all of her belongings. Alicia mumbled in her sleep every few seconds in an incoherent tone and Katie, Taylor’s other roommate, drooled lightly onto her plush pillow.

Taylor giggled at the view of her friends, then directed her focus back to her tireless packing. With some slit of hope running in her veins, Taylor had hoped Fred would com bursting in expressing his remorse and repentance to their argument which would give her the perfect window of opportunity to share her side and how god awful she felt and run into his warm comforting arms, like all lovey dovey couples do in those cliché romantic movies. Although, they were not a couple… and this was real life, not a movie. Sometimes the girl doesn’t end up with the guy of her dreams and the underdog doesn’t always win. And in Fred’s defense, he most likely didn’t have any idea Taylor was planning on leaving anyways.

It wasn’t like she had made a public announcement about leaving actually she hadn’t told a soul, expect her mum, whom she had assumed would inform her father and the rest of her loving family. In all honesty her mum was more than ecstatic to have Taylor home for the holidays, in the least she was a bit shocked and confused to hear the news and wondered what had caused her daughter to change her mind so drastically to make her want to leave Hogwarts and skip the dance she had been rambling on about for weeks. Everything had happened so quickly between Fred and herself that even if she hadn’t even had time to fully explain to them why she was skipping on the dance and joining them, but it was her family so at least she knew they would welcome her with open arms.

Sealing the final maroon painted bag shut and mustering all her strength as one, Taylor hoisted the suitcase up throwing the bag strap over her left shoulder and her second bag over her right making her way soundlessly to the door, ready to catch her eight am train out of Hogwarts and back home.

It was no lie she was more than thankful for it being early in the morning for a student on break or else she would have to face her impulsive yet warmhearted roommates; Alicia Spinnet and Katie Bell wouldn’t waste a second to inform Hermione and Ginny in attempt to try and conceal her from leaving. Though Taylor had her mind set, and she could be a very stubborn and determined witch when she wanted to be.

Glancing down at the golden watch secured tightly around her wrist, Taylor’s eyes followed the small hands to see it was only around seven thirty and she still had a half an hour or so to catch a quick bite to eat and then head to the Hogwarts Express.

Reaching the main level of the Gryffindor Common Room, Taylor didn’t waste a single precious second to meet any of the eyes occupying the room. Instead she bolted straight out of there like her life depended on it. She could hear voices murmuring in hushed tones keeping to themselves. However as Taylor extended her hand to the door of the room, a tenuous voice spoke up,

“Taylor is that you?” A cold rush of sadness entered her veins. Turning on her back foot Taylor in the direction of the sound and held her breath. Only three people tenanted the dim lit room, two of which were bright red headed twins and the other was their close friend Lee Jordan. Fred and George both looked awestruck with their attention glued to the girl before them. Lost for words, Taylor avoided eye contact and shrugged her shoulders with such ease her pain was almost unrecognizable.

Fred stood from the arm chair he had been lounging the morning away in to approach Taylor in a hesitant fashion. Taylor took in the scene before her, eyes locked on the box Fred had been holding in his lap seconds previous to their encounter. George clutched a similar looking package in his grip running his thumb along the tapped edges and corners. Curiosity made its way into her mind when she started to run through various possibilities of what was in the box. Though her thoughts were answered when she caught sight of the black and white tux peeking out of George’s box and the tux resting observantly still on top of Fred’s. Lee also had a full suit laid out on display across the couch.

Another pang of hurt coursed its way through Taylor’s body while Fred stood awkwardly in front of her rubbing the back of his neck.

“Listen I just wanted to say I was sor-“His hands dropped immediately to his side as realization set in. Fred noticed the luggage Taylor struggled to keep grip of. George and Lee exchanged brief glances noting if they should flee the scene or stay for the play out. Neither of them felt comfortable leaving the two alone in a room… incase the same incident from before replayed itself.

“Uh… um, wh-why do you have your bags packed? The dance is three days away! You won’t be able to catch a train back in time without showing up late to the Yule Ball!” Taylor swore she heard a pin drop when the silence settled in over the two of them. Fred scrunched his eyebrows together, still not understanding the situation as a whole and Taylor, well Taylor was lost for words so she remained unsociable hoping Fred would catch on which in time he did.

“You’re… you’re not going to the Yule Ball are you?” His voice was frail and disappointed. His shoulders dropped about ten feet it was remarkable that they weren’t dragging around on the floor.

Taylor nodded and a harsh scoff sounded from Fred,

“I see… well then, have a safe travel home.” Exiting the room, Fred made sure to brush his broad shoulder against her own causing her to stumble back a minor step, though regretted it instantly rushing to the opening. She tried not to take it to heart convincing herself that he was just upset about god knows what and was having a rough start to the morning.

As is footsteps faded up the boys’ dormitory staircase George Weasley rose from his chair giving Taylor quite the scare. She had almost forgotten Lee and himself were still there.

“Taylor why don’t you stay for the dance? If it’s because of what Fred said he may be my brother but he’s still a brainless bloke-“
“It’s not because of Fred.”
“Well then if it’s because you don’t have a date, then I want you to know you don’t need a stupid date to have a good time. Besides, I would love to escort you to the Ball… I’m sure Katie wouldn’t mind and we can dance together all night long-“Taylor shook her head sharply, her locks bouncing with grace.

“George, Katie is the girl of your dreams and you’ve been looking forward to this dance since the moment you found out that there would be one! You’re an outstanding friend and you know I love you, but I can’t do that to you. Besides I already told my parents I’m coming home and they’ve informed my entire family and they’re all thrilled to see me as I am to see them too! So don’t you even dare worry about me because I’ll be perfectly fine, just like I always am.” Tears clouded her view causing the world in front of her to blur in and out of sight. George leaped forward and pulled her into a bone crushing hug whispering softly into her ear,

“He’s a mess Taylor. I swear on my life he is. All day he complains and mumbles on and on about you and how horrible he feels for everything he said. Fred wasn’t lying… he really did want to ask you. Truthfully he had his heart dead set on the idea of you as his date and honestly he would drop Angelina in a second to be with you. You two need each other whether it’s as friends or something more, I don’t know. Please trust me on this…” Taylor stared blankly at the rambling twin before her and shook her head, tears cascading down either sides of her rosy cheeks. Little did either of them know Fred Weasley was standing in the middle of the staircase leaning up against the wall and absorbing every bit of the conversation.

“For some insane reason you may be right but I need to hear it from him Georgie. I’m sorry if I’m disappointing you with leaving and everything. It’s no big deal really. Plenty of students are going home for the holidays and besides the Yule Ball isn’t necessarily my cup of tea. I hope you have a great time in all honesty! You and Katie are going to look wonderful! I promise I’ll write to you the moment I get off the train-

“Please do. I won’t be able to sleep tonight not knowing if my wee little Taylor made it home safely, I know Fred won’t be able to either-“ Lee raised his hand signaling to the pair,

“Neither will I!” George chuckled and rolled his eyes turning back to Taylor.

“I suppose Lee won’t be able to also. Now hurry up or you’ll miss you train! Do you need any assistance carrying your bags out?” The fire crackling in the background ironically enough sent a deep shiver down her spine. Taylor shook her head nonchalantly and lifted the suitcases back up from the ground making her way back to the exit door.

“Okay, well I suppose I’ll see you when break is over, darling. Don’t you dare forget to write to me! I reckon it’s gonna be hard enough to pull off our brilliant mastermind pranks without your charming brain aiding us and I don’t need to add worrying about you to the list of mile long hardships I already take ownership of!” George shouted playfully leading his friend out of the room. Taylor waved briefly over her back shoulder sending him a sly wink.

“Alright, I can’t make any promises I’ll try not to! Bye Georgie, bye Lee, don’t have too much fun without me! And um, y’know… maybe check on Fred for me or something… I’d appreciate it. Bye guys!” The entire Common Room grew noiseless the second she stepped out and ran to grab grub then hit the tracks. Fred’s presence went unknown by both Lee and George as he slowly sank to the floor running through options in his head of how to make it up to her.

Finally the perfect idea entered his mind as he sprung out of his miserable and gloomy mood and jogged back down the steps reentering the main section of the Common Room. Both of the Gryffindor students shot their heads over to him in a utterly shocked state. Fred grinned widely throwing his hands in the air.

“I need to catch the first train ride out of here, now!” He shouted excitedly. Fred’s warm brown eyes landed on the tuxedo he had abandoned on the coffee table and ran over to it snatching it off the table top.

“Uh- er- well the one Taylor is on is leaving in about ten minutes or so-“

“No… that won’t be enough time I need the next on after that!” Catching on to his brother’s plan George sat down sinking into the back of the chair pondering the train times to himself. Lee Jordan rubbed his temples then suddenly burst up like a rocket ship.

“I remember Hermione talking about how Hogwarts added on a Christmas Eve train! I mean that’s the closest one if you don’t catch Taylor’s. Consider yourself lucky, mate. Last year there were no trains on Christmas Eve but I suppose with the younger students having to go home before the Yule Ball they-… wait a second, the ball. What’re you going to do? You already told Angelina-“
“Screw it. As harsh as it sounds I couldn’t care less about that stupid ball anyways right now. I just need to get to Taylor this instant and make things right!”

(( Let me know if you guys would like a part 3))
- Daizy xx

anonymous asked:

Admin Kuro's writing is really good~ I was reading some of it and i really like it ^^ Could i request a kuromahi fluffy au if requests are still open ?? thankyou

A/N: Okay so first can i say how much i love you anon, seriously i feel like so many years and years of writing have paid off with this small comment, you’ve made like my whole week. These sorts of comments just boost my self esteem so much thankyou i cannot even express my love buwbiiscuasuibcfsbo THANKYOU

Pairing: Kuromahi

Genre: Fluff

Description: KuroMahi coffee shop Au~ Mahiru gets a new customer who becomes a regular on his shift, small conversations with him make his day. Why did Mahiru look forward to work every day so he could just see him one more time?

Mahiru smiled and hummed as the familiar smell of coffee drafted through the shop, he had just started working the morning shift at the local coffee shop. He looked out at the customers and noticed there was a new customer he hadn’t seen before along with the regulars. He sat in the very back corner in the dark playing some sort of game device, he wore a strange coat with a hoodie covering his face. It was very suspicious, thinking simply, he should check them out. He walked over to take his order and the man looked up, he saw messy blue hair covering his face and entrancing red eyes with large dark bags.

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leo-lance  asked:

Can I get a mermaid!Lance startling marine tech!Keith fic? Please and thank you!!

OF COURSE YOU CAN. This is super rough but ENJOY

The boat was back. Lance hovered just under the surface, tail flicking as he covered his ears against the growl of the propeller. Twice a week for the last month it had come, perched just over his favourite part of the reef, and disrupted his studying. It bobbed along for a few hours before shifting course and propelling over to another part to do the same damn thing. Hours upon hours of useless noise. It was enough to drive any merperson insane.

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Seiyuu Spazzing^^

First, off I hope everyone has enjoyed the holidays and had a happy new year! 

I just finished listening to “Name of Love” blcd. It features three of favorite seiyuu, Ono Daisuke, Suzuki Tatsuhisa and my precious baby Yuki Kaji. Through it was short, it had lots of yummy karami scenes with OnoD and Tatsun. 

Thanks for the all Tumblr loving. I’m elated that so many others are enjoying the audio clips. As long as you guys like them I’ll keep posting them^^ 

Kamiyan is my total bias when it comes to seiyuu. 

He’s so kawaii and his voice is magically, especially in the blcd world. Kamiyan always somewhere brings out the erotic nature in his roles. It also doesn’t help that I love almost every character that he voices. *I’m eyeing you Yato, Levi, Kiyoshi* 

I’ve allowed myself to stray a bit from Kamiyan and I’m sure glad I did. Lately I’ve been into more into precious baby-faced Yuki-chan. I’m sure watching Noragamil had something to do with. He has such this sweet, innocent tone that you just can’t help but to melt a little whenever he speaks especially whenever he employs his sweet, eroi voice. I must say I dare enjoy his deep, melodic tone as Speed Sonic from One Punch man. He is just as darling and cute as button, I just want to squeeze and pinch his cheeks. My goodness, Kamiyan and Kouji-kun run neck and neck as the queen uke, but damn Yuki-chan is closely behind them for the title. Yuki-chan is such a great and very vocal uke. He’s great at pulling at the listeners’ emotions while staying in character. 

My other bias is Hirakawa Daisuke. I love the smoothness and calming nature of his voice. What I implore so much about Hirarin is his ability to give you some of the greatest ear-porn ever, this and he does r-18 dramas. I was truly convinced by this after listening to one of the r-18 dramas where he plays a twins (he plays both twins). It was greatest thing ever, having one talking all smutty and dirty, while the other one was kissing, slurping all at the same time, via dummy-head no less. That take some serious talent. I love it, every time I heard him all I can picture is Rei in my head and the idea of Rei talking dirty to me is great~ 

Ono Daisuke had grown on me lately as well. It’s not that I didn’t care for his voice, in fact he has this sexy, smoky, deep voice that melts me too. But, since he’s often casts with Kamiyan I paid more attention to Kamiyan. As I said after watching Noragami I really like how he able to change the tone of voice too, no characters of his sounds exactly the same. It doesn’t help that he’s pretty good damn singer too. OnoD is no stranger to the bl world. He mostly plays the seme, damn is he a good, noisy and aggressive top who puts that husky, deep voice to good use, especially when he is commanding the uke. I also really enjoy the interactions between him and his pseudo-husband Kamiyan. It’s awesome to hear them take their real-life friendship/skinship and implement into their work.

This post wouldn’t completely without Sakupyon~ Takahiro Sakurai. I stumbled across him randomly on tumblr and thought who is this handsome seiyuu. So, it turns out that I had unbeknownst heard Sakupyon before. A couple of years ago, I watched Gakuen Heaven and of course stumbled across Cloud. I wasn’t into seiyuus back then, mostly because I was still in college and had little time to divulge into my hobbies. Sakupyon is another seiyuu that has some strong, and lethal eroi. He’s also no stranger to the bl world. Sakupyon played his uke roles quite well, full of emotion coupled with some great inflections. Currently, I’ve been enjoying him as Misaki Takahashi from Junjo Romantica and as Rumi Mukami in Diabolik Lovers. I loved Diabolik Lover’s character so much that I purchased “The more blood” version. I also died from some serious blood-lost from that cd. *eyeing you track #9 intoxicated* His eroi is so strong, and very lustfully sinful. There is nothing like listening to Sakupyon whispering some many naughty things to you. I love it! 

Damn he’s in his 40′s and looks so handsome and more than half his age. 

The final seiyuu that I’ve become attached too and absolutely adore is Suzuki Tatsuhisa. I can’t love him too much, as he is one of my good friend’s bias, but I can’t help it. *runs into a corner* I let my curiosity get the better of me once again and while I have some otome and blcds, and dramas cds that I’ve stumbled across of him but for some stranger reason I was drawn to his Diabolik Lover character Yuma Mukami.  Perhaps I’m just drawn to the Mukami brother *shrugs* I had heard a few posted clips here and there and some of his bl work. Stupid me actually owns the first Kannou Mukashibanashi cd and at the time I only listened to one track and that was Kamiyan’s track. Wah! Little did I know that Inoue Kazuhiko (nyeko-sensai) did the narration but I never realized that Tatsun narrated one of the stories from this cd. The story that Tatsu narrated not only felt like Makoto reading you a nice, long bedtime story but there was an encounter with the princess that turned a little erotic hehe^^

After listening to that, I decided why not take a listen to DL character. Big mistake~ I suppose since I didn’t know what to expect perhaps this is why both my jaws and undies were literally on the floor. I’m not kidding nor exaggerating when I say that the entire 10 track cd was full of sexy, and dare I say deadly eroi. I got some serious goosebumps, all sexy moans and heavy breathing especially in your ear was downright HOT! There was the moment in one of the tracks that I had to stop what I was doing. When the angle of the mic was changed suddenly Yuma was directly behind me and I froze. Out of all of the dummy-head recordings I’ve listening too, none have felt so incredibly real like that moment when it felt like he as right behind me. A bit creepy, but he’s a vampire what else would you expect. I can’t describe it, but it was HOT and I loved it! 

Thus far I’ve been divulging a bit more into Tatsun’s work. Gah! I do love his bl work and I love that plays both the seme and uke. Damn, he’s a great and very loud, expressive uke. Oh my goodness I don’t know which roles I like him in more as the seme or uke, his seme is equally as good. I love the deepen and yet sinfully, aggressive tone of his voice that he uses on whoever he’s topping. Gah! The plus side to seiyuu like Tatsu, Kouji-kun who play both roles, they usually are the noisy seme, who are equally loud as the uke. I don’t know about others but I like to hear when both guys are enjoying themselves. Tatsu is not only handsome he had that sweet, and endearing voice that makes one swoon. I have yet to divulge into his band Oldcodex. This will change soon, but at this time I’m sure it’s going to take me some time to recover from all this seiyuu spazzing^^ 

Spencer finds an old science fair ribbon and memories come rushing back causing her to make some new discoveries of her own. 

Thirty-three year old Spencer Hastings, more correctly Spencer Cavanaugh, was looking through her master bedroom closet. Her mission of the moment was to find her favorite red scarf to complete her attire. She was supposed to meet Hanna and the rest of the girls for lunch in twenty minutes but there was no way Spencer Jill Cavanaugh was leaving without that scarf.

Mumbling obscurities, Spencer pushes items beyond items aside in search.  Little did she know the scarf in mention was across the hall in little Avery Aurora Cavanaugh’s room. Inside her mess of a closet, whom she blames on Toby for it being so disorganized, she spots a small card- box peeking out in the far right corner. Curiosity racing through her veins as it had when she was young; Spencer grabs the mysterious box and places it cautiously on her bed.

Spencer brushes the inch of dust from atop it and opens the folds to reveal its contents. She gasps slightly pulling out a picture frame. It was a photo of her and Melissa when they were small, about seven and eleven years old. Spencer puts it gently beside her and pulls out the next item, a copy of The Catcher in the Rye. Placing that next to her as well, she pulls out a ribbon.

But not just any ribbon, a second place ribbon, from a science fair in the third grade. Spencer glares at the word’ second’ on the piece of yellow fabric it might as well just say ‘loser’. What irked her most was she was so close to that first place blue ribbon, so close she could taste it. But that boy, Klavaknot was his name, had to come in with those damn moving trees…

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Day 2: Can’t Sleep

Haha what even is this, I don’t know, it got away from me. Welcome to the “Soul is a secret anonymous street artist” AU. It’s long. It’s also unbeta’d, so. Yeah.

Maka couldn’t sleep. The sputtering radiator in the apartment was on the fritz, making all nature of hellish whistling and rattling. Her room would get stuffy as the armpit of hell until she kicked off her mountain of quilts, then plunge in temperature until her teeth chattered and she bundled up again. Rinse, repeat, flail in fury.

It didn’t help at all that Kim’s girlfriend was spending the night again. Jackie did her very best to be courteous and quiet, but Kim always took it as a personal challenge, and the walls were paper thin.

The piercing glow of her phone’s screen told her it was 1:36am and she gave up. Sleep would not come. But god damn it, if she couldn’t have sleep, she would have ice cream. It might be close to freezing outside, but that never stopped her. Sweet treats should be cold.

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