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I haven’t seen one of these yet so I decided to make one!! Feel free to use! Please don’t reblog if you’re a cg/l or dd/lg blog

My brother sold me out to Voldemort, who really wanted me dead for some reason. I was chased to the top of a tower where, cornered, I jumped to my death. I was immediately reincarnated to be killed by Voldemort on his terms.

  AU plot; Where Derek gets hexed by a witch, forcing him to shift into a predator that has nothing to do with his wolf. An owl. 
After a week or two, the gang notices how there has not been any dark shadow waiting around the corner to jump at them with a flash of electric azure eyes, warning them or pulling them to the side for work. They decide to go and look for the ex-alpha, only that this proves to be a lot harder than they thought. While Derek’s scent still lingers around the woods, it’s really hard to pinpoint where he was the last time or where he then moved. 
   Splitting into pairs Stiles goes with Liam, which just awesome he got the kid to babysit, and after few hours they come up with- nothing. As frustrating as it is they all decide to go home for the night and to continue tomorrow, that is when Stiles notices something among the already withering leaves on the trees. Just like before there is an owl sitting patiently on a twig, its eyes only directed at him as if it were programmed to do so.

   “No. Scott I am telling  you, we didn’t find anything, Liam couldn’t follow any scent or traces that were left behind. All that was zipping through the air was some magnetic pull.” Stiles threw himself on the bed, finally able to do so after four hours of endless searching for the big bad wolf who had the decency to magically disappear. Just when school was pressing on them from all sides.

  Running a hand through his hair, he once again got this weird feeling as if he were watched- or better yet glared at. And of freaking-course, when he looked through the window there it was. “I swear to God Scott, the only thing that came up these days is this freaking owl that is just …glaring at me. As if it’s judging me and all my choice I made in life!” Stiles groaned and got up, the flutter of wings jerking up from the moment. “And I got many of those Scott. What if it is a werewolf-kanima-owl that ate Derek? What if I am now next?!”

  Taking a step closer, since he was a brave moron like that, he took a good look at the thing. “I call it, it’s true…it has Derek’s eyebrows!It…..oh great, now it has this look of “Shut up stiles” ,just like Derek!”

  “No Scott I am not tired I-…..wooow ok…ok buddy…easy there….stay put ok?…. it just flew into my room…still glaring.”This was the worst night honestly, here he is in the middle of the night, backing away from an owl which looks ready to stab him, stab him to death-until he is dead. “Great just great, it even has the manners like Derek does. Just slithering in like a …a freaking slithering wolf dammit!” 

 And maybe he just imagines it that the thing is smirking at him with glee after he stumbles and trips backwards, landing on his butt just near the bed. Maybe he also shouldn’t had thrown a pillow at it since now it is standing down on the floor, tapping its tiny-winy feet toward him. “I..I can get you some seeds… wait you guys like meat..haaah… awesome.”

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   “At least  you can’t slam me against a wall….or can you…??!!”

I love talking to @spider999now , we come up with most insane things after watching a vine ( x )

The other day I was really spaced out in my english class bc I haven’t really been sleeping enough, and a guy was calmly reading something he had written for class when he screamed “FUCK” as loudly as he could. I love my classmates, I never stay bored for long. 

The Signs in a haunted house

Aries: Reluctantly brings up the back of the group and is constantly looking over their shoulder only to be so focused on what’s behind them that they get separated from the group and runs into one of the “monsters”
Taurus: An employee that loves scaring the living daylights out of everyone, the one who lurks in dark corners and then jumps out
Gemini: Accidentally punches an employee in the face
Cancer: Tries to scare the employees instead
Leo: Refuses to enter
Virgo: In the middle of the group so is essentially the safest
Libra: Forces everyone to go and is the one that leads the group into each new room
Scorpio: Screams at everything, even before entering the house 
Sagittarius: Talks to themselves to try to calm themselves down but to no avail 
Capricorn: “If i’m paying this much for a haunted house, I better die” (almost pees pants in the first room)
Aquarius: Acts tough at first but then starts crying once inside
Pisces: Lil baby that has to be held almost the entire time; tries their best to keep their eyes closed

Actual quotes the signs said to me

Aries: I heard that out of the corner of my ear

Taurus: Can we go to Costco pleeeease!! I’ll pay you!! It’s free sample day!!

Gemini: *receives a nude* Nah man I don’t need that. It looks like a sad elephant trunk

Cancer: *pokes head up through inner tube* *whispers* Hey… I’m a dolphin *jumps through inner tube* *gets stuck and flips the inner tube*

Leo: *rounds corner* *kid jumps out to scare them* *screams* FIGHT OR FLIGHT *punches kid in throat*

Virgo: *to spongebob theme* oooh who lives in the ocean under a pineapple

Libra: Abraham Lincoln lead the World War 3

Scorpio: I gave myself stitches once *shows scar* see??

Sagittarius: Windows are made out of cardboard

Capricorn: *to her own name* Gabriella…is that spelt right??

Aquarius: Is a horse with a penis on its head a unicorn??

Pisces: Sometimes I wish there were mute buttons for people…either that or the delete function

destiel meet cute, like 800 words, college!au, whoop!

part two | part three

Dean rummaged through his backpack for his set of keys, groaning as little bugs brushed across his face, attracted by the orange light above him. It had been a long fucking day and all he wanted was to kick back in his boxers and binge-watch Netflix all night. His feet ached from walking all the way to his classes, to the garage, and home again, but he was damned if he was gonna take the bus again, especially this late at night. He’d had one too many creepy experiences on there.

Finally locating his keys—at the bottom of the bag, of course—he unlocked the outside door to his shitty apartment complex and trudged down the hall towards the stairs.

As he rounded the corner, he jumped in surprise. Sitting on the steps was a young man, probably another student, as he looked about Dean’s age, with dark curled hair and those black square glasses that hipster-types wore. He was wearing jeans and a loose blue t-shirt, elbows on his knees and chin in his hands. He was sitting right in Dean’s way.

“Uhh…” Dean started, not really knowing what to say.

The guy looked up, startled. Like he hadn’t even noticed Dean was right in front of him. “Oh, hello,” he said. His eyes were deep blue, kinda captivating actually.

“Hi—” Dean started.

“Sorry, I’ll move,” the guys cut him off, scooting to the side.

“It’s fine—oh, yeah okay.” Dean just stopped talking, annoyed he was coming off so awkward. The guy’s voice was ridiculously deep, almost growly, and it made his imagination run wild for a second. “Thanks,” he muttered as he stepped by, though he didn’t really know why he did—the guy was in his way, after all.

“Mmm,” the guy responded, slumping back down again.

Dean stopped at the first landing and sighed. He looked so forlorn. Dean wasn’t really a “people-person” and he was tired as fuck, but couldn’t leave this guy alone without at least checking on him.

It also doesn’t hurt that the guy’s a babe, he thought, but quickly shut that line of thinking down.

He turned around slowly. “Hey, uh. Are you….you know, okay?”

The guy twisted to look at him, eyes squinted in confusion.

“Are you waiting for someone or..?” Dean continued, and the guy’s eyes lit up in understanding.

“Oh, yes. Well, I was, but. My brother lives here and he said I could come over when I wanted to get away from my dorm, but he’s having a party, and he said I could stay but…” he trailed off.

“You’re not really a party person?” Dean guessed.

“No, I’m really not,” he chuckled.

“Well, why don’t you just go back to your dorm?” Dean realized a second later he probably could’ve said that more politely, but his filter had sort of stopped working from the fatigue.

The guy didn’t seem offended, though. “My roommate doesn’t…approve of me.” He scoffed and said, more angrily. “Well, actually he’s a homophobic asshole. It’s exhausting to live with him.”

Dean’s eyebrows raised. “Damn, I’m sorry. Can you switch rooms or something?”

He just shrugged in response.

Dean re-adjusted his backpack, weighing heavily on his shoulders. He really, really wanted to lie down. “Well, do you wanna hang at my place?” he finally said. “You know, until your bro’s party is over or whatever?

The guy looked at him like he just spoke Klingon.

“I’m gonna binge-watch Friends,” Dean added.

The guy looked mildly more interested. Hah, everybody likes Friends.

“I don’t know,” the guy finally said, turning away.

“I swear I’m not a murderer or a creep or anything. Plus, your brother’s in the building so I have no reason to try anything. Not that I would, I just—” Dean wiped his hands down his face. “I’m tired, and I’m just trying to be nice, but I totally get it if you don’t feel safe or whatever. Sorry.” Dean started up the stairs again, cursing himself.

“Wait!” The guy jumped up and climbed the stairs quickly. He caught up to Dean who had turned back around to face him. His eyes were much bluer up close, deep as the ocean, and his cheekbones looked like they could cut glass. He was smiling this adorable, gummy smile, and oh yeah, Dean was in trouble. “I love Friends,” he said brightly. 

“Who doesn’t?” Dean gave him a tired, but genuine smile in return. “Alright, let’s go. I gotta get this backpack off me before my shoulders detach from my torso.”

They climbed the three flights up to Dean’s room in silence. Before Dean could open his door, however, the guy put his hand on Dean’s arm. “Thank you,” he said seriously, staring right in his eyes.

Dean stared back for a moment, sort of getting lost. He finally remembered himself and cleared his throat. “Uh, you’re welcome,” he said gruffly.

“My name is Castiel,” he guy said, sticking out a hand. “I figured we should probably at least know each other’s names before I come in so we’re not complete strangers.”

Dean chuckled and took his hand. “I’m Dean, nice to meet you Castiel.”

“Nice to meet you, Dean.”

I will forever love Fine for that zero gravity air tackle and gun grab

Like, here are these trained soldiers, failing around in a panic as the plane suddenly goes into a free fall, and Fine is the only one aside from the pilots to grab hold of something so she doesn’t go floating around BUT THEN SHE SEES AN OPPORTUNITY AND JUST L A U N C H E S HERSELF AT THE ONE GUY and it works because he was not expecting that and in the second it takes for the plane to level off she’s on her feet and got his stupid golden gun and has him lined up- if it hadn’t been for the safety/that other guy shooting her she would have gotten that smarmy officer without a hint of hesitation

Sure we saw her leading her bodyguards during the train chase and coming up with a way for them to escape after they’d been cornered (jump off the freaking train) but that scene in the plane just, shows you how she never lets her guard down, never accepts defeat and is always searching for her chance to turn things around. And when she finds it she TAKES it 

Combine that with her complete devotion to her people and it’s no wonder Elystadt is so loyal to its Princess. She’s incapable of giving up. She’s amazing

I love her 

I think about non binary Kenma a lot since I read @shions-heart‘s IWFYITD.

AN: @doctordeanscompanion requested some fluff with either Crowley or Lucifer. Since I love her so much, I’m gonna do both for her. Crowley first, which means I also gotta tag @devsfan55 ‘cause she’s in love with him too. Enjoy, my lovelies!

You pace between two dingy motel beds, muttering to yourself and clenching your fists. “I can’t believe it,” you say to what you believe is an empty room.

“Can’t believe what, darling?” a silky voice asks from the corner. You jump slightly, looking over to see the King of Hell standing there. “Moose and Squirrel leave you on your own again?”

“Yes, they did! And without even so much as a goodbye! Just up and left while I was sleeping, with only ‘gone on a hunt’ scrawled on a piece of paper for a note.”

Crowley shakes his head. “Morons. Their loss, though.” He moves closer to you and holds out his hand. “Would you like to see what the King can do for those left behind?”

You consider for a moment, then shrug and take his hand. “Sure, why not?” With a snap, the two of you are in an Italian opera house just as the show is about to start. Your eyes are wide as you look at the demon, and he smirks as if to say that this is only the beginning.

And truly it is. You spend the rest of the day whisked around from place to place, from the opera to a French bakery to the beaches of Hawaii to the markets of Mumbai. But you had to say that your favorite place came in the evening. The pair of you appear in front of a log cabin on the edge of a fjord in Norway, suddenly wrapped in warm winter clothing. Snow softly drifts down around you, the setting sun tinging the edges of the snowflakes with pink and orange. It’s so quiet you can almost hear the flakes as they hit the ground, and your soft gasp at the beauty of it all sounds loud and harsh in your ears.

“Beautiful, isn’t it?” Crowley whispers. You can only nod as you take in the sunset over the ocean and the slowly accumulating snow. “Come, darling,” he says after a while when he notices you shivering in the fading light. “Let’s go inside.” He takes you into the cabin and redresses you both in warm pajamas and dressing gowns before leading you to sit by a roaring fire in the fireplace.

As he hands you a mug of hot chocolate, you ask, “Why’d you do this for me, Crowley?”

“I thought my favorite huntress deserved to be spoiled,” he answers with a small smile. “Especially after being neglected in such a way by the other men in her life.”

“Favorite huntress, hmm?” You hide a smile by taking a sip of your cocoa.

“The only one I take on dates that span the globe.”

Your eyebrows shoot up. “Dates?”

He smirks. “Of course, love. You didn’t think I’d do all this and not intend to ask you to be mine, now did you?” Your eyes go wide and as he leans in to kiss you, you wonder if it would really be all that bad to date the King of Hell. Especially when he was so willing to pamper you like this.

Seventeen Vocal Unit reacting to you scaring them


Our smol leader was focused on producing a new song so he didn’t notice you entering the room. You slowly tip-toed over to his chair and yelled loudly into his ear. He jumped up slightly, losing his headphones in the process. He turned around to see who it was. When he saw the grin on your lips, he bit down on his lower lip, looking down to hide his pink cheeks.
“One of these days you’re going to give me a heart attack."  he stated, pointing at his heaving chest.


You were sitting on the couch, watching a scary film with your boyfriend, Seungkwan. He was holding you close to him as he was staring at the screen, focusing on the scene. You took it as the perfect opportunity to give him a fright. Just when the murderer was about to walk around the corner, you jumped out slightly. "Oh my god!” you yelled, making him yell back at you. He looked at you with a horrifyed expression on his face, taking his time to realize what just happened. You leaned your head back in laughter and he pushed you off him slightly.
“I could’ve died." he said, trying to make you feel guilty.
"But you didn’t." you answered, winking at him before feeding him some popcorn.


You and your boyfriend just got done watching a scary movie and you went into the bathroom to wash up while your boyfriend was getting ready for bed. You decided to hide behind the bathroom door and wait for him to come inside to scare him.
"Jagiya, can I come in?" he asked and walked in when you didn’t answer. You could feel that he was frightened by the way he didn’t walk in straight away. He slowly set foot into your shared bathroom and just when he was about to look behind the door, you jumped out at him. He jumped slightly and let out an annoyed groan when you started laughing. Dokyum smacked your butt lightly and pointed at you.

“You’re gonna regret that." he threatened and for the rest of the night, you both continued to frightened each other.


You and Jeonghan were walking home from the cinema when you walked through a creepy alleyway. You could feel your boyfriend tense up as he squeezed your fingers slightly. He mentioned to you about how creepy this alleyway was and you just agreed, smiling to yourself. Jeonghan was reacting sensitively to every noise he heard which you took as your only chance to get him back for all the times he scared you. You let out a loud gasp and pointed at the emptiness in front of you. Jeonghan stopped mid-walk and looked at you. When you playfully sticked out your tounge at him, he came back to his senses and pointed at you.
"Don’t." he said huskily, letting out a frustrated sigh before taking your hand in his and walking faster through the alleyway.


You decided it was a good idea to scare your boyfriend, since it was halloween. You told Seungcheol to text you as soon as Joshua was on his way back to your shared apartment. When you recieved his text, you quickly followed your masterplan and hid in the closet afterwards. Before hiding, you’ve smired fake blood all over the kitchen tiles and placed splinters of a already broken wine glass in the blood poddle. When Joshua entered the apartment, you could hear his bag falling to the floor and him calling out your name several times. A few minutes later you heard the door to your bedroom being opened.
"Y/N?" he called out, his voice filled with worry. You could hear his footsteps inching closer and took your chance. You jumped out at your boyfriend, causing both of you to fall to the floor. He looked up at you, his chest heaving heavily underneath you. 
"Happy Halloween." you said, pecking his lips. He wrapped his arms around you and embraced you in a deep hug.



As Enzo rounded the corner, Y/N jumped out screaming at him. Enzo jumped back and let out a terrified shriek. Y/N doubled over laughing.
“That was the best scream yet,” Y/N barely got out the words because they were laughing so hard.
“Oh love,” Enzo said as he tried to catch his breath. “you’re going to regret scaring me this time.”