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Façade (Part 2)

Author’s Note: The original fic was written by the amazingly talented @littlemisssyreid (link to original below), and is one of the best fics I’ve ever read. It gives me so many feels. I asked her very nicely if I could write a part two, and she said yes. SO, here it is: my contribution to a second part of ‘Façade’

Original/Part One

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Own it. Own it. Own it. Head high; Keep it cool. Saunter. Saunter. Breathe. Sway, sway, sway. And… there.

You exhaled deeply as you turned the corner of the hallway and heard the door close behind you. You were tingling all over from what you’d just done, almost shaking, as you pressed the button to the elevator. The door opened, and you stepped inside.

You had proven a point. And what a damned good point it was.

Come on… Shut the door…

You heard the steps of someone running towards you, and you punched the button again.

Come oooon…

The doors started closing and you allowed yourself to let out a breath of relief, but you choked on it as Bucky turned the corner and stopped the door at the last minute.

You immediately put on the bitchiest face you could muster and leant against the back wall of the elevator and crossed your arms, staring at the doors. He slipped in beside you just as the doors closed. You pretended you hadn’t noticed him, even though the two of you were the only two people in the lift.

“What the hell was that?!” he demanded, his eyes on yours and trying to catch his breath.

You shifted slightly so you were leaning even further against the back wall, sighing softly, before inspecting your nails in boredom.

“You can’t just kiss me like that and not say anything, Y/N!”

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Twenty-One Questions - Peter Parker

Words: 6,320 (sorry its super long, I got carried away)

Warnings: Unedited, very mild makeout session (;

Paring: Tony Stark’s Daughter x Peter Parker

The Avengers compound was quieter than normal Saturday night. The television flickered in the corner as the men switched flipped back and forth between NFL games. Natasha and Wanda chatted amongst themselves ignoring the sporting event like it was their job. Shouting resulted to a bare minimum much to the surprise of the young teenager propped on the kitchen bar stool. Peter Parker had been apart of the Avengers for a little over three months and never in his time apart of the team had he witnessed them so lifeless. The Avengers slumped around like deflated balloons lacking interest in all activities.

A soft sigh fell from Peter’s soft lips while he pushed himself off the metal seat. His warm brown eyes fell to the watch fasten around his wrist. 10:06, Aunt May would expect him home by midnight but with the lack of activity, calling it a night didn’t seem like such a horrible option. Peter was use to hating the time that rolled around when he was forced to take the long haul back to his apartment. The train rides were sketchy, the walk in the cold was gruesome, and the local New York civilians had a tendency to be the most bitter people in the world. But out of all the things Peter hated about having to leaving the tower, Y/n was by far the most.

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Office-mate who loves CNN but doesn't understand how televisions work is destroyed by that which she loves most.

I work in a small office with only 6 people. The way the office is broken up I share my office with another person, so we’re essentially facing each other. It’s away from the other offices, so we’re kind of left to our own devices. I’ve been working here for about three years now, and have always gotten along with my office-mate. My old office-mate left to start a family, so I’ve been alone for a bit before they hired Marge.

Marge is what you’d find if you googled “worst office-mate.” She brings in smelly food she eats at her desk, she plays loud music in our shared space (even after being asked not to), she fights with the boss on every little thing, she’s nosy (always asking me where I’ve been when I walk back into the office, and I’ve literally caught her listening in at the bosses door). She asks me invasive questions, and when I finally snapped at her to mind her own business she acted like I’d personally assaulted her.

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Curiosity Killed The Cat - Stiles Stilinski

Author: @mf-despair-queen

Characters: Stiles Stilinski/Reader

Word Count: 6,437

Warnings: NSFW, 18+, Oral (Both Receiving), Mentions of Public Sex, 69, Orgasm Denial, Masturbation, Multiple Orgasms, Fingering, A LOT OF FILTH

Notes: This is 100000000% for my precious Camile, @minhosmeanhoe because she wanted something involving Stiles and masturbation because this is all we ever talk about (we are horny fuckers lol). But, even better, HAPPY BIRTHDAY CAMILE. You are one of my bestest friends I am glad I am able to talk to you daily. I don’t know what I would do without you. I LOVE YOU!!!!❤️

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The Healer

Request: Could you write a Reader x Paul Lahote where the reader finds an injured wolf (who is Paul stuck in wolf form because he is too injured to shift back) and she takes care of him? Maybe like Paul realises she’s his imprint and is nervous about how she’ll react when he shifts back and she finds out what he is and that she’s his mate? Thanks xo

Warnings: Slight angst 

Pairing: Paul Lahote x reader

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A blind Dunmer is sitting in a tavern when he suddenly pipes up. “Hey, anyone wanna hear a joke about a dumb Nord?”

The man next to the blind Dunmer speaks up, “Before you tell this joke, there’s a few things you need to know.”

“Sure,” says the Dunmer, “What’s that?”

“Well, for one thing, the bartender is a Nord.” the man says, “And so is the doorman. And the man next to you, he’s a Nord, too. And the two very large men in the corner by the door, they’re Nords, as well. In fact, I’m a Nord, too.” The man leans in really closely to the blind Dunmer. “So, you still want to tell that joke about a dumb Nord?”

The blind Dunmer cleared his throat and smiled, “Nah… not if I’m going to have to explain it 6 fetchin’ times!”

trick shot (m.)

;pairing — jimin/reader

;warnings — heavy drinking | cursing | oral sex | jimin being sleazy | hoseok being an asshole | lots of pool references | just adult things

;summary — jimin’s the bartender, you’re the billiard hotshot who frequents his bar and challenges him to a clean game of 9-ball after hours. “see if you can make this shot with my hand down your pants” au

;word count — 8k

part i | part i.v | part ii | drabbles

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Double Team

Title: Double Team

Summary: Sam and Dean get rough when they double team you in the shower. Inspired by this imagine (x).

Author:  Dean’s Dirty Little Secret

Characters:  Sam Winchester x female reader x Dean Winchester (no Wincest)

Word Count:  1883

Warnings:  nsfw, threesome, explicit language, explicit sexual content, unprotected sex, fingering,

Author’s Notes:  Thank you @mamapeterson for the advice and being my always awesome beta. I wrote this because my brain needed a break from the plot driven piece I’m working on, so I hope you guys enjoy some gratuitous smut. Let’s just put it out there that this is going to be one seriously cold shower by they time they’re done, I know that. Suspend your disbelief and pretend it’s a never ending hot shower. :-)

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More bnha hcs

Since you guys liked the last one

  • Tokoyami paints his nails black but doesn’t have any nail polish remover, so he always has to embarrassingly ask Mina for help
  • Bakugou is good at cooking, Satou is good at baking, Uraraka is good at eating and giving good feedback that helps them both for their next dish
  • Kirishima is such a big brother to everyone, he tries really hard to make everyone smile and feel great
  • If Kirishima is big bro, Momo is the mom friend; she helps with tutoring and all but she excels at leadership roles and knows how to handle everyone specifically
  • Tooru likes to scare people behind corners and doors, she has concluded to stop trying to scare Todoroki (no reaction) and Bakugou (too much of a reaction). And feels guilty when she scares Midroiya and Aoyama because they usually end up in tears
  • Movie nights either in up with everyone finding the movies boring and switching to Mario Kart or end up laughing at bad horror movies
  • Todoroki used to actually like his dad but then his abusive nature kicked in and now hates him. He still respects him considering he’s the #2 hero for a reason, but really doesn’t want much to do with him
  • One time the kids played spin the bottle, but instead of kissing it was insults and back handed compliments, it’s all in good fun until Bakugou insults Kaminari’s grades…then it just gets depressing
  • If the power ever goes out (and it’s not Kaminari’s fault) Kaminari is in charge of, well, charging phones and laptops; his only rule about this is no more than three people at a time because it’ll short circuit his brain quickly
  • Class A and Class B hold weekly arm wrestling competitions, whoever wins gets to change the wifi name. Shouji won and named it “Whoever is on the floor above me at 3 am needs to reevaluate their life decisions” 
  • Everyone can’t leave Kaminari and Mina alone, last time Mina dared him to charge her phone by plugging in her adapter in his nose
  • Whenever anyone annoys Bakugou before dinner, everyone knows they’re not going to be able to eat his cooking. So Tsuyu steps up to the plate with chicken nuggets and pasta
  • Aizawa has given up on trying to sperate the classes and instead makes the third years help when at the dorms. Mirio has officially become the hall monitor (he’s actually super lost)
  • As a gift, Momo got chocolates to share with the class, what she didn’t know was that they were sake chocolate. It is now known that everyone is a specific kind of drunk
    • Midoriya is either constantly crying or trying to pick a fight
    • Todoroki becomes more expressive
    • Uraraka is very flirty 
    • Bakugou is unusually quiet and more submissive
    • Kirishima starts stripping 
    • Kaminari becomes a daredevil and tries to jump off of everything
  • They had to get help when Midoriya started acting like Bakugou and Uraraka tried flirting with a house plant and was getting rejected. 
  • Luckily, Sero and Ojirou don’t like sweets that much and are now the Wranglers
Advantage on Intimidation for Being Creepy

Background: I’m running a 5e dnd game and allowing some homebrewing. One of my players is playing a lizard person (who looks like a standing komodo dragon) and during creation this conversation came up.

Me: So if you are a lizard person does that mean you run on all fours?

Player: No, I’d run like a normal person.

Me: Devine intervention says you can get advantage on Intimidation rolls while running if you run on all fours.

Player: Okay!

Later while actually playing.

Player: *gets called to the kitchen of the house by other players, other players start make lizard skittering noises* You see a head curl around the upper corner of the door.

‘What are the Odds?’ Part Three

Summary: After a summer of messing around, you were now ready for your first day as a NYPD officer. However, nothing could have prepared you for the surprise that was in store for you. Your team consists of all your summer one-night-stands. What are the odds? (Modern-Day Alternate Universe Drabble Series, based off of ‘Mamma Mia!’)

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Bucky Barnes x Pietro Maximoff x Reader

Words: 880

Previous Part: Part Two

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Anon asked : “I want to request a V Drabble where he protects his gf from her stalking ex boyfriend? Make V a bit of a badass please???? Keep up the awesome work, your writing is amazing and thank you″



Genre: Romance, fluff

Words: 1.2k


Taehyung becomes your saviour one night when you get followed by your abusive ex boyfriend.


“If you so much as look at her I am going to break your face” pausing to demonstrate how and landed a punch on the guy’s nose, hard enough to make his own knuckles bleed slightly.”

A/N: I had tons of fun writing this because I absolutely live for cliches and this one is inspired by the immense amounts of Kdrama’s I have watched! Thank you so much for requesting this anon! I hope you guys have tons of fun reading this :)


Cold wind hit your face like a ton of ice bricks rendering you with a blurred sight of the Starbucks sign in some distance. Your legs were burning with pain, but you knew you couldn’t stop running since he would eventually catch up to you. With no other means in sight you ran as fast as you could and hoped to reach the the crowded cafe before slowing down your steps and assuming a fast walking pace. Huffing and puffing you entered the Starbucks as eyes fell on your disheveled figure.You occupied an empty seat near the corner closest to the door in case you needed to run away again.

‘Dont walk alone y/n’ Taehyung’s words rang in your ear. You wanted to slap yourself for not adhering to his advice. You sighed heavily and craned your neck to look out of the window to ensure that he hadn’t followed you. You let your head fall against the sofa with a light thud, and closed your eyes as no sign of him provided you with a sliver of hope and relief.. A shiver ran down your body as a gust of cold air made contact with your bare skin. Your eyes widened as they were met with the tall figure of your ex entering the cafe, a dirty smirk apparent on his features. He walked past you with any verbal acknowledgement and took a seat at the opposite end of the small cafe.

You rummaged though your bag for your phone and shakily dialled your boyfriend Taehyung.The line rang and you clenched the phone tight in your hands till your knuckles turned white. “Y/n where have you been??” Taehyung’s voice came through the phone. “Taehyung” your voice trembled but you swallowed hard to gain control. Taehyung’s grip on the phone tightened as he sensed something was wrong. “Babygirl whats wrong?” His voice was laced with concern.

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Blue Scarf

Summary: Her scarf flies into Tom’s face and as if the awkwardness that followed wasn’t bad enough, he walks into her work too.

Pairings: Reader(?) x Tom Holland

Word count: 1.7k

Warnings: Some swearing.

A/n: Roses are really expensive, you guys. Who knew? But yeah, I don’t know how I feel about this piece tbh. Let me know what you think so I can make up my mind about whether I like it or not lol. And I know this one isn’t very Tom heavy but I promise my next one will be :D

The wind blew furiously today. She tugged her coat tighter around her and hunched her shoulders to protect her exposed ears from the chilly assault. Her face was numb; she couldn’t even feel the pain of the wind whipping her cheeks anymore. As she reached to grab the purse swinging wildly at her hip, a gust of wind caught the end of her scarf, blowing it behind her. Because it wasn’t wrapped around her neck, the force of the wind simply yanked it free, and suddenly her scarf was flying through the air.

She gasped and spun around trying to locate her neckwear. She caught sight of it zigzagging through imaginary obstacles. Its bright blue allowed her to track its path as she gave chase. She ducked and weaved past the people, finally coming to a halt as she witnessed her scarf get blown right around some poor, unsuspecting pedestrian’s face. She watched as they stopped mid-step, frozen for a millisecond but clambering to free themselves immediately. She rushed up to them, apologies on the tip of her tongue.

“I’m so sor– “

She cut herself off. Words simply left her brain as the stranger pulled the scarf down. Her mouth opening and closing like a goldfish.

Wow, you are gorgeous!

“Um… thank you?”


“You, uh, you said I was gorgeous,” she heard him say, registering the eloquent British accent.

As if he wasn’t stunningly attractive, he had to sound like that?

How is that fair?

“How is what fair?”

The perplexed expression on his face pulled her out of her reverie.


“You said ‘How is that fair?’ What were you referring to?” he repeated.

I said that out loud?

“Yeah, you did,” he said, puzzlement becoming bemusement.

Oh, shit.

“I – I was referring to… Um, see, what I meant was –,” she scrambled to come up with an excuse. Her mind failing her, she shifted her gaze to the floor, a blush creeping up her face.

An agonising, awkward silence followed.

“Uh, anyway…,” his smile faltered, the odd conversation losing its charm.

“Here’s your scarf,” he said as he looped it around her neck. “Now you won’t lose it, again.”

Pursing his lips together in a polite smile, he moved past her and continued on his way. She stood there, dumbstruck.

What just happened?

She turned around, catching a glimpse of his slicked-back curls.

“Thank you!” she called out. He kept walking though, not hearing her.


The bell on the corner of the door rang as she opened it.

“Morning,” her friend called, not looking up from her flower arrangement. “We got to get that Truscott Gala order done by four today. Are you okay to work register while I work on that?”

“Oh, morning, Stel,” she responded, coming out of her thoughts. She had been replaying her brief encounter with the pretty, British man in her head, feeling more and more stupid each time.

“Yeah, yeah, of course,” she said, pulling off her coat and exchanging it for her apron. She kept the scarf on.

“What’s up with you?” her friend finally looked up, giving her a questioning look.

Crossing the too-long apron strings, she pulled them in front of her and tied a bow.

“You would not believe what an idiot I am, Stel,” she replied.

“I would, but go on,” her friend prompts.

“I was walking to work today and you know how it was really windy? Well, my scarf blew away and it landed on this guy’s face,” she recounted as she walked over to the window, flipping the ‘Closed’ sign to the ‘We’re Open’ side.

“And Stel, oh my god, this guy was so hot. Like, crazy, too-beautiful-to-be-real, smoking, kind of hot. And –,” she paused, “He was British!”

“Let me guess. You totally embarrassed yourself, right? Am I right?” her friend guessed.

Sighing in defeat, she looked at her friend. “Yes.”

“Oh, it was so bad. The first thing I said to him was ‘Wow, you’re gorgeous’. I mean, what kind of creep says that to a stranger they literally just met?”

“Uh, you?”

“I know,” she cried. “It just got more awkward from there, and I think he got a little freaked out because I was being so weird.”

“Well, duh.”

“But then he did the sweetest thing. He wrapped the scarf around my neck and goes ‘Here’s you scarf, now you won’t lose it again’,” she finished, imitating his accent. She snuggled into the scarf, recalling the way he had leaned in to place it around her. She could still vaguely remember his cologne, something classy and subtle.

“Okay, you weirdo, you can keep dreaming about all the different ways you should have handled that situation, later,” Stel pulled her back to the world. “Right now I need you on the register, paying attention. I’m going to the back to finish these flower arrangements. Call if you need anything.”

With that, Stel collected her tools and tulips and disappeared into the back room.

Smiling at her friend’s words, she went about preparing for the day ahead.


“Have a lovely afternoon,” she handed the bouquet of carnations to the man, just as the doorbell chimed again.

Her eyes scanned the small shop, looking to see who she would next offer her help to when she spotted the newcomer. His back was to her but she recognised his slicked-back brown curls. She froze.

“Oh no,” she whispered under her breath. She quickly ducked beneath the counter, trying to think of an escape route. She whipped her head left and right, racking her brain for a solution. Stel was in the back, if she could just get her attention, she could make her deal with him instead. He wouldn’t even have to know she was here.

Dropping to her hands and knees, she slowly crawled across the floor towards the doorway connecting the shopfront to the back room. It was situated several feet to the left. Keeping against the wall, she prayed he wouldn’t notice her when she was no longer hidden by the counter. As she reached the edge of her protective wall, she hesitated before taking a deep breath and continuing out into the open.

“Please don’t see me, please don’t see me,” she muttered. She was almost there, only a few more inches.

“Excuse me?”

Hearing the familiar voice behind her, she squeezed her eyes shut.


She inhaled and stood. Her back straight and chin up, she pumped herself to turn around and face him. There was nothing else she could do at this point. This was it; she had to answer to the humiliation.

Oh, god.

But then at the last possible second, she squeaked, “Be right back,” and darted through the doorway.

Leaning against the wall, out of sight, she exhaled.

Phew, that was close.

“What are you doing?”

She jumped.

“Jesus, Stel! You scared me,” she whisper-yelled, hand over her heart.

Stel raised her eyebrow at her.

“Shit, Stel, it’s the guy! The British guy from this morning, he’s out there right now.”

She peeped around the doorframe. He was looking at the roses.

“What? Where? Let me see,” Stel exclaimed, scrambling to peer into the shop as well.

“Shh, he’ll hear you.”

“Oh man, you weren’t kidding. He is gorgeous.”

“Right?” she asked in agreement.

“Well get out there.”

“What? Are you insane?”

“No… now’s your chance to go show him you aren’t a total weirdo and get his number,” she stated, matter-of-factly. When she was met with an astonished expression, she nodded her head in encouragement.

“I don’t think –,” she began to protest but Stel shoved her out the door and into the shop. Her stumble caused him to turn towards her. She glared back at Stel before putting on her best customer service smile and walking behind the counter once more.

She could see the recognition dawning on his face and she cursed mentally. She was hoping he wouldn’t remember her but clearly he did. She could sense Stel in the other room, waiting to hear his reaction. She prepared herself for the worst.

“May I get a dozen red roses, please?”


Wait, maybe he didn’t recognise her after all.

“A dozen red roses?” he repeated, “Please.”


He really didn’t remember her.

She moved to where the roses were located, stepping past him. She caught a whiff of his cologne and was surprised to realise she was disappointed. He was probably buying the roses for his girlfriend. Why would he remember some random girl he met in the street when he already has a beautiful one to buy a dozen red roses for?

Picking out twelve of the best flowers, she returned to the counter. She bunched them into a bouquet, very aware of him watching her. She suddenly felt very warm, uncomfortably warm. Placing the roses down on the countertop, she unravelled her scarf. She put it by the register and continued the order.

Tying the bow, she looked up at him and plastered a smile on her face.

“That’ll be $38.95,” she said.

They completed the transaction and she handed him the bouquet.

“Have a lovely day!”

“Thanks, you too.”

He took the flowers and walked out the shop. She watched him go, sadness overcoming her. Stel came out and stood beside her.

“Man, I can’t believe he didn’t remember you.”


She began to clear away the scraps and cut-offs. Hearing the bell chime again, she looked up to greet the new customer. Her fake cheeriness dropped, replaced by shock, when she saw who it was.

“My mum won’t mind if I only give her eleven roses.”

He held out a single red rose, one she had wrapped into his bouquet, only moments ago. He also held the receipt, on it was scribbled some numbers.

She looked at him, bewildered. She tentatively reached out and took the rose and piece of paper.

“I – I thought you didn’t –,” she stammered.

“How many cute girls are there in this town who wear bright blue scarves?” he grinned.


“Call me.”

Then he left. She was dumbfounded. She looked down at the receipt in her hand. There was a name alongside the number.