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I haven’t seen one of these yet so I decided to make one!! Feel free to use! Please don’t reblog if you’re a cg/l or dd/lg blog

can we just talk about how much exposure doyoung is getting and the talent that sm sees in him? realistically speaking, he was one of the most underrated members of nct. he didn’t have many stans starting out despite his obvious talents and love and passion for the career he has chosen. many didn’t see doyoung as the most handsome of the team, or recognize his charms. he was often forgotten but now he’s taken up solo schedules by storm. he’s mced, he’s hosted, he’s been a guest multiple times. he’s stared in an ost, and soon will be in another song collab. when people were pushing him aside, sm picked him up and plopped him in the spotlight and he has stayed there, persevering with schedules on his own. his face, his voice, his entire self has been dangled out there alone for others to debate and to garner attention towards nct. for a boy who was born to shine on stage, he has shown us that he was made for much more than singing. for the first time i can proudly say that sm made the right choice, and it was a choice that i didn’t even think would be an option back in january.

the home inside my head

inside me there is a hallway
running the length of my spine
surrounded by locked doors
and promises

because the places you cannot find
are sacred
I have blacked out my soul windows
and shuttered the airways

I am hiding unspoken words
in the basement under my ribcage
and keeping secrets
in the attic beneath my skull