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Sing Me To Sleep

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Lyric Prompt: (requested by anonymous) “I want to sleep next to you, but that’s all I want to do right now.” (Talk Me Down – Troye Sivan)  

Author’s Note: Hey fellas !!! This is a short n sweet, fluffy ass imagine to get you in that cozy/Christmas vibe!! When I read shit like this, it makes my heart go all fuzzy so hopefully you feel that too !! ALSO YES @ ANON I LOVE TROYE SO SO MUCH (Aussie represent !!!) 

Word Count: 1061

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electric feel

Title:  Electric Feel
Pairing: Josh Dun/OFC (unnamed)
Rating: Mature
Warning: Just smut, with a pinch of dirty talk (who am I kidding, there’s a lot of dirty talk, yall know me).
A/N: This was a request by @beaniebabycreature. This turned out way longer than I intended it to be, because I’m an asshole with backstory; this one is like 4.7k, so enjoy this. I’ve got a Jai Courtney story I’m almost done with, and I’m taking requests for Josh or Tyler stories. Send ‘em in!

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How’s That For Vanilla?

Request: “I love your Newt smut. It uh relaxes me tbh. Can I request one where like, the reader teases Newt to the point of Newt entering Beast mode and like yeah. Love your writing.” + “Boiii do I gotta request for u, ohmygod okay so lk I don’t know much about sex toys and when they were invented, but imagine how Newt would react upon you asking him to use them on you during the sex???? Like boi ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° ) can you pls do a fic on this?? I would be most grateful <3 bless”

Pairing: Newt Scamander x Reader

Word Count: 1500

Warnings: SmuT of course!

A/n: sorry that this is a lot shorter than I hoped it would be! but u know me, I have a lot more Newt smut to write! ;^)

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“I have a surprise for you.” You skipped as your rounded the corner to your apartment.

“Hm? And what’s this surprise?” Newt asked, raising his brow in a certain amused fashion.

“If I told you then it wouldn’t be a surprise, would it?” You giggled. The tall, freckled man wrapped his arms around your waist, spinning you with an excited chuckle.

He let you go, but the motion of the twirl had left the snowflakes around you zooming around in a slight whirlwind, one landing on Newt’s nose. You grabbed his hand with your gloved one and continued to the door of the apartment block.

“I’ll give you a hint.” You turned to him as he fetched the key from his pocket. “It’ll be sure to warm us both up.”

“Good. I’ll need something to unfreeze my bones.” He said, frowning as his hands continued to pat his pockets. You groaned, pulling out your own wand and chanting a quick “Alohomora”.

“How many times has it been now? 3 just this week?” You sighed. Newt shrugged.

“I bet the Niffler has gotten his grimy paws on it again.” He replied.  

You both continued up the stairs to your shared apartment, smiling wildly as the anticipation spurred inside of you. Once you got inside, Newt was quick to discard his coat and scarf, pulling you into a tight embrace so he could lay a warm kiss on your cheek.

“Time for the surprise?” He asked, his eyes lit up eagerly.

“Go wait in the bedroom.” You smiled, and he beamed back at you, turning to head towards the bedroom.

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she doesn’t believe me

just some random thing i felt like writing based on these pics 

Los Angeles had brought Brighton a lot of things; a part time job in an upscale cocktail lounge, friends who encouraged her to buy shoes that were far too expensive for her bank account, and him. 

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Prompt Request #11 - Peter Hale

Requested by @xocest-la-viexo

Peter Hale x Reader

67. “Everyone keeps telling me you’re the bad guy.”

78. “I think I’m in love with you, and I’m terrified.” 

”Peter!” you yelled after pushing open the heavy door to the loft. You looked around in the dark penthouse, not hearing a single sound. A quick walk towards the kitchen as you peeked in. Not anyone here either.

”Where are you?” you yelled again, with more power this time and peeked your head into every corner of the apartment. ”Pe-”

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pacific northwestern gothic:

  • you drive an eco-friendly car and you recycle, but you leave the lights on all night, just in case. 
  • you find yourself lost in an endless sea of coffee shops, unable to tell corners apart, trapped in a tightly woven web of independently owned shops next to smaller chains, kiosks in every open place they can be wedged. you lose time, lose sleep, and in your delirium, you fill another bunch card, redeem your free latte, and continue your fruitless search for a way out.
  • there’s a new starbucks down the street. there’s always a new starbucks down the street. 
  • no one’s ever heard of your favourite band, because they don’t exist. you could’ve sworn they did, you had all their records - real records, on vinyl, you’re a collector - just last week, but they’re gone now. you try telling a friend to look them up, but you find yourself unable to remember their name. 
  • on sunny days, you feel ill at ease. some things should not be seen in such clear light. your eyes are not adjusted to such brightness.
  • children on a field trip watch the salmon run, their flesh deteriorating from their living bodies as they beat themselves against rocks in a macabre last battle upstream to lay their eggs where they first hatched. the children watch for hours in the cold as the fish, some almost as big as they are, fight to reach their spawning grounds before their bodies fail and fall to pieces. on the bus ride home, they laugh as if they had seen nothing. 
  • your neighbours, your friends, even you, discuss proudly how progressive and open-minded you are, how different this place is from the rest of america - as they decline, we shake our heads, grateful to live in such a liberal utopia. here, things are greener. here, people are kinder. we don’t have dark secrets. you smile, because the state history curriculum doesn’t talk about the laws that stayed on book for far longer than we care to admit. you laugh, blissful in ignorance, or in avoidance, of the fact that we are no better, no brighter, than anywhere else. 
  • you’re tell yourself you’re a good person, who doesn’t judge on appearances. you applaud yourself for your open-mindedness. there must be another reason you feel so disquieted when someone who looks too different from you gets too close to you in public.
  • mount st. helens begins to smoke. something stirs at the bottom of crater lake. there’s a wailing sound coming from behind multnomah falls. 
  • a friend mentions that they’ve been hiking a lot lately, and you say you’d love to get out there more, it’s just hard to find the time. the truth is, you’ll never forget what you saw out there, in that deep part of the woods, at twilight, having long lost the trail. 
  • there’s a flavour you just can’t place in the newest limited edition holiday ale from your favourite microbrewery. you buy another six pack, and drink until you can’t taste it anymore.
  • you laugh at the religious, but some part of you wonders if it would be easier to sleep at night, believing something, anything, was looking out for you.

“And so yeah, this is the hallway of our new place. Pretty exciting.”

“Hallway of freedom!”


You rounded the corner, heading towards your apartment and stopped at the sight of the two neighbours you’d seen with boxes a few days prior. Both tall and lanky standing right in front of your door, one of them was holding his phone in front of them both, talking to the camera.

“Ngl, guys, this place is pretty swaggy.”

“Dan,” the one without the camera glanced over and saw you waiting, smacking his friend on the arm until he looked over and saw you as well, and the camera was promptly put away.

“Is this your place? I’m so sorry we’re just standing here. We’re your new neighbours. I’m Phil and this is Dan.” You stepped forward, shaking their hands with a smile.

“Sorry I said ‘swaggy’ in front of you,” Dan said, and you couldn’t help but laugh.

“That’s alright. I’m Y/N,” you told them, and paused as something dawned on you. “Oh, I think I heard you guys the other night. Yelling…”

They looked at each other and then back to you, shamefaced, saying their sorry’s at the same time.

“That was a pretty intense game of Mario Kart,” Dan said. “Phil using his bloody ‘all or nothing’ at the last race–”

“That’s a legitimate strategy!” Phil said, smiling, and turned back to you. “But please let us know if we’re too loud again.”

“Seriously. Our sleep schedules are horrendous, it’s disgusting. We forget there are normal people around us,” Dan added, and you chuckled as you opened the door to your apartment.

“Who says I’m normal?” you asked with a grin, already excited for the change of tenants. “Welcome to the building.”

x x

The Aftermath

Maya sighed as she watched her phone go black due to a dead battery. The last time she remembered reading was 2:03AM. Wow, she’d been up a long time. No wonder her eyelids were starting to droop as she rounded the corner to her apartment. She found the front door to be unlocked, and when she heard her mom’s friends bustling about in the kitchen, she knew why.

“Hi Mom, bye mom.” She yelled before slowly making her way up the stairs. Her body just couldn’t carry her heavy heart anymore. She heard her mom’s reply of “Goodnight baby girl” before she slammed her bedroom door shut. The darkness took over and she faded into a deep sleep that she desperately needed after the night she had been through.

Maya woke up to the smell of pancakes and the sound of the news. Ah yes. Mom’s famous chocolate chip pancake brunch with the morning’s New Years resolutions. She was still wearing the same outfit from last night’s party at the Matthews’ but she didn’t feel like changing right now. She instead bounded downstairs and grabbed a plate for pancakes. Nothing some carbs couldn’t cure.

“You hungry this morning?” Katy asked, eyeing her daughter as she took 4 pancakes. “Something like that.” Maya replied, scarfing a bite of chocolate chip into her mouth. Doused in syrup, they were the closest thing to heaven in that moment.

They ate in silence for the most part, until the resolutions list came on the TODAY show. “Good morning, New York! Here are our top 10 New Year’s Resolutions!” They flashed up on the screen one by one, and each submitted resolution came with a name of who originally said it, plus how many people agreed with them.

Money, jobs, family, new body, cars….blah blah blah Maya thought to herself. She was in the midst of getting another shortstack of pancakes when she dropped her fork as the last resolution came up. To fall in love. –Lucas with 90% agreement.

There’s no way. No way in hell.

“You okay sweetie?” Katy asked. “Yeah mom, I’m good. I’m just, not hungry for anymore right now. I think I’m gonna get out of these clothes, ok?” Maya said, hurrying back upstairs to her room. She shut the door behind her and let out a breath she wasn’t aware she’d been holding.

Damn it, Lucas. Damn it, damn it.

“Peaches?! Oh Peaches, are you ready?!” Riley’s singsong voice rang over the buzzer to Maya’s apartment.

Maya had just hopped out of the shower. “Shit, the movies.” She ran back to her room and threw on a sweaterdress. Thank god it covered her butt because she’d have to put on tights later. She didn’t even run a brush through her hair as she flew to the front door.

“Hey Riles! Just gimme like 5 minutes then we can go, okay?” She quickly grabbed a pair of black tights and her favorite combat boots. She decided to just leave her hair in its natural wavy state. She could do her makeup in the car.

Topanga beeped the horn once more just as the two girls made it to the curb. Riley rolled her eyes before saying, “Gosh, mom, we’re right here! Calm down.”

Topanga scoffed. “Okay, Riley.” Maya didn’t want to get involved in the awkward (there was already enough of that in her life) so she simply slid into the backseat next to Riley and waited for Topanga to move down to Bleeker Street.

About 10 minutes later they arrived at Bleeker Street Plaza. This was the place to be during New Year’s Day because there were movies, shopping, food and a light display later on. Riley and Maya had been coming here for the last 5 years ever since Riley stumbled upon the movie releases for New Year’s and insisted that this be their new “grown up” tradition. Maya agreed, probably because since her mom’s party takes place over New Year’s Eve, there wouldn’t be much going on in the Hart household come daybreak.

“Alright girls. I’ll see you at 9PM, right?” Topanga gave Riley a stern look. “Yes Mom, don’t worry.” Riley said, waving goodbye to Topanga and dragging Maya to the theater.

They decided to see Half Of My Heart, which was some kind of cheesy romcom. Riley loved those kinds of things, and usually Maya did too, but not this year. She didn’t wanna believe in love anymore. Not after last night.

You and me? Lucas asked, sitting down on the couch next to her. Yeah, sure, she had answered. They went through the first round of couples game questions. Maya noticed how fired up Lucas got when Charlie knew all about Riley’s favorite candy. Why hadn’t he known about her favorite candy? She found herself wondering. When it was their turn, Lucas read his question: How would you describe your personality – library or campfire? He scoffed before saying “Oh well, you know” and then proceeded to eat the card. Maya chuckled at him in disbelief. “Oh come on, Huckleberry, it’s just a game.” But when she found her question, she followed suit, stuffing the paper square into her own mouth. Lucas’s eyes flickered towards her, his mouth tensed up in a knowing ‘I told you so’ form. Maya chewed on her paper slightly, turning her eyes anywhere but to his. The movie was about halfway through when she was brought out of her thoughts by Riley passing her some gummy bears. Of course. She took a few before handing the package back to her. She tried to focus on the movie, but when a character uttered: “Makes sense.” She immediately thought of him.

“Hey, this spot taken?” She asked Lucas, standing next to him on the rooftop. “I was saving it.” He said. “For who?” She asked, to which he replied laughing, “I’m not sure anymore.” They stood there for a couple seconds before Maya asked: “Hey Lucas? Have I ever said anything nice to you?” He let out a light laugh before answering “No.”
“Well, it’s one minute to midnight, and I’m glad you’re standing here.” Maya said, smiling at him. She remembered what Topanga had told her earlier when she was bummed out. Go to the people you trust. They can help put you back together again. “Wow, that kind of makes up for everything.” Lucas said, smiling back at her. They stood there for a few moments. Maya was about to say something else when Farkle confirmed her worst fear. “Riley still loves Lucas.” Those words echoed in her mind for the rest of the evening. She remembered her and Lucas wearing the same forlorn expressions and confused looks. They locked eyes for a brief second before turning towards Riley. That was it, their moment had ended.

Riley tapped Maya’s shoulder, which jolted her out of her thoughts yet again. “Peaches? The movie’s over now. Ready to go?” Maya stirred. “Yep.” They left the theater in silence, the only sound coming from Riley finishing her gummy bears.
They got about halfway around the plaza before Riley saw Rue21. “Oh Maya, let’s check this out! I hear they have awesome sales today!” She said excitedly, tugging Maya inside. They spent an hour and $100 dollars inside, with Riley buying two new pairs of shoes and a jacket. Maya bought a necklace with a lock and key on it. The next store Riley dragged Maya to was Ulta. “It’s makeup time, Peaches!” She said, scowering the isles for sparkles. Maya eyed a burgundy lipstick, but decided against it because it was $24 dollars. She searched around some more and found a plum color for only $6. She picked it up just as Riley came back with 10 different glittered shadows. She smiled sheepishly as they walked to the counter to pay, “I couldn’t decide which colors.” Maya smiled at her friend. “That’s okay Riles. Deciding on something and then sticking with it can be difficult.” Yeah, right.

It had been a few hours and Maya was honestly ready to go home. She couldn’t shake those thoughts of Lucas and she wanted to just plug in her headphones and paint at home. But Riley heard that Calton Coffee was having a winter expresso extravaganza so of course they had to go there next. Riley bought the peppermint mocha and Maya got a mint latte. They went to go sit outside on a bench in the park courtyard across the street when Riley saw some familiar faces.

“Farkle! Lucas! Hey you guys!” Riley always had a sunny disposition, no matter what happened. Maya on the other hand, wasn’t so happy to see those two.

“Ladies.” Farkle said with his signature wink. Riley laughed at his humor, Maya grimaced. She was still angry at Farkle for ruining everything with his dumb idea. “Hey Riley.” Lucas said. “Maya.” He said, eyeing her for a second longer than the brunette. Riley had instantly responded with a hug, while Maya gave the cowboy a nod in return.

“So what’re you guys up to?” Riley asked, changing the subject, much to Maya’s thanks.

“We were actually just about to get some coffee before finding somewhere to eat.” Lucas answered, smiling at no one inparticular. Yep, him and Riley really were two peas in a pod. Maya fought the urge to roll her eyes at his perfectly sweet answer.
“Do you wanna join us?” He asked, this time making eye contact with both girls.

Before Maya could answer no, Riley jumped excitedly, ushering a “YAYYYY” before whisking the group towards the coffee shop. Maya stayed silent while the boys got their drinks. Riley chatted up Lucas in line. Farkle was busy talking to Smackle on the phone, so it was just Maya. She grew tired of being alone surrounded by people, so she ducked out the door to the bench they were originally going to sit at.

She sipped the remenants of her latte and tossed it in the trash. She pulled out her phone and was about to listen to some music when she got a text.



Maya didn’t hold back her eye roll this time, but begrudgingly replied anyway.



She closed her phone and saw them heading her way. She sighed, getting up from the bench to join the group for dinner. Thank god the place was only 4 doors down.

They got a table for all of them, and when it came time to sit down, they awkwardly stood there for a minute. They all locked eyes before settling on Maya and Riley across from Lucas and Farkle. They sat how it should be, instead of what they wanted.

Once they ordered, Maya felt her phone buzz. Figuring it was Riley or her mom, she was surprised to see Lucas’s name flash on her screen.



Maya stole a glance at him to find that he was staring at her too. Damn him.

She texted a quick reply of NOTHINGS WRONG I AM THE SAME MAYA IVE ALWAYS BEEN before getting another text.



She sighed. You and me both, Huckleberry.



They were so engrossed in their phones that they didn’t hear Riley order dessert. When the chocolate cake came out, Maya dug right in. Lucas smiled at her. “What?” She asked, mouth half full of cake. “You’ve um, got some chocolate on your face, Shortstack.” Riley and Farkle noticed too and giggled. Maya quickly wiped it away, slightly embarrassed. Great, way to go Hart. Quit being such a mess around him, will ya?

They all finished the cake and left the BBQ joint. Riley noticed a sign as they walked down the last half of Bleeker Street. It read: Due to technical difficulties, light display has been moved to 10PM. Sorry for any inconvienience.

“Oh no! This is horrible, you guys! My mom said we could stay till 9!” Riley was panicking, dialing Topanga’s number. While she talked to her mom, Maya felt her phone buzz. She looked at Lucas this time before taking it out to read.



Maya didn’t reply. She would either be angry or she’d come close to crying, neither of which she wanted to do in front of everyone. She could still feel his eyes on her as she shoved her phone into her coat pocket. Riley ended her call with Topanga, sighing.

“Guys, it looks like there will be no light show for us.” Riley said, looking at Maya. Maya looked at Riley too, confused for a second. “Wait, Riles….I know you can’t stay, but my mom said that as long as I was home by midnight I’m okay. Do you mind if I stay? I don’t wanna go home yet.”

Riley’s sunny face came beaming back to her. “Yeah, of course Peaches, that’s fine!” She turned to Farkle and Lucas. “Are you two staying too?” Farkle answered first, saying that he actually had to go, because he and Smackle had plans. Lucas’s answer surprised Maya.

“Actually, I think I’m gonna stay, yeah.” Riley didn’t seem to notice that there was a reason why behind it.

“Alrighty, well, have fun! And Happy New Year, guys!” Riley went off towards the first end of Bleeker Street, with Farkle not far behind.

Maya was about to find another place to sit down, but was stunned by Lucas grabbing her arm.

“Maya, we have to talk. We need to talk.” His voice was hard, stern. Maya tried to wrangle herself free. “No, Lucas. We don’t.” She managed to get away from his grasp but he stood in front of her, as if blocking her pathway. “Cmon Ranger Rick, get outta the way.” She tried to go around him, but he stayed within her way. “Alright Huckleberry, two can play at this game.” She sidestepped around him, almost making it past his left side but she didn’t notice his boot and almost fell.

Lucas caught her before she hit the ground, steadying her with his hands on her shoulders. She drew in a breath of cold air, and noticed that his cheeks were pink. He sighed, letting go of her. “Maya, I’m sorry. Okay? I’m sorry.”

“Took you long enough.” She whispered. He had heard her, and got angry. “What was that? I’m just trying to be nice, and you’re the one who should be apologizing! I mean, you practically ignored everyone the whole day! What’s the matter with you?”

“Nothing is wrong, I’m fine.” She said, turning away from him. She could feel tears threatening to fall any minute now.

“Maya, please. Talk to me. We used to be able to talk, you know? We used to be normal.” Lucas said, inching closer to her. She didn’t turn around, but she replied by saying, “We can’t be normal anymore. We can’t just be friends like we were.”

“Why not?” He asked, touching her shoulder again. She flinched against his hand. He removed it but went around to face her. She tried to turn away from him again, but he grabbed her sides. “Maya, please. Look at me.” She looked up at him for the first time in a few minutes. His usually calm blue eyes were ice cold.

She felt tears prick her eyes. She knew she couldn’t do this anymore. She couldn’t hide this from him. Here goes nothing.

“Because, I, I like you Lucas. I still like you.” She tore herself away from his gaze, but his hands never left her sides.

“Maya, I–“ He started, trying to find the right words. She immediately regretted her decision. She let out a soft sob, her hand flying over her mouth to cover it.

“I…Just forget I said it. Please.” She whispered, trying not to cry again.

“Maya, wait, please. I, I knew something was wrong, I was just surprised to hear you say that.”

“Surprised because you don’t feel the same, right? Like I’m crazy to feel this way?” She asked. He grabbed her hand and said, “No, because I like you too. And I care about you way too much to see you miserable. I was just surprised that you were holding back this long…that you had been hiding this secret again.”

“Well, what’d you expect me to do?” She asked, incredulous.

“I, I don’t know! Okay, all of this is new and confusing and different. I don’t have all the answers! I don’t know how this is all supposed to be.”

“Do you know anything, Huckleberry?” She spat, growing tired of this conversation.

“I know that I care about you. I know that when something was bothering you, I wanted you to be able to tell me…to talk to me about it. To let me help you. I wanted to make you feel better. I want you to be happy. I want you to be you, again, Maya. I know that you deserve the world. And, I…I wanna be the guy that gives that to you.”

She was speechless. She didn’t know what to say. Turns out she didn’t have to say anything else, because Lucas kissed her to solidify everything. She kissed back to make sure she wasn’t dreaming.