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In “Cosmos and Community in Early Medieval Art,” assistant professor of the history of art and visual studies at Cornell University, Benjamin Anderson, presents the first comparative study of cosmological art between 700 and 1000 A.D. and details what distinguished such imagery in each of three cultural spheres – the Frankish empire of Western Europe, the Byzantine empire and the Islamic empire in the Middle East.


So a year ago I submitted a portfolio to the Cornell lab of Ornithology for an internship in scientific illustration and ended up not getting it. It hit my ego pretty hard and no matter how I tried to rationalize it I was still upset. However here I am a year later and a year better, applying again. I may not get it this time either but I’m certainly feeling more at ease with it knowing that I can not only take rejection but try to get better in spite of it.
Good luck to other illustrators out there.

Gesang School (i.e. kisaeng school), 1904

From Cornell University Library, with the following description: 

Korean kisaengs, or singing girls, dressed up for singing and dancing. Korean kisaeng is special women’s occupation that exists for helping parties enjoyable by singing and dancing. Their social position was among the lowest in the traditional Korean class system. Their daughters also became kisaengs and their sons became slaves. The art of entertaining of the kisaeng is analogous to Japanese geisha. These professional entertainers were highly trained in the arts of poetry, music, dance, and other forms of social or artistic diversion. The picture is somewhat curious. It was taken in front of a modern, western-style brick building, with a very peculiar Korean screen as the backdrop. 

U.S. Son of Mexican Immigrants Accepted Into All 8 Ivy League Schools

U.S. Son of Mexican Immigrants Accepted Into All 8 Ivy League Schools

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In this May 28, 2015 photo, Fernando Rojas, a senior at Fullerton High School, stands with his parents, Raul Rojas and Maria in Fullerton, Calif. (PHOTO CREDIT: Rose Palmisano/The Orange County Register via AP) It would have been a success story if Fullerton High School senior Fernando Rojas, the son of Mexican immigrants whose schooling stopped in the eighth grade, was accepted to college. But…

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Hey everyone! As you know I’m currently working on a novel. Right now, it’s in its final stages, and I have to do a bit of fact checking. If you or anyone you know has ever attended Cornell University’s Cornell Days and/or did the overnight program, I was wondering if you could PM me? I’d appreciate it! Thanks!

Oh in case anyone cares, I got my last four college decisions today. Three were rejections, but I did get in to Cornell :) im now officially deciding between case western reserve university (in Cleveland, Ohio) and Cornell (Ithaca, New York)
If anyone went to either of these schools feel free to hit me up with advice I’ll love you forever


Flashback Friday time!  To all you Cornellians out there, happy Dragon Day!  And for everyone else who has no idea what I’m talking about, here, have some funny pictures.

Dragon Day is an annual event at Cornell University where it’s tradition for the first year architecture students to build a gigantic dragon and parade it through campus while wearing ridiculous costumes.  They used to light it on fire at the end, but due to safety concerns, that is no longer the case.  There’s a bit of a rivalry between the engineering and architecture schools, so the engineers usually build a phoenix to battle the dragon in front of the engineering quad.

Well a few years ago, the physics department decided it wanted to participate, and thus the Physics Unicorns were born.  The past two years, the archangel Tyrael has led the army of unicorns into battle (yes it’s hard to see in these pictures, but there are three unicorns).  I was going to bring the black knight this time, but unfortunately, due to the 95% chance of rain forecast today, I decided not to risk it :-(