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does the frat scene dominate cornell? and does frat culture pervade the campus? i was accepted ED and i ask because i'm gay and even though I'm sure not everyone in frats is homophobic i just don't like the frat culture. basically my question is are there chill people at cornell? i was looking at places like wesleyan oberlin etc but cornell had more to offer so i went with it. i still like to drink but not to the extent that frats do. also i stalked your blog and i ski at gore too

Before saying more, firstly, congrats on your acceptance!!!
Secondly, I’m not super knowledgeable about Cornell frats, but I’ll try…

While Greek Life is present (there’s 40+ frats catering to many groups), and while Greek life is something that adds a lot of character to Cornell, it’s generally in a more positive light. Also, from everything I’ve heard, Cornell/frats are very LGBTQ accepting.

Frat culture (ie: excessive partying and drinking) does come out in some groups, but definitely not all frats or frat brothers. However, if you don’t want to be a part of it, it’s easy to avoid and there’s many other activities to get involved in as well as many ‘chill’ people to meet… It’s like anywhere you go—you’ll meet people you like and others that you don’t—except you’ll maybe find that most people you meet are more “driven” than people you were used to in high school. Hope that helps and feel free to ask if you have more questions! And yay skiing at Gore! That’s where I’ll be tomorrow!


Figured I’d tell you more about my super exciting life here at school!
Last night, lovely roommate brought me to a dance event called Garba! I’m not exactly sure how to describe it, but in theory there should be concentric circles where the inner ones have more advanced moves and the outer ones have more basic moves. It turns to a dance form called Dandiya when those sticks you can see in our hands are used.

Back to the picture, that’s lovely roommate on the left, amie from my backpacking trip in the middle (she’s from Alaska! =O), et moi on the right, and lovely roommate even figured I should dress up for the event so lent me a traditional Indian outfit hehe :D.

As for the dancing, I mainly watched, if I picked up enough on something from watching I’d join the circle and try not to screw up too much.

All in all it was a pretty cool time. I found that I preferred watching more than doing in most cases, but I think that I kinda like this whole Indian culture thing. 

Sorry for the shaky camera/please do ignore my voice in the background (I really am such a dork hehe), but omg! It’s a clip (from Sunday October 2nd) of Clocks by Coldplay…on Cornell’s clock tower!

Oh and a special thanks to Lovely Roommate (who doesn’t know this blog exists I don’t think) for letting me stop on our way to brunch to take this vid!…I tend to do that frequently enough when we’re walking places to take pics, etc. but yes, thank you again!

13. Initiate Composting In My Dorm

Going back to my 20/20 List,I said that I wanted to start composting in my dorm, so when I was in need of a research idea for one of my classes (DEA1500), I knew I’d have to start composting in my dorm. And I did! Now I present to you a draft of my research presentation! 

(Sorry for the lack of what would be a lovely narration by moi ;P ) 

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Adventures From My First Semester As A Transferee

It’s reflection time on my first semester at Corn ell!—I can’t believe this is actually my life after last year. I don’t think I’d trade my experiences at UVM because I learned a lot about myself, but this year has been so wonderful in contrast! Of course there’s sometimes the feeling of inadequacy being surrounded by so much greatness, but at the end of the day, I’m happy, and that’s what seems to matter. But now, onward to the adventures. They’ve have included (but aren’t limited to):

Being mistaken for a Spanish foreign exchange student/getting swept up into a minor whirlwind of delinquency, going out for cookies at 1am on a weeknight with lovely roommate, having a drunk person buy me and 10 others cookies, bowling a 28…, Running Club parties!, Indian dancing, playing Star Wars drinking games…, walks around moonlit lakes at midnight, accidentally running into/having to introduce un ami and copain to the parents who didn’t know copain was copain until a month later (awk), going chez Le Moosewood!, lots of Apples to Apples, Hearts, and Mario Kart, going to Taughannock Falls with two lovely homeslices, singing at 2am with lovely roommate to Bohemian Rhapsody, Hairspray, and Defying Gravity, seeing Annie NovakBill Nye, and Jon Stewart speak, as well as many more additional adventures.

It’s been such a semester. It’s nice to be home, but at the same time it’s weird being away. As a lovely amie basically put it last year, “No matter where I go now, there are always people to be missing." 

Life (Circa 3rd Week of October 2011)


So this is my week. Starting from the top left I’ll go clockwise and tell you about everything….or you can just enjoy the pictures if you’re not the word type lol.

1. That’s Cascadilla Gorge/the way I walk back from class. I was bored and had my phone out texting someone so I figured I’d snap another fall foliage picture. 
2. Intense doodling in class? I think so! 
3. I had to makeup a prelim for enviro econ since I had a different one at the same time the night it was given. I was the only one in the room for a bit before it started…A no smoking sing inside?…Ummm, what??
4. OMG it’s ma room! I was napping (see my legs under the blanket)/bored and camera-ing. 
5. Dinner! (I overslept normal time dinner last Sunday night with the friendsies lol) Aka:a rosemary salt bagel with minimal cream cheese and cut in half from CTB. Best. Thing. EVERRRR.
6. These are the amis. (Don’t think y'all know that I have this by hi if you see this!) Basically 2 of my friends are dating. They were hooking up with the door open and the rest of us were in the hall being like…at least shut the door? So then 2 of the amis decided they’d subtly light saber fight their way into the room so one ended up fighting on top of them and the other is on the dresser. I have funny friends. 

Yes. That was my week in pictures. It also involved not running very much, some stupid mistakes (ie: temporarily losing my ID card for 2 days), spending some lovely time with a lovely ami, and a couple chocolate chip cookies :D 


Autumn has made it to Ithaca (well that was about 3 weeks ago, but it is still here). Hopefully everyone remembers to catch it because with so much going on here, I wouldn’t be surprised if some people forgot to look around and actually notice and enjoy the colorful leaves all around, the sweater-scarf kind of days that the cooling weather brings, and other things that come with the passing season. 


Wide Open Spaces

This isn’t a secret, but I don’t think I’ve ever spoken this aloud. I’ve always been drawn to huge fields. Whenever I pass them in the car, I think about what it would be like to walk through them or sit in them. Strange? I know. 

Either way, there are some in the Ithaca area, and lately I’ve been running through them. Conveniently I had my phone yesterday and as much as I hate stopping during a run, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to snap a few! 


PS: Title Credit 


Please tell me you’ve seen this, lovely amies! It’s so big here! There was even a 100 person flashmob here of it! In addition, yesterday, les amis and I had one of our own  in the Wegman’s parking lot as it came on right as we found a parking spot.

More writing! We went to the Johnson Museum of Art (Cornell’s Art Museum) for my Creative Writing class this past week and got to explore it in order to find a piece of art that inspires us so we could write an ekphrastic poem (a poem based on a work of art). I don’t know what drew me to this painting. Actually I wasn’t all that drawn to it in the first place. However, it was the first one I remembered when writing my poem,so I guess I somehow was drawn to it the most. I mean I am an environmental science major after all…. 

External image

In Lieu (Inspired by Tomory Dodge’s Stacks)

and life in Its shadows
cowering to
an urbana–
industrialized and
f  l  o  w  e  r  i  n  g
with buildings—
prim rows of them,  
but the streets below
are old carriage roads 
that have evolved into
dirty car nations
with traffic jams 
that only can ruin the day’s ease.
But it’s not so bad,
when you look up,
above pavement, brick, and scaffolding,
where the sky’s
eye rises. 
You can see the black eyed girl
on her balcony 
during the morning rush hour.
Wave and she’ll nod,
even though she hates commuters,
but she’d never stay inside and miss the red sky,
and thinks it would be nicer to view it from a boat on the harbor
but she doesn’t sail away, 
and still, 
she will 
lie lack-
lusterly there 
as everything slowly grows around her,
so she reaches down to pick a silvery bud,
puts it to nose, 
to lips,
but it’s another hollow one,
so she crushes it, 
and tosses it over the railing.


This past Saturday night was such a blur… there was some Cards Against Humanity played, a new best friend made, a few too many margaritas had, and I happened to give a Heimlich maneuver. Yes. True story.

All that (and more) aside, at one point during the night I decided to put on my hipster gear from a few weeks back. One of the amis got his out and I took this great picture of two of the amis and le copain all wearing hipster hats/glasses. They look so boy-band-y. I think it’s kind of the funniest. (I also maybe took some annoying hipster fangirl selfies in the process haha ;p).

Things of a Week/Instagram (Mostly)

It’s been a fine study week. Fine as in sleeping in until 11 most days, taking two fairly low pressure tests, and spending way too much time with le copain. 

Anyways, here’s some things of my week: 

1. Some Ecological Restoration

My favorite class I took last year talked a lot about ecological restoration, so of course I love how for winter finals when it’s gross out Cornell sets up indoor lawns in some of the libraries. 

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These are a few bits of happiness within the last two-ish weeks. People, places, things, and all.

(Clockwise from top left)

1. Wildflowers to brighten a ground-level apartment.
I picked them two Mondays ago on a run that led me to a huge open field. I went back again this past Monday to get more. I’ll probably go back tomorrow too!  

2. Le copain! + pictures of him from 4 consecutive Christmases.
After the other couple-y amis shared baby pics and after le copain saw some of mine over Easter, I insisted that he send me some of his when he was home over the summer. Except that didn’t happen, so his mother mailed them! 
(*And he was a really good sport for this picture…or at least after he got a few silly ones out of the way). 

3. Studying on the benches outside the majestic Bailey Hall on a perfectly blue-skyed day. 
I’m pretty sure this was the last day before the leaves starting turning colors. And I did enjoy it. Fall is coming. Be prepared for a fall photo-set soon. 

4. Moosewood Restaurant vegetarian deliciousness with my parents!
They came through town (although on the unfortunate circumstances of a great uncle passing away), but it was super nice to see them after not having seen them for over a month! Dearest mother and I both got some sort of warm vegetable thing served in a baby bear pumpkin which came with quinoa and garlicky broccoli rabe. Dearest father got tostadas served with some Mexican spiced Israeli couscous, chips, and guacamole. (*On a side note… Tumblr is trying to correct quinoa to Joaquin and tostadas to asbestos…LOL)  

"He Can Stand Up Without Using His Hands!" / 2 Years

While in the 1000 Islands over the summer, the extended family (+ le copain) picnicked on our last night there. We ordered pizza, brought a few bags of chips and a couple two liter bottles of “pop” (in the spirit western New Yorkers who think they’re mid-westerners….and one real mid-westerner). Apparently during the picnic (even though I didn’t witness it and didn’t hear about it until last weekend), among all the eating, telephone/secret message playing, etc. that happened, le copain did something awe-inspiring. 

After finishing his food, he stood up to get more food. This is a normal thing to do, except when standing up, he stood up with his plate in one hand, his cup in the other hand, and didn’t use his hands whatsoever to get himself up. Whoa, right?! His agile-ness apparently made a huge impression on some of my family…so much so that the aunt, uncle, and cousins have referred to it to each other since a few times since. 

Just thinking about it makes me smile. I have a boyfriend who can stand up without using his hands. Aren’t I the luckiest girl in the world?!? ;)

Seriously though. 
I am. One of them anyways.  
He’s pretty great (he’d probably say something along the lines of “Super-special-awesome!”).  

On Friday night, we finally went out to celebrate our unofficial two-year (!) anniversary, which we (well mostly me, if we’re being honest here) decided was this past Monday even though we were on break. We dressed up (well mostly me, if we’re being honest here again, BUT he did wear a sweater for my sake ;D) and walked down to The Commons where we got some delicious Thai at our favorite Thai place. 

I just can’t believe that it has been two years already.
The novelty hasn’t worn off yet. Maybe it never will. 
I’d be pretty okay with that. 

Yesterday's 5k!

Three of the amis and I ran a 5k yesterday morning, as I mentioned Friday! It was through the Cornell plantations, which I am embarrassed to say I haven’t run through more during my time here at Cornell. The course was easier than the typical hilly Westchester XC courses, but it was still hilly and quite windy (it started snowing 10 minutes after I finished). Quite pretty nevertheless. 

On an exciting note, Ami L came in second with a time of ~19:15. I was off my PR by 8-10 seconds with a time of ~26:12, but for spraining my MCL about three months ago and not running an official 5k (or any other race) in over two years, I was quite happy. I also managed to win a pair of promotional sunglasses (as did le copain who finished two places in front of me (and hadn’t run whatsoever in an entire year)). 

All in all it was a good great morning had by all. 

^^^Actually all looking pretty swell post 5k. (That might be a first). Also, HGXC representing!! (: 

^^^Matching promotional sunglasses. Perhaps they’ll make an appearance at Slope Day?