“I have loved Cornell. Cornell is one of the great, great universities in the world,” exclaims Former U.S. Vice President Joe Biden during his address at the 2017 Senior Convocation. Students, families and community members gathered in Schoellkopf Stadium this afternoon to send our Class of 2017 onward with inspiring words and anecdotes from President Martha E. Pollack, Senior Class President, Lauren Lang, and Convocation Chairperson, Matthew Baumel. A University Reception and ice cream social on the Arts Quad followed the event.


Last night I would have been seeing Chris for the ninth time. Instead, I celebrated his life with others who hold him dear in their hearts. We shared stories of seeing him and expressed the different ways in which he affected our lives. Every day I am grateful for him. Without him, I would not be alive. Thank you, Chris. I love you. You mean more to me than anyone will ever know.


another one.   I was looking at pictures,  tribute stuff for chris cornell on you tube.    and people are posting “well he’s burning in hell because of suicide”

give me a break.

first,  what poor taste.  

second,  I don’t believe that any God would condemn a person to hell, when they are hurting and do commit.   I just don’t.   they were saying well chris was Catholic (actually he was greek orthodox) and blah blah.  I was raised Catholic and there is NOTHING in the Bible about that.  NOTHING.

even heard that from a Catholic priest.

people, you all need to shut your yaps.

a man is gone.   a son, husband, father,  friend, brother.   people are hurting.

they don’‘t need to hear from you, with your hurtful comments.

damn, if this doesn’t remind me of kurt’s death.   and all the

“he was just a junkie” comments.

God give me strength.


So many tears. So beautiful and perfect.
RIP Chris You will forever be missed.

About a month after Superunknown came out, Kurt Cobain died. How did it color that time for you?
I wasn’t one of his close friends. Kim [Thayil, guitar] knew him better and Ben was very close with them and with him. He had toured with them early on; there was a time when he was going to be a fourth member of Nirvana, but he didn’t do it because he wasn’t really necessarily invited to write songs.

It was something in a way similar to losing Andy, or losing friends that died after that. It’s not so much the person and the relationship with them, but the creative inspiration that person has and I would get from that person. My perception of the world of music at large artistically shrank, because suddenly this brilliant guy was gone. I’m not even talking about what he meant culturally; I’m talking about his creativity. It was super inspiring from the very first demo I ever heard. It broadened my mental picture of what the world was creatively, and suddenly a big chunk of it fell off.

And that’s how you felt about Andy?
Yeah. The tragedy was much more than the fact that I would never see him again – it was that I would never hear him again. There’s this projection I had with Andy, Kurt, Jeff Buckley and other friends of mine that died of looking into the future at all these amazing things they’re going to do. I’ll never be able to predict what that is. All this music that will come out that will challenge me and inspire me – that sort of romantic, dramatic version of the perspective. When that goes away, for me in particular, it was a really hard thing. And it continues to be a hard thing.


chris cornell

rolling stone

Mother Love Bone - Stargazer
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so chris cornell’s song   with temple of the dog….”say hello 2 heaven”

mentions stargazer.       this was stargazer.

andrew wood.   very much missed.     most people count kurt as the “first” death…….it was andy actually.

take a listen.     what a voice.


How to use Cornell note-taking method on OneNote - A tutorial on how to take class notes

Cornell note-taking method is really amazing, since it allows you to take clear notes and analyse it afterwards + can give you a brief idea on what the notes are about simply by looking at the key points. Of course, the last summary section can definitely help you to organise your ideas. All in all, it’s just a great motivation for you to go back on your notes after class.

This is often used by people who take notes by writing. Personally, I love taking notes using a laptop as it’s way faster + everything can be organised rather easily (especially with OneNote).

Tutorial on Cornell method

1. Course number as title for tabs; lecture no. as title for the page. I also insert the link of the class / any lecture materials provided here.

2. I type in key words and details (basically the two columns in Cornell method)

3. I format the two using “Heading 1″

4. Then i just take the lecture notes in the detail section using the outline method
- I also like to add in tags, like questions for any inspiring/thought-provoking questions posed my the lecturer, and important for key concepts (and to-do for coursework, if there’s any)

5. After class:
- I re-read the notes
- highlight anything i find important
- And input the key ideas in the left column for easy reference
- add in summary of the bottom of the page)

My highlighting system:
- Green: key words
- Yellow: ideas to note
- Orange: key points (for example like i will highlight the main categories of sth)
- Blue words: examples

Printing tip / Converting to pdf
If you want to print your notes, the onenote app on macbook usually do not format it well and cut the pages in a very weird way. Instead, you can print by accessing your notes on OneDrive (like through your internet browser). The last two pictures are how my notes for the first lecture turn out.

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