found you!

Vanellope looks down from her perch on the candy cane tree. A small glitch rippled through her body, upon realizing someone was down there. Was that… Gloyd? The other racers barely ever came through the Candy Cane Forest. No… upon closer inspection this definitely wasn’t Gloyd. He looked a lot like him though. The newcomer looked like a Sugar Rush racer, too. As long as he didn’t see her, she’d be fine. Vanellope pulls her hoodie over her head, trying to disguise herself, should the other racer look up.

She was wandering around Sugar Rush as obvious, alone. Her mood wasn’t as bright as the day, and she just wanted to clear her mind a bit of all the problems she got herself into lately. 

It was until she heard a few steps behind her, that she noticed a new face. Focusing on his features, he seemed quite older, around her age. Maybe 18? And not only that, he also was familiar. 

“H-Hello. Can I help assist you, somehow?” Asked her, shyly and politely.