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Heart of Gold: Introducing Prince Cole

Author’s Notes: What’s up everyone? This is the fic I’ve been waiting to post forever! You guys voted for a Prince AU and I fucking gave you a Prince AU.

Enjoy the first chapter and I’m open to feedback! (GIF is not mine)


“Your highness? It is time to get up.”

The blonde haired prince groaned in his half-awake, half-asleep state, rolling around to find a cold spot in his bed. The rapid knocking on his double doors was insistent though so he had no choice but to get up. He dragged the blanket with him, draping it around his shoulders like the cape he would wear to royal weddings.

He opened the door, glaring half-heartedly at his manservant. He had good intentions but today he really wanted to slam the door in his face. “Good morning, your highness.” His manservant, Cornelius, said with a much too bright smile for the morning.

“Explain why I have to be up this early, Cornelius?” Cole said, letting him in. He rolled his eyes and went to the prince’s walk in closet. “You have training today, your highness.”

“Stop calling me ‘your highness’. You know how much I hate that title.” Cole scrunched his nose up in disgust as he said that, following Cornelius to his closet. The man walked out of the closet, holding Cole’s clothes for the day. Cole glanced down and saw that he was holding his riding boots. His face lit up at the fact that he will be riding his horse today.

Cornelius smiled at that and placed the clothes neatly on Cole’s bed. “If you’re not finished in 30 minutes, I will drag you out of here. Clothed or naked.” Cornelius said pointedly and walked briskly out of his room, shutting the door in his wake.

The heir to the throne raised an eyebrow but shook his head in amusement. Cornelius was always an odd servant but Cole always appreciated the fact that he saw him more as a friend and master than the would be king.

He sighed, gathered his clothes, and went to take a bath. After he was finished, he went to fix his hair. It was usually really bad in the morning and if he was going to ride his horse, he had to make sure that the disheveled look came afterwards. He came out of the bathroom to one of the maids fixing his bed and he gave her a kind smile.

“Good morning, miss Amelia.” Amelia blushed and murmured a good morning back. He smiled again, put on his riding boots and headed out of the doors. At first he was briskly walking, then after a few minutes, he was running down the halls blissfully and happily. He grabbed an apple and a carrot from the kitchen and passed through the back door to the stables.

As he bit into his apple, he spotted his most beautiful steed. “Hey Chestnut. How’s my favorite girl doing?” He cooed, feeding her the carrot he got from the kitchen. “Oh so a horse gets your love more than me?”

Cole was startled by a female voice coming from behind him and he turned around quickly. His shoulders immediately relaxed when he saw his mother walking towards him, her own riding boots on.

“Sorry, I meant second favorite girl.” The horse snorted at that and turned her head away, the carrot ripped from Cole’s hands as she did so. “Hey girl, you’re mad at me now? I can never win!” The prince threw his hands in the air in exasperation while his mother chuckled at the display.

"Why are you up so early, my dear?” The queen walked over to soothe Chestnut, reaching up to pet her freshly combed mane. Cole raised his eyebrow at her question, also reaching up to pet his horse’s mane. “Cornelius said I had training today. Did he not tell you?” His mother winced at his statement and turned to her son with a small placating smile.

“Right of course… Well, you won’t be having training today. Or for the next 3 months that is.”


She looked around and dropped her voice down to a whisper. “Your trainer is not in the best shape, if you know what I mean.” Cole opened his mouth in surprise. “What happened?” he asked, dropping his hand from Chestnut’s mane. “She got a little tipsy and may or may not have challenged a bunch of other drunk men to a fist fight.”

Cole winced at the mental image and shook his head. “Is she in the hospital now?” His mother nodded and he sighed in relief. He would sleep better at night knowing that his trainer is still alive and well. As well as she can get. “At least she’s in medical care. What was her name again?”

“Jenna. Or what she would prefer to be called: Juicy J.”

"Juicy J, yeah I remember. I think she has a thing for me, mom.”

His mom scoffed at that, shaking her head in amusement. “Oh please. She just doesn’t have any boundaries, that’s all.”

“Exactly.” Cole shuddered at the memory of his past training sessions but regained himself quickly. “Anyway, why don’t we have a little race through the grounds now that you’re free.” His mom said and smirked at him which made Cole chuckle lowly. He climbed on to the saddle of his horse, gesturing for his mom to do the same with hers.

“You’re on, your majesty.”

Before she was able to climb on though, Cornelius came bursting through the back doors, panting. “Your majesty!” He jogged over to the queen, bowing lowly before speaking. “The king wishes to speak with you. It is urgent.” She raised an eyebrow, much like her son, and walked over to Cornelius.

“Immediately, your majesty.” The queen nodded, turning to her still confused son. “Go on ahead without me, Cole. Just be back before dinner.” On that note, she pulled her chin up and walked away with the grace of a true queen. Cornelius followed after her, leaving a very puzzled heir behind.

Cole looked down at his horse, who neighed in response. “You feel it too?” He asked and she nodded, scraping her hoof on the ground. Cole looked at the grounds, fresh dew making the fields sparkle like starlight. He sighed, knowing this feeling will never be shaken off. “Alright girl, it’s been a while since we rode together. Do you still have it?”

Chestnut neighed indignantly at that which made the young prince laugh. “Of course. Why did I ever question you?” He pulled on the reigns, shouting into the cool air. When he closed his eyes, even for just a few seconds, he felt absolutely free.

And he lived for those moments.

And there you go! I hope you guys liked it :) I’ll be introducing each of these gorgeous princes alphabetically so stay tuned for Prince Dana soon ;)