phew finally finished those prints! been working on these for a while, i wanted them to still fit with the other character prints i have but also wanted to improve on them. think of it as like, “series 2″ or something

im pretty happy with how they turned out. i went in a bit of a different direction with these ones, previously i used illustrator because the lines came out smoother, but i think i prefer the more organic look that photoshop gives.

cant wait for #Supanova on the weekend, come drop by and say hi!

serious? i’ll show you serious…

so i read all of gigidigi’s cucumber quest today and it was really cool! you can really see the love of video games and its influence, and the smashing of gender tropes is just fantastic, im so psyched to see where the story goes from here!!

anyways this is a quick thing of noisemaster, i was going to do some more interesting stuff with colours and shading but im super tired :’)


It’s been a few weeks since Supanova Melbourne and I’ve gained a lot of followers so thanks guys for taking an interest!

I’ve been thinking about what I want to do with my art from a career standpoint, and I think I want to expand the A5 series of prints (top three rows) to include a bunch of characters from all sorts of different things, to really make it more  of a collectors thing. Like you can choose your favourite characters from whatever and it will be there. The A4/A3s (bottom three images) will be added more periodically, and will focus more on groups or dramatic scenes.

I’m already thinking of expanding the current line up to include other characters from the same series such as more Bubblegum, Luigi, Winry, etc. Specifically more female characters, since my girlfriend pointed out I was quite lacking in that aspect. So with that in mind, what are the characters you would most like to see, both from the small series and from bigger more ambitious prints?