Okay, but Can I Tell You About Silver Fox Dad!Jack?

Dad Jack volunteers at his kids’ middle school – but he doesn’t volunteer to be the hockey dad or coach.  No, he volunteers to work with the photo club and chaperones field trips to the art museum. 

He is the type of the dad that all the kids love, even though he’s the cheesiest dad ever.  His children will be sitting in the back seat of their car, while Jack sits in the front singing along to Bon Jovi’s Living on Prayer much to the kids’ mortification — and their friends’ delight.

He has an apron that reads Kiss the Cook that he wears during cookouts and when he’s making Sunday morning waffles. (Bitty is always more than happy to comply.)

Silver Fox Dad Jack is the type of dad who enjoys mowing the lawn, folding the laundry, and making huge pots of chili when it’s cold outside.  He’ll even make some cornbread muffins from one of Bitty’s recipes that he memorized years ago.

Dad Jack consoles his son as he cries over a broken heart, Dad Jack teaches his daughter how to drive stick in the empty parking lot of the local grocery store.

Silver Fox Dad Jack still turns heads at every corner, but the only set of eyes he’s interested in, forever and ever, are those of his beloved Bitty.

Dad Jack loves his 40s and is already looking forward to his 50s knowing he’ll be surrounded by his children (and maybe one day, their children) and his Bitty. 

He smiles as he falls asleep every night.

  • me: I've done a good job applying for jobs time to chill out and work on my comic for a little while
  • me, an hour later, eating ten cornbread muffins out of the pan with liberal butter, watching tv and not drawing: how,
Family Gathering

Prompt: It’s the 4th of July and it’s Emilys & Ali’s first 4th of July with the twins. They are gonna try and make it very speical. 

Ali suggested I get some more ice for later. So, this morning I headed to the store but also grab a few other things for later. It’s our first 4th of July with the twins. And Ali wants today to be memorable. Which is totally understandable but- “Babe?!!” Ali yelled from outside.

“In the kitchen,” I responded

She came trudging into the kitchen, “Where’s the ice?!” She asked looking pissed and I smiled. “What’s so funny??”

“Babe, it’s in the freezer.” Her face softened up

“Oh..” I stopped what I was doing and walking over to her, “..I’m sorry-”

I gently grabbed both sides of her face, “Don’t be,“ and leaned in to kiss her. She smiled a little, “I know you need today to be perfect. But Ali, having you and the twins in my life is all I’ll ever need.

“You always know what to say.”

I smirked at her, “Hm, I have my ways.” She chuckled a little, “Alright, let me get back to assembling these chicken kabobs.”

A few hours go by and it’s about time to eat, but a few things are still cooking. I was standing by the grill and I turned around to just smile. I was admiring my life and how lucky I got.

The love of my life with our beautiful kids, my mom, and my friends. Well, only Spence and Toby are here. Because Han is with Caleb visiting her mom. And Aria is with her family. 

Ali looked up at me and smiled, I returned the smile and mouthed ‘I love you’ and she mouthed back ‘I love you too’

I took the last few things off the grill, “Alright, time to eat!” I announced to everyone. And we all made our way to the picnic table. Ali and Spence put the twins in their high chairs next to the table.

“Mmm, what do we have here?” Toby asked hungrily

We all chuckled, “Well, okay. We made potato salad, corn on the cob, chicken kabobs, barbecue grilled chicken, cajun rice, hot dogs, brats, homemade macaroni and cheese, greens, cornbread muffins, and spaghetti.”

I looked up to see everyone staring at me, “What?” I asked confused

“You’s guys went all out didn’t you?” My mom said while smiling and I nodded my head.

“Let’s eat!” Toby shouted and everyone just dug in.

Everyone was done eating and just socializing. I could see the sun was starting to set. Spencer & Toby talking. Ali was rocking Grace back and forth, she looked to be falling asleep. And my mom was playing with Lily. I went to go grab something I had picked up earlier.

“Alright, everyone.” I said, “Gather around.”

“Babe, what’s that?” Ali asked what I was holding

I looked around at everyone, “I thought it would be cool to capture all this, so I bought a Polaroid camera. No phones just something casual and fun.”

They all seemed to look at each other nod their heads in agreement, “Okay then,” I positioned the camera upwards and everyone stood close. “Everyone say, Family on the count of three.”

I counted down on my hands and we all said ‘Famliy’ in unison.

The New Agent of Overwatch, Genji (Ch. 2)

About: Jesse was intrigued by the rumors of an injured boy to become a new agent of Overwatch. What he didn’t know was how much that boy would affect him.

“’What’s it feel like then?’ Jesse asked.

‘Intense,’ he wrote before scribbling it out and writing, ‘Inhuman. I hate it. I hate all of this.’ This wasn’t so much as a surprise to Jesse as he’s had many friends become more cynical when stressed, but it made him wonder. What was Genji like before any of this happened? Was he happy? Jesse figured that he probably was and pictured Genji’s face from when he was laughing before. Jesse made it his goal for Genji to be able to laugh like that all the time.”

Ship: McGenji

Rating: G

A/N: I wrote this from like 12 to 4 am, so it’s probably not as good of quality as the last chapter, but it gets better I promise. Chapter 3 is already almost done, so stick around. I’ve only slept two hours out of the past 34 hours and all I had to eat yesterday was a cornbread muffin and three McDonald’s french fries lol. It’s better today, so I’m working on that next chapter. The tone in this chapter is kind of all over the place, don’t worry about it.

Chapter 2

Another day and there was nothing on the schedule. All agents were informed that they had a day off, but with the local Shimada clan being on edge, they were advised not to go into the city. Under no circumstances could the Shimada clan know that Overwatch was in Hanamura. That said, Jesse had no intention on going out at all anyway. Not when he had someone to apologize to.

Going from the cafeteria to the medical ward, Jesse made his way down corridors and through doors until he reached his destination. He breathed in then out before opening the door. There he saw Genji with Dr. Ziegler, apparently discussing something, but she stopped talking as she noticed Jesse walk in. She smiled at him. Genji waved.

“I’ll leave you two to talk,” Dr. Ziegler said as she walked to the door and out of the room. McCree awkwardly walked over to the bed.

Now in the daylight, he could see the reality of the situation. All of Genji’s bandages were replaced so there was no blood, but there were stitches on every fleshy part left of Genji’s body. Everything else was a sleek silver metal. It covered his lower torso, shoulders, upper chest, and neck like oil on water. Smooth and flat. Genji was no longer strapped to the bed, but he looked like he was more on edge than before. The visible parts of his torso were colored like a painting with bruises.

“How ya doin’?” McCree asked tentatively, still inspecting Genji. He could his face growing warm, thinking about how everything that happened the day before was his fault. He could feel the boy’s eyes on his skin as if he was being put up for trial.

Genji quickly scribbled down, “Don’t look at me.”

“Uh okay sure thing,” Jesse stammered, looking down at his feet before getting to the point of coming here. “I just wanted to say that I’m sorry for what happened yesterday. I didn’t meanta freak you out or anything.”

Genji wrote again. “Yeah I heard you blubbering to Dr. Ziegler yesterday. She said it was a severe stress induced panic attack.” Genji pushed it to the end of the bed where it would be in Jesse’s view. If Jesse didn’t feel embarrassed enough before, he did now. Was the boy getting enjoyment out of embarrassing him?

“Well, that’s all I came here for, so I guess I’ll be on my way,” he said and turned quickly, walking away.

There was no time for Genji to write anything to him, and the man was moving fast out of the room. Genji looked around for a way to get his attention, but couldn’t see anything. He wrote, “come back!” on the board before swiftly throwing it at him and hitting him in the head. The force knocked Jesse’s hat off and made him stumble a bit, making Genji cover his mouth with his hands in shock. He certainly did not mean to throw it that hard.

Jesse was bewildered. There’s no way that boy could have thrown anything in his state that far with such strength, and yet his hat was laying on the floor in front of him, his hands were gripping at the new bruise on the back of his head, and there was a whiteboard with the words “come back!” written on it behind him.

“Dear lord, did you do that?” he asked in amazement. He looked back to the boy in the hospital bed who was now silently snickering with both hands still over his mouth. Jesse could see his cheeks raised and the laughter lines appear around his eyes. At first he was slightly perturbed, but seeing him laugh so carefree… It made him feel proud almost. The little trouble-maker. He chuckled a bit himself before walking back to the bed, sitting on the edge, and handing the whiteboard back.

“Well if I had known you wanted me that bad, I’d’ve stayed longer, darlin’,” Jesse flirted, tone light and cheery after making someone he thought surely hated him laugh. After taking some time to try to figure out what “I’d’ve” meant, he realized that Jesse was flirting with him! This time, it was the boy’s turn to turn red. Genji had flirted with plenty of people before, but he’s never had someone come on to him, it was always the other way around. Especially so forward like that, surely the practice was American. And especially when he looked the way he did. Jesse must be a fool.

Genji wrote on the newly returned board, “Please don’t look at me.”

“I don’t get it, why not?” Jesse asked, purely curious, but looked away anyway. Genji wrote on the board once more.

“I’m disgusting,” written in small letters. That was a shock to Jesse. Surely he didn’t really think so, and even if he did, why would he tell him something so personal so soon after meeting? I guess the only other person he had to talk to was Mercy, and he couldn’t tell her what he really thought because she was the one doing it to him and she was only doing what had to be done to keep him alive. And since he’s joined Overwatch, he doesn’t know anyone else here, so Jesse was really his only friend.

“What? Why do you think that?” Genji snatched the board and began again.

“Do you not see me? I’m not even human anymore. Everything feels different, like it’s not real.” Jesse read the words slowly, then over again to try to really get the meaning, but he just couldn’t relate.

“You seem fine enough to me,” Jesse said. This time, Genji leaned forward and shifted around on his bed so that he was turned all the way around, careful not to accidently disconnect any wires or tubes or anything.

“I can’t see it, but I can feel it’s different,” Genji wrote and slid it back to Jesse. He was right. Jesse looked over the sheets of metal plated on Genji’s back. They were stacked and trailed down his spine. Jesse had the urge to touch them. He reached out his hand and slowly ran a finger down one plate before he stopped when Genji jumped and stiffened.

“Can you feel that?” Jesse asked. Genji nodded.

“Do ya want me to stop?” he asked. Genji paused a moment before nodding. Jesse gently retracted his hand.

“Sorry,” Jesse muttered, slightly embarrassed again from doing something so awkward. Genji turned back around and settled back into the bed. He wrote on the board.

“There’s something else.”

Jesse remained quiet while Genji slowly removed the sheets covering his legs. Other than the heavy bruises and multiple cuts scattered around his legs, they seemed fine until Genji grabbed on to his leg a twisted to where Jesse could see the underside. There was a horrid straight gash down the back of his leg like a river of red. The wound was stitched, but it didn’t keep Jesse from gasping.

“What happened here? Genji, what is this?” he demanded. Genji was caught off guard by first and sudden use of his name. Genji looked at the cowboy as if to say “be patient” and starting writing.

“They replaced the bone here with something stronger, the cybernetics,” he wrote. He erased before continuing, “It’s like this in multiple places. I’ve lost some feeling in a lot of those places.” Jesse felt like this was personal and was a little honored that Genji trusted him like this.

Genji wrote more, “There is feeling on the metal though. I don’t understand how it works, but it doesn’t feel like normal touch.”

“What’s it feel like then?” Jesse asked.

“Intense,” he wrote before scribbling it out and writing, “Inhuman. I hate it. I hate all of this.” This wasn’t so much as a surprise to Jesse as he’s had many friends become more cynical when stressed, but it made him wonder. What was Genji like before any of this happened? Was he happy? Jesse figured that he probably was and pictured Genji’s face from when he was laughing before. Jesse made it his goal for Genji to be able to laugh like that all the time.

They talked on about simple things for about an hour. Genji would sometimes stop in the middle of a conversation and stare at his wounds or touch the metal plating on his body for a minute before continuing. Jesse was patient and tried not to stare. Once or twice Jesse was able to get him to laugh. That made it a lot more difficult not to stare, and he found himself looking despite himself. Genji was so pretty, it confused Jesse why he couldn’t see it.

At that moment, Dr. Ziegler walked into the room, interrupting Jesse’s thoughts.

“Genji, I have some news for you,” she said pausing, looking at Jesse, “Is it okay if he is in here? This is pretty personal information.” Once again the green-haired boy took a moment to think. He nodded once.

“Okay, whatever you’re comfortable with. We are going to be finished with the rest of your cybernetic suit tomorrow morning,” she cheered. Jesse looked at Genji who smiled faintly and went back to frowning again.

“Not only that, but the voice box correction unit we installed should have healed enough for you to use by tomorrow,” she said. This time, Genji looked surprised, as if to say, “Really?”

Since it was around two o’clock by then, Jesse decided to go back to the cafeteria and have lunch. It was strange to him how quickly he became attached to the injured, green-haired boy, but he didn’t think too much on it. Instead he just ordered his meal and waited.

Genji was feeling tired finally after not sleeping for a few days so he asked Dr. Ziegler to tell McCree that he was going to rest and wait for tomorrow morning for the doctors to put the rest of the cybernetics together. He asked her to tell Jesse to come visit after then.

Jesse wasn’t happy about not being able to see Genji, but he understood that he needed to rest. When going to bed that night, he found that resting wasn’t easy when someone was occupying your mind the entire time. Genji found that out too. 

So much for rest.

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Topp Dogg as Muffins
  • P-Goon: Whey Protein Muffin
  • Jenissi: Lightly Buttered English Muffin
  • Seogoong: Jalapeño Chedder Muffin
  • Gohn: Banana Nut Muffin
  • Hojoon: Bran Muffin
  • Kidoh: White Chocolate Pineapple Muffin
  • Sangdo: Your Grandmother's Blueberry Muffins
  • Nakta: Dry Cornbread Muffin
  • Hansol: Cupcake
  • B-Joo: Chocolate Chip Mini Muffins
  • Xero: Pumpkin Spice Muffin
  • A-Tom: Carrot Walnut Muffin
  • Yano: Spinach Muffin
In Another Life. AU.

Summary: In another life, what would have happened differently if Val had known Zendaya since the moment she was born? What if instead of Oakland, Zendaya grew up in Brooklyn? In the townhouse next to the recently migrated Chmerkovskiy’s no less. 

The story of valdaya told in small snippets of time. 

Author’s Note: This will basically be a timeline of drabbles starting from Claire being pregnant with Zendaya to either present day or the future (haven’t decided yet). This is just something I’d like to play with and hopefully y’all enjoy it. So without further ado, part one!: 

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Just realized that because there is still corn in the Fallout world, there’s a fair chance that wastelanders are still making cornbread. 

There’s nothing more to that realization except my enjoyment. 

.. Actually yeah, there is more. You know how much shit you can make from cornmeal? 

Cornbread, corn muffins, cornmeal porridge, chips, grits, mush, batter for fried food-

Oh lord, batter for fried food. That could totally be in Nuka World for all kinds of amusement park junk food. People already batter and deep fry all manner of weird shit, can you imagine wasteland battered food? 

Anyway, I don’t much like fried food (too greasy), so I’m still mainly hype over the idea of wasteland cornbread. Still, the possibilities. 

Apple Chili

I know, I know, the idea of apples in chili probably seems strange, but this chili is amazing, and it’s an excellent way to get some fruit in your diet in a more unconventional way. (Plus, apples are fairly inexpensive as far as fruit goes, and you don’t need good ones for this recipe - cheap red apples will do. If you’re in the UK, I usually get the £1.50 6-pack of British apples at Tesco, and those work just fine for this.)


  • 2 red apples, diced (don’t worry about peeling them, the peels soften as they cook)
  • 1 medium yellow onion (or 1 cup frozen pre-chopped onion)
  • 1 can white beans, drained and rinsed (I usually use butter beans, but cannelli beans or any other white beans work just as well)
  • 2 cloves garlic, chopped (or ¼ tsp garlic powder)
  • 2 tbsp butter
  • 400 ml broth (chicken or vegetable, depending on if you want to keep it vegetarian)
  • ½ cup plain yogurt (or sour cream)
  • ½ tsp cumin
  • ½ tsp thyme (optional)
  • chili powder to taste (I usually use 1-2 tbsp)
  • pepper to taste
  • shredded cheddar cheese (optional)


1. Melt the butter in a saucepan over medium heat. Add in the onion and garlic and heat until the onion is a bit translucent.

2. Dump in the beans and apples, and add in the spices. Stir to coat.

3. Add in the broth - feel free to use less if you like your chili a bit on the thicker side. Stir in the yogurt.

4. Allow to simmer until the apples are soft. Depending on how small you diced your apples, the time for this will vary. It’s very hard to OVERcook this (the longer it cooks the more the flavors sort of come together), so really you could just throw a lid on the pot and go do something else while it cooks, so long as you don’t forget about it!

5. Serve with cheese sprinkled over the top, if desired.

Notes: I usually have enough leftovers of this to have another couple of bowls (but it depends how much you eat in one sitting, I suppose!). This goes really well with cornbread/corn muffins. Additionally, you could add in some chopped/shredded chicken or ground turkey if you’re not vegetarian and want to stretch it a bit farther.

Also, if you happen to have a crockpot, you can just dump everything except the cheese into the crockpot and let it all cook that way for a few hours. I’ve made it both ways. :)