Native-Owned Food Businesses

This is a post for the people who ask about Native Food/Native Food products.

Below is a list of links to a few Native-Owned Food Businesses. Enjoy! - [Wild Rice, Organic Coffee, Ojibwe crafts and more available] - [Wild Rice, All Natural Mixes & Batters, Hand Harvested Wild Fruit Jams & Syrups, Herbal Teas, Popcorn and more available] - [Chocolates, coffees, & more available] - [Award Winning Buffalo Food Products that are Gluten-Free, Nitrates Free, MSG-Free, and Hormone-Free available] - [Teas available… obviously] - [Fry Bread Mix, Blue Cornbread & Muffin Mix & more available] - [Coffees & mugs available] - [Navajo Tea’s available]

(I’ll update this list with more when possible.)