cornbread pudding

It’s nine o’clock! So far this morning I have caramelized onions, sauteed apple with the onions, added sausage and chicken broth, and made baked stuffing; made brownies while the stuffing was baking, then made cornbread with the last of the caramelized onions while the brownies were baking, and baked the cornbread in a cast-iron skillet once the brownies were out.

Also, while attempting to invert the cornbread onto a serving platter, I dropped it on my foot, thus saving the platter from breaking but possibly breaking a bone. My life would be 100% easier if I just had a home x-ray machine and basic radiology training. 

So now I am elevating and icing, but at least I got all the stuff cooked I intended to cook, and lunch for the week is packed. (Meals this week will include stuffing with chicken, the last of the cornbread pudding and baked beans from last week, macaroni bolognese, macaroni and greek-yogurt cheese sauce, and brownie for dessert.) 

I am now out of Crisco, baking powder, cornmeal, and chicken stock; my shopping list looks like a pioneer settler’s pantry inventory.