Trans Day of Visibility: My Short Timeline

Hi! My name’s Phoenix (born Killian), and I’m a transguy. I’ve been “out” fully as a transguy for about 2 years now, and 4 years to certain friends. Gender had always been a confusing concept for me, and I found myself trying to put myself in boxes that never really seem to fit.  

Due to lack of decent representation and education, I had never even heard of the term “transgender” and simply called myself a “really butch lesbian” for my elementary/middle school life.

(that’s me around age 11 or 12. Killian the lesbian.)

But after learning about gender and how it differs from sex and sexuality, I started to explore. I identified as genderqueer for a short while, but eventually I realized that I was simply male.

(I also never took selfies. I had to scrounge around for whatever I could find. This is me at 13/14, my beginnings in emo)

I came out to my parents.  My mother was very supportive about it, and helped me get my first binder.  My father, unfortunately, didn’t take it very well and still has trouble using the right name/pronouns.  I no longer live with him.

I also came out to my school, which had the worst reception. i was forbidden by staff from using any male facilities, and whenever I tried to use the female restroom i was yelled at and pushed and forced to leave. I ended up getting lots of UTIs and it really sucked. 

FORTUNATELY I’ve since moved to Portland Oregon where I have been able to be who I am and even begin my transition!!

(when i first moved here)

(today, 6 months on testosterone!)

Also let it be known that anybody is welcome to contact me if they need information or resources with transitioning! Just shoot me a message!

Happy Trans Day of Visibility!